Pastor's Angry Tirade Caught on Tape

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This video clip from a nonseeker-friendly church is a little hard to watch, but it does bring up a good question: Is it appropriate to call out members from the pulpit?

Here’s the breakdown: 

9 seconds—Someone starts to fall asleep.

49 seconds—He tells a member they’re not worth 15 cents.

1:10—There’s an awkward hug.

3:10—He calls out the sound guy.

4:30—He takes a needed drink of water.

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  • Rev. Michael

    Was this a “real” church service or one done to show what should not be done from the pulpit. If it was “real” the pastor needs to make sure that he has not had a nervous breakdown.

  • Caughtthinking

    Wow! That’s bad. Still it’s not the worse i’ve seen.

  • roy duncan

    Someone needs to get to this man . He’s in trouble!

  • Rev Rob

    I partly agree with Rev Michael about the video. It could have been staged to have these people set up for the video. But on the other hand this guy could be for real. After watching it, I thought what a haughty spirit. I also thought some of these guys think they can get away with saying things and no fall out because he is the boss. I grew up down the road from FB Hammond, In. So I am familiar with this style of in your face preaching. This guy is the antithesis of Joel Osteen.

  • jeffbb

    “This video clip from a non-seeker friendly church is a little hard to watch…” You got that right! It IS hard to watch and embarrassing for the Kingdom of God. My question is this, what in the world does “non-seeker friendly” have to do with anything in this video? Are you sublty saying that seeker friendly churches are the only ones who would not do something like this? If so, you are wrong. Are you implying that if someone called out people in a “seeker friendly” church it would be OK? Or are you saying watching anything non-seeker friendly is hard to watch? Help me understand the “non-seeker friendly” thing here…

  • Deana Callins

    If you are ready to be honest and “Call yourself out FIRST” in front of everyone. Why go and confess your sins before God (In Secret) and then want to get in front of others and make someone else lower and lift yourself up all at the same time. That is WHY We all were “Sent” and given a SAVIOR. Who is worthy, perfect, and righteous. In who he is “Covers” us gently. A Great & Merciful & whos Love never ends (kind) of Shepherd. All we need is Jesus Christ. Worthy of All the Praise. Always available. Never Sleeps. Takes the problem and makes a way out of no way. Who’s better than Jesus? No one.
    There is no other God!

    • Deana Callins

      What IS Righteousness? Jesus Christ. Who IS The Word of God manifested.
      Who Is The Only Savior. Also, The Promise.
      In HIs Righteousness there is: HIS Spirit, Salvation, Saving, Grace, Love, Mercy, “Truth”, Perfection, “LIFE”, Seed multiplication, Passion, New Nature, Good Character, Good Qualities, Light, Support, Guarentee, Favor, Strength, Voice, Joy, Preserve, Wisdom, Instruction, Deliverance, Faith, Enduring Riches, Counsel, Meekness, Humbleness, Pure, Clean, Purpose, Vision, His Witness, Signs, Wonders, Miracles, Pleasure forever, Certainty, Trust, Reconciliation, Discernment, Conceive, Born Again of a New Nature, LIBERTY, Godly fear, Wonderful creative power, Power, Might, Store House, A Home without evil, Healing, Good Health, “Living Well/water that never is empty”, BLESSING, Comfort, Spiritual Food, Mediator, Harmony, Unity, Safety, Kindness, Worship, Companion, Friend, Priase, A New Song, Holiness, Willingness, Transformation, Restoration, Treasure, His Plan, KINGDOM, hiding place, Inheritance, VISION, Angels of Heaven, Gloriousness to behold/witness, Covenant, Help, Faithfulness, Hope, The way, Forgiveness, Beauty, support, Acceptance, Repentance, Victory, Endless Posibilities……..And on….
      This New Nature should be manifest in us because of his seed in us. As we Believe.

  • mikeedens

    I think I would be hiding out in the video room as well.

    • intheleupp

      With an attitude.

  • Deana Callins

    Thy Kingdom IS an everlasting kingdom, and thy “Dominion” Endures throughout all generations. Psalm 145:12-14 To the “only” wise God our Saviour, BE “Glory and “Majesty, “Dominion and “Power, both now and ever. Amen. Jude 1:24-25
    Why is it we see more negative things, reports, and actions. Than The Word/”Goodness” of Jesus Reported and discussed in a harmonious way. The devil does his job well perverting “the mind”. And we wonder why ugly things come out of people so often. Today’s generation “Focus” more on negative things (than) “The Things of God”. You can “become” Like what you “spend” the most time “Taking IN”. Your mind is “Receiving” it if your watching, listening, and hearing about the evil all the time. It’s your ‘mind/faith’ that is being attacked subtly, and causes so much damage, destruction/darkness on the inside. We have to “SAY NO” to the ‘lust of the flesh’ that likes to know about all the bad stuff going on;. if we truely want to be HEALED. We need a National Turn Around (towards) The Things of God. No matter whats going on in the world. Is it good to promote or make public every evil work. All Good things belong to God.

    • JOSHUA 7:25

      in the last days perilous times shall come.

      For men shall be lovers of their own selves, covetous, boasters, proud, blasphemers, unholy, without natural affection, false accusers, fierce,

      heady, high-minded, lovers of pleasures more than lovers of God;
      having a form of godliness, but denying the power thereof: from such turn away.

      Guess God saw this guy coming, ….

  • Lordsway777

    He says He is the “Real Deal” Really?. This man needs a vacation He had a melt down in front of the whole congregation. Jesus said, He who is without sin cast the first stone. This man was throwing boulders. If these people needed correcting it should have been done in private. Jesus paid the ultimate price for the man who the preacher said was not worth 15 cents. My Father always told me , When you point your finger at someone you have three more pointing back at you. This Preacher placed His self way above everyone else and that’s a long fall down. I pray he seeks and finds the help he needs.

  • Richard

    After watching this video I was disgusted with the arrogance of this man. How can people tolerate the abuse of his words and his shaming people openly. He deserves to be replaced by a true loving and caring pastor that will lead and guide people to a productive and satisfying walk with God.

  • george

    it is so sad to see this – I almost can’t comment on it. I prayed that this pastor will recieve the spiritual and emotinal help that he needs and that the church will be able to take the necessary steps to deal with this.

    • JOSHUA 7:25

      Sadly, God will answer your prayer with a “NO!” This man has spoken against The Holy Spirit and there is no forgiveness for him. His pride will not let him accept that he needs it.

  • Borghy Holm

    This is emotional and verbal abuse, especially what he said to the first young man! How dare he devalue him as a person. He abused him in front of everyone. Because he is doing this as a pastor it is also spiritual abuse. I think someone should’ve stood up and rebuked this pastor publicly because it needs to be clear that such behavior is unacceptable. However in a church with a man like this in charge it’s very unlikely that anyone has the self-worth to make a boundary and confront evil. How sad that many people and congregations can’t recognize abuse like this! If someone did this on the street they’d probably get punched in the face, but yet this abuser goes along unhindered because he’s doing it from the pulpit. I can only imagine how this guy treats his wife and kids. Its sick actually.

    • Paul McGowan

      It depends on whether are not the pastor has confronted the young man and woman individually or not. That is the first step. Secondly he must have confronted the young man and woman in the presence of 2 or more witnesses. Thirdly, if they did not respond to correction in the first and second step then open rebuke is the last step.

      • mikeedens

        “open rebuke”? Do you think this action is of God and in the Spirit? I have been a part of a church like this and I have seen time and time again “men of God” try to justify their arrogance with Scripture.

