"Beer With Jesus" Song: Relevant or Irreverent?

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In this five-minute video, Thomas Rhett performs his new song “If I Could Have a Beer With Jesus.”

Discussion: Do you think Rhett’s song is relevant or irreverent? Is there something we can learn from this song, or does it treat Jesus too flippantly?  

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  • John Correia

    I think it is relevant and allows us to have conversations with people about Christ. I think that it expresses the way that many think about Jesus and gives us grounds to talk with folks about actually communicating with God. And theologically it’s not too bad.

  • Daniel

    Not gonna lie…at first the title caught me off guard…I figured it was “joke’ kind of a song…not a serious one…or ballad so to speak….plus, I’m not a fan of country music :)

    But after listening to it…I think the song is nothing about “drinking”…which most people will tend to want to focus on. It’s about spending time with Jesus. Asking him questions that we would all ask if we had the chance in this life. I think it communicates something most of us have thought about…except the location is in a bar instead of our backyard, or living room, or wherever.

    Bottom line…as Christians we are so “Anti” every thing. Beer…alcohol…whatever…is not innately evil or sinful or harmful or blah blah blah. It’s like anything else. It is what you make it. I used to drink heavily on occasion. Meaning…I was a party guy. Not all the time or every weekend…but often. And I drank a lot. Then I stopped. Mostly because I didn’t like who I was when I drank. Also because it wasn’t healthy for me.

    I’m a worship leader now. The reasons I don’t drink like I used to are obvious. The reason I don’t even touch alcohol anymore have nothing to do with a “spiritual high road”. It’s because I’m overweight with high blood pressure and when I have alcohol it makes my chest hurt. So I don’t drink anymore.

    If I was healthier…I’d probably have a beer every so often, in a much more mature fashion than I used to.

    I’ve got members on my worship team or who go to my church to approach alcohol that way. I tell them this…”I’ve got no problem with you having a few drinks now and again. If you are responsible about it. If it starts to become a problem for you, then it’s a problem with me.”

    • Daniel

      *who approach alcohol that way

      • $23313105

        Got no problem with what you say and agree that the Church could be a healthier place spiritually if we put alcohol into the right context theologically. It has become the acid test for many, one man telling me he was sure he was saved because he had not had a drink in 22 years. You may stay sober but miss the real thing. However, I thought the video song was kind of pitiful, being the only way the singer feels he can express some heavy thoughts and presumably his desire to talk to the Lord. God bless him, sincere but totally without understanding.

        • Hoot

          Like your thinking

    • Sandie

      listen to the heart of this song, it human hunger, isn’t that the way we all came to Jesus, hunger for Him and His acceptance.
      Having a beer is a culture way of having a sit down heart to heart yarn chat converse.
      Let’s not get legal stay gracious.

  • http://www.facebook.com/damien.carson.14 Damien Carson

    Irreverent? Like Jesus eating with tax collectors & sinners, irreverent? Here is a bloke expressing his longing for personal fellowship with Christ in a way that every man in the western world can relate to. I’ll hazard a guess that a good number of people who think that having a beer with Jesus is irreverent, would have a coffee with God most mornings!!

  • Evangelist

    Christian songs should bring glory to God. His song has a message there are other words that could have been used. If I could have dinner – If I could have a conversation with Jesus, etc. To use “beer” is repulsive and worldly. If a man be in Christ he is a new creature – old things are passed away, behold all things become new.

    • Buck

      What if he said, “if I could sip wine with Jesus” would that be acceptable?

      • alhatesreligion

        Too funny Buck. But it’s sad that too many folks put far too many obstacles and hoops people have to jump through in order to meet “our” standards.

    • http://www.facebook.com/maryjane.fischer.3 Maryjane Fischer

      Go away. It’s your kind that keep the common folk away from church!

