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Stressed Out? 3 Ways to Multiply Your Time


Tony Morgan offers key insights to answer the question, "How do you keep up with everything?"

It’s been more than three years since I launched leadership coaching and consulting services to help leaders and churches get unstuck. Since then, I’ve added several people to my team. As the demand for what we do has increased, so has the complexity of the business.

People have asked me, “How do you keep up with everything you are doing?” There are three key reasons I can pull it off.

1. My priorities come first.

I view my time like I view my tithe. I’ve decided in advance that I’m going to give a minimum of 10% of my income to the church. I’ve already made that decision so I don’t need to reconsider it every time I get paid.

My time works the same way. I’ve decided in advance that my time with God, attending worship services with my family, dating my wife, and spending time with my kids are the priority over my business. These things go on the calendar first. That way I don’t need to reconsider my time every time a new business opportunity comes along.

2. My team multiplies my time.

I practice what I preach. I have found people more talented than me to handle various aspects of the business.

Yes, I still have to do many tasks. And, yes, I still delegate tasks. My ultimate goal, though, is to empower my team to take everything we offer to the next level. Sometimes, that means empowering outside contractors like Ben, John, or Peter. Many times, it means empowering the people on my team. The team really does outperform the individual every time.

3. My systems shift my focus.

Good systems free up more time to focus on what I enjoy most — serving church leaders and helping them take their next steps. Many people view systems as barriers.

Healthy systems, though, create flow for the routine to maximize the time for the mission. Systems take discipline, but they also provide the framework for me to engage my team. Without systems, every decision and every task would end up on my desk. With healthy systems, my team is empowered.

In my next article, I’ll share some of the tools I’m using to prioritize time, empower my team, and embrace healthy systems.

Are you maximizing your time? Of these three strategies, which one needs the most attention in your life? Join the conversation by sharing your comment.

Tony Morgan

Tony Morgan

Tony Morgan is the Founder and Chief Strategic Officer of The Unstuck Group (

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