        • JOSHUA 7:25

          in the last days perilous times shall come.

          For men shall be lovers of their own selves, covetous, boasters, proud, blasphemers, unholy, without natural affection, false accusers, fierce,

          heady, high-minded, lovers of pleasures more than lovers of God;
          having a form of godliness, but denying the power thereof: from such turn away.

          Guess God saw this guy coming, ….

  • Andy

    This is one of the sorriest things I’ve ever seen.

  • intheleupp

    He’s done. He’s lost his first love.

  • Amanda Michelle Miller

    Romans 8:1 “Therefore, there is now no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus.”

    • JOSHUA 7:25

      True, …, but, are you implying that this preacher is “in Christ Jesus”??

      If you are, …, that is absurd, …, and unsupportable.

  • revsla

    I will be praying for this pastor. He obviously (very obviously) has some serious issues not the least of which is anger. I understand accountability but this was spiritual abuse which he tried to cloak in the name of “love.” If I had come to this church seeking God, I would have left thinking, “If that’s God, I don’t want any part of Him.” This is a travesty and a tragedy.

  • Todd

    What in the world???? Sigh….

  • Harvest Bible Fellowship

    Let me start by saying that I’m a little confused by the “non-seeker friendly” label that was attached to this man’s church. I question why was that even necessary to attach such a label? There are a multitude of things that churches in our present day and age, are woefully inept at, be they “seeker friendly” or non-seeker friendly”, so I think we need to be careful with applying labels.

    To your question of “Was it appropriate for this man to call out members from the pulpit.” The answer is absolutely not!

    The word “pastor” comes from the Latin word for “shepherd.” A pastor is to be a shepherd or caretaker of God’s flock. “Be shepherds of God’s flock that is under your care, serving as overseers—not because you must, but because you are willing, as God wants you to be; not greedy for money, but eager to serve; not lording it over those entrusted to you, but being examples to the flock” (1 Peter 5:2-3, emphasis added).

    1 Timothy 3:1-7 lays out the qualifications for an overseer (Pastor). Among the traits listed there are self-controlled, respectable, hospitable, not violent but gentle, and not quarrelsome. It goes on to say that moreover, he must be well thought of by outsiders, so that he may not fall into disgrace, into a snare of the devil. This man was anything but self-controlled, nor was he gentle. I dare say that he is not thought well of by outsiders now that this video of his tirade has made the rounds. Maybe he was having a bad week, maybe he’s simply burnt out. Whatever the reason or excuse, there is no excuse for that type of behavior from any man that calls himself a pastor.

    1 Peter 5:3 contains a wonderful description of a balanced pastoral ministry: “Neither as being lords over God’s heritage, but being examples to the flock.” The pastor’s authority is not something to be “lorded over” the church; rather, a pastor is to be an example of truth, love, and godliness for God’s flock to follow. (See also 1 Timothy 4:12.) A pastor is “the steward of God” (Titus 1:7), and he is answerable to God for his leadership in the church.

    There is a biblical basis for structure within the church. Hebrews 13:17 tells us to obey our leaders and submit to their authority because “they keep watch over you as those who must give an account. Do this so that their work will be a joy, not a burden, for that would be of no benefit to you.” But when a leader does what this man did to his flock, he is abusing his position.

    Nowhere in Scripture does Jesus suggest that we have to blindly submit to men. Instead, we must submit to Christ, who is the head of every man (1 Corinthians 11:3). And in all things, we must obey God rather than men (Acts 5:29).

    Christian leaders are under obligation to follow Jesus’ example of humility and compassion.

    • mikeedens

      Why is your username “Harvest Bible Fellowship”? Just curious…thanks

      • Harvest Bible Fellowship

        Hi Mike! That is the name of my new church plant here in Virginia. My name is Bruce. Take care and Lord bless!

  • Sylvia Moseley

    How sad that a Pastor feels compelled to call his members out in public. WWJD? When did Jesus ever use public humiliation to minister to the flock? The Pastor has too much of himself in his message, he starts out saying “don’t you go to sleep on me, I’m important.” He has placed himself in the position of the Holy Spirit and not the good shepherd. When a Pastor, shares from the pulpit his congregants personal lives, he can forget anyone trusting him to confide in him again. What a serious breach of confidentiality, and his first duty as the shepherd is love. People will know us by the way we love each other, I will certainly keep this pastor in my prayers.
    Rev. Sylvia Moseley

    • Dave Swieszcz

      Thank you for those words of truth spoken in grace!!! YES!

  • Mac

    A true megalomaniac. Jesus must weep at this!

  • The Rev

    two things sadden me about this clip…
    1- the harshness this minister feels is his right to use publicly in order to rebuke people in the service… NOT his service but the Lord’s. yes the modern church can abuse grace at times but that is the other extreme… and i believe not biblical.

    2- the fact that this clip is out on the cyber world… many who have watched and are yet to watch hate the church and are looking for a reason to stay away… have we given them that permission by making this clip available to all??

    • Dave Swieszcz

      @The Rev, RE: #2: Speaking as a recovering victim of independent baptist church in my youth, the truth needs to come out. Judgement starts at the household of God. 1 Pet 4:17. If peeps see that we, as the Body, are real & decisively deal with this then they will listen but if we hide this under the carpet… then we are just the same as them & then why would they listen to us? The Lord God showed us His example: Acts 5:1-13 Act 5:13 None of the rest dared join them, but the people held them in high esteem. (ESV)

      Those simply looking for a reason to stay away are not being drawn by God; but those who want to see real Christianity, will come if there is a place for them where they see REAL. Look at New Spring Church, Church on The Move, North Point, Cross Point & Mars Hill. They preach the Truth hard but also Grace hard also.

      As a tech guy, @ 3:40 mins into video, I loved how the soundguy had the youth hanging out at the video booth. Bro Cox must be an awesome person for the youth to hang out with!!! Plus Cox may have been looking for the next generation audio and video tech volunteer to mentor and train up. “the kingdom in the video booth” Pffft!

      My heart breaks for this blinded congregation. A couple peeps still amened at the end.

      • The Rev

        i completely agree with where you are coming from and i totally agree about Brother Cox… many churches would love to have someone that loves the youth like Brother Cox does and for the young people to want to be with him as he does his ministry. We still need to be careful about how we represent the bride of Christ. There are already too many odd, legalistic and meglomaniac preachers out there and we don’t need to give them more publicity.

        i too came out of the independent baptist church here in Australia and my family was greatly hurt… but i love the church too much to focus on this embarrassingly ridiculous behaviour. it’s not about hiding it… sure include the church family in the discipline of this pastor, but we need to be careful with those that are new or seeking who may be turned because of the mess.

        my concern in my second point is not that he is ousted for his behaviour… i agree… he needs to see that we don’t approve. But the clip has no explanation, no follow up on whether something was said to him or if the church accepted it as norm. there are lots of comments on his behaviour but none directed at the Pastor.

        i have personally emailed this church and shared my sadness… i have asked if there were any specific prayer needs that they needed and i have shared my fear for the seeker and the lost who will be turned off because of this clip.

        let’s remember the Grace shown to us …

        Bro Dave Swieszcz, i agree with your heart and passion to see the church be led by the right people, and i think i know and have experienced similar hurts with this church movement, and let’s be unified and joyous in the fact that our God is bigger than this issue.