    • alhatesreligion

      Snore, can I get a witness? It’s no wonder why we can have open communication with those out side the faith, we close ourselves behind our safe little Christian walls and act like spiritual wimps-oh no they’re drinkin, oh no they’re smokin, oh no that movie ain’t rated G, what ever shal I do? We engage, we smile, we share the msg of the life saving Gospel and we allow the Holy Spirit to convince and convict them of sin if neccessary.


    Paul said, ‘I will not eat meat if it offends my brother!” Do we not think that Jesus would do any less? Jesus, in my opinion would NOT have a beer with anyone because of the sin involved with it. Think of all the ruin drinking has done to families. Im sure there are some of us who have heard someone say to us, “I smoke because or I drink because I know a preacher who does”. I don’t believe my Savior ever did or would, therefore I shall NOT.

    • Buck

      So you don’t believe Jesus drank of the wine at the last supper? It is the doctrine of man that cause offense over this issue, but it should be drunkeness that causes the offense

    • Warriorofgod123

      When you see Jesus you will be made perfect in a golorfied body your flesh will be destoryed and the santification process made complete which means no more stumbling or sin or temptation but but constant perfect fellowship with God

    • KM

      Good for Paul…Jesus offended ALL THE TIME – talking with a Samaritan woman, even sharing her cup; touching the unclean; eating with sinners; letting a whore clean his feet with expensive perfume…so yeah I think he would have a beer in a bar, yeah I think he would let the man use his money on the jukebox…Jesus might even walk into a brothel to minister in love to the women degrading their bodies for money and love.

    • alhatesreligion

      You missed certain verses in the NT like the following. Rom 14:13-14 (NIV) 13″Therefore let us stop
      passing judgment on one another. Instead, make up your mind not to put any
      stumbling block or obstacle in your brother’s way. 14As one who is in the
      Lord Jesus, I am fully
      convinced that no food is unclean in itself. But if anyone
      regards something as unclean, then for him it is unclean.”
      The stumbling block here is the person who judges another. And the last part applies to you; if you regard something unclean then it is just that, but you don’t get to determine that for others.
      If you shall NOT, you have every right to do so.

  • Islanderwaab

    First of all, the Bible doesn’t condemn drinking A Beer, only being drunk! So, yes, pretty good tune I say, BUT I wouldn’t promote this song. Just imagine, singing this song in a drug and alcohol recovery center will not go well. Even singing it at church and people who are struggling hears this,…not good. Jesus said in Matthew 18:6, “But if anyone causes one of these little ones who believe in me to sin,
    it would be better for him to have a large millstone hung around his
    neck and to be drowned in the depths of the sea.” We have to be careful how we approach this subject. We don’t want to be legalistic, and at the same time, don’t want to make someone stumble. This is why I don’t drink alcohol….only coke:-)

  • Rick Springs

    I like it. The first miracle Christ did was change water into wine, and it was before his time! Jesus enjoyed being around people and men. Christ was accused by the Pharisees of being a drunkard and a sinner by who he associated with. However, we have no reason to believe this was the case. When two guys can sit and have a beer together and have a bonding discussion with the questions that are being asked…that’s church! Sorry, since Jesus and the bible say nothing negative about drinking…only about getting drunk, I doubt that he has problems with the song and actually has a smile on his face. I also wouldn’t be surprised if down the road that Thomas may be having a beer with the Messiah when he returns :0)

  • http://www.facebook.com/john.demicheli John De Micheli

    A beer with Jesus?? What? Not only a beer… the place a pub with people dancing to their gods? The jukebox fill with non-christian music ? The whole paycheck spent on a jukebox?

    • Seth

      Weren’t those places, the kind of places Jesus spent time?

    • P Luke

      Yeh kind of like spending a years wage on perfume.

    • alhatesreligion

      Boy we sure do like sterile Christianity. Let’s all meet at Church approved places and sing Kumbaya. The Christian bubble needs to burst, we need to meet people where they are. It’s the plan Jesus put into place, He came to our mess and loved us through it with out guilt or shame. You’re to reach people not repel.

