Survey Lists Most Post-Christian Cities in the U.S.

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Albany, New York was the most post-Christian city, according to Barna research.

The Barna Group created an infographic based on the results of their survey to find the most “post-Christian” cities in the U.S. The determination was based on residents of the city meeting 15 factors including “do not believe in God,” “identify as atheist or agnostic,” “disagree that faith is important to them,” “have not prayed in the past year,” “have never made a commitment to Jesus,” and others. Post-Christian cities met at least 60 percent of the 15 factors; highly post-Christian cities met 80 percent of them.

The top five most post-Christian cities include Albany/Schenectady/Troy, New York (63 percent), Burlington, Vermont (60 percent), Portland, Maine (59 percent), Providence, Rhode Island (56 percent) and Hartford, Connecticut (54 percent). Other cities in the top 10 include San Diego, California; Buffalo, New York and Portland, Oregon.

See the whole list here. Other Barna survey results relating to post-Christian America can be found here.

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