Pastor Rips Off Landlords, Blames Church

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A Kansas pastor used his status to pass bad checks to several landlords before he was apprehended last week.

A Kansas pastor used his status to pass bad checks to several landlords before he was apprehended last week. According to local news, pastor Jimmie Hancock would begin the rental process by writing bad checks under his church’s name. He then would blame the church when they bounced, but by the time eviction was implemented he’d gained a few months of residency. 

Landlords and real estate agents began to talk and word made it to the authorities. “Realtors and property management services started realizing he was hitting all of these facilities and they came together and said something needed to be done,” Leavenworth County Attorney Todd Thompson said.

Altogether, more than $10,000 in bad checks were written. “These people all trusted him because of his vocation and I think that’s why he was able to sustain it for so long,” Thompson said.

A judge has ordered Hancock to repay the money owed.

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  • Joe McKeever

    What? Put the bird in jail where he belongs.

    • Larry Pearson


  • Bob Jernigan

    I agree a thief is a thief and needs to be treated the same as any thief..BB

  • BallBounces

    I’m guessing this church doesn’t feature the Ten Commandments prominently as a plaque at the front of its sanctuary. Helps keep you straight.

  • Donald G.

    Unfortunately there are many wolves in pastoral clothing. And there is usually plenty of media around to publicize it, which is appropriate. But there are many good pastors for every bad one and it is too bad such stories reflect on the profession.


    This is nothing really new. There are a BUNCH of fake clergy, pastors, preachers, reverends, priests, etc that Revelations warns even think they are of God. The only way we know they are of the value they preach, is in their deeds that mirror their words. It is also the easiest way to find the frauds by doing that. Many churches, sadly, are NOT of God, and the leadership in those churches are leading many of their lambs to a never ending Hell, that God created for Satan and the other angels he deceived…and sadly MOST of this world will follow into that pit.
    On the other hand, there are also many who will fall, and repent with public acknowledgment, shame, restitution and discipline in those actions. While they should no longer lead, they should not be cast aside, in my opinion, knowing how many times I have fallen and failed in sin. But that depends on the sanctification process, as individuals, we all lead, in different ways, different time-lines and different stands in our lives.
    I wouldn’t put money in his hands, but then there are deacons, who when collecting the tithe have stolen offerings. They should feel the shame, a process of repentance, but I wouldn’t allow them to be a deacon or collect money.
    I also know that many good pastors have been marked by lies, from members of churches…so, in this case, if he is really a thief, he should confess and begin the healing…but if he is innocent, he should fight his standing with every breath he has, to those that matter to him and members of this church. I pray that God exposes the fakes and frauds, so that His church may rise in His voice and Word. God Bless.

    • Roy

      This is sad it does give those of us who are practicing what we preach. However the Church I pastor fell into the sheep in wolves clothing because the pastor I replaced had, and this is fact, stolen over $300,000.00 that was to buy land and build a new church. He admitted this in front of the congregation and even to the local police!! It will be 2 years in August. He’s been charged but due to his families political pull he still has not been indicted. It hasn’t discouraged the members who are left, but if this isn’t signs of the end times then I’m reading the wrong Bible!! Please pray for our Church. The name is NEW GOSPEL OUTREACH CHURCH we’re located in the small town of Scottsville, KY. God Bless You who read this we need all the prayers of God’s people. Thank You…