  • Randy Mc

    Is the emphasis on beer? Or even the emphasis on “the thought” that one might actually have a beer with Jesus…………hmmm. I don’t know, I am still too human to phathom the possibility, what testimony “stewardship” may have if I were to spend all my paycheck in such a fashion, not sure my Jesus would want me to. A little uncomfortable with the lyrics, but hey, I am sure it will give him some attention to his choice of song writing………I hope it isn’t about how much can we get away with, or, how close can we be like the world, and it still be ok with Jesus.

  • disciple Jesus loves

    The truth is, I had many conversations with Jesus while I was “dead” drunk. In fact, the last time I was stoned and drunk I had a conversation with Jesus and He took away all my desires for mind altering substance. That was over 8 years ago.
    I converse with Him now every day, sometimes over coffee, sometimes in the most unlikely places. Hey, that’s just me…and Jesus.

  • http://www.facebook.com/rudy.hernandez.9212 Rudy Hernandez

    My opinion: Irreverant ~ why not “If i could rob a bank with Jesus”, or “If i could smoke a joint with Jesus” – Our songs to Jesus should be to bring Him glory. But this seems to be a song that is not for Jesus but to appeal to drinkers. So – go figure. I wouldn’t consider this a praise nor a worship song to Jesus. I would consider this to be just one more song that is really not even that appealing – that is simply MY OPINION. Thanx for asking for it….

    • Seth

      Your response is a bit extreme. Didn’t Jesus drink? Drinking beer is sin?

    • Buck

      I got saved while drinking a beer crying out for help! I have had many beers with Jesus, and Jesus is glorified through this song I believe bc it the crying out of someone’s heart. He did say “if I could get drunk with Jesus.”

    • alhatesreligion

      Those two activities you suggest are illegal.

  • eagle19

    The title is irreverant. I would never play it in a Church setting.

  • schair

    Definitely irreverent. No doubt the young man is sincere and well-intended, however, our goal is to lift God up – not drag Him down. A high view, and ever increasing view of God should be the believer’s pursuit without either condoning or condemning specific behaviors. God does not need our help becoming “relevant”. Humble, gracious, gentle, Christ-like behavior should be our ultimate goal. He is attractive without our help – more often than not we simply need to get out of His way. Image His character & reflect His glory = bottom line.

  • Hoot

    My concern is which is greater love. If I do something in public that could make my brother or sister stumble than I am to refrain in LOVE for them. Their are many brothers and sisters out in the body of Christ who can’t even get near a drink or be reminded of one. My word says to do things at home so thy brother may not stumble at thy faith. There are some things better off not done in a public setting. This is one. I understand what is the heart behind it but the greater love should win out and wisdom prevail.

  • Austin McCann

    I could understand why some people may say this is “irreverent,” but the truth of the matter I think it’s pretty relevant in the sense of drinking is not a sin. I believe the reason many may say this is a irreverent song because they believe beer is a sin. Beer is a beverage not condemned in Scripture. It’s something we should neither be afraid of (one extreme) or abuse (the other extreme). We should take a mature, Biblical view of it’s not a sin, but abusing it (getting drunk) is a sin. Abusing anything to the point of it have controlling over you, instead of the Spirit, is a sin. Love this guys heart and glad He loves His Savior.

  • chuck

    I say Jesus would probaly drink a beer, but rednecks made it. He made wine so He more likly have a glass of wine then beer.. But pastor think its a sin to drink, but there wrong. Follow charles edward green on face book…

  • http://www.facebook.com/maryjane.fischer.3 Maryjane Fischer

    I;m not wise enough to tell anyone when and where to share, but know whatever, whenever, however we can carry out the Great Commission, with God’s leadiong–let’s do it!

