God Comes to Louisville's Kevin Ware Through Teammate

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Fellow Cardinal Luke Hancock responded to Ware's gruesome injury with prayer and friendship.

During the first half of the Louisville Cardinals’ NCAA tournament victory over Duke on Sunday, Kevin Ware suffered a gruesome open fracture of his right leg, and his teammates’ first reaction was to recoil in horror. But fellow teammate Luke Hancock only stayed away for a moment before his faith moved him in to help.

According to USA Today, Hancock, a Cardinal forward, went to Ware lying on the floor in shock and took his hand, saying they would get through it together and that he would pray for him. Without waiting for a response from Ware, Hancock patted Ware’s chest in comfort and prayed, “Lord, watch over us and let Kevin be OK during this tough time. The Lord does everything for a reason, and He will get us through this …”

“I wouldn’t want to be alone in that situation, and I don’t think he wanted to be alone,” Hancock told the media. “I just thought if I could talk to him and tell him he’ll be all right, it might help.”

It did help, and more than Hancock could have dreamed. Ware said that Hancock’s presence and prayers calmed his fears, helped him refocus, gave him hope and “touched his heart.”

“I think it just galvanized everybody,” Louisville athletic director Tom Jurich said. “It was the very first thing I noticed. To see Luke right there was just incredible.”

Ware underwent surgery to repair the broken bone on Sunday. The bone was reset and a rod was inserted to stabilize it. Sports medicine director Fred Hina told the media Sunday night after the surgery that Ware is bound for a lengthy recovery since it was a weight-bearing bone that broke, but that Ware would play again.




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  • JG

    God causes broken legs? Is this what he meant by “the Lord does everything for a reason.” Surely not-either I read this wrong, misunderstood his quote, or he was misquoted. God’s glory can of course be revealed through this situation in this young mans life-but for God to cause it so that His Glory may show-it’s a little hard for me to see that. It is, however, respectful and honorable that this other young man would pray for Mr. Ware at that moment.

    • Pastor Kevin

      God can certainly cause things that appear “bad” to us for his glory. See John 9:3 with the man born blind. In Matthew 14:22-33 Jesus sent his disciples out into the storm. See their response in v. 33. He did it with Pharoah in Exodus 9 and Romans 9. Pharoah ultimately acknowledged god and let his people go. He allowed Paul’s “thorn” to remain presumably to keep him humble and dependent on God. He also blinded Paul at his conversion. He took David’s son Absalom. Joseph sold as a slave and imprisoned; Jesus beaten and crucified. All to God’s glory.

      • Jg

        Pastor Kevin-Thank you for your response…however I would like to know where free will comes into play? I see it that sin entered the world through Adam and Eve’s disobedience (or sin) and now we all live in a broken world because of that. And we all have the ability to choose life or death, blessings or curses-and it seems since Adam and Eve it has been that same way-there are consequences for sin-to me it seems that sin will turn one over to the tormenter ( where I believe all sickness and curses of the like come from). But we also live in and around the consequences of sin just by living in this world (I also believe we don’t have to accept all things that come from this living in a broken world). And I also see it that God “allows” things that seem bad to us to happen or continue to reveal His Glory, but never do I believe that He “puts” these things on humans directly ( as if to say God ordered the dramatic broken leg of a promising young basketball player just so Hus Glory can shine through, who would want to serve a God like that?) but God can be glorified through this, which I believe was the true intent of the other player-as well to offer love and prayer for Mr. Ware. Jesus never promised a life without trial-b/c we live in this broken world-but He promised to be with us if we allow it.

        • Jg

          I believe that Pharoh had a choice long before he acknowledged God, David had a choice to not participate in the sin directly causing the consequence of the death of their child, Paul also had a choice (like the other Jews who accepted Christ before he did) long before His conversion….it all comes back to freedom to choose life and death, Jesus or something else. Again, Pastor thank you for replying.

          (I also apologize for any spelling or grammar mistakes, it is very hard in this comment section to go back and correct mistakes using an I-phone)

          • Jg

            Correction-I meant if we allow Jesus to be Lord of our life while living in this broken sin filled world.

    • pjsr

      Gee, it was a prayer offered quickly in a tense, troubling situation, by a very young man. Let’s not dissect it!


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