Same-Sex Marriage Social Network Campaign Adopts Red Equal Sign

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The Human Rights Campaign adopted the symbol Tuesday as a social media initiative for “marriage equality” as the Supreme Court considers same-sex marriage rights.

Wondering what the red equal sign means that’s popping up all over Facebook posts? The Human Rights Campaign adopted the symbol Tuesday as a social media initiative for “marriage equality” as the Supreme Court considers Proposition 8, the highly controversial law banning same-sex marriage in California, and the federal Defense of Marriage Act, which has legally defined marriage as between a man and a woman since President Bill Clinton signed it into law in 1996. The HRC has also encouraged Facebook users to wear red and make their profiles red, as well. The symbol has gone viral and has prompted several different manifestations. ABC News also reported that 13 members of Congress had adopted the equal sign on their profiles.

Several counterprotests emerged Tuesday, one reported by MSN featured a picture of a red cross and the hashtag #GodIsLove, adopted by the Archdiocese of San Francisco. Other commenters wonder what good a social media campaign will do for the issues at hand.

Discussion: How should church leaders respond to this hot-button social media campaign? Should we react or reach out? What’s your perspective?

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  • OJB

    Romans 1:18-32

    • pma

      I raise you one Isaiah 5:20-21

      • OJB

        Amen. :->

  • wdirwin

    I point out that God’s intent for marriage, as laid out in Genesis, does says marriage is one man and one woman. That is only half of God’s intention for marriage. The other half is that the man and wife are linked as one flesh which has direct implications on the concept of divorce. Most denominations reason a way around divorce. Scripture is clear how God feels about divorce. It is clear that divorce is not part of God’s plan for divorce and is a result of our fallen, sinful nature. Jesus made a exception but it was because of our fallen and obstinate nature. As a pastor and a person who was divorced twenty-five years ago I think that we have to be consistent in how we interpret and apply scripture. For me to expect God to make an exception for me to His intention for marriage and judge others who want God to make an exception for them is hypocritical. I chose not to be one of the people condemning and throwing the stones.

  • mkdb

    WHO gets to decide what is “equal” (or fair)?

    Who, exactly, has the ultimate authority?

    And what STANDARD does this entity use to decide what is equal?

    Should the standard be objective, and unchanging, if not divine?

    To whom do you look in order to understand and know what is right, just, equal, and loving? In whom do you trust for this?