    • tiredofreligion

      Would tend to agree. Too much religion and not enough grace. Where did Jesus send His time? With sinners. He attended alot of parties, to talk to sinners. And when He talked to religious leaders he rebuked them for their “religious sins”( my terms).
      What is the hardest part for church people to grasp? Is it seeing Jesus in a common light, like having a beer with common folk? Or is it the jealousy of religious church people who are afraid to mention Jesus and beer in the same sentence. At least the song talks about Jesus, whereas a lot of worship songs do not. Just some thoughts before we judge…

      • http://twitter.com/justinmchapman Justin Chapman


  • Livetheword

    What for does the ‘SERMONCENTRAL’ people display such songs, it what way does it help/nurture the body of Christ? Such controversial stuff and ‘attention seekers’ do such things to glorify self than God. Simply not worth talking of………….

    • http://twitter.com/justinmchapman Justin Chapman

      Thanks for bringing this to my attention “attention seeker.” I spend hours each week sitting in a coffee shop in Philadelphia where people aren’t Christ followers. Usually I’m the only believer. It seems they don’t like you or your Jesus. judge, judge, judge. blah, blah, blah. The Pharisees are alive in well and still pushing people away from Christ. STOP! Read your Bible please and then go and do as Jesus would.

  • Dr shirley Lynn

    What is wrong with you people that you should even give the time of day for this I have problems with Church leaders and i am going to stop recieving your e-mails. You are so liberal and STUPID!

    • Justin

      Bye Bye

    • alhatesreligion

      Tisk, tisk Doc. Stupid really? Wow, and you wonder why people hate Church, oh then again you probably don’t care, cause those folks are stuuuupid. I don’t have to be a PHD to know that’s not WWJD :)

  • Following Jesus

    I think if we are looking at this according to the “church’s” rules then we wouldn’t think Jesus would sit and have a beer with someone. Truth is Scripture reveals that the religious people thought He was a drunkard because he hung out with those who were drunkards and sinners. It doesn’t say that Jesus participated with their dinking but that He would bring salvation to their homes. Then He told His disciples to “go”. I think this song reveals the heart of the Lord that He wants us to be mingled with those who are still in their sin looking for the God of heaven. They won’t darken the doors of a church building because we don’t want to go where Jesus told us to go. He met me when I was still a drunkard and a sinner and I thank God that He would consider walking into my life when I still had a bear in my hand.

    • http://www.facebook.com/benjamin.d.bottke Benjamin David Bottke

      Hey man – I just listened to this song and read some of the comments and came to yours. You quoted that people called Jesus a drunkard because He hung out with drinkers. It actually says Jesus was doing the drinking too. Matt 11:18 “The Son of Man came eating and drinking, and they say, ‘Here is a
      glutton and a drunkard, a friend of tax collectors and “sinners.”…” He came drinking alcohol and that’s why they called him a drunkard. If he was drinking water or milk or something – what evidence would they have for calling him a drunkard. Also, to question all of our beliefs on alcohol – when Jesus turned water into wine – the Greek for when it says, “After the guests have had their fill of wine.” It actually means the guests were drunk. So after the people were intoxicated Jesus made more wine for them to keep the party rollin’. I know the New Testament says not to be drunk – and I’m not saying any conclusion – I’m just saying it’s an interesting question to ask. Why did Jesus make he best wine after they were already drunk? PEACE – Ben

  • Rich Saunders

    Perhaps the song should be titled “If I could have a beer with Jesus next to me…” I don’t think this song is irreverant. Theologically “touchy” perhaps, but remember, Jesus LOVED hanging with sinners, especially where the sinners hung (He “hung” between two of them don’t forget). Jesus would definitely go and sit with someone in a bar and talk over a beer, but would Jesus drink a beer? I doubt that highly, but that’s not the point and that’s where most people, especially a lot of Christians, will get hung up. It ain’t about the beer… it’s about the commune. The talk. The time. The questions. The love shown unconditionally and not doubt the conversion that Jesus has made OR WILL MAKE in this artists (and everyone’s) life if he/we truly mean it. Jesus loves us… without question. Beer or no beer. As we allow Jesus to fill us up, the beer will go away. He will meet us wherever He must meet us!!! It’s not about the place, it’s about the meeting.

    • Trent McGinty

      He drank wine, why wouldn’t he drink a beer? He just wouldn’t drink 4 beers. I think sharing a beer would make the other man feel more comfortable. The song is about longing to spend time with the Creator!

