Orlando Megachurch Pastor Resigns After Admitting Affair

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In the wake of an affair, David Loveless has stepped down from his role as lead pastor of Discovery Church, Orlando.

In the wake of an affair, David Loveless has stepped down from his role as lead pastor of Discovery Church, Orlando. The elder board of the church released the following statement to the congregation over the weekend “It is with great sadness that we announce the immediate resignation of our lead pastor, David Loveless, following his acknowledgement of his participation in a wrongful relationship over multiple years with a woman not his wife. While David indicates that the relationship was ended approximately three years ago, we were only made aware of it when he informed us in recent days … David has relinquished his pastoral responsibilities at Discovery Church and will be succeeded, on an interim basis, by Director of Ministry, Don Cousins … While we believe David Loveless can be restored to Christian fellowship and productive Christian service, we do not believe he can serve as a pastor at Discovery Church.”

According to CharismaNews, Loveless is the third Orlando pastor in the past six months to step down because of an affair. Isaac Hunter, former pastor at Summit Church, and Sam Hinn, former pastor of the Gathering Place Worship Center, have also resigned.

David Swanson, pastor of First Presbyterian Church in Orlando, told the Orlando Sentinel that the high position of pastor can elevate a person to the point of isolation, and without trusted accountability partners, megachurch pastors can find themselves at risk.

“Every pastor needs a group of male friends he trusts, who will ask him what is going on in your life, are you walking the talk?” Swanson said.

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  • amos8

    Kudos to this church (if this article is accurate) for seemingly handling this with love and with standards for Church leadership and for the Christian life, and for affording the opportunity for repentance and reconciliation.

    On the other hand, how sad that this happened and that it seems to not be an isolated problem.

  • GaryColville

    Good advice David Swanson. I have seen several friends blow it over not being properly accountable.

  • Monogene

    Held accountable? Puh-leeze give me a break! I dare any Pastor out there to share his short-comings and weakness to another Pastor/Peer… These so called christian ministers will share your short-comings and weaknesses on a sworn not to tell basis, which is to put you on blast. What needs to happen is we need to stop putting Pastors on a pedestal that no one can live. There is no such thing as sinless perfection and we as Believers, Pastors, Bishops, etc. should stop throwing our Brothers who have sinned to the dogs. These righteous performances plans don’t do anything but serve as another religiously correct attempt to look like the right thing is being done. My prayer is the Pastor Loveless fix the root of his problem and get healed from it and work on his marriage if there is one still left.

  • ounbbl

    Sex is so good, though for me it becomes hard, difficult and impossible as years go on ;-<. My sympathy to the Pastor, who can not carry on a leader's task.

    BTW, I must say, he is far better than gay pastor and gay-married bishops of the infamous denomination (starting with Anglic-?) and those who supporting gay-marriage ( with pubic pride on public parade of people of perversion in this Gomorrhea generation with Presidential Participation to boot, and civil copulation for sexual preference becoming a new dictionary meaning stamped by a Kenyan, with a new motto I saw 'In Gay We trust; Fock God') and abortion (with 'getting rid of tissue' as women's right, forgetting their duty to keep their knees closed as mothers, including Pelosi's, used to instruct their girl in the past generation).

    • Jeremy


  • Deji

    We as the body of Christ need to understand that Pastors are VESSELS. The grace to be able to separate the vessel from the wine is what we need. The best wine may not come from the best looking most expensive vessel. A leaking vessel can be patched and continued to be used because….guess what? There are too many people to be fed/served and not enough vessels.Christ said for us to listen to the Pharises but do not do as they do. Matt23:1-3….

    Also this will help you to focus on God and not worship vessels. A lot of people worship their pastors and see them as almost inhuman. Just as u feed from your parents and hope to become better than they are, you must have the mentality that your trips to the church and stewardship is geared ata goal of making heaven whether your Pastor or Leader or Wine carrier makes heaven or Not.

    Once you get this revelation, your walk becomes easier. A lot of Christians have fallen off the wagon and back to sin because they see/hear men of God sin and get discouraged. God will ask you if you we’re fed….albeit by a backsliding pastor..answer Yes?..well u have no excuse, I made him just like I made you.

    Finally give the Pastor a chance to redeem himself. Jesus came to redeem us all. That Church will become better if the embrace him…maybe not as overseer, but still as a steward in the fold. God can still use him as a patched vessel to raise some completely dead bones in the fold…cos I assure you,they exist in the church. God Bless.


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