Top 5 Reasons Why People Don't Give to Your Church

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Most churches know the offering is important…it’s the moment that funds most of the other moments in ministry.

Are you frustrated that more people don’t participate in the offering at your church?  Do you hope and pray for more people to get involved in generosity?  Are you teaching them what the Bible says about stewardship only to be disappointed that more people don’t follow?  Most churches know the offering is important…it’s the moment that funds most of the other moments in ministry.  It’s time to understand the reasons why so many people sit on the sidelines.

1. They don’t see the need. 

I know you’ve heard that people don’t give to need, but it’s just not true.  Every time there is a natural disaster, people respond to need.  Churches must find ways to clearly communicate their needs.

2. They don’t understand the vision. 

One of the most important things you can do in a church service just before you receive an offering is connect the dots.  People need to know how their donations are being used to fulfill the mission of the church.  Most people don’t care about meeting the budget or paying the mortgage.

3. They don’t know anyone. 

When people are relationally connected, they are more likely to financially contribute. Don’t skip over this…do the hard work of connecting people to the church and to each other.

4. They don’t know how. 

Don’t assume that everyone knows HOW to give to your church.  You think this is simple, but you’re in leadership.  Take the show people how online giving works, teach them how to use offering envelopes, and give super clear directions every time you pass the plate.

5. They don’t understand or believe the Bible.  

Some people don’t give because they honestly don’t know what the Bible teaches about stewardship and generosity.  Others know it, but they don’t believe it.  As a leader, you’ve got to shepherd people with God’s Word, teaching them how to follow God in all areas of their lives.

Casey Graham Casey Graham is the founder of The Rocket Company. He worked for ten years in the trenches of local church ministry, which led to his passion for helping church leaders win in their ministry and personal lives. He lives in Atlanta, Georgia with his wife, kids and their Westie dog named Westie.

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  • Leroybass

    Sorry, but perhaps the biggest reason people don’t give to the church is because they don’t know where it goes. I have consistently seen people give large sums to people who are in need. However, churchgoers are tired and fed up with giving money to the business end of the church. The building fund, the new sound board, the new fellowship building, the latest remodeling….the list goes on. Put a REAL need out in front of the people and they will dig in their pockets so deep they’ll hit their ankles. I’ve seen it over and over again. When the church quits acting like a business and starts acting like a kingdom, then people will see the vision and give generously.


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