Pat Robertson: "God Will Supply A Million Dollars" to One of His Viewers

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Televangelist Pat Robertson said this past week that someone in his audience praying for a million dollars will receive it from the Lord.

Televangelist Pat Robertson said this past week that someone in his 700 Club audience praying for a million dollars will receive it from the Lord. According to The Christian Post, Robertson, a conservative political commentator and charismatic preacher, prayed during the broadcast that “God is going to supply a million dollars. Somebody is praying right now, right this second you’re praying for a million dollars … God has said I have heard your prayer, I know your need and I’m going to supply the need that you’ve requested. It’s done, in Jesus’ name.”

The prayer came after Robertson told another viewer that the clothes she bought at a local Goodwill store may have attached demons and that she should pray over the clothing to exorcise them.

Robertson is noted for his controversial spiritual comments, and this particular prediction smacks firmly of the prosperity gospel, in which believers expect God to provide for their financial gain. Robertson also drew criticism earlier this year for allegedly saying women who do not keep themselves pretty are the cause of marriage problems. He received even more criticism late last year when he said on his program that the existence of dinosaurs proves the earth is more than 6,000 years old.

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  • roger

    I think what Robertson said about women and dinosaurs are valid statements! Women who does not dress well and make themselves pretty invites temptations to their husbands, and who knows exactly whether or not the earth is 4 million years or just 6,000 years? After all Science and the bible does not agree on its record. I remember Moorland’s statement, “Science don’t create; they discover what was created.” And who could be that Creator?

    • Jim

      You need to visit the creation museum in Florence KY area. Are you saved? Read John 3

    • David Ajala

      People who still believe the hoax about the Earth being millions or billions of years old need to read up on the simple truths about the moon and its’ distancing itself from the Earth year by year. If the Earth was more than a few thousand years old, we can mathematically calculate that it would mean the moon and the Earth were one body! We already know that wasn’t possible based on the composition of the two bodies. No wonder God said my people die for lack of knowledge. Regarding the women being to blame for not dressing well: I can’t believe anyone would actually agree with that statement. As for the financial blessing, God help us–people don’t seem to see how they are seeking the blessing instead of the Person who blesses. Yes, God wants our needs met, and for us to be blessed (head and not the tail), I agree. However, please show me any of the people in the bible that God blessed financially who made it their focus to pray for it before receiving it. Every Christian is NOT “called” to be a millionaire. Seek God.

      • timber wolf

        The earth and the moon were one body at one time, a large asteroid (or something by another name) hit the earth and tore off a large piece which became a round moon after many millions of years of rotating and shaping as happens to any moon or planet.

  • Mark

    Why do people still listen to him?

  • Genesis

    People who do not believe that God will provide finances to them are hypocrites. Who knows if that person is believing for that money for a worthy cause. Religion has blinded so many people. The bible blatantly promises financial freedom to those who live and think within a kingdom scope. The same people who do not believe in the “prosperity gospel” are the first ones to sign up for overtime when their job offers it to them.
    (Psalms 112, 113:7, proverbs 8, 10:22, 13:22, 2Corinth 8:9, 9:8. And many more) The bible does talk about not trusting in riches but trusting in him. Riches in of themselves will not make anyone happy in fact the opposite will occur. It is God who supplies. Funny the Jews who learned wealth principles from God do not think this way. Religion from our Gentile anscestors taught us that humility equates to poverty. Hogwash. Poverty is rooted in selfish, egotistical thinking. The thought “all I need is enough for me and my family” is downright selfish. Why? Because it does not allow my vision to go beyond me. When I have more than enough I can give freely. The sin is not living rich but dying rich. God bless

  • John

    Pat has always seemed to be about Pat’s glory and not God’s glory. While I appreciate his conservative nature, I think his message smacks of health and wealth (and weakens people’s faith). Anytime someone says “send me money and I will __________ in the name of Jesus, look out. He just throws vague predictions in the air and hopes they stick. To me he’s no more a prophet than a tarot card reader. Only HE’S more expensive.

    As far as his other comments, about women, I think the problem is the heart of the husband rather than the dress of the wife.

  • ClaudeinSocal

    Pat strikes again. Jesus Christ gets another black eye because of this pinhead! !

  • Ngambu

    God does not own any ATM and there is no money in Heaven;

    For pagans run after all these things, and your heavenly Father knows that you need them. But seek first his kingdom and righteousness…………….(Matt 6:32-34)

  • ἀγαπητός

    “The prayer came after Robertson told another viewer that
    the clothes she bought at a local Goodwill store may have attached demons and
    that she should pray over the clothing to exorcise them.”

    I saw the actual video where Pat Robertson spoke of this. All he was trying to say is that it is all right to pray over clothing, and never said anything about exorcising demons out of anything. Go ahead and Google it for yourself.

  • Ben

    what is faith? is it a hope? what is it. these people will always say if you give to me God will bless you, why to I have to give to receive. If the gift of eternal life was grant to me By the Eternal God through the blood of Jesus, why to have to beg for money or anything else. since I am a inheritor with Jesus everything He has is mine because I belong to His body and i am His bride, bone of His bone flesh of His flesh. what good are His promise if one does not believe or faith faith in the Word of Life. As for money who created gold, oil, natural gas, all the stuff we need to live on this earth in this human body. I wonder how much one would pay for a breath of air, didn’t our God created it for our use? Jesus said when He comes back will He find FAITH. Everything I see and hear is all about the love of power, because of the dumb sheep mentality one will loose everything to a high powered talker, why no one is studying the the word of God for themselves to show approved in to God. Ben

  • sjp1234

    Ya I recived this word in Jesus Name Aman. Sjp

  • Rock

    And GOD told Oral Roberts HE would kill Oral if he did not raise 30 million dollars.

    PPL who believe the prosperity gospel should really study the scriptures in right the CONTEXT.

    I was in the word of faith movement for almost twenty years until GOD opened my eyes. I challenge anyone who is into the prosperity gospel to seek the truth about this.
    Does GOD bless?YES!
    Does GOD do it the way they teach it? NO!

    I have had miracles in my life and still believe in miracles but not they way these Charlaton’s teach it!

    In all your getting get understanding!

    Yes I know Creflo says this but GOD said it first!