Craig Groeschel: Lead Up

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Craig Groeschel talks about how honoring others will lead you up. 

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  • Jonathan Hughes

    War veterans are to be honored? We are to honor war? Honor people that honor God. God does not honor war. God does not honor the dead. War is of men. Honor God rather than honoring men. Honor God that is in whoever.

    • Dave Ekstrom

      I’m glad some people whom you think unworthy of honor made it possible for you to share your disdain of them.

      • Jonathan Hughes

        Had Jesus who is the father engaged just once in what you see as honorable there would be literally no life at all. What the militarily does is the same thing a worshiper of Baal would do. You cannot gainsay that not disagreeing with me.

        • David

          I do not mean to sound confrontational but what bible do you read that proves God is not a God of war.

    • Michel

      @Jonathan Hughes. There has always been a war going on between God and Satan. That’s the war the He’s talking about. Our leaders are veterans of this war!! They’ve stood storms and tests that we will never understand. Yet they’ve continued to serve, even when they were wounded. Honor them!!

    • absolutelyridiculous

      Way to take it out of context bruh. God does honor war, in fact there will be a huge one at the end of the age in Meggido.

  • jw

    every time I read comments I want to poke my eyes out! why do i always fall for it? usually ruins a great video experience. oh well, I’ll learn eventually. LOL : ) awesome video Pastor Craig. Thanks

  • Mike Spencer

    Maybe the youth are having such a hard time with honor because all they hear is leadership fluff from the likes of Groeschel and Andy Stanley instead of the witness to the gospel that we are commanded to proclaim. It is so much easier to talk all day and night and into the next decade of days about leadership and life change and world change, but preaching the gospel and delivering the full counsel of God’s Word is just too difficult for these guys. I mean, Jesus just didn’t get it, right? We dishonor our Lord when we spend the majority of our time prattling on about the temporal and neglecting the eternal. And if it was in the service of the gospel, you would hear the gospel, but far too many times you will not.

    • absolutelyridiculous

      Did you think that maybe this message was to a group of leaders rather than the average Sunday morning congregation? However, even if it were, the averae Sunday congregation could use a tune up on what it means to honor, in fact everyone could use a little tune up in that arena … you know prefer your brother above yourself

  • KenF

    Honor war? The war heroes and veterans he is talking about are older pastors. Wow! I agree with jw, I need stop reading the comments!


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