Most Americans Still Proud, But Doubt Founding Fathers Would Feel the Same

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Most U.S. adults are "very proud" to be Americans, but more than 70 percent say the Founding Fathers would be disappointed.

Most U.S. adults are at least “very proud” to be Americans, but over 70 percent say the signers of the Declaration of Independence would be disappointed  in the condition of the country. A Gallup poll asked U.S. residents how proud they were to be Americans—57 percent replied that they were “extremely proud” and 28 percent said they were “very proud.” However, 71 percent of responders also said the founding fathers would not be pleased with the way the country has turned out.

Gallup analysts say these results reflect “Americans’ current level of negativity toward their government, including the record-low level of confidence Americans have in Congress and the significant percentage of Americans who cite dissatisfaction with government as the third most important problem facing the country today.

Older Americans, those living in the Midwest, conservatives, and Republicans are relatively less likely to say the signers would be pleased than their counterparts.

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  • Mar Komus

    Not very relevant to the church, but interesting info.

    • Pastor at Harris Chapel UMC

      To Mar Komus;

      I disagree I believe that the State of our Nation is completely relevant to “the Church” that Jesus Christ is the head of. Just like he was quick to call sin sin, and to correct and even confuse the Pharisee’s for their style of religion and their attitude towards the people. As a people of God, His Church on this earth, we need to follow suite and confront sin and evil wherever we find it.

      • Mar Komus

        The church is one nation. America is another. The church is one nation under God, though we live in different man-made “countries.” America is not “under God” in any special way, for her constitution guarantees religious liberty, not a binding covenant to worship YHWH only (she isn’t Christian Israel). The church is a nation whose origin is divine. America’s origin is steeped in rebellion against authority and war–that is, worldly. The church–the kingdom of heaven–operates on indiscriminate love and truth. America–one of the governments of the world–operates on violence and propaganda. The kingdom of heaven was established for the propagation of the love of Christ and his good news. The U.S.A. was established by disgruntled New Englanders.

  • seasalt

    I am and will always be glad and thankful that I have been priviledged to enjoy the American way of life. I am ashamed of the way our government is functioning. I know there are good people, with good intentions but it seems Congress has become greedy and self-centered and forgotten why they are there. So of that may be our fault. I just want us to repent for telling Mama’s “it is ok to kill your baby”, telling people it is ok to live a sinful lifestyle and I want us to return to one nation “under God”.
    But I am so thankful that people are speaking up and that our freedom has not curtailed American ingenuity and boldness. We must become a people of integrity and be concerned about others and doing what is best for them We must love other as we love ourselves and sometimes that means tough love.
    I heard of a woman who had been diagnosed as depressive and was healed. She wouldn’t accept the healing because she would lose her check. The safety net has become a noose around the character and integrity of some people.
    We are not the people of moral and stable character as the people who founded this county. We are probably getting what we deserve from a just and loving God, whom we have ignored.
    God bless America and help us to turn from our wicked ways, humble ourselves and seek Your face. .

    • On God’s Path

      I don’t believe God is in the business of making sure bad things happen to people. Darkness is not part of God’s character. Unfortunately, we humans are doing a pretty good job of creating darkness ourselves!

  • On God’s Path

    I am grateful I live in a country which allows free practice of religion! I would hate to be told which religion to practice, or which sect/denomination of a particular religion to practice. Diversity and Unity is a delicate balance our constitution and government work to protect. Not an easy task and not done perfectly but best I know of!

    • Mar Komus

      If that freedom were taken away, would you shed blood to have it back? Is the way of our Master to shed other people’s blood for religious freedom?

      • On God’s Path

        I would not shed blood to ensure religious freedom. What I pray in silence could never be regulated. I would not deny being a Christian if asked and I would not hurt others for their ignorance.

  • Thaddeus James Jr

    That is interesting comment on the feelings of the Founding Fathers considering they were almost 100% slave owners.

  • paul coulombe

    Reply to thaddeus, james jr
    A name such as your can reveal so much when taking a neg positio n with a “slave” slant in it, disrupting the natural flow conversation. The slave situation is mute. As a American Indian I take issue with the dredging up of the bad chapters (the birthing pains) of our new nation. There have bee very few cultures that escaped some form of oppression thruout there history. Also as a decorated Viet Nam vet I glory in a great nation but detest the occupiers of my white house and ther administration, policies, corruption, immorality and continuing destruction of my country.
    So “Mr Thaddeus” of a prejudice persuasion, drop the racial rhetoric and join the true fight of restoring this nation back to the greatness it once demonstrated
    Maybe I’ll se you on the battle field of revelution crying “By the people, for the people and of the people”
    Rev Paul

  • Geoff Warder

    maybe our “proud” to be American has led us to our corruption as a nation.

  • McKinley Day

    Great discussion. I would not put much weight on how the founders feel about anything we do today. Different time and circumstances. I believe the founders were doing what they thought was best for the nation during their time. Thank God we have evolved. I have a friend who often says not to judge Christianity by man, but by Christ. This nation has had some dark hours with regard to how we’ve treated humanity. That includes all ethnicities. But America has also had many great moments. This nation became great because God was at the center and must keep God at the center if it is to remain great.


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