Bill Hybels: Coffee With God

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Bill Hybels responds to this common complaint: “I just can’t make time for a meeting with God. I can’t fit that into my busy life.”

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    We need Christ? There will be no furture without Him…

  • ceebee

    Bill, thank you for your sermon…it was a wonderful source of encouragement and a strong reminder to take a seat, grab a cup of coffee and to start each day conversing with my heavenly Father. Burger King…I love it!

  • Anthony

    If you make time for God He makes time for all else you have to do.

  • MAR

    thank you Bill…I’m from the Philippines and I love coffee and I love meeting with God every morning… but it’s a brilliant insight to really have an object like the ‘ROCKING CHAIR’ to regularly ‘SIT DOWN’ and just make it a SPECIAL TIME AND PLACE to meet with HIM. i am going to find a ‘ROCKING CHAIR’ of my own… THANK YOU FOR THE INSIGHT

  • Joe

    We need more expository teaching and less feel good philosophy. How about a biblical example to solidify the point and less uninspired anecdotes. The power for transformation is in the Word Rom. 12; 1-2, Heb.5&6

    • jeanB

      The letter kills and the Spirit gives life ~ in a relationship like Bill speaks of. It’s not a rhetorical religion. May the Presence of God show you the difference. Blessings to you.

  • Grace

    thank you for the inspiration to have my own “chair” where I could just sit down and meet God each day. Blessings!

  • lawrence temfwe

    Thank Bill. You always challenge me to reach the heights.

  • George

    Thanks Bill for the reminder to not neglect the basics and for the great visual connection with the chair.


    Thank you. Just thank you.

  • Gary Colville

    Well done Bill.

    Joe you sound Spiritual but you are not truly so. I have known Bill for some time and had the privilege of spending time with him and some others from around the world and this would be one of the few people who is very strong on Biblical base. Your words Joe are based on a philosophy that requires the Scripture to be quoted every time your mouth is opened. Life just is not like that as you may realize if you think about every word that proceeds from your mouth. Bills call to Scripture is high in this video and in spite of your hardness toward him what he said is truly inspired. I ask you the question, ‘Where’s your chair,’ when you want to criticize. Stop it or face the consequences.

  • Lois

    I have to find that chair.

  • Brenda

    This is so beautiful, the right place at the right time. and a miracle happens.. ! Amen

  • DarleofGod

    Beautiful!! The Bible says that we are seated with Christ in heavenly places. And here on earth we need “that chair.” We are truly in a time in history where only God can heal, restore and deliver. Not just His hands, works or acts to intervene in our lives, but His Person, face and character that is experienced only by time spent in His Presence. We need you, LORD. I need you ever. Send a chair down for us to our hearts and minds. Sit with us here in earthly places. Thanks Bill for being a vessel fit for the Master’s use. We are receiving the benefits of your chair.

  • Katrina Hudson

    So wonderful!! Thank you for sharing this video!

  • Sorin Hughes

    The question is why isn’t God important to us when He loves us with an everlasting love by giving his life to redeem us? That was an inspiring story. There are so many lessons in it. It does not mean because we love the Lord we will not have tribulations or trials. It is not how long we live here on earth. what is important are the treasures we send ahead to heaven in form of souls touched for the kingdom. A Wonderful story!

  • Dntheos123

    I am a pastor in Northern Maine and early each morning I sit in my chair, drink coffee ad read the Word. Sometimes I am overwhelmed that I get paid to immerse myself in the Bible.
    Great Story!

  • erin

    Great storyteller! You capture people with your messages and then ask a simple question that convicts. Where’s your chair? Thanks for constantly putting God first.

  • Carol

    I have had a special “chair” for sometime now, and encouraged others to do the same. Yet, hearing this I am refreshed and encouraged. I can’t make it without my morning meetings with Jesus! Thanks for sharing!

  • Paul Patrick

    Thanks Bill, this has been a new revelation to me and has come so powerful and in such a time I have so hunger for Him. I think this rvelation will steer up my thirst and creat more time with Him. I am going to find out a chair

  • Deana Callins

    You are in my Heart. I am learning what it is to be “A New Creation” in Jesus Christ. We all have some type of struggle within ourselves. But those who “Believe” rest in knowing this: God knows whats best for us; Better than ourselves. We continue in earnest prayer for our Faith. To press on, run on, and pursue the righteousness of Jesus Christ. Whether everything goes the way we Hope or not. We keep “Seeking” the Lords ways of doing things. If we fall; we get up and start again in God’s ways. It’s his “Love” that revives our soul to diligently seek him and he cares for us. So we Believe in Jesus, even if we don’t understand all his ways. By FAITH, we trust he only desires the very best for us. For that reason, we obey his word/instructions. I hope this finds you well. God Bless Your Hearts…

  • paa

    thanks Bill for reminding us to lean unto the Lord always.God richly bless you

  • Egmont Mika

    Thank you, Bill, for that reminder. Wonderful!

  • Flor Samson

    Thank you Bill its great reminder to me about giving time to God..I’m so bless its really wonderful

  • Rahim Shabazz

    Thank’s for the beautiful and heart piercing reminder that we must take time to spend time he best friend we could ever have; God himself.