        Grace and Peace

        • Dave Swieszcz

          Thx, The Rev. I remember His Grace a lot! Humbled by the fact that I get to serve a community of peeps grateful to the Lord Jesus every Thursday night. It’s not ‘church’ but it’s dang close to what the Lord wants. Broken peeps worshipping Him, loving on the newcomers while working on their hurts, habits, & hangups so that they can be fruitful and serve back.

          • The Rev

            preach it brother… keep fighting the good fight

  • John M Lu

    Jesus said Feed my sheep, and not beat My sheep.

  • Teretha Thornton

    I remember my pastor telling the congregation many years back to “keep your mouth off of the that man.” If he is a man of God I am quite sure God will handle him. We can all jump in with our two cents but it is not our place to judge him and anybody else. I would have liked to view the whole service before coming to a conclusion. I do have a question. Who filmed this and why did they feel it necessary to post it on the internet?

    • Maranatha

      Why would you need to see the whole service to notice the minister is being abundantly abusive? “Keep your mouth off that man”? What’s that supposed to mean? He should be keeping his mouth off his congregation members…it wouldn’t take nothing but one time for him to do that to me and I would be G 4 G … gone for good.

      I can go to a church where no one will feel inclined to beat up on me like that. Let me guess: That pastor is from Arizona, or California, those ministers tend to have a despicable attitude toward people who go to their churches out there; they think people have no choice but to be there when nothing could be further from the truth.

    • Dave Swieszcz

      I’m a former victim of IFBC. Per your last question: have you ever been a member of an Independent Fundamental Baptist Church? If not, I understand your question but you have no common background so hence the sender of video wants to be anonimous but yet expose the crap.

      IFBC are brutal on their members. Boiled down, their theology is Truth minus Grace plus legalism plus man’s tradition like the 7 degrees of Christian Separatism. Pretty dang close to Pharisee’s way of life.
      Examples: That CCM music is of the Devil along with all rock music; for ladies young & old, if those shorts are more then 1/2 inch high on your thighs when sitted then you’re called out publically; White can’t marry black or Asian.

      But we love you anyway. (Vomit!)

      Get the drift now, Ms. Teretha? imho, this man was controlled by demonic due to the fact that he called out & threw under the bus, the soundguy for having the youth hang out at the video booth @ 3:00 mins.

      Isn’t our ministries for reaching the next generation?!? Whether it be tech or children’s or youth, whatever!

      Anyway, pray for those congregations in bondage. Please!

  • funnystory

    This happened to me one time. I worked the night shift and a brother called me in the morning and told me he felt the Lord wanted me to go to a revival. Not being one to miss out on a blessing. I fell asleep during the preaching and the minister woke me up saying some people have no respect, sleeping during the service. Then the Lord spoke to him during the service and told him to tell me I was called and favored of the Lord, right after he said what he said. He had the funniest look on his face. Then all the preachers there who knew me told him i worked the night shift and he apologized. I forgave him and Gods got your back. The bible says,” If you have a problem with a brother talk to the person like a brother or a father if he is older and talk alone in private”.

    • Rhonda

      In private is the key! Love covers a multitude of sins.

  • GW280

    Dr. Standridge is my “father in The Lord” and has been my mentor and friend for almost 40 years. I would not be in the ministry today were it not for his skillful and patient guidance in the early years of my ministry. Brother Jim has ministered in every church I have pastored. He is a man of God with an uncommon passion and I would not hesitate to use him again in my pulpit.

    • Dave Swieszcz

      GW280, Got just one question for ya. I assume you read your Bible and also saw the video. Do you see Jesus acting the same way to His desciples the way Mr. Standridge did? Even with Peter, Jesus was balanced with his rebukes.
      Are you supposed to follow Jesus or your pastor?

    • Just Saying

      Being that yall seem so close maybe you can tell him that Jesus came to set the captive free and heal the broken hearted. Tell him quit degrading his members. You say he has an uncommon passion that just may be the problem he needs the passion of the Christ. Love lifted us when nothing else would help. What he said to them people he did not use wisdom at all. Tell him to Study Proverbs so he can know how to lead the people before he loose the people. I;m just saying

    • pjsr

      Brother, then you may be just the one to speak to him, just as Paul had to speak to Peter. Even though Peter was a spiritual elder to Paul, had a great ministry, and had walked with Jesus, he was wrong and Paul had to stand up to him.

  • Dave Swieszcz

    To all, this really boils my blood. I’m 44 and still suffer from Independant Fundamental Baptist Church crap from my youth. It took God 22 years to show me that CCM & rock music was ok as long as I paid attention to lyrics.
    Wow, what a balance now with the music I grew up with & loved.

    I’m now a soundguy for a Celebrate Recovery ministry that loves CCM & Kool & The Gang’s ‘Celebration’! ;)

    Freedom, not bondage!

    BTW, from reading others comments; Um, this video is a peek into what happens alot everywhere where there is a IFBC. Would you pray for them?

    • Greg Hales

      I urge you to not lump all IFBC’s together. I pastor an independent (un-affiliated with an outside hierarchy), fundamental (committed to the fundamentals of faith and the cross), Baptist church. We are nowhere close to the swatch of color you cast upon all IFBC’s. We enjoy great contemporary worship, a casual atmosphere, grace and love to all who come to worship with us, and solid/practical teaching from God’s Word. Your rant against all IFBC’s makes you look as angry as this pastor. I’m 47 and grew up in IFBC churches. Yes, I can see where many are stuck in legalism, and that’s a shame. You are my brother in Christ, let’s not fight one another – we have another enemy that’s spending a lot of his time trying to get us spending our time angry at each other. Let us rise above the fray.

      • Dave Swieszcz

        Thx for the gentle rebuke. :)

      • JOSHUA 7:25

        I’m one who is willing to consider the possibility that IFBC’s are not to be “lumped” together. “Rise above the fray”, and tell us your “fundamental, …, solid/practical teaching from God’s Word. re: becoming a “brother in Christ.”

  • Phil

    Is this for real? Or is it staged?

    • Website Design Company

      I thought the same thing

    • Baptist girl

      Looks real, like some kind of Baptist church down south.

      • Mike Stidham

        It’s Immanuel Baptist Church, Iskatook (sp?), Oklahoma. The entire sermon is on their website, May 19th AM service.

  • Laurence Wall

    As a pastor of 30 years 23 of those with the church I am presently serving having brought many to a relationship with Christ, this deeply saddens me. This poor man really needs some help. Laurence Wall – Pastor COG Newport VT

  • Pastor Graves

    Saying all the right things……at the wrong time. Preach the WORD God gives you to preach from Pulpit. Handle the other issues behind closed doors. If I were a visitor I probably would not have returned. Praying for U Pastor!!!

  • Brian

    Looks to me like this so called preacher needs to pray for himself.
    Preach Jesus and not yourself.

  • Jeff

    I would have handed him the keys to his Enclave and told him to Exodus! Never mess with the sound / media guy – he has the power to shut you down completely…

  • confused

    you are preaching your self not Jesus.. somethings wrong with this fellow. Is he really a servant of God? I see him as dervant of the dark world.. what is that in the bottle he did drink? alcohol or what??????????? This is crazy.

  • Just Saying

    Here is my thing no matter how long that man been out of church and it doesn’t matter the reason he should have told him he was glad to see him simply because one of his members had a mind to come back to church. Where is what he said found in the bible….no where…. what is going on has been going on. If that man that he said that was not worth 15cents was the only man on earth Jesus would have died for that one man because in God’s eyes that man is the apple of His eye. Prayerfully the Pastor said will come true people will start leaving his church and then he will get the revelation that people come to church hurting with all kinds of issues and they are coming to church to get help not to get hurt. SMH

  • Wow

    What an arrogant, sorry sucker. Forget about me being back, he wouldn’t be back after that.

