Why Introverted Leaders Have Better Outcomes

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Susan Cain, author of “Quiet: The Power of Introverts,” shares a powerful secret of introvert leaders.

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  • davebaldwin

    So if people follow introverted leaders because everyone knows they don’t like to be seen by everyone, the un-stated assumption is that us extroverted leaders like to be seen by everyone. I hope you are giving us a little more credit than that. Look at my avatar, I’m not sure people like looking at my face to begin with!
    That’s just my point on this interview. I did enjoy it.

  • mem027

    That is insightful and hopeful. Seems like both introverts and extroverts can learn from each other rather than go to extremes of their personalities but rather complement and respect each other in ministry. As an extremely introverted person to the point of struggling to go to church wanting to protect myself and just watching online– I am finding that the more I surrender to following Christ the less afraid I am feeling to be vulnerable and open. Also I’m desiring increasing in desire to be all things to all men in order that I may win some through learning to surrender to the power of Christ’s Spirit of love.


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