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New Research Shows Disconnect Between U.S. Bible Beliefs and Engagement


Most Americans believe the Bible is beneficial and want to find time to read it more, but just as many do not engage.

According to the American Bible Society’s annual “State of the Bible” study, most Americans believe the Bible contains everything a person needs to know to live a meaningful life (66 percent). However, most also say they don’t have time to read it, and a large percentage say they don’t want wisdom or advice from the Scriptures.

“There is a difference between believing something is beneficial and opening up your heart, mind and life to let that beneficial thing in,” Geof Morin, chief communications officer for the American Bible Society (ABS), wrote in a Thursday statement to The Christian Post. He explained that some people “view reading the Bible as taking your medicine” rather than a life-changing encounter with God.

Other important findings: One in six Americans bought a Bible last year, and 80 percent of Americans are willing to call the Bible “sacred.” The average household contains at least four Bibles. But more than half (57 percent) of Millennials report reading the Bible less than three times a year or never.

For a series of infographics relating to this research, click here

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