  • Techman Tony

    If I had been the soundman I would have turned off his mic. See how he does with his mic turned off. ;o)
    That was totally uncalled for and very un Christ like. It seems like the pastor is the one who needs and attitude adjustment.

  • Stephan Hurkens

    What surprises me is why the people didn’t walk out after such a tirade. Where is grace and mercy here? I wonder how many were back in the church the following week.

  • Dr Abby

    How unfortunate that the congregants let this go forth. As a pastor, I find this behavior abominable! I found myself praying that God will convict his heart…It is not about him, it is about God! Each of us in ministry needs to pray for the Body and especially for its shepherds- it is because of leadership like this that those seeking are lost to the world. Let us pray in agreement for grace to fall on this pastor and this church and that a revelatory wash of the Holy Spirit will fall like rain. In Jesus’ Name- Amen.

    Rev. Dr. Abby Burke

  • Hank

    Wow. He says they need to love him, submit to him, know his heart, and hear his message. That would be true if he was talking about God, but he was talking about himself. None of this was focused on God, rather on himself and what he can do. Although this is rare coming from the pulpit, we must beware of being church leaders who rely too much on our self and not enough on God. It’s a daily battle of pride vs humility and we must never think that any of us cannot fall into this trap. May this video be a reminder of that.

  • Female Southern Pastor

    I’d hate to be married to that angry, insecure man. He sounds like the kind who believes that God gives people diseases to teach them to love Him. So very sad that he feels “really good now” after he uncovers & chews out the bride of Christ for what offends him. Don’t see any similarity between his words/attitudes & Jesus’. So sad, sure he’s embarrassed that he got caught on tape, must not have been his first tirade.

    • JOSHUA 7:25

      You are too generous. He is not speaking to “The Bride of Christ”, he is leading a cult.

  • Chuck Tate

    This pastor clearly needs to hear these words in the voice of Donald Trump: “You’re fired!”

    To tell someone created in God’s image that they are not worth 15 cents is a travesty, especially when Ephesians 2:10 refers to him as God’s masterpiece. And he did it in front of an entire congregation!

    While falling asleep in church can be disrespectful and embarrassing, there is no place in Scripture that calls it a sin. Even Jesus, after finding the disciples asleep right before his arrest, didn’t rip them apart.

    It’s true that Jesus rebuked the Pharisees (a religious sect who did NOT believe Jesus was the Messiah). The young man being raked over the coals is clearly not a Pharisee. The sound man is not a Pharisee, but apparently is a faithful member who is SERVING. The Pharisees got scolded from Jesus for disrupting Him and trying to trap Him. This pastor is attacking innocent people who aren’t saying anything.

    The Apostle Paul reminds us that it doesn’t matter how gifted we are, if we don’t have love we are just a clanging symbol. This pastor is clearly a clanging symbol…which means no one is listening. This is not me judging him. This is me coming to a conclusion based on what I just watched.

    Let’s pray for this pastor…and his abused congregation.

    BTW, I’m a pastor myself.

  • Alistair

    When I listened to this I heard a man that is in need. As I have read some of the comments below I can hear the same judgements that he was making. Who is his supervisor? Who can he talk to on his bad days? last time I heard someone talking out of tune from the pulpit, it was a cry for help. There are times when people give so much of themselves that they loose sight of who they were. In the world when someone gets burnt out there get help, who will step up and help this man? Hurting people hurt people.

  • judotapout

    wow……… he is all about himself…………….he needs the talkin to not the others. wow……im almost speechless at his tantrum

  • Grady Walton

    Reminds me of Inspector Javert . . . and we know how the story ends with him.

  • George

    What type of Church is this?…Or What is this preachers problem…Not full of LOVE.!!!!!

  • Josh

    Did he say, “Im his preacher when I’m talking to him but I’m your preacher when I’m talking to you?” WOW!

    • jay

      This preacher needs the other Preachers to lay hands on him and seat him down for a month. he sounds like he is depressed.

  • John McCarthy

    Somebody needs his meds checked.

  • Mark Koglmeier

    He who conceals a transgression seeks love, but he who repeats a mater separates intimate friends (Prov. 17:9). Whoever derides their neighbor has no sense, but the one who has understanding holds their tongue (Prov. 11:17). May this pastor find his Savior far more gracious.

    • JOSHUA 7:25

      Sadly, you are seeing one of the “brood of vipers” of whom Jesus spoke. Best to make your ending at “Savior”, because i can assure you that Jim Standridge is a false teacher leading a cult.

  • Rhonda

    I think he forgot he’s there to preach, encourage, correct, and guide by the Word of God, not by what should be done behind closed doors. I think he needs a vacation from the church. How hurtful and confusing. You could see the congregation was uneasy the whole time. Watch them.

    • Kevin B. Johnson

      Well said

  • Buck Tucker

    Can you say staged?

    • Ronald Johnson

      I hope this was staged. If not, I cannot imagine the pain anyone in that room, including the pastor must have been feeling.

    • David

      It is not staged. You can go to the church website and the entire 1 hour + message is there.

      • JSimpson

        what is the church website?

        • JOSHUA 7:25

          Immanuel Baptist Church in Skiatook, Ok

  • Geoff Smith

    This pastor is burnt out, he needs a break & a lot of help.

    In truth, he’s saying what I’m sure some pastors feel, but using the pulpit is not the place this should be done!

    Pray for him!!!!


    • T. WILLIS

      can we all say AMEN!!!

    • Kevin B. Johnson

      At times it is necessary to rebuke or correct and Gods Word tells us just how to do it. This gentleman sure has forgotten the scriptures.
      By following the words of our Lord you have a fruitful outcome. Every situation can be addressed by the Word and when we go our own path, well you saw the outcome.
      Someone said something very good here… pray for him.

    • ellie m.

      watch out for narcissists… these people are taking it from him and that’s not good! these are the guys that start cults, he didn’t say a whole lot about God.

  • Julia Key

    Better to be corrected in this life than cast out into utter darkness for wantin to live the way we want even in side the church. There was a day when people could endure sound doctrine and correction but becuase of the sinfulness of our hearts inside the church many will have to hear depart from Me I never knew you.

  • theresa

    i think he’s well intentioned, but i think he’s blind to his own judgmental attitude… seems like he’s very manipulative…and unteachable…and very self-centered…”he knows better/best” any one who thinks other wise “doesn’t love jesus”…. sad that the pastor is like this…

    • backcheck31

      You’re talking about him being judgmental and t hen you say he’s manipulative, unteachable and very self-centered. Really?

  • Neil Schultz

    I work closely with many pastors, and for sure, this man has either gone bi-polar or is totally burnt out. I agree Geoff Smith! At times, I have had this same urge to confront people as they sit idly by. Oh, without the Holy Spirit of God to restrain us, I wonder at times what other videos might be floating around the internet if we didn’t have Him.

    I hope the church where he’s at can adequately care for this care-giver, and move him to reconciliation with this congregation. Otherwise, I’m sure he’ll “find other employment”–soon.

    • JOSHUA 7:25

      Nonsense! Your, “for sure, …,” is not based upon the evidence. Look at their website. I tell you the truth: “…, a tree is recognized by its fruit. You have witnessed one of the brood of vipers. How can one who is evil say anything good? The heart is full of what the mouth speaks. A good man speaks good things out of the good stored up in him, and an evil man speaks evil things out of the evil stored up in him. Everyone will have to give account on the day of judgment for every empty word they have spoken. By your words you will be acquitted, and by your words you will be condemned.”

