Not a Celebrity Pastor’s Wife? 10 Reasons that’s OK


Celebrate how God is at work through the small and ordinary.

Last week, I got an email from a pastor’s wife who had hosted a well-known pastor at her church. The visiting pastor seemed to have it all together: a passion for his calling, a successful track record, and an aura of disdain for anyone who hadn’t quite reached his level.

People who are well known are not necessarily seeking fame. And God often uses famous people to accomplish great good. (Ever heard of Charles Spurgeon?) We ought to be thankful wherever we see Christ’s name proclaimed.

But this woman’s experience had left her wondering whether she, a small-church, small-town ministry wife, was really contributing to God’s kingdom.

Ordinary women, being relational creatures, often see well-known men and women in ministry — the ones who write books, speak at conferences, launch ministries or are married to people who do — and retreat into feelings of worthlessness.

Stop it. Right. Now.

Here I offer 10 encouragements for ordinariness — 10 good reasons to be happy being the woman of God whose name is unknown and whose deeds are unglamorous.

1. It would be tough to be a celebrity.

You are thankful for women who can influence many others through their words and lives, but you probably don’t want to be them. An ordinary pastor’s wife is not constantly expected to be, as my mom put it, “witty, pretty and wise.”

2. Some work can be done only by ordinary people.

You get to serve on the nursery rotation. Befriend junior high students. Make a casserole for every new mother in your church. What do you value most in other Christians? Cheerful dependability in the small stuff? Be that.

3. The lowly paths cultivate godly virtues.

Just as a rich man and a poor man can both be greedy, a celebrity and an unknown can both idolize applause. God didn’t give you a pass on pride, but He did graciously give you practice in humility.

4. These good works have been prepared in advance for you to do.

Read Ephesians 2:10. You are not ordinary because God forgot to make you famous. You are ordinary because, from the beginning of time, He had good works planned for you to do. Right. Where. You. Are.

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With God’s help, Megan Hill, takes care of her three young children and writes a few words every day. Her husband, Rob is a pastor in Mississippi. She believes her "job" as a pastor's wife is simply to be the best church member she can be, by the help of the Holy Spirit.

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