Judah Smith: What Grace is and What it's Not

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We sing about it. We talk about it. But we don’t really know what it is.

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  • Bryan

    I like it, so many abuse grace because they think it is a concept, well put!

  • K*Roth

    This is fantastic!! Paul writes in Romans about how we can’t continue sinning, even if we do have grace. People, today, abuse grace and it’s so horribly sad. It’s by the grace of God that we’re saved!

  • Will

    a lot of yelling and a little bit of reason – might not be a bad idea to turn those around.

    • Scott

      I’m not sure what you mean? I think hearing that Jesus is the personification of Grace is something we NEED to hear. I think hearing that we need to go to Jesus is something that needs to be REPEATED…it’s the ONLY bit of reason anyone should need. Jesus. He’s the answer. He’s the way. He’s the truth. He’s the life.

      You got three minutes of a sermon and trashed it. Congrats. Welcome to the internet.

  • Pastor Fred

    Awesome teaching on Grace, for it is the people of God called Christians that so not know what God has done.

  • Rock

    So I either missed the answer or IDK. He talked about grace but I didn’t hear him say what grace is?

  • DON

    I thank GOD for his GRACE, through JESUS THE CHRIST……

  • http://www.facebook.com/juilmiole622 Juil Miole

    We find our worth only in Jesus….thanks for your grace Lord…love you Jesus! :) jkm

  • Phyllis


  • Robert Schwab

    @ Judah Smith, I’ll give you this, you’re absolutely correct in stating that “grace” is NOT a world saviour for the sinful world.

    But then, would you mind sharing with us WHAT grace in fact really IS?

  • Mike Spencer

    Ok, Judah-Grace is a person, Jesus. Nice words about Jesus while dancing around how God demonstrated grace through his son leaves me empty and wondering why so many preachers think saying nice things about Jesus actually amounts to preaching the gospel. It is impossible to share the good news without sharing the bad news. Without the bad news, grace is unnecessary. I know this is an excerpt from the whole sermon, but I have heard so many sermons lately that go on and on about grace or faith or Jesus, but never really get to the gospel. Why do I need to be saved? Why do I need Jesus? Saved from what? Saved to what? Without law and gospel, sin and forgiveness, repentance and cleansing, it’s all just a bunch of bla-bla…

  • musa kunene

    I thank the Lord, who has embraced us with his grace

  • PrescottJayErwin

    Well, I just hope there was more substance in the rest of his sermon. There’s nothing here but perhaps a challenge to think more deeply about grace. He certainly didn’t tell us what grace is and is not — other than saying “grace is a Person” or is “personified in Jesus Christ,” by which, he says, simply means that when Jesus shows up grace is present, and that grace is or is not (he said both, I’m not sure which he meant) a gift. I’ll take this as a challenge to be clearer in my preaching.