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Former Megachurch Pastor Speaks Out About Sex Crime Charges


Geronimo Aguilar, founder and ex-pastor of the Richmond Outreach Center, insists that he is "absolutely" innocent of these crimes.

A former megachurch pastor in Virginia spoke to a local news outlet for the first time this week about the seven charges against him for aggravated sexual assault against two underage girls in the 90s. As reported by The Christian Post, Geronimo Aguilar is the founder and ex-pastor of the Richmond Outreach Center in Richmond, Va. Aguilar insists that he is “absolutely” innocent of these crimes and said the accusations from the victims, now adults, surprised him and his family.

“I can’t think of anything that quite compares to seeing my wife and children have to struggle with things being said and the obvious change in our lifestyle as far as having to deal with something so devastating to ourselves and to our church,” said Aguilar. “It would be wonderful if people would wait until the end to find out that this isn’t true.” 

Aguilar also said that this ordeal has brought him even closer to God because he’s “never been through anything, any trial quite at this level before.” But he insists that he will not be found guilty and plans to “serve God for the rest of his life.”

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