Matt Carter: Old Model Church vs. New Model Church

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Matt Carter, pastor of The Austin Stone Community Church, encourages church leaders to create a new model of church.

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  • CK

    What does that even mean?

    • Mark W

      The ONLY model for a church body is the model Jesus established with His Disciples, whom He sent His Spirit of Truth to inhabit that they should no longer be in darkness, but walk in the Light of Day, and continue as He lead them while He was physically with them. Any deviation from God’s Word of Truth is in error and will not hold up on the day of Truth when everyone will answer for their own deeds. Many seek to break away from the system now in place because it’s not working, by reestablishing, or establishing a “new” system; but the only “system” that God will accept is the “system” He put in place, and sent His Son to introduce to those who either forgot it, or did not know it because of men’s Godless traditions and error filled teachings.

      I’m just saying, to those who did not know the One True Living God, our Heavenly Father, or abide in His ways; what Jesus taught was something new, and not of God. But it was nothing new, but was the same Word God spoke from the beginning. He gave us a most precious gift in the form of His Holy Spirit to guide us into all Truth and Righteousness, and seal us unto Himself, as well as seal that Eternal Truth inside us, that we may bare HIS mark upon our head and heart.

      It’s simple really: God’s way, or man’s way. Jesus came preaching and teaching God’s way, and commanded those who would follow His way to follow Him that they may live.



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