Pastor's Bird-Catching Video Goes Viral

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Matt Carter is the Preaching Pastor at The Austin Stone Church in Austin, Texas, and the author of The Real Win with Colt McCoy. In this amazing video Carter catches a bird mid-flight while hunting with friends. So far the video has receieved close to a half-million hits. 

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  • Common Sense

    I heard this man speak at Expo2011 (I think). If I do not have him confused with someone else… this is what impacted me…

    Background: Back in 2007 Expo seemed to be more about marketing and promotion – and yes in so far as Churches own structures that are somewhat businesses, well, then we are responsible before God to handle those structures well. It is not a given that it glorifies God when we handle our business affairs with neglect say… ex. not advertising our Church services well, or not practicing good book keeping and etc. BUT Churches are NOT businesses – they own business like structures sometimes but they themselves are something else… and that something is called to be on the mission of God.

    Moving Ahead to 2011 ( I think): So, his church, like good business people did a study and found that they could expect 2000 more people to come to worship there (because of demographic trends). So far so good (good business practice)- so they started a building campaign (to raise $31 million I think) so that they could add to their sanctuary and accommodate these new people (maybe good business practice but maybe not good Missio Dei). At this point the mission of God should have been examined outside of business practices… and apparently IT WAS! They asked themselves an honest question (very rare in itself), ‘Will Austin be impacted if we add 2000 attenders?’

    Probably not. (I thought to myself, ‘Yes, smaller churches will become weaker as people migrate over – or at least won’t grow as new residents are drawn to the hottest Christian show in town…’). But they did something amazing here – rather they allowed themselves to be led by God (I think so…). they asked, ‘Will, Austin be impacted if we send out 2000 trained missionaries to start churches, Bible studies, house churches and the like?’

    YES! So, I if understood it correctly, they trained 2000 of their people and sent them out (not to return) and thereby were about the mission of God AND freed up seating for their new comers.

    If I got this story right and that is what they did – bravo! Praise The Lord. And if this is what happened – that is of course more rare (sadly) than catching a bird mid-flight, or catching coffee mid spill into the cup (movie: “American Ninja”) or catching a fly with chopsticks (movie: “Karate Kid”). And it doesn’t surprise me that God would allow such a preacher to catch a bird mid-flight if that is what happened. :p

    I once did the coffee thing and also once caught a hammer dropped at the construction site… I hope I will do the right thing by the Grace of God in my role as a spiritual leader too. :p

  • Robert

    I’m sorry however, THIS is actually newsworthy????? Sorry, this is just not that impressive……

  • Common Sense


    Just, “joie de vivre” my friend! Enjoy life!

    We are engaged in the great battle of our day – if we are properly spending our lives… and it is okay to celebrate and enjoy a fun thing – God has made the wild!

  • Chuck

    Newsworthy? Maybe not. But maybe interesting to folks other than you.
    Not that impressive? Maybe not. But I never caught a bird midflight in my hand. Have you?
    Of course, if your name is Bob White, I think I may understand your perspective.

  • Tommy James

    That was cool watching The Pastor catch a bird with His bare hands in mid air.

  • eminoni

    what a catch

  • chanda

    out of the ordinary

  • The Rev

    haha… SENSATIONAL!!!

  • Chisel

    A bird in the hand is worth……a half million hits……

  • Johan

    I hope the pastor sees the message that God has sent to him. This is a one and only event. When will anyone catch a WILD bird with bear hands again – a bird that was basically sent into his hand? He even let it go free, so wonderful was the experience. God always have the last say. I cannot help to see the message clearly. “Pastor, I would like you to let my creation have freedom and this is why I allowed this miracle to happen so that you can have 2,5 million hits on your Youtube video so that the whole world can see My heart.” I hope the pastor’s book will also hit those kind of sales.

    “Prov 12:10 The righteous regards the life of his animal, but the mercies of the wicked are cruel.”

    If the quail(bird) does not belong to the pastor, it definitely belongs to God, and why should we not regard the life of God’s animal?

    The sceptics will point to the follwoing verse: “Gen 9:3 Every moving thing that lives shall be food for you. And as I gave you the green plants, I give you everything.”

    Yes, eat until your stomach is full, …..but excessiveness is not the message. The pastor has food in his kitchen i believe. He is practicing a sport at the cost of God’s creation – he is not hungry!

    Did God not teach us to be content with what we have? When Gods people walked around and around the mountains in the desert after there escape from Egypt, God gave them food (manna) for every day – if they kept the food for the next day, it got rotten. They had to learn to stay dependent on God.

    1Ti 6:6 But godliness with contentment is great gain,
    1Ti 6:7 for we brought nothing into the world, and we cannot take anything out of the world.
    1Ti 6:8 But if we have food and clothing, with these we will be content.

    Now, I am not innocent at all. I used to shoot birds as well – just for the fun! I repented, I am finished with that. Yes, I eat beef, food from animals – nothing wrong with that, but I am content with what is necessary. When we compare bible verses we should rightly devide the Word of God (2Tim2v15) and keep in mind that God speaks to us according to the idol(s) in our hearts (Ezechiel 14v4).

    I bless the pastor and his ministry. I am sure he is a good man and love God very much.


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