Bono Talks Faith, Love and Family with Focus President Jim Daly

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The lead singer of the popular rock band U2, discussed his family life and the importance of "realizing the potential of others."

Bono, the lead singer of the popular rock band U2, sat down with Focus on the Family president Jim Daly this week and discussed his family life and the importance of “realizing the potential of others.” As reported by The Christian PostBono, who has been married for 30 years, founded the ONE campaign in 2004 to raise awareness and fight poverty and AIDS in Africa. Bono said he focuses on the campaign because “love is to realize the potential in others.”

“The job of love is to realize potential,” said Bono, speaking to Daly at the American Bible Society in New York City. “When you see lives squandered in the developing world because they cannot get access to medicines that we buy … or they can’t vaccinate their kids for measles, then you know something’s up. The job of love is to realize that potential.”

Bono also said he doesn’t mind being considered unorthodox by some evangelicals, because politeness can turn into a “banality of behavior.”

“You’ve gotta be very careful that grace and politeness do not merge into a banality of behavior, where we’re just nice, sort of ‘death by cupcake,'” he told Daly.

Daly responded to his conversation with Bono in an article for The Washington Post, saying that Bono may be unorthodox, but “he is quite unorthodox in the areas that matter most—loving God and loving people.”

Listen to the whole broadcast here.

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  • Scottbills

    I am thinking the DLy quote at the end is printed incorrectly in a very important spot.s. is Bono “quite unorthodox” or quite orthodox when it comes to areas that matter most? Glad to see Focus on the Family is not afraid to engage one of the leading proponents for the grass roots gospel.


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