  • KM

    I understand the Christian cultural “issues” with drinking – I think they are too often more legalistic and judgmental when it comes to drinking than genuinely concerned with the spiritual well being of another. The song is not about drinking but engaging the Savior in intimate conversation and fellowship. As far as the “weaker brother” argument – I can’t agree with that. If that is the case then let’s be sure we take Song of Solomon out of every Bible so that no man ever reads it and is caused to lust with its graphic language and depiction of sexual desires and encounters with one’s lover. Let’s take out all mention of wine in Scripture so as not to cause these same addicts to stumble.

  • whynot

    It seems to me (a recovering alcoholic and radical follower of Jesus!WOOT) that Thomas Rhett is a country music artist. It doesn’t seem that he is trying to pass this song off as a worship song, but rather a song that was laid on an ordinary guys heart. I give thanks to artists like Thomas who are willing to put their necks out there to be sure Jesus gets into our culture not stuck and restricted within our church walls because many are too afraid to take His Name into the world. It was not in the least bit culturally acceptable for Jesus to sit at a well talking with a Samaritan woman either, but He did it. And she heard Him and told people, and they believed. I hope my beer-drinking, country-music-listening-to friends and family hear the song and want to share it with me!! Then Thomas Rhett will have opened the door for a more in-depth conversation about the real and loving and yes holy Lord. So if I need to have a “religious” opinion about this matter, I say Praise God for what He is doing in Thomas’ life and may His Kingdom reap the harvest of these seeds!

  • Ty

    There is absolutely nothing wrong with this song from the standpoint of any truly informed biblical theology. Whether its a “good” song or not is up to the listener to decide. Is it theologically rich? No. But, does it do a fair job of hitting the mark that most contemporary Country singers aim for when doing a simple song of contextualized faith in Jesus? Yeah, it does.

    This is a non-issue. The “Jesus Defenders” out there who think Jesus is a divine damsel in distress who constantly needs chivalrous Christian knights to defend his besmirched honor will have a field day with something like this…but then, they’re only importance to true Kingdom building tends to be in their own head anyway.

    • alhatesreligion

      Well said Ty, these folks all belong to the denomonation “It’s My Way Or The Highway” I feel if they actually met JC today, they would say what a piece of work He is. He just doesn’t fit our image. The perfect Savior for them wears a tailored made suit, nicely cut hair, and is a republican. (Nothing wrong with republicans-well except the obvious) The song My Jesus says it best-some folks today would not allow JC in their Church cause the blood and the mud might stain the carpets. News Flash!!! JC was radical, raw and going against the religious grain.

  • Jesus Follower

    At its core, I think the words of this song have a real lack of understanding of who Jesus is.

    Firstly, the author is constantly speaking about what he (or she) would do. Sip it nice and slow, …pick a place that ain’t too crowded, …Or go wherever he wants to go, …order up a couple tall ones, …buy the beer, …let him do the talkin, …be careful when I got the chance to ask, …put my whole paycheck in that jukebox, …fill it up with nothing but the good stuff, …sit somewhere we couldn’t see a clock. Like all this would be so cool of them. The writer has made themselves the center of attention.

    Secondly, read the Old Testament. Look at how men of God shuddered when they were coming into the presence of God. Look at the reverence they showed towards God. Yes, that’s who Jesus is, God Almighty. He is not your drinking buddy, some good ol’ boy from down the road; He is God, the creator of heaven and earth.

    Thirdly, the questions… look in the Bible. The answers are there.

    Lastly…I’d tell everyone but they wouldn’t believe it. Again we come back to the self-centered rather than Jesus-centered attitude of the song. The song is simply silly.

  • Roberto

    In Luke 5:27-30, Christ Jesus certainly befriended Levi (who was labeled as a sinner), but the man DID NOT continue in sin. He COMPLETELY repented and turned from sin and followed Christ Jesus. He became a disciple of Jesus Christ.

