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Emmy-winning producer Mark Burnett and his wife, Touched by an Angel’s Roma Downey, have produced The Bible, an epic retelling of select biblical stories from Noah to the resurrection. The highly anticipated 10-hour miniseries will air on the History Channel beginning March 3, with the last episode in the series airing on Easter Sunday.

Practical Idea: Use The Bible miniseries to launch a Bible-reading revolution in your church or community. Working with The Bible series team, Outreach has produced The Bible 30-Day Church Experience Kit along with a small group DVD study and personal guidebook so that you can help your church and community experience the Bible in a whole new way. 

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  • Christian

    Interested to see how this turns out. Ironic that the preview already includes the historically inaccurate “nativity” scene and this is for the History channel. Biblically we don’t know how many “magi” there were (3 only being the number of listed gifts spoken of, not the number of people, although having treasure chest implies a caravan), but we do know that when they arrived Mary and Joseph and the child Jesus were at home, and the “magi” say they had been searching for 2 years implying JC was probably a toddler already.

    • http://www.facebook.com/joseph.reach Joseph Reach

      The History Channel is just the station that picked up the miniseries – they
      did not produce it. Emmy Award winning producer Mark Burnett (The Voice,
      Survivor, Shark Tank, Celebrity Apprentice), and actress Roma Downey (Touched by
      an Angel) created and produced the miniseries.

      Also, The Bible is a docu-drama based on the stories in The Bible. As with any
      dramatization, some stories and timelines were altered to create a moving story
      that fit the 10 hour time frame.

    • Mark Teel II

      “historically inaccurate” ? I’m sorry , I didn’t know you were there with the pagan magi. Maybe they said “Hey guys, we’re pagans, but I’m pretty sure the star of the Son of God just popped up, so yous twos wanna head? Just keep it on the down low – our pagan buddies probably wouldnt understand.”

      I kid, but point is, lets not get pulled into the crap that the secular textual critics are. They have no idea what they’re talking about, and just weave stories anyway. We have the truth. We know God has planted the heavens, laid the foundation of the earth; is it not insane to think that the Lord has not had a Hand in the Bible we have? We get to choose between CT or TR (which have like 98% in common) – let us trust it.

  • http://www.facebook.com/chaundra.grattan Chaundra Grattan

    The virgin Mary seems a bit “white” for her part here. Also, I feel embarrassed by how screenplay writers always seem to make such a big deal about David and Bathsheba. Did not see much of that in the trailer. Hopefully, the full movie follows in this manner. All in all, seems like it will be a fabulous adventure to watch!

    • PastorMason

      You are white about Mary.

      • patty

        Let’s trust the Holy Spirit to go where we cannot. Not every sermon from the pulpit is always accurate either ….pastors disagree….God is reaching out

    • PastorMason

      I mean “right”

  • Frank Yeh

    Can’t wait!

  • Anita

    YES! Fantastic…
    but WHY when such effort is made for an accurate rendering to film the accounts recorded in the word of God, do we have the Wise Men AT THE BIRTH of Jesus?

    I hope we don’t see other well accepted errors for the sake of tradition.

    • http://www.facebook.com/joseph.reach Joseph Reach

      The Bible is a docu-drama based on the stories in The Bible. As with any
      dramatization, some stories and timelines were altered to create a moving story
      that fit the 10 hour time frame.

  • toonups

    I appreciate that they are making the movie. But there are SO MANY inaccuracies even in the preview. Is it that they read the stories only once? Is it that they involved no Bible teachers? Is it that they are trying to “improve” on Scripture? JUST ONCE I would love to see THIS caliber of film making with some acurate research ahead of time.

  • Doug a sinner

    People, don’t allow the plank in your own eye (Matt 7:5) keep you from seeing what are the benefits of these types of bibical visual story telling…Ask yourself, what is so important about minute details which have little or no conquence to that which is most important…That is that hopefully many who know little about Jesus be introduced to a new beginning…As Jesus said to Martha…”don’t miss the good part” but be more as your sister Mary…Pharisees lay down your criticism and be glad the History channel has the courage to wittness to a sinful world….

    • Claude St Jean

      I think you are definitely right, Doug. However, it is always important that we do not innacurately presented the truth to people. When we do a better job in presenting the Bible truthfully to people, there is a higher probability for those people to become better Christians in God’s eyes, as well as the general public when they decide to follow Christ.

    • JHummel

      Thank you!!!!! My goodness, aren’t we supposed to share the “good” news? And if that means depicting the great stories of the bible in a mini-series and it opens someones heart to ask more questions and ultimately allow God’s grace in, then hooray for the History Channel!!!

  • A Christian

    They were interviewed on 100 Huntley Street a National Christian TV program in Canada. They talked about and actually brought in a a Bible Scholar in the program to talk about how careful they were to be accurate. Clearly time lines and things may have been altered to fit the time they had. Why don’t people take the time to watch it all before criticizing it. What an opportunity we have to invite our unsaved friends to watch it or sections of it.

  • lisa

    I think I will reserve unsubstantiated comment, personal opinion and criticism until I actually SEE the film! It looks wonderful and I am excited to watch it

  • chris

    Fantastic! I don’t have the Channel as I don’t have foxtel but its a fantastic opportunity to spread the gospel and tell the world about Jesus and give them hope. I pray this movie will bring many to Christ as the truth is revealed.

  • Big ‘T’

    I too like accuracy, however the bible often leaves minute details, of no saving value, to our own imagination. Such as, when Moses parted the Red Sea, one can imagine Moses whacking the water or holding his staff out over the water or jabbing in in the water, as the film shows. Either way it doesn’t effect the dicision made by one who comes to Christ Jesus.

  • http://joewickman.com/ Joe Wickman

    Umm, wow. I can’t wait to see this.

  • LaShondra Foxx Ross

    I am eager to see the miniseries begin tonight :)


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