Flight Diverted Over PG-13 Inflight Movie

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A family created what airline officials called "security concerns" when they attempted to shield their young children from the graphic content of an inflight movie.

According to Fox News Orlando, a family on a recent United Airlines flight from Denver to Baltimore caused the aircraft to be diverted when they expressed their concerns about the content of an inflight movie. The film, the PG-rated Alex Cross, contained content during its first few minutes that concerned the parents of two young boys, ages 4 and 8.

“Alarmed by the opening scenes, we asked two flight attendants if they could turn off the monitor; both claimed it was not possible,” the family said. “We asked if the captain has the authority to address this issue, but received no response. Throughout these interactions the atmosphere was collegial, no voices were raised and no threats, implicit or explicit, of any kind were made. The flight continued without incident, while my wife and I engaged our children to divert their attention from the horrific scenes on the movie screens.”

But shortly after that, the captain announced the flight was being diverted to a Chicago airport due to “security concerns.” When the plane landed, security officials met the family and removed them from the aircraft. After questioning, the family was placed on an alternative flight to Baltimore.

The family insists that the captain overreacted to the incident. They have written to United Airlines executives and customer service without a response as yet. “We understand that airline captains can and should have complete authority,” commented the family. “However, when this authority is used for senseless, vindictive acts, it must be addressed.”

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  • Praying!

    I am so sick and so tired of the world feeling as if they determined what is best for everybody. They should pay for their overreaction! Totally ridiculous!

    • Eric Culberson

      I’m a lil confused, who should pay?

  • JR

    How can we help?

  • Pastor John

    I well remember shielding my children when young from the evils of Hollywood and the world. however, the world is not the church. The rating was PG. They as parents guided their children and re-directed them. They asked that the entire plane have their movie stopped. That would infringe on the 150 other folks who were in no way offended. they chose to divert the plane at a cost of thousands, to meet the request of the family. The wording of security concerns is dramatic, but they were not arrested or detained, they were given tickets to an alternate flight.
    i see no harm done by the airline. trying to sue them of get free things cheapens their whole cause. It was stated that the parties were polite. They got to their destination.
    Let it go!

    • archie pennington

      Let what go?! All the parents are asking is for a response from someone of authority at the airline. Is that too much to ask? how does an airline (or any company for that matter) get better without positive feedback? The airline over reacted and should have just continued to their destination. The family was inconvenienced and time was wasted for them, just to let them know that “we” are the bosses, it seems to me. That is unacceptable in any company I have ever worked.

      • M. Reed

        The pilot was wrong to waste EVERYONE’S time when apparently the parents were past it. They were handling the situation as they should have. They expressed their objection to the movie and then tried to redirect their children’s attention. So why did the pilot feel the need to divert a plane-load of people who may have had deadlines and other flights to catch? Did two little kids pose a security threat? Get real. The pilot was dead wrong. Period. End of discussion. Needs to be reprimanded by his company.

    • Fernando Villegas

      Wow, you read a lot into the article that wasn’t there! They did not ask that the entire plane have their movie stopped. What they asked is that their monitor be turned off. On the flights I’ve taken that show inflight movie, each specific seat has its own monitor, on the back of the seat in front of you. It seems reasonable to assume that this was the monitor that they asked be turned off. The other passengers were free to watch the movie if they choose.

      There was also no mention of the family suing. They wrote the airline asking for the issue to be addressed.

      Of course, the airline has its own version of the event, which apparently it has not felt the need to release to the public. All we have to go on, then, is the account of the family. And there is nothing from that account to implicate them in anything wrong or unreasonable.

  • Disciple_Steve

    Cover the screens up? Open A Skymall Catalog? There are ways to “divert” the attention of kids from the movie. I agree, this movie is intense for PG-13. I wouldn’t want my 14or 16 year olds watching it! But as Christians we have to pick our battles carefully. My wife and I have had a lot of “teaching moments” while raising our kids. There is a difference between protecting and promoting something and if in that situation and I couldn’t stop it myself by the means I mentioned above, then I would entertain my kids with something else and if they saw something that wasn’t appropriate for them I would explain what was going on and let them know this is how someone might act when they’ve not invited Christ into their hearts and lives.
    As for the Airlines, yeah, I’m sure they had a bias. Oh well, what can ya do?
    Grace to all!

  • Weslin1

    Seems like the pilots over reacted to me. There were no shouting screaming or anything. No one made a threat, the parents diverted their children attention. So what was the big deal to fly to Chicago? Looks like the captain wanted to attention”a little ego stroking” look at me I did a good job!!!

  • Bro Steve

    the pilots overreacted and the stewardess could have covered the monitor that was visible to the children

  • Big Red Rev

    The pilot wasted time and money…no wonder it costs an arm and a leg to fly anymore!

  • Search4Truth

    It is not lawful to show PG-13 movies to minors without the parents’ consent. The airlines broke the law and no one mentions it. Not even Christians.


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