  • Pastorc323

    This was all about what he wanted, not serving God. Why should someone submit to him, he can’t save them. Submit yourself to God!!

  • da homey

    yo i would knock this fool out and then tell him i loved him….in Jesus name! LOL

  • Phil

    Stand up. Walk out. Don’t look back. The fact that folks are sitting still for this tirade says that they have all been seriously duped. Run like the wind, Bullseye.

  • Elder/Pastor J

    Elder/Pastor J
    Where is the love of Christ? I didn’t hear much of the word of God being preach. I know Pastors get frustrated with stiff neck members, but we as Pastors must remember that we are far from being perfect ourself and must show some compassion towards those who we lead. I would like to share these scriptures with you; Jeremaih 10:21,23:1-2 and James 1:20 . We must stick with the word of God and not use words from our flesh. With Love of our God.

    • T. WILLIS


    • Kevin B. Johnson

      Well said pastor

  • JayDubyaTee

    “Those who teach shall endure a stricter judgment”. That said, this guy is beating the sheep – the same thing which caused Moses to not enter Canaan. While the crux of his message may be well-intentioned, he in NO way should make that message personal, singling out people by name. To those who are mature and know better, identify the pastor as abusive – and leave. To those not, in staying they are now polarized because the pastor has split the church into the “have’s” and the “have-not’s”. The best thing he said is, “We will load up that Buick Enclave and find some lil’ po-dunk church…”
    Good idea, except someone else would now be at risk to be injured by this guy.

  • Andrew Mason


  • cathcart boy

    Unfortunately this is a pastor who looks to be under severe pressure and has cracked. He needs to step aside until he recovers or step aside entirely. There is no future in this kind of behaviour. Period.

  • Pastor M

    The venting of anger is a sure sign of a frustrated minister. Yet I feel the pulpit was not the place. The guy seems burnt-out and in need of a holiday. At some point his rebuke was incoherent ramblings. Was this a members’ meeting or a church service?

  • Guest

    Here is the church website…I emailed the church, advising him to apologize to his church Family.



    • backcheck31

      Why are you yelling?

  • deborah

    I’d actually join his church!

    • JSimpson

      you’re kidding right? he is so off base

  • shore

    He’s my new hero. But a few things need to be said.
    1.: we are watching something out of context. We do not know what kind of open relationship the people have with the pastor. Perhaps he is free to talk openly and directly to them and they in turn do the same.
    2. It’s about time somebody (preacher) spoke the truth.
    3. I think he needs a vacation.

    • JOSHUA 7:25

      Nonsense! Look at their website. I tell you the truth: “…, a tree is recognized by its fruit. You have witnessed one of the brood of vipers. How can one who is evil say anything good? The heart is full of what the mouth speaks. A good man speaks good things out of the good stored up in him, and an evil man speaks evil things out of the evil stored up in him. Everyone will have to give account on the day of judgment for every empty word they have spoken. By your words you will be acquitted, and by your words you will be condemned.”

    • pjsr

      Go to the website. This is NOT out of context. This is not a ‘he got a little sideways’, ‘he could have said it nicer, but…’ , or ‘he’s burnt out’
      Christians, please stop making any excuses for this behavior. It’s not in any way, shape, or form Christian.
      The most alarming words in this are when he says ‘you won’t get this anywhere else’. This is the same message you get from every cult leader and/or minister who has fallen into unrepentant sin.
      Is anyone old enough to remember a Louisiana pastor on tv saying, ‘I sinned, but don’t remove me – because no other ministry is reaching the world for Jesus like this one.’
      Just a couple weeks ago, a pastor stepped down for sin, but in his resignation letter said ‘no pastor will ever love you as much as I do’

  • George

    Jesus is the REAL DEAL, Not this mere small self centered, self absorbed very small man I will call “NOT THE PASTOR” and certainly “NOT A REPRESENTATIVE OF CHRIST”.!

  • ccsponsler

    This was not righteous anger…it was a preacher trying to humble a soul instead of allow God to do it through prayer

  • Grace

    this would be the last visit for me LOL

  • Welly

    The video room guy got back to this pastor. Maybe he publicized this clip for posterity and the rest of the world to see and judge for themselves.

  • Tommy James

    I don’t think its fair for a Pastor to put people on front street or talking to them in a negative, Who do he think he is? This Pastor has to be out of his mind to talk to people he way he does. I would not go to a church where the Pastor disrespect the people.

  • John Anderson

    well I once heard a pastor say to never mind the napping men ,if they fall over and hurt themselves we will lay hands on them,and he said what better place to nap as it is the spirit receiving life so I judge not the pastor as he already has one watching him. GOD BLESS you one and all :-)

  • Cary Conyers

    lol……It’s tight, but it’s right. He’s definitely NOT afraid to walk heavy and speak the truth…FOR (SPIRITUALLY) MATURE AUDIENCES ONLY! You cannot be a baby, easily offended, or still living in the flesh at this church…. great stuff!!!

    • Alyssa LyLy Boyd

      You’re kidding, right? It was all about him, not God. Be angry and sin not. To tell someone they’re not worth 15c… Be kingdom-minded,not church-minded. Don’t tell them you love them to make it better after you verbally berate them. Bad stuff. I’d have walked out.

      • Donald G.

        Everyone should have walked out

    • pjsr

      It was not ‘tight but right’
      It is spiritual abuse and wrong.
      There is not a shred of ‘Truth’ in what he said. None of what he said is in the word of God. It was 100% about this man and his opinions about what other people ought to be doing.

  • Cary Conyers

    I know thy works, that thou art neither cold nor hot: I would thou wert cold or hot. So then because thou art lukewarm, and neither cold nor hot, I will spue thee out of my mouth. Because thou sayest, I am rich, and increased with goods, and have need of nothing; and knowest not that thou art wretched, and miserable, and poor, and blind, and naked:

    (Revelation 3:15-17)

    • Donald G.

      This is not being hot. This is not speaking the truth in love, even if what he said is the truth, he destroys the message with his hateful, self-righteous, false piety. He seems to be yet another one of those pastors who thinks a pastor is meant to rule over a church which is not Biblical, The Bible clearly says a pastor is to serve his congregation and lead by example. He seems to be doing a bad job of both. It is NOT great stuff, it is a manifestation of SELF and not the Spirit of God. Just his words “I’m important here”, show the real problem

      • Pastor CSL

        Well said! Ecclesiastes 10:12 says, “The words of a wise man’s mouth are gracious…”

  • Shanna Everson

    Quote ” your not worth 15 cents” and some of you think this is Godly correction?????????
    I believe that if you have the maturity in the lord to be a pastor, you better also know better and sit yourself down before you go off like that. This kind of power trip is not of Jesus in anyway and the elders needed to be watchmen and lovingly stop him from brutally beating God’s flock.

  • Dan O Donnell

    I am a Boomer pastor in his 60s and have been pastoring for 42 years. I have never talked to people like this. I think this is an embarrassment for all of Christianity and for more mature pastors who ought to be statesmen and mentors for the NEXT generation.

  • jeff

    The day we forget about the “new comer” or those young in their relationship with the lord is a very sad day. I can not believe this would create more good than bad.

  • Andy

    The Biblical example is if a brother or sister is doing wrong. First you approach them privately, If no change, then with a few witnesses of good character. If there is not repentance, in front of the whole church. I wonder is the first to steps were done?

  • Shirley

    Sometimes we need it and what I mean is the truth!

