Steven Furtick: The Real Reason You Can't Keep Your New Year's Resolutions

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  • liviu stanescu

    I’d like it better without accompanying music and the preacher more calm

    • Steve

      This is exactly what is so messed up about the American church. Instead of hearing the message we are distracted by whether or not it lines up with our particular preferences.

      • Janna

        Perhaps the yelling is uncomfortable for people. There are many who find a screaming, yelling pastor emotionally disconcerting. It’s as if our nerve endings are screaming to get out of there – it’s not an entitlement thing. It’s an intimidation thing. It’s difficult to hear God’s whisper when someone is screaming at me…but that’s just me. I just listened to the whole thing and have no idea what he said…and I really wanted to hear him!

        • Craig


        • ray

          All good points made in your post Janna. Keep in mind many of folks like this speaker are trying their hardest to be as cool as possible because thats what sells today. The fact this site continues to keep cycling the same guys shows that they need a change. There’s nothing new under the sun here…

        • Lucas

          Get the bible and microphone and model how it should be.

  • Robert RM Bagwell

    Bless God for Encompassing Grace!

    • Willie

      You don’t really understand the approach nor the method of ministry. It all works together for the prophet the preacher who spoke not nor prophesy until the menstrual played to set the atmosphere that the Lord would inhabit the praises of his people that would prepare our minds to receive the anointed word of God

  • Dwayne Bigelow

    It’s encouraging message we all could use , the problem we have is we all try to critique with our head not our heart. I don’t care about shouting or music as long as its an encouraging word from God. Be Blessed!!!

  • ray

    The speaker raises some good points with change being a process. I totally agree with that and need more change in my own life of shortcomings. Agree with some of the other posts below, turn down the drama to cut down on the distraction.

  • joe

    Is he saying don’t worry about the fact that you are bound in sin, it’s a process and it might take a long time but God who started this will get you out at some time in the future? If that is the case then I present to you the reason the church in America and some parts of the world are so weak and defeated and powerless. Just a thought.


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