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One Boston Bombing Suspect Dead; One Still at Large


Police underwent a massive and violent manhunt for the Boston Marathon bombing suspects last night, leaving one suspect and one police officer dead.

CNN reported that police underwent a violent night of chasing the Boston Marathon bombing suspects through the streets of Watertown, Massachusetts last night, effectively shutting down the city of Boston and halting transportation systems. The manhunt left one suspect and one police officer dead and a second suspect still at large.

The suspects were identified by police as Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, 19 and Tamerian Tsarnaev, 26, both from the Russian Caucasus who had spent some time in Kazakhstan before moving to the U.S. Authorities said the suspects robbed a convenience store and carjacked a driver in Cambridge. As police began the pursuit, the two suspects threw explosives and fired at them, killing MIT officer Sean Collier. Another officer, Richard Donohue of the transit system police force, was shot and wounded. Police fire wounded Tamerian Tsarnaev, who later died at Beth Israel Hospital. Tsarnaev was wearing explosives and an explosive trigger when found.

The Boston Marathon explosions on Monday of this week killed three people and wounded 176 near the finish line of the race.  

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