    • pjsr

      Amen! This so-called pastor’s sin has been exposed. It was needed. Pray for him.

  • Barry

    I have been a Christian for 33 years and been a Senior Pastor for over 20 years and I have never seen anything like this Pastors attitude and contempt for people, I am so glad He was not the Pastor of the Church I attended for the first time after being a victim of the excesses of the 70’s because I would have walked out and never come back. Jesus loves people, even those that called out Hosanna and then not long after crucify Him. If he needed to bring correction to members of His Church the pulpit is never the place to do that.

  • Davelly4

    Singling out individuals behind the pulpit in any context no matter how close the relationship between preacher and attender for such “crimes” is WRONG unless it lines up with the Scriptural discipline according to Matt:18:15-17 which in my opinion doesn’t come close. “The real deal”…really Jim?

    Jim needs to get a grip or maybe yet, grab Connie and take a long drive in his “paid for” Buick down “Damascus Rd.”

    “Pride goes before destruction, a haughty spirit before a fall” (Prov. 16:18)

  • JohnQP

    What happened to grace? How would he like it if Jesus showed up and started pointing out all his faults and mistakes in front of the whole congregation? And no, I would not go to a church like this is this was the normal practice of the pastor.

  • kayze

    For those who thought someone leaked this tape, or recorded it on their cell phone or was out to “get” Bro. Jim, be informed that you can find the entire sermon (audio and video) on the church’s website – yes the entire 1hr 2 mins – and no this is not the only rant he went on during the sermon…


      i would like to see the full video. What is the web address? thanks.

      • pjsr

        Possibly web links are not allowed. Search Immanuel Baptist Skiatook

  • redeemed

    When Pastors attack!! Or is it Church gone Wild! lol this is bizarre this guy is wiling out…

  • GaryColville

    This poor Pastor is having a bad time and probably has some kind of mind issue going down.

    I would suggest he has burnout issues or something else going on and needs help not criticism. He needs to step down for a time to get healing for the safety of His congregation and himself.
    Feeling good like he says when doing that stuff is evidence of something wrong.

    I have been Pastoring for 34 yrs and do a significant amount of advisory work with Churches and believe in healthy, strong addressing of issues but never ever publicly unless a person continues in real sin and we have followed Matt 18 fully . Paul raised sleeping Euticus and didn’t slam him publicly.

    May he experience knowing Jesus at a deeper level and being obedient to Matt 18 if he has issues with others.

    • Scott Cain

      I think your right on Gary…I think the man is tired and with that sensitivity to people and issues tends to escalates.

  • Norm

    As soon as he said “I’m important, I’m somebody” the issues became evident….I pray he finds God’s love and acceptance for himself through Christ’s work…..then he will be able to offer it to others and lose the “I’m important, I’m somebody” need to have people pay attention to him……then he says “I feel good now” ….Spirit led rebuke and correction is not “feel good” work in my experience…..the body language and shoulder jerking twitch also tells of missing peace and confidence…I do pray he will feel God’s love and lose the tendency to belittle people …..”little podunk church that don’t know up from down” ….sigh

  • Jim

    Holy cow… did you really need to air this guy’s dirty laundry, for everyone to make sport of?

    • WOW

      Yes, this was appropriate! A pastor should NOT be acting this way. And then he wants to say “Jesus ” at the end please. That was not of Christ that was a human pissed and taking it out on his congregation rather than talking to the people privately!

      • WOW

        *INappropriate. Sorry.

  • Ting

    He needs prayers.. I pray He can experience God’s love. He keeps asking people to submit to Him, this is not God’s way of positioning leaders. He should let go of the urge to control and get frustrated..but Let Holy Spirit come in..

  • ceebee

    One burned out, angry man. If so many people in his congregation are screw ups, I say take a look at the church leadership.

  • angelfire

    God is not in it this a poor representation of leadership, smh wow

  • chinwe

    We must speak to everyone with respect. This is a little too much for a Sunday message. Congregation members are not the pastor’s subjects, they are the flock of the Lord Jesus Christ whom he bought with his precious blood. The pulpit is not a place for picking bones with your congregation when you know that they cannot answer you back. I believe that he should call all the individuals to his office for a one on one talk with their souls.

  • Old Sarge

    I am not really a seeker friendly type of guy, but I have seen this before. It is an old school concept of being bold and strong in the ministry. In my early years, I thought this was the way it should be, but being rude and crude is not being bold. It is just being rude and crude yet there are many people who like this kind of preaching. I don’t mind it because I was under this type of ministry for many years and was a tad like it myself. You are who you hang around.

    They would say that I have gone soft and compromised. I believe I have become more balanced while still seeking balance between this and the entertainment industry called Church. I can boldly preach the Word without doing this type of thing as well as not watering down the message to please the crowd or the culture, Even one of the seeker church pioneers in Chicago has admitted that it really doesn’t work. I could go on for awhile about the errors in both types of churches, but neither side would be convinced so nothing will change. I am glad I am not like this lad, but also glad I am not a motivational speaker needing smoke and mirrors and high tech media to titillate the emotions before I can preach.

    There is a balance, but hard to accomplish in a very unbalanced world and sadly. church.

  • LOH

    Anger has the same affect (high) for someone using it like a club as drugs and alcohol are for an addict. The woundedness has turned to bitterness and it is obvious…look at the congregation’s head…they are ashamed and mortified and probably praying they are not next. The deception is the enemy never wants you to know how the anger is destroying you and everybody around you. This is not righteous anger but a real bully pulpit.

    • Donald G.

      You made a good point.

  • Donald G.

    From their church website, they have posted this: “Dr. Jim Standridge is not your ordinary, run-of-the-mill pastor. When it comes to preaching a gospel of change and higher living, we are not engaged in a run-of-the-mill relationship. Bro. Jim’s style is Spirit-led, encouraging, and practical, engaging the believer in matters of the heart and barring no word in confronting the follower of Christ on issues of sin and iniquity. Bro. Jim toes the line, counsels with the Word of God, and has a heart for God and the church.”

    While it may be true that he “is not an ordinary run-of-the-mill pastor”, from this tirade alone, it is evident that he is NOT Spirit-led, encouraging, practical or engaging in any sense. It is very clear that he does not have a heart for God or the Church from his very words and actions. The words “I’m important” alone show that he cannot be under the control of the Holy Spirit. Philippians 2:3 would be only one of many verses he should consider regarding that one statement alone.

  • Pastor CSL

    When he was in his 80’s, my father had serious vascular issues which caused him to doze off if he sat for any length of time. He would also slip on his sunglasses in Church because the bright light coming through some windows behind the pulpit was painful to his vision. A young pastor came to my Dad after Services one day criticizing him for dozing off and for the sunglasses. It hurt my elderly Dad so severely that he didn’t want to go back to Church. My Mom and I prayed about the issue, and Mom talked with Dad, reminding him that Satan was using that young, inexperienced pastor to discourage my
    Dad. Praise God, my Dad finally saw things that way! But this Pastor has serious
    mental issues going on!

    • Dave Swieszcz

      Awesome testimony! Thx for sharing how we all can help our elder members.

  • PreachJC

    Oh how much we love controversy! Brothers and sisters, there are souls to be saved out there! Preach Jesus, and forget how others are doing it! Jesus call a woman a dog! John called his fellow brothers vipers. Sometimes things have to be said… Whether we likr it or not! Move on and you preach Jesus they way u know! God bless

  • Colin Green

    This is spiritual abuse. Makes me sick.

