How to Reach Our Gay Neighbors

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“Culture raises the issues in a way that doesn’t allow the church to hide from the issue,” according to Bruxy Cavey. He suggests we can no longer hide. How will your leadership team address the issue?

Discussion: How has your church paved a “third way” in dealing with the issue of homosexuality?

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  • Justin Hitchborn

    I still remember when you came to PBI. One of my best memories of being at the college.

  • Stan

    The author should try getting a haircut to obtain some credibility…1st Corinthians 11(14)

    • Roger

      Is that the best you can do? Would Jesus have to get a haircut too!?

      • Robert

        We know that Jesus had a beard, but we do not know He had long hair. This is assumed from pictures drawn of Him many years later. The earliest pictures of our Lord found in the catacombs show He had short hair. I am not taking any side in this. I`ve wrestled with 1st Corinthians 11:14 for years as I once had hair almost to my tail bone. The assembly that I attended in the 1990`s would not baptize me because of my long hair and this Scripture. I said that in the natural world, as it refers to nature itself teaching us, that the male animal has longer hair, the better mane. I was told this is not what the Scripture was referring to. In those days, from the busts of men living then, it was normal for a man to have short hair. I bought a Greek/English Bible so I could seek deeper knowledge in this area. It helped somewhat. What we need to do is not stand on one verse, but back Scripture with Scripture. In searching through Sripture, my understanding of this verse is that a man is not to braid his hair or present himself as effiminate. My hair is starting to get long again, about the length of the hair of the person in this video. I cut it originally back in 2005 because my future wife asked me to. I said years before that that when God brings a Christian Deliah into my life, I will know that it is time to cut my hair. One woman asked me based on this Scripture, my wife asked mer based on she thought it looked ugly on me. I agreed to do this on the condition that she would grow her hair long, based on 1st Corinthians 11. The hair is truly a women`s glory. It is part of what makes her beautiful.

  • Jono

    This is such a ‘now’ issue, that needs a lot of attention…. ! I’m afraid that we are mostly ill equipped to deal with this and would do well to become informed. Homosexuality is a sin like any other….. but we don’t throw the liar or the gossip or the glutton out of the church…. in fact we condone more sin than we should…. A sinner is in need of Grace and Love… I know that I have cast ‘them’ aside as unreachable …. Father forgive me!!! they need you just as much as I do.