Detroit Pastor Gunned Down After Asking Neighbors to Quiet Down

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A 46-year-old pastor living in a Detroit neighborhood was shot and killed this week after confronting his partying neighbors.

A 46-year-old pastor living in a Detroit neighborhood was shot and killed this week after confronting his partying neighbors. Tim Kirby left his apartment at approximately 11:30 pm Monday night in response to loud music and people screaming in the street. When Kirby tried to confront the partygoers, a man attending the party shot Kirby three times.

According to local media, Kirby was a father of four and was known for his work in the community and his “fiery” sermons. He was looking forward to beginning ministry in a new church building.

“When I received the news it was like wow, unbelievable that a preacher, a pastor, someone would do that type of thing to him,” Kirby’s longtime friend Pastor Berry Loston Jr. of Prophetic Corner Deliverance Ministries International said in an interview with The Christian Post on Monday.

“I’m trying to really grab hold of what has transpired because it’s just like mind-blowing, seriously. And it’s like really what can you say? It’s a lot of emotions in the air,” he added.

Right now, explained Loston, “the family is heartbroken and looking for answers.”

Family members said an autopsy will be performed, and the funeral will be held in Nashville.

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  • Morphus

    How very sad…may the family find peace and rest in God, even in such a terrible time as this.

    • William

      Very sad indeed. That’s why it is so important to call the
      police and let them go over and handle it.

  • Tejado W. Hanchell

    This is so sad. My prayers go out on behalf of the family.

  • Pastor Yuri

    May The Lord forgive the shooter and save him. May The Lord comfort the mourning family, my heart goes out to them.

  • Moses Simpungwe

    Very sad indeed. MHSRIP

  • Figo

    The police should investigate this ugly incident and ensure that culprit is brought to book. This case should not be swept under the carpet because the deceased was a preacher of the gospel. He had rights like every other person and justice must prevail. There is a place for the forgiveness of wrong done but not at the expense of justice; so that some people don’t take undue advantage of others. It is possible that the shooter must have nursed the idea of killing that preacher before then; and when the opportunity presented itself, he took full advantage it. This is a crime and must be treated as such. Nobody has the right to take the life of his fellow man, after all we cannot create life.Who knows the next victim to this kind of senseless killing!

    • Stephen Ariba

      Let there be no peace for the murderer until he finds Christ as Lord and Saviour. Lord be a comfort to the family.

    • Vaughn

      I agree Figo. Amen! First he is a person,son, husband and Father. The person who shot him should be locked up!
      Prolly drugged up and with a drunk spirit.

  • Pastor Day

    In Psalm 105:15 says, “Do not touch My anointed ones, And do My prophets no harm.”

  • Robert Nhema Mavenyengwa

    We’ve to look at this and ingore it. Love Jesus Christ with all your heart mind and soul and strength.

  • Costa K

    It’d be nice if the President came out and said something about this.

    Not likely.

  • Hilda

    This is anger n rage build up. Pastors, preachers , evangelist n justice seekers praying working nattempting to find some answers n others not knowing or caring that peace comes from within , not without. I offer all the peace that only God, the son n the holy spirit can Give. At my great nephews funeral last week I shared the mortician n justice systems benefit financially, everyone else suffers. The young men are going to jail or the cemetery .. Mothers, gr mom, aunts, sisters n children are left to grieve, resulting in (illness) lack of sleep, high blood pressure, bills they cant afford to pay and/or loss of self /sanity and a desire to seek revenge. no amount of personal gain is worth this heartache and lack of leaving a positive legacy. The participant must get it before it can change. Our children can’t even play outside safely. Where the joy in that

  • jdouglas

    This is INSANE!!! May God give peace to the family. And that evil man, burn in HELL!!

    • Frank

      Really? All need Jesus’ peace in this tragedy!

  • Vincent Aja

    We share this unwarranted burden with the family and the entire members of his Church.

  • Randy Jay Rance

    This kind of horrid canableistic behavior is why the world needs Jesus so bad. That we all can be forgiven resting in the cross, His death And the RESSURRECTION from the dead. The killer has an eternity in hell; unless he falls on his knees and declares Jesus the Christ is Lord, to the glory of the Father; that of which he will one day have to due whether he likes it or not 1st John… As for the grieving wife, children, relatives & congegation; May the Peace love and presence of JESUS the Christ uphold you in this time of sorrow. Psalm 115:16 Blessed in the sight of the Lord is the death of His Saints. Blessed, because they will be embraced with the love, care and eternal presence of the Father and His Son.

  • Eb

    Oh God of Mercy, hold the heart of the congregation, family and Leadership together & FILL them with your LOVE/PEACE. JEHOVAH SABOAT, FIGHT THIER BATTLEs FOR THEM: REVIVE and EMPOWER them to STOP THE attack of the devil, in Jesus’ name. Oh God SEND DOWN REVIVAL FIRES ACROSS THE COMMUNITY/CITY. OPEN THE EYES OF THE LOST to come to Jesus. AND OH GOD PLEASE ARREST the Killer of the Pastor (your servant) by all means and SAVE his SOUL –He must surrender or perish. Give the kILLer DOUBLE GRACE to CONTINUE and ACCOMPLISH Tim Kirby’S call and fulfill his God-intended purpose.


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