Why Mark Driscoll Uses "Offensive Language" When He Preaches

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Straight from the horse’s mouth, Pastor Mark discusses his use of plain language.

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  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1150915781 Carol Buckholt

    Gonna change my name after listening to you a bit…I shall forever be known as “Partridge” cuz………’I THINK I LOVE YOU!!!” Keep on keepin’ on my brother.

  • Aryn

    I completely agree with you. I respect Pastor Mark’s ministry–he is doing amazing things, but I did not agree with what he was staying about stay at home fathers. My dad was the ‘Mr. Mom’ when we were growing up. It had its pros and cons, and with some things we are still seeing the effects today. But it was all that my family could do and he was still bringing in an income through his self-employed buisness that he ran at our home. He wasn’t able to bring in as much as my mum did, but he did his best. Its important for families themselves to make that decision for what is best because God is going to bless either way.

    • jesuguru

      Fair point, but from what I’ve heard of him addressing this issue, he would likely agree with you. He wasn’t saying it’s always wrong in every situation, he was saying it’s the norm for men to lead and provide for their families. If it was “all your family could do,” then it sounds like the right thing.

  • Islanderwaab

    Right on Pastor! Sometimes, Captain Kirk has to talk Klingons to connect:-) …..and so it is with us, we have to have a missionary mind.

  • “I’m just saying”

    “I’m just saying…” Do not let any unwholesome talk come out of your mouths, but only what is helpful for building others up according to their needs, that it may benefit those who listen. Eph 4:29 I do not have a problem being real with our discussion. For me the causal use of the popular 4 letter words doesn’t represent a child of God. “I’m just saying”

  • pastor Roger C.

    I don’t believe we have to go down to the world’s level, like some do I didn’t hear what he said, but I believe in Holiness and will not talk about some thing’s they learn enough on the street’s and internet TV and we are not to act like the world, the word say’s it’s a shame to even speak of those thing’s that are done in sceret Paul said. we don’t have to act like the world we are called out from the world and it’s time we act like it. the word say’s with out Holiness we won’t see God ,so how can we act like the rest of the world or talk like the rest of the world and live holy.

  • DrIQ

    no pride in your pulpit … since when is you the best … who decides that you… need to add some enormous humility … i was ok with you until you dove into pride… like a lot…

    • John

      I agree. I like a lot that Driscoll does, but I could not stomach the arrogance. There is no place for pride around this issue.

      • http://www.facebook.com/waynefeltonii Wayne R. Felton II

        If there is no place for pride many of things spoekn by the apostles in the new testament should never be preached. How arrogant to say follow me i follow Christ, how arrogant to say you are a true Apostle and others aren’t. Seriously… If you don’t take pride in your work in the pulpit striving to deliver every message to the best of your God given ability then what are you doing…
        *disclaimer: I’m a young pastor so maybe I just don’t understand.

        • PO

          Hey Wayne… to respond to your comment. There is a difference between giving God your best and sinful pride. It sounds like you are talking about both here. As far as the Apostle Paul goes. He was humbly following Christ and giving God His best. There’s nothing wrong with telling someone else to follow your example if you are humbly and honestly following Christ. This is Discipleship. The 1st form of Jesus someone is most likely going to recognize is a Christian which literally means “little Christ”. Plus, as far as Him being a Disciple. He also said He was the “least of” and to paraphrase, “isn’t worthy to be called”. Keep doing your BEST work, led by God’s power, and boast in Him for what He is doing through you. BTW, your last comment “I’m a young pastor and may not understand” just goes to show that you are a proponent of humility which I appreciate.

  • Ron

    A Pastor/Teacher/Christian friend needs to be able to give Godly truth about heart felt concerns and speak to the evils of the age, but that can be done without going going into the gutter. My doctor talks to be about some “sensitive” things without using offensive language. I admit that what is offensive to some might not be offensive to others because they live in that world where the offensive has become cool. But I live in the world too and know that many of these people don’t talk that way around their mother. They know the difference. So should we. We must deal with the problems and sins people face with truth and holiness. But Paul said if eating meat offends my brother I’ll quit it. I’m just saying……. Ron

  • Tucker

    Unclean lips spoils even the purest testimony. A little leaven, right? Scripture has a lot to say about foul language. Filth is still filth even when you change its name to “plain.” Mark, the message of the Gospel is more powerful than the language used to proclaim it. God doesn’t need your help in trying to make it more appealing or relevent.

    • Sandra

      I agree we don’t have to speak the dirt to bring understanding of the gospel message.
      Don’t indentify with the world show them them the pure word.
      It’s the Holy Spirit work to bring understanding, He will lead you into all truth.
      A man is known by his words.

  • http://www.facebook.com/waynefeltonii Wayne R. Felton II

    in the New Testament Jesus and His Apostles came straight out and said what was and was not wrong. Sugar coating has done no one good. So if you think oral sex is a problem then say that. Also ever Pastor must know and minister to their audience, failure to do so is bad preaching. Driscoll is saying things a lot of youth Pastors will say but are written off as young and ignorant. If a life can be changed by hearing truth, speak truth.


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