    We need to be careful when we use the comment about Jesus hanging with sinners as an excuse for Christians to be best friends with people who are NOT willing to repent and follow the Word of God goes against ALL Scriptures. What kind of friendship could Jesus have with Satan? What kind of fellowship does light have with darkness? The Lord has NO intention of “having a cold one” with Satan. Satan is cast into the lake of fire.

    Christ Jesus rebuked even the slightest hint of sin. He certainly DID NOT celebrate it. He DID NOT laugh and ignore it. He certainly DID NOT keep his mouth shut at it’s presence. He certainly WAS NOT involved with people actually committing a sin; He made it quite clear when He said, “Go and sin no more.”

    Christ Jesus DID talk to and ate with sinners. However, they either repented, or Christ Jesus pressed on to preach to others (and left them for the later judgment). To God be the Glory!

  • Simon

    For the Christian, it is probably, to a greater extent, socially unacceptable to promote or to even drink beer because of the problems it has led to in our society. Why didn’t he just have a coffee at a coffee shop? Or a soda at a diner? Much more acceptable. But then again we are living in a new generation where it seems the controversial issues are pushed to be challenged and accepted. I’m not saying that alcohol is wrong, just saying that in the North American Christian culture it is not widely accepted and often causes contention and division.

  • 2TrakMind

    I think we miss the point when we make it about the beer. To me, “having a beer” is metaphoric for sitting down and having a conversation. Even if it’s not, Jesus did far “worse,” in the eyes of the people, when he was here. This is the incredible thing about God. While he deserves our reverence, he doesn’t necessarily WANT it in the way we think of it.

  • Marcus

    Yeah He will have a beer with you alright when He returns…you better hope your are following His words in the Gospel, because if you are not you will have lot of problems…He will be all business when He comes back so remember “work out your salvation with fear and trembling”…and get rid of the arrogance!

  • Hosea 416

    Sorry, but I’ve gotta go with this, Revelation 3:
    “14 And unto the angel of the church of the Laodiceans write: These things
    of the
    of God:
    15 I know thy works, that thou art neither cold nor hot: I would thou wert cold or hot.
    16 So then because thou art lukewarm, and neither cold nor hot, I will vomit thee out of my mouth.”
    The church has been so hell bent on preaching and teaching about our liberty in Christ for the past century, they don’t even realize that they’ve foolishly tossed His holiness right out into the parking lot. I have to wonder, did the spirit you allow to scratch your itchy ears end up scratching away what Discernment you had left? God Help Us…

    “My people are destroyed for a lack of knowledge.”

  • Chuck

    Totally relevant. Jesus hung out with the sinners and was even called a drunkard by the religious folks. He went to where lost people were to help them find their way! For me, growing up in an alcoholic home, I have all the alcoholic tendencies that are negative and unproductive. I may have not understood why Jesus was partying. But, Jesus knew that the lost needed a Savior that was willing to meet them where they were at but not leave them the way they were.

  • Hallie

    While the choice of beer as beverage is not my cup of tea, you cannot miss the fact that the man is searching for Jesus. He clearly wants to hear from Jesus Himself on how to live right ( “how did you turn the other cheek”) and whether there is life in heaven after death (when he asks about heaven). He seems to think that he could only spend a little bit of time with Jesus and doesn’t know that he can spend his life with Jesus. He knows that Jesus lived, but doesn’t seem to know that Jesus still lives. He may not be saved, but he is searching for Jesus in a clumsy way. We need to pray that he is found by Jesus and that a loving Christian who is both strong the Word of God and the faith finds this heart and serves as a powerful witness to him. Unsaved people do no

  • Hallie

    Unsaved people do not know better, but we do. We must be witnesses of The Lord and live in a way that causes others to ask, “What must I do to be saved?”. When he gets saved, then he can be taught sound doctrine. Let’s be the salt and the light. Let’s make people thirsty for The Lord and then lead them to Jesus so that they will never thirst again (for beer or anything else but Jesus).


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