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The Cost of Never Saying No


Your failure to lead when it comes to prioritizing communications is pushing people away.

The easy thing to do is just let every ministry promote whatever they want whenever they want to.

Never say no. Never prioritize messages.

Just let everyone do whatever they want. That way you never have to face the tough calls of explaining to a ministry leader why their event will not be promoted from the platform or the bulletin.

When you do that, though, know that you’re choosing to make life more difficult for the people you are trying to engage.

You are overwhelming them with competing messages.

Some of those messages are important. Some are not. It doesn’t matter, though, because you’re unwilling to lead.

A friend recently shared the story of the ministry leader who sent a promotional email message to the entire church database. It was a message for a small portion of the church that went to everyone.

Twenty people unsubscribed immediately from all future email messages. All of those twenty people were “unconnected” in ministry and membership. They were the very people this church was trying to reach.

Your failure to lead when it comes to prioritizing communications is pushing people away. It’s making it harder for people to take their next steps toward Christ.

If all they’re concerned about is who shows up to their event, ministry leaders don’t care. Their win is the church’s loss.

It’s impossible to please everyone and accomplish a compelling mission at the same time.  

Tony Morgan

Tony Morgan

Tony Morgan is the Founder and Chief Strategic Officer of The Unstuck Group (

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