Rick Warren, Joel Osteen, Others Warn About Facebook Money Scams

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Leaders like Osteen, Warren, Perry Noble, Miles McPherson and others are warning their supporters about the unauthorized Facebook pages identifying with their ministries and asking for money.

High-profile Christian leaders like Joel Osteen, Rick Warren, Perry Noble, Miles McPherson and others are warning their supporters about the unauthorized Facebook pages identifying with their ministries. According to The Christian Post, Osteen, Warren and McPherson’s ministries notified users in recent weeks that scammers were setting up fake Facebook accounts using their names in order to solicit donations. Some fake accounts are even exploiting the recent death of Rick Warren’s son, Matthew. Others targeted include megachurch pastors Benny Hinn and Jamal Bryant and LifeWay Research president Ed Stetzer. 

Facebook policy communications authorities told CP that the social network site has a “dedicated User Operations team” that reviews scam reports and takes action, including flagging and blocking suspected fake accounts. A 2012 CNN report suggested that 8.7 percent of accounts on Facebook are fake.

However, most Christian ministries find the benefits of using social media networks far outweigh the challenges. Andrea Davis, senior director of media relations/social media for Lakewood Church/Joel Osteen Ministries, told CP that social media was a “great witnessing tool” and an “effective means for reaching large numbers of people and for allowing those people to share Pastor Joel’s important message with even more people.”

Users who suspect a ministry Facebook page is a scam can report the page to the Facebook Help Center.

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  • Deana Callins

    Believers are the Church. Jesus Christ Being A Better Covenant; Is Now calling the “Church” to Fellowship and Relationship with himself!. Jesus Christ spent most of his time speaking in peoples “Houses(the place they Dwell, Relaxed, and a place they Rest) building relationships. Jesus thought it better to Give to the poor. Rather than spend money on a “Building made with mens hands” that only decay’s, it can’t grow in Grace, nor does it have the possiblity to “Enter Heaven”.
    In Acts, the Followers of Jesus Christ sold their goods and travelled preaching Jesus Christ to the poor & Humble. With Joy in their Heart!
    God desires to Bless those who seek after knowing him with their whole Heart. And Also growing in his Grace and maturing in his ways. Mature Christians do not practice sinning. We practice Living Right and grow into Grace by “Daily” renewing our mind “By” fellowship of the Word and Holy Spirit!

  • gary

    I wouldn’t be surprised if Benny Hinn really is using facebook to solicit. He’s gotten so bold to ask people to pay off his debts when maybe he needs to sell a house or two.