The Power of Video: Show, Don't Tell

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Francis Chan could have delivered this information himself, but the power of the video comes through storytelling. Are there ways you could do this at your church?

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  • Robert

    Francis, all I can say is indelible and powerful!!!!!

  • David Murrow

    Well done

  • Jason

    Cool Video but was did he have two wine glasses almost empty in front of them? Gees!!!!!!

    • Michael Trofern

      I guess we as Christians also need to educate people that Jesus actually drank real wine, not grape juice. READ the bible people. JESUS drank wine!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jason

    Cool Video but why did they have two almost drank wine glasses on the table?

    • islanderwaab

      I saw that too, and I thought, “I hope an alcoholic doesn’t get confused with this video.” But then again, I thought, “The Bible doesn’t condemn drinking wine, just condemns being drunk.” Good video though:-)

  • Kim S

    Yes, the first thing I noticed, too, was the wine. That overshadowed the video somewhat for me personally. We as Christians are called to be set apart and although I am not judging, that is something that could have been omitted. Other than that, the video was powerful, especially considering I just got back from Bali. While it is a beautiful place, it is also very poor, primitive in so many ways, and most of all 90% of its 3.2 million are hindu. They are wonderfully nice people but so very lost. Please pray for them. Kim

  • pcm

    You people with the wine issue are missing the point, it’s all about skipping a meal to feed the hungry. Why don’t you focus on the more important thing and ask yourself whether you’re willing to skip-1 for the hungry? Afterall they don’t have to be Christians to offer up a meal fro the hungry, get that?

  • peter321

    What’s the song in this video called? Does anybody know?

  • RCox

    pcm… yes the point of the video is skipping a meal. Can’t you see how the point would have been much clearer and less confusing if there had been no wine in the first place?