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Benny Hinn Asks Supporters for $2.5M to Relieve His Debt


A follower of Hinn's ministry has promised to give $2.5 million if the congregation can come up with a matching gift.

In an email letter sent to his congregation, televangelist and prosperity gospel preacher Benny Hinn has requested that his congregation donate a total of $2.5 million to assist the ministry with its financial debt. A supporter of the ministry, who as yet has remained nameless, has promised to match the gift of $2.5 million if Hinn’s “ministry partners” can come up with the amount within 90 days.

Hinn called the anonymous donor “a precious man of God whom I have known and loved more than three decades.” Hinn said the man told him “God wants your ministry to be completely out of debt” and “God has laid it on my heart to plant a seed of $2.5 million into your ministry, but God only wants me to make this gift if the ministry partners match the amount within 90 days!”

Hinn told the congregation in the letter that he couldn’t say no to the offer. “When I share with my partners what God is doing, they will jump at the chance to part of this amazing opportunity. I just know it!” He also promised donors a “double harvest miracle”: “Are you ready to see your debt cancelled in the next 90 days? Imagine not dreading going to the mailbox, no bills piling up on your counter, and no calls from collectors coming to your home. God wants to wipe your debt out! Every bit of it … and in the next 90 days!”  

Hinn has a history of preaching that donations to the ministry will be rewarded by God in the form of financial blessings. According to The Christian PostHinn has been criticized for his purchase of luxury cars and a private jet with his ministry’s funds. The IRS and the Senate have also investigated Hinn’s ministries and their financial dealings.


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