Russell Crowe and Mark Burnett Engage in Twitter War of Biblical Proportions

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A friendly tweet from Burnett to Crowe spurred a heated debate about biblical accuracy and box office potential.

Mark Burnett, the producer of the hit television shows Survivor, The Voice, The Amazing Race and the Son of God movie, tweeted a friendly message to actor Russell Crowe about his newly released film, Noah, last night that kicked off a two-hour Twitter battle of biblical proportions. 

Noah, the hotly debated film by Darren Aronofsky, soared to number one at the box office this weekend—taking in $44 million in domestic ticket sales. So far, in its fifth week, Burnett’s Son of God has taken in more than $57 million. 

A source close to Burnett says it started out with this harmless tweet: “Hey @RussellCrowe Son of God trumps Noah every time.” But, as our source says, “Russell didn’t take the friendly tweet the way it was intended.” This short tweet began a Twitter battle between producer and actor over artistic quality, biblical accurateness and box office potential.

Russell Crowe replied to Burnett on Twitter and said the Son of God might trump Noah in the Bible, but not at the box office. He also added a few digs on the low-budget quality of SOG—saying it was “campy” and “too American.” Things quickly went downhill from there.

Burnett fired back saying the only thing that could save Noah at the box office was the actual second coming of Christ, to which Crowe responded, “I haven’t been touched by an angel and my movie doesn’t need saving—the writing’s on the wall. #SticktoTV” To which Burnett simple tweeted back “#Rock People.”

A source close to Russell Crowe says the actor was deeply disturbed by the Twitter argument with Burnett—so much so that he’s likely to turn down a starring role in Shem, a loosely-based sequel on the son of Noah.

The tweets have since been taken down, but the Twitter battle ended with Burnett proposing a wager—after one year, whoever has the least grossing film should fast for 40 days in the desert outside Palm Springs.

*Neither Burnett nor Crowe could be contacted for a direct statement, and the Twitter posts no longer exist—so this could be an April Fool’s joke of biblical proportions.

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  • Russell Godsgrace Parker

    My viewpoint on this matter is that Hollywood is more concerned about making money. Some of these producers & directors seem to tweak following the bible to appeal to the diverse audiences!

  • Mike

    In Hollywood income trumps accuracy.

  • Thomas C Dietz

    The reason that Noah has made money is simply because Russell Crowe is in it.

    • SirSleepy

      No, I think another reason this movie made money is that there is a large demand for A class Biblical films like they used to make in the Golden age of cinema, but we end up getting movies like Noah with Russell Crowe. There used to be good films like Samson and Delilah and The Ten Commandments but Hollywood is afraid to that chance on these types of films again.

      • xous

        Even the old films like The Ten Commandments have their problems. I’m not sure it’s possible to make a completely accurate film about any historical event.

        • RinaMaduro

          That is true. Some will like it, some not. Some will agree, others won’t.

    • Jesus lover

      Maybe this statement is secular, but, these movies are not meant for Bible study for mature Christians, they are history and movie topics for Hollywood. The result in my area is non believers having a seed planted. If we respond like true believers we would not engage in the battle, but be joyful in the victory. And we all know who wins! Be thankful. It’s better than the other smut stories. God will use it to bring him glory!

  • Thomas C Dietz

    The director is a self professed atheist and has bragged in the Washington post that ” this movie is the least biblical bible movie ever”. Aside from having the main character and concept, there is nothing close to the biblical story here. The reason the earth is destroyed is not because of sin, but because humans polluted the earth. In reality Cain was murdered by his brother and didn’t have family. But in the movie the grandson of Cain (3rd generation) somehow lives about 1,500 years later and raises an army against Noah (9th generation). Of course Noah is a super tough warrior and basically slaughters a zillion people. No explanation of how animals get there and God doesn’t seal the door. God, Yahweh, YHVH, or Jesus is not even mentioned anywhere in the film. And by the way, Noah is not told by God to build an arc, he simply realizes that man is causing a dissaster in a dream and Decides to make a giant boat. Oh yeah, it’s Noah, not God, who gets to decide who gets on the boat based on if he likes them. DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY AND DO NOT SUPPORT THIS ABORATION!

    • Wayne Epley

      Actually it was Abel that was murdered by Cain. Cain was banished, married and had a son named Enoch.

      • Jon

        And tubal Cain was an actual descendant of Cain.

        • Joe Durika

          And it’s “aberration” not “aboration”

          • Thomas C Dietz

            Thanks for pointing out my misspelling. Any thought on the point of my post? Which is: don’t pay them to promote lies about God’s history and His character because “follywood” will keep making whatever makes them money. The article claims that they already have a sequal planned for this aberration.

          • Joe Durika

            First of all, I believe this whole article, including talks of a “sequel,” are an April Fool’s prank that you have taken to be true. Second of all, it is not for me to judge whether or not someone goes to see this movie. However, I suppose my question is, did YOU pay for a ticket to see this movie? If you didn’t, shut up. You don’t have an opinion on the film, you have an opinion on an opinion on hearsay about what someone might think this film is about.

      • Thomas C Dietz

        Oops, off the top of the head mistake. But thanks for the correction. Still, if you read the genealogy you’ll find about 1,500 years between birth of the 3rd generation and Noah (9th generation).

  • Ken Ferguson

    This is a April Fools joke….everyone take a pill lol

  • Mark Nowakowski

    Son of God is accurate? Shakespeare once asked…What is in a name? When it comes to the open debate on Biblical accuracy we can start right there…Jesus. The name we call our Lord today is…well…not his name. It is a Latin/Greek hybrid simplification. Here’s an idea…stop looking to Hollywood to do your work for you. Get out and share the story yourself and stop arguing about petty things that yield no fruit for the Kingdom.

    • Mark Nowakowski

      I might also add…while a tall handsome caucasian with long flowing sandy blonde hair could be the image of Jesus (God is capable of doing…anything) it is highly unlikely for a middle eastern man from Nazareth. Even if he started white, the desert would not leave him so for long…and then there’s that height thing…hmmm. Fingerprints of the devil indeed.

    • SirSleepy

      You just took this to another level. And I agree 100%.

  • Scott Uselman

    I just read the title of this article and now I’m going to start gossipping about this stuff. April Fools.

  • Pastor John

    Thanks for the laugh! Proverbs 17:22!

  • Thomas C Dietz

    Saw the April fools disclaimer at the bottom of the article. But ALL of my comments seen below are based on an actual screening of the terrible film. Save yourself the money and time and DO NOT see it. You will feel embarrassed that you wasted the money afterwards.

  • notta_lackey

    It was a secular movie. Evaluate it as such. Huge flaws but it had one point made clearly. Hardened sinners have no fear of God. I can imagine the rushing of the ark as something likely to have happened. If the queers of Sodom were crazy enough to try to rape angels that had just struck them blind, it does show how stupid people are who have no fear of God.