Perry Noble on "Inter-Racial Dating"

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  • EC

    Better question. Is it okay for a pastor to resort to common, street language in a message? What about being different?

    • Martina McGowan

      That’s an excellent point EC. We are to be salt and light to the world, not just another part of the world. I think I understand why modern hip preachers do this; to build up the congregation and show that evryone is welcome. But then how do we tell people that it is okay today to use “rear-end” and not wht they are used to saying. It is not any kinder or gracefilled to call someone a “rear-end” than any of the other things that may flow out of mouths, and unfortunately out of our hearts. And that’s the ossue, isn’t it? What is truly in our hearts?
      You are right, we are supposed to be the called-out, the set-apart, the light-bringers. How can anyone tell?

    • Joseph Moore

      he’s preaching the truth. 1. he is not using cuss words 2. no where in the bible does it say that one has to use a certain language to preach the truth. Just because it is not being spoken as YOU think it should be spoken doesn’t take away from the value of it

  • Steve Akins

     So and more also do God unto the enemies of David, if I leave of all that pertain to him by the morning light any that pisseth against the wall.
     1 Samuel 25:22 KJV

  • shadow

    It is always so refreshing to hear Noble burst an artery because somebody touched a nerve inside himself and he yells to cover it up.  wow, was he PISSED off and FLIPPING mad.  Folks, this man does not speak for the south. We are not all a bunch of bigots and haters. This is classic example of Noble projecting his own issues onto everybody else. Why does anyone follow this clown?

    • Sean Gajda

       Really? A clown? Im not so sure that your attitude toward a man is anywhere near what it should be biblically. Some people (yes, you) need to check their motive before ripping up a Pastor. Its amazing to me that people continue to rip their brothers in Christ while completely ignoring Jesus speaking of a house divided against itself.  What is the true motive? Do you hate on Noble because of jealousy issues? Because of an overzealous desire of your own definition of sanctification? Or do you just flippantly pass by the fact that THOUSANDS of people have come to know Jesus in a fulfilling, Christ centered relationship through the church God has entrusted him with? Im not here to defend Perry Noble, but I think that comments like yours should have accountability brought to them. I don’t see where he said that is an all encompassing, fully south problem. I have lived in the south my whole life..and what I can tell you is that racism is still a problem in every single city I have lived in. He was asked a question, he answered it. Unbunch your panties brah.

      • shadow

         Do your research into the Nobles. He has quite a lot to hide. Don’t ask for links because they won’t post. Just look and decide if this man is one bit concerned about those people who fall for him. Ask to have a meeting with him. Try a phone call. See how far you get. It is not my fault folks accept these power mongers so easily and not do some checking.

    • Dubshack

      That’s so funny to hear you say that because I actually had family that drowned in Katrina, and they came and visited a few years before and they were so full of hateful speach and bigotry because they had a Black mayor… Well let me put it this way, I know we’re not to take joy in the folly of the wicked, and I know people will be angry with me for saying so, but I did not mourn their death. I didn’t take joy in it but I’m sorry to say it didn’t upset me either. 

    • Joseph Moore

      Oh so people are only allowed to preach the gospel as YOU think it should be preached. Really? Not everyone is going to move,think,speak, act like you and maybe you should stop trying to put God and his people in a box.
      also he is not calling all southerners haters and bigots, but his assessment of race being an issue here is spot on. #moveon

  • Josh Gaudreau

    Wow. A Christian, presumably, seriously asked that question? Noble is right to get pissed. Did they miss Galatians 3: 26-29 – we are all one in Christ? Of course not everyone in the South is racist, but there was a reason that someone, somewhere, submitted that question. All believers still have sins and wrongful thinking, I’m just still surprised when I hear of Christians having that one (I’m Canadian).

    • Josh Gaudreau

      Additional thought: Jesus, Paul and John the Baptist all responded angrily with sin in the religious institutions of their times. Why shouldn’t Noble? Or you or me?

      Good thing they didn’t resort to common street language (a.k.a. “the vernacular”) though!

      As an aside, anyone notice he sounds a lot like John Piper? 

      • Brett

        I am not defending Perry’s choice of words. However, I find it interesting that people contend that Paul, for example, did not use “common street” language. English translators have done a good job through the years sanitizing some of his original words. 

        For example, in Philippians 3:8 the word that Paul used for “rubbish” was “skubalon” which was a vile word. I would be asked to step down as a pastor if I used the direct English translation.

        • Josh Gaudreau

           Oh, no, I was being sarcastic. I didn’t have a problem with Noble’s wording personally.  
          One of the reasons why younger generations are leaving the traditional instutional churches (or not being reached by them) is in part because they don’t speak the same language. Therefore it doesn’t connect with them.  If we are to be missional churches, our language is going to have to change, just as we’d expect a missionary going to China to learn Mandarin or Cantonese.
          I’m not saying we should start dropping f-bombs from the pulpit or that we need to be crass or crude (though maybe sometimes we should be), but just as Paul tailored his speaking to his audience (see Acts 17), so do we need to as well.

  • Darryl_3d

    Maybe he could give the blonde chick a lesson on modesty next week?

    • Jasonfry

       And then maybe he could give you a lesson on not calling a woman a “chick.”

      • Darryl_3d

         Really? I’d like to see him try it…you as well mr. Jasonfry

      • shadow

        Chill. Noble himself uses phrases like dude, chick, ect. In the video alone he said “pissed off” and “flipping”, and we all know what that word means. He thinks of himself a s this “hip young dude”. That is his wife and yes, she should not be showing so much leg. But being that this is the Nobles, these would be considered unimportant nitpicking. I think he is just one more “mega church power hungry nut”.

      • Joseph Moore

        its modern language. no offense was meant by it. chill

    • Timothyh4him

      You should have been focused on the speaker and not the woman !

    • Joseph Moore

      keep your eyes on Jesus and what she is wearing won’t matter to you… Grow up

  • Rich

     Why are getting off topic?  This video is about inter-racial marriage/relationships, racism, and the sin of prejudice…not vocabulary and contemporary language.  The mere fact that one can get so distracted by minor things is an indication of blindness to injustice, discrimination and ignorance right in your face.

    • Darryl_3d

       Vocabulary and contemporary llanguage? I’m not sure what you mean there Rich. I don’t have a problem with inter-racial marriage, but I do have a problem with women who dress inappropriately in a church setting. blindness to injustice? discrimination? Come on dude you’re in left field. Why get all dogmatic about your inter-racial marriage and then get all apathetic about modesty? Sounds like you need to look in the mirror for the ignorance.

  • Rcfraites

     Perry went to the root of the issue. The source of the character of the individual must be rooted in Jesus. The color of the skin acts as the paint of the house (our body). The color has nothing to do with the nature, or character of the person. 

    If an individual has the mind of Christ, that individual will create a loving, peaceful home for  everyone who resides in the home. Consequently, it is possible that one would like the color of the person, but the mind and heart of that person brings sorrow, hatred, and destruction to a family. Which is best?

  • Mark Haines

     I’ve never met Perry Noble but as the father of three daughters and a precious granddaughter I want to give him a hearty AMEN! Preach it, brother. The question for me has been and always will be — “Does the guy chasing my little girl love Jesus?”

  • Mary Myrick

    ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT!!!!! I wish more people would be so bold as to call it what it is!!! 


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