7 Ways to Empower Your Team

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Great leaders must learn and recognize the need to empower those around them to succeed and do what they do well.

Leaders: one of the key things you must ALWAYS do is empower your team.

As I’ve learned over the years, most leaders at their core are control freaks, which is part of the reason they are successful.

But we all must learn and recognize the need to empower those around us to succeed and do what they do well.

Most leaders think they can do it all on their own, and many try, but ultimately in order to grow a successful organization that outlives you, as the leader, you have to empower those around you.

Here are a few thoughts on Empowering your Team:

1. Give them the opportunity to make decisions, and don’t second guess them.

A lot of us as leaders are willing to allow our team members to make decisions, but want to step in as soon as we see something done differently than we would do. Don’t make that mistake. It is totally demoralizing to your team. I know from experience!!

2. Assign them responsibility by them owning key projects from START to FINISH. 

So once we allow team members to make key decisions, now we have to allow them to own projects and feel the responsibility of completion.

3. Fight for them.

Whether it’s standing up for them to your boss, or standing beside them and supporting them in a disagreement with a vendor, always take the stance of fighting for them and being willing to go to battle for them.

4. Encourage them.

This is the one we so often forget. I know I do. I tend to keep pushing without stopping to say thanks. But encouragement can go the furthest in creating team chemistry, longevity, and commitment. Reward them with small gifts, extra unexpected bonuses, cards, etc.

Brad  Lomenick Brad Lomenick is Executive Director and key Visionary of Catalyst, a movement of young leaders. Over the last 15 years, he has built a reputation as a key networker and convener of leaders. Prior to running Catalyst, Brad was involved in the growth of the nationally acclaimed Life@Work Magazine and did management consulting with Cornerstone Group. More recently he has served in a number of roles for INJOY and now GiANT Impact. For several years after college, he rode horses for a living on a ranch in Colorado, and was even struck by lightning while installing a barbed wire fence, which some believe has given him powers equal to several of the Super Heroes. He hopes maybe someday he can be a professional golfer, or have his own hunting show.

More from Brad Lomenick or visit Brad at http://www.bradlomenick.com

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  • Juan Cruz Jr.

    Great 7 ways to empower teams. Very practical steps and easy to put into practice.

  • Pastor George

    Thanks man of God, this is practical knowledge.

  • Simon

    good article. I would add an eight one. Don’t leave the your team in the dark! Often the leader has information which other team members are not aware of but find out much later. This is extremely important when a new team member joins. A team has to have everyone on the same page.

  • http://www.facebook.com/alex.souto Alex Souto

    Good article over all, but i’m not behind the idea of overwhelming team members.

    Give them opportunity for growth and even challenging them to go beyond their edge yes, but over overwhelming leads to unecesaary and unproductive stress and eventual burn out. Overwhelming… is just too much. There is a healhty middle ground between underwhelming and overwhelming.

  • DaveEkstrom

    thanks for that insightful and encouraging word. Or should I say “words” because you gave us seven things.

  • http://www.turnaroundpastor.com/ Bud Brown

    I agree with what these commenters have said. I’d add one thing for the sake of clarity:

    If the team veers off in a direction you had not intended, don’t micromanage them. If they haven’t understood the assignment and your hoped for results, the problem is yours, not theirs. You’re only going to make it worse by micromanaging people. If that is your tendency then learn how to be a better leader and vision caster.


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