The Beauty of Motherhood

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This Mother’s Day, thank the women who have loved, mentored and mothered you.

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  • Bill Bray

    Very good stuff. Nicely done. Everyone should see this.

  • Tu Kai

    Very good :) Loved it :)

  • Anndie

    Praise God for the video! :-)

  • Angela Tuiono

    Awesome presentation of a ‘Motherhood’. So so True! I like the quoted saying – ‘Life doesn’t have a manual but it has mother

    • Romy T. Taway

      I say Amen to that. The Lord bless all the mothers on earth.

  • Guest

    It was a very good job for this Mommy; Nice presentation of a “Motherhood” well-done, and the journey was long from the birth to this stage, but with patience she got through. “Happy Mother’s Day you”, and all the good mothers in the world.

  • Veillance Junior Bastien

    It was a very good job; Nice presentation of a “Motherhood”, and the journey was long from the birth to this stage, but with patience she got through. I wish a very “Happy Mother’s Day to you”, and also “Happy Mother’s Day to all good mothers like you in the world.

  • GaryColville

    Awesome. I downloaded this Gr8 video but it would not play. Had some kind of fault in it.

  • GaryColville

    st discovered why. The File has no video data on download. Bless you

  • Tendai

    Amen. Mothers are special. God bless all mothers. Nice one.

  • J & A

    Perhaps a little ignorant….

    I appreciate the desire to honor mothers through this video and it stirs up a lot of happy emotion for the moms and children who were raised with a loving mother. However, it stirs up even more painful emotion for those children who grew up without a mother or with a mean, neglectful mother. It also stirs up very painful emotions for those women who were never able to have children for any number of reasons. It is unbelievable how much pain a video like this can cause and how much it can alienate those whose experience was not as shown in the video. Please honor mothers but PLEASE do so in a way that honors all women for their motherly compassion and contribution to society. Please do not cause more pain for those who desperately want children but were given a different life by God instead and help them walk through the pain in a way that leads them back to the sufficient grace of God.

    Respectfully offered….

    • Carthel Towns, Sr.

      I feel you…however, please note that at the end of the video it asks us to thanks the “women” (plural) who have loved, mentored and mothered us. That doesn’t necessarily mean a biological mother. It can be anyone the Lord has blessed us with to fill the void of a mother that was not there or could not be there. So, although I agree with you wholeheartedly, let’s not overlook the fact that Mother’s Day is a day to recognize ALL mother’s…good or bad. It’s not Good Mother’s Day…it’s just plain ole Mother’s Day! I pray the Lord brings that special person into your life to fill the void left by your mom (if that’s indeed your situation). If not, then I release that prayer for someone that needs it. May God’s grace and mercy continue to shine upon us all.

  • J

    My mother has gone to be with Lord, but even in her absence I honor her for the things she thought me. Happy Mothers Day to all the mothers in all the world.

  • Kimba

    The person who was stirred up over this video needs to understand God is in control. Whatever people have had happen in their lives He can bring them through. I love the video and it expresses many facets of life as a Mom and is a good training video on how Mothers are to treat children.

  • Steve ascension

    A Beautiful video presentation, one that honors mothers & one that honors the self descriptive mothering side of God. Matt23:37. Yes mothers are made in the image of God.


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