Billy Graham: "America Needs God's Intervention Now More Than Ever."

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Renowned evangelist and preacher Billy Graham is praying fervently for a "fresh spiritual awakening" in America.

Renowned evangelist and preacher Billy Graham is praying fervently for a “fresh spiritual awakening” in America, according to a letter he has published on his website. The letter focuses on Graham’s new outreach project, a video/TV special titled My Hope America which will coincide with his 95th birthday in November. 

According to Graham’s letter, the special will include “several wonderful, real-life stories of people whose lives were transformed by Jesus Christ interwoven with a message from my heart about the healing power of the Gospel.” He also wrote that “if ever there was a time this country needed the intervention of God, it is now.”

“Remember that when God sets out to change a nation, He begins by changing people,” Graham continued. “It starts with individuals. The more I pray, the more deeply I feel that My Hope America is the right outreach for this country today.”

The special will include new, current footage of Graham giving an evangelistic message. Graham requested readers to tell their pastors about the program; more than 16,000 from across the country have signed up to participate.

“Most of all, we ask for your prayers and participation so that the hope of the Gospel can touch not only people across the nation, but people you personally know and care about.”

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  • Brian

    Hear that? “Remember that when God sets out to change a nation, He begins by changing people.” NOT legislating morality or anything relating to the political process. One Soul At.A Time.
    If you truly want the nation to change….start by praying and working to change the people next door. If we all do that, it will happen. It’s the ONLY way it will happen…

    • Chubbymermaid

      Or start by changing yourself and it becomes contagious. It’s always better to look at yourself and say how can I change me to effect the Nation instead of how can I change them.

  • Matthew

    Or maybe start with following the God of the Bible. Most of the worldly “Christians” are following the pagan roman system which came into being almost two thousand years ago, when the roman church was founded based on pagan theology, and they tried to adapt a form of “Christianity” into their pagan beliefs which does not satisfy the requirements of God/Jesus in the the words of Jesus in the Gospels. He makes it clear what His requirements are for being His follower..John 14.15 ‘”if you love me keep my Commandments”, as one example..Mr Graham is right, START following the God of the Bible, and quit following the satanic roman system of religion, which is from satan and is strictly counterfeit..Mr Graham you should know better!

  • moris….uganda

    Amen…..Uganda needs Christ more than everbefore too

  • Matthew

    The western nations need Jesus most of all..they are all nations completely taken over by satan, and have been for centuries.

  • Vincent Aja


    No man can serve two masters: for either he will hate the one, and love the other; or else he will hold to the one, and despise the other. Ye cannot serve God and mammon(Mathew 6:24).

  • sue spratley

    I will stand with this movement for God and the Lord Jesus. Our nation needs this message and I have been praying that God would send a evangelist…little did I know that he would revive Billy Graham to call America back to God. We are never to old for God’s army.


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