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Crystal Cathedral Founder Suffers Stroke; Ministry Gains New Name and Venue


Mrs. Arvella Schuller, 83, co-founder of Crystal Cathedral Ministries, was released from the hospital Friday as the congregation prepares for a major move and a name change.

The Orange County Register reported that Arvella Schuller, wife of Robert H. Schuller and co-founder of the Crystal Cathedral Ministries in southern California, suffered a stroke earlier in May and is working to restore use of her left arm and leg. Mrs. Schuller, 83, was released from the hospital Friday as the congregation prepares for a major move and a name change.

The current Crystal Cathedral Ministries congregation, which has been renting the Garden Grove campus from the Roman Catholic Diocese of Orange, plans to transition to their new place of worship, the diocese-owned St. Callistus Catholic Church, in June. The congregation’s new name is Shepherd’s Grove, according to longtime church member, John Charles, who serves as the ministry’s president and CEO.

“Our first service will be held on June 30 in the new location. The congregation and staff are excited about our new home. Details regarding celebrations will be forthcoming in the near future. Our last service in the Cathedral will be June 23,” explained Charles to The Christian Post.

Mrs. Schuller’s daughter, Carol Schuller Milner, told the OC Register that her mother is “wiped out” but fared very well, received a positive evaluation from doctors. Milner added that Mrs. Schuller is a bit frustrated that she now has to be so focused on herself after spending so many years in ministry focusing on others.

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