  • Aftv Channel

    I think the youth in the video departmeent let this video out after he got rebuked by the pastor. Well. Tough love is what you just watched. Preachers need to tell the TRUTH and thats all the preacherman JUST DID. A little well desrved anger from the pastor. We pastor can not always tell you all is WELL while the congregation is messing up…
    Thank you sir for telling them the TRUTH. Keep it up sir. If they are yours, they will come back to church and get better. If they are NOT, Like you said, get your wife and move on down the road. You will find those whom are willing to SHOUT JESUS! Do you sleep when you are in the disco hall? Do you not go to work faithfully?
    Why sleep in church? Why skip church?

    • Karen

      No. He just spewed his anger all over the place. Telling someone they’re “not worth 15 cent” that’s just plain abusive! If he had issues with these people fair enough but he shouldn’t have brought it up in such a public setting.

    • pjsr

      I’m sorry you could imagine any good in that. There was NO truth in what he said. None of it was from the word of God. It was 100% his opinion about non-spiritual things.

  • Tim

    The guy was just speaking the truth.
    That is what pastor is suppose to do.

    • pjsr

      There was no truth (Bible) in anything he said. It was all his opinion about non- spiritual issues.

  • Pastor Tony Ochu

    There are three major things that the Bible said about ANGER. 1. The anger of man does not work out the righteousness of God. 2. Be angry, but sin not and let not the sun go down on your anger. 3. Anger rests in the bosom of a fool. The preacher in the video was right being angry, but he was wrong by 1. expressing his anger towards individuals in a public meeting. He should, as a Pastor deal with individual weaknesses in both his closet of prayer as well as via counselling with these persons. 2. He was wrong for running down a member by saying publicly that he was not worth 15 cents. By that he was killing individual potentials in the church and giving a bad public image of these persons. 3. Pastors should not tell members to leave the church if they get offended, but we should rather have a well structured system of DISCIPLESHIP TRAINING THAT WILL RAISE UP CHRISTLIKE MEMBERS. The pulpit ministry is not enough to build up mature, godly and effective saints. For me as a fellow Pastor, this senior minister lacks MINISTERIAL ETHICS.

    • Chijioke Alozie

      Pastor Tony Ochu. Your post is permissive theology is just blind to the present state and move of the SPIRIT OF GOD. Judgement has started in the house of God. All that has been hidden will now be made manifest. Are you not aware that many of us are derelict, lazy, immoral and/or outright stupid in the house of God? Many Pastors are petting sin and are afraid to hurt the feelings of their members who are living deep in sin. What has your ministerial ethics brought to us – wayward christians, living the world and falling into hell in droves….?

      • Jesse

        Pastor Tony Ochu never said that he wouldn’t approach issues, but that he would do it in a manner more appropriate, such as in counseling or in prayer. And he wouldn’t do it in anger, but in love. There is quite a difference between having a righteous indignation and acting out in anger. When you act out in anger, you end up telling someone they aren’t worth “15 cents”. Over the pulpit is not a time to deal with individuals, but the congregration.

  • dan

    While his approach my not have been the way I would have handled the situation. I’m willing to admit that I don’t have all the details. And from my view point I found it refreshing to at least see a pastor who is standing for something and willing to be serious and dogmatic about something in the midst of pastors who seem to be ruled by political correctness and a people driven church. Jesus wants to build his church with and on broken sinners. Sinners should not be building their church, a church to their personal liking on a broken (useless) Jesus. So while this gentleman is extreme, the mousy compromising for the sake of love pastor who would not dare saying anything about those things that are wrong in the world and in the church for the so-called sake of love it just as awful an extreme.

    • David Ochabski

      I would agree with you only if there were real problems. It just seem like he felt he was tired and under-appreciated. That isn’t an excuse for self-righteousness though.

    • pjsr

      Wow! You need more details than that?
      If that’s really true, go to the Immanuel Baptist Skiatook website and watch.
      We should be dogmatic and serious about the Bible, not about these non-spiritual issues this pastor is on.

  • Olufemi olukoya

    The beloved pastor needs Rest, Rejuvenation, Recovery and Restoration! He is tired and almost discouraged!

  • Geoff Kennedy

    This is v sad to watch…I’m watching it with my mouth open unable to believe what my eyes are taking in. The people deserved to be told the truth of course … But not like this. They should be told in love and in private. This guy went about pastoring in the wrong way and regardless of what’s going on with him there were things he said I can’t defend. He was proud and unloving. I just wonder how many people talked about the things of God on way home from service and were at church the next Sunday?
    Having said that….the pastor is a brother and the people in the church are brothers and sisters….this website hasn’t done them any favours by publicising it around the world. I’m in Northern Ireland and wouldn’t have seen a church struggle otherwise. Did I need to see that? I don’t think so.

  • Chijioke Alozie

    If we cannot accept rebukes now, what happens when judgement falls on us. Judgement is here, cant you all see it? This world has fallen apart, cant you all see it? You want Pastors who will pet you, love you, cajole you and praise you while living in sin and iniquity? Pls be fasting and praying and repenting now. Do it now, now, now…..we have no time..

  • Megan

    It’s funny how everyone comments on how passing judgement in a public setting is wrong… I’m confused, is this not a public site open to all? Are you not passing judgement on the man? Ironic, isn’t it?

    I guess the problem these days is that we concern ourselves way too much with what others are doing and how they’re doing it. And then we still share our “improvement tips”. If it’s not your place, leave it alone. Focus on what you’re doing and how you can improve.

  • Warren

    This was awesome, not bullying. Call em out! This is what pastors are suppose to do! They are part of the village! The reason our children are leaving the church is because people aren’t showing them love anymore, especially tough love! My pastor would call us out, it upset us in the moment, but we stayed in the church and out of trouble.

    • JOSHUA 7:25

      You are missing the point, Warren. This man is the leader of a cultish group of blind followers who have been bullied into believing false doctrine. Spend some time at their website and you will see the lies and the apostasy. Your post indicates that you come from a similar group. Please tell us your definition of “love”, and how you would present salvation to a seeker.

  • Willie

    A man who cannot speak his own language should not be a preacher. It “ain’t” right.
    “Maybe you can do your English teacher that way but not me” he says, “prostitute of a church”? What does that mean? and we want people to come to Christ. Simple is one thing we should be, stupid is not.

  • Steve Saelens

    This video is as appealing as a noisy gong or clanging cymbal. I pray Holy Spirit, release the love that Jesus spoke of to this pastor and church.
    “A new commandment I give to you, that you love one another, even as I have loved you, that you also love one another. By this all men will know that you are my disciples, if you love one another” John 13:34,35


    It is not spiritual abuse…He just do a his job…Do you read in the Bible when Jesus went to the temple and pushing down all the table because they make it a bussiness trade and Jesus said it is suppose to be a house of worship.Do you think Jesus did not think what he’s doing…We need to interprete a video in a balance manner….Good job Pastor,you just do what God want you to preach…Don’t be intimadated what other people saying, We are not man’s pleaser…God bless!!!

    • Jesse

      Sorry, this is spiritual abuse. And this Pastor is not Jesus, he is not the Holy Spirit. To tell someone they are basically worthless in front of the congregration is wrong, and then claim people better listen because he is “somebody” is absurd. A title of a Pastor does not make you infallible or mean that everything that comes from your mouth is from God.

    • Donald G.

      Excuse me Henry, but where do you find any Biblical description including this behavior as part of a pastor’s job? Also I fail to see any correlation between what Jesus did in running the thieves out of the temple and what this pastor did. I can find no basis in the Bible that would indicate that what this pastor did was in any way a “good job”. One of the requirements for pastors is that they are temperate and well thought of by their communities. This pastor was clearly abusing his pastoral privilege in light of I Corinthians chapter 9.

  • Another preacher

    Funny how the personal pronoun “I” kept coming up. It’s all about Jesus. Not the preacher. Cult of the legalistic, self-absorbed, he’s-the-savior preacher. Sorry, not the right venue for this tirade.

  • Wendell Craig Woods

    He is TOTALLY out of order!!!

    • Ken Hagerman


  • jerome taylor

    This is the way preachers used to preach in the days gone by! Nowadays a lot of preachers, preach a ‘feel good’ sermon that appeases people. I see nothing wrong with his teaching the folks. A lot of churches and pastors in particular let the congregation dictate to them how things are run! At the end of the day, the pastors will be held accountable for the condition his/her church is in! GIven the circumstances, it seemed to me that there were things he has been dealing with as far as his congregation and he felt it was time to straighten some things out! That is what a good parent, or teacher or in this case a good preacher does. The gospel when taught the way it was meant to be presented sometimes will not make you comfortable, but is meant to point out your transgressions and in so doing put you on the right path! He didn’t curse at them or slap them or anything! This is really tame compared to some of the things I’ve seen in some churches I’ve attended. I think he loves his church members, but he is not having any nonsense!! I applaud him!! We need more preachers and pastors with a backbone to tell the people the TRUTH!!!

    • Ken Hagerman

      I think he never studied for his sermon on this day….lol shame on him.

    • ohwow

      And the truth is that he is important and he is somebody and they are not worth .15 cents? Sounds like what Jesus would say….yup. :-/

  • DJ

    Matthew 18:15 “If your brother sins, go and show him his fault in private.”

    • Ken Hagerman


    • Sincerely S.

      but if you brother keep doing it again Proverbs 27:5 Open rebuke is better thansecret love.

      • Jesse

        Sincerely S., is the only thing you see that someone fell asleep? Sure, it may not be the best place to sleep, but it isn’t a sin. Sure, you can tell someone to wake up if you feel it necessary. But did you not see anything else in that video? Is the Pastor above rebuke himself? I am sorry, but he is no more “important” than the man worth “15 cents”. We are all “Somebody”; as a matter of fact, the bride of Christ. I don’t know any loving husbands that would let someone disrespect their bride that way.

  • Pastor Bernard Leon Rawls

    Regardless of if one agrees or disagree with his style he is true to his convictions. Again it may have come across hard, but we are not his sheep, so we should not know his voice (John 10:27 or John 10:3-5). Let the Men of God act more like fathers and not friends. BTW Hebrews 12:6 says the Lord displine those who He loves. Just my 2 cent. Be blessed.

    • Jesse

      Jesus was talking in this scripture and calls Himself the Good Shepherd and that we should know His voice. Pastors are not Jesus, they are not God, they are man, and should have a spirit of servanthood. Preach the truth and let God do the convicting. Quite equating Pastors to God. They are not. Sure, we have as believers have the ability to rebuke others, but in love. Please don’t tell me that telling someone they are only worth 15 cents is in love.

      • Pastor Bernard Leon Rawls

        We are not Jesus, but are called to be Christ-like and as for Hebrew 12:6?

        • Jesse

          Again, it is speaking about the Lord discipling. And I am not against rebuke or reproach within the church, but the way this was handled is incorrect. It is not right, and it was full of pride. And we are ALL called to be Christ-like, not just Pastors. It doesn’t mean we are all called to go to church and tell our brothers and sisters they aren’t worth 15 cents, or declare to everyone, “I am somebody, I am important!” That is foolishness, and any visitor that would have seen that would have bolted the other way. Our actions should draw people towards Christ, bring them to a place of restoration, not discourage and belittle.

  • Ken Hagerman

    I would tell him to get saved again and ask God to help his angrey problem.

  • Virginia

    I think that most of humanity is just too sensitive. A preacher’s job is to reprove, rebuke, and exhort with all long suffering and doctrine. God’s preacher answers to God, and he is responsible for his flock! I didn’t see anger in his eyes. I saw frustration because of sin and love for the people. We just need to quit being whimpy!

    • DPM

      A preacher should be eager to lift up Jesus, not himself. He seems eager to tell the guy who was sleeping during his sermon that, “he is someone!” Really! He seems much more interested in people seeing how important he is rather than how beautiful Jesus is!

    • Donald G.

      I disagree with your premise that “God’s preacher answers to God” if you are saying that he is not accountable to his fellow brethren. He is accountable to God as we all are for our sin. But just as we are all accountable to our fellow believers, so is a pastor. We can see this just in the required qualifications found throughout the Scripture. In my opinion the “whimpy” ones are the ones who did not stand up to him then and there for his un-Christlike behavior and who condone such behavior.

  • Timothy McSwain

    The calling of a pastor is that of a servant, not a king. Yes, pastors are to provide direction and shepherd the congregation but they are not to lord over them. The position of Lord belongs to Jesus Christ, not the clergy. This is someone who is either suffering from a mental breakdown or has allowed himself to believe he has a position of power over others. The only power he has in his church is what they allow him to have. They can choose to leave whenever they want. I do believe God anoints and calls us into ministry, however, I also adhere to the priesthood of all believers. We are all called to Love God and others. Too often the vocation of pastor mirrors a worldly king instead of pointing to the King of Kings.

  • Corey

    The issue lies with this Preacher’s heart. I too think that much of the current Chistian Church has turned soft. Exhortation is Biblikely called for, however, to call out someone’s faults in light of ones own righteousness instead of Christ’s is concerning at best. To degrade a man’s worth like he did is a huge theological mistake as we are all created equal in Gods eyes, and in his image.

  • Daniel Roberson

    If we had a video camera in the day of Christ in the temple we would have a lot of negative things to say about him also. Only God who looks at t heart knows the truth about this situation. While it may look awful to us and it is not the way we might do things at least he has passion and concern for some things that are wrong around him unlike many preachers today who make their goal to make everyone feel good meanwhile ignoring the cancer that is eating away at their lives. Who are we to judge a person’s servant. It is to his own master that he rises and falls only God can truly know this pastors reason why. Correction whether we like or agree with its style is also a part of love. Pray for him and hope that someone is praying for you and be glad that there is no video camera on you to judge you.

  • Dan

    This is a video of a pharisaical rant, not of a pastor disciplining his congregation in love.

    • Donald G.

      I think your characterization of it being a “pharisaical rant” is accurate. And we know from the Bible what Christ would have done had He observed this tirade in person. I think had he suddenly known he was in the presence of the Savior, he would have had a much different attitude.

  • Scott Cain

    Burn out on review. Hard to watch. He’s not just calling people out, he’s putting people down. We Pastors have such high expectations and when people or situations let us down, over time life starts to take it’s toll…Aretha Franklin said it this way… “R-E-S-P-E-C-T…just a little bit” I’d say he’s not seeing or feeling it…The very fact that he refers to himself as “Important” says to me, he’s not getting the respect or the affirmation from the flock that he thinks he deserves. Could be his issues with his people is a reflection of his own insecurity. Failing…Said another way, “The best of men are men at best.” Get some rest preacher, God’s not finished with you yet…” Praying for you!

    • Dave Ekstrom

      That’s a very gracious spin. I’m a little more cynical, having served under a “pastor” like that. Ego is a bottomless pit. While this could have been a temporary meltdown, it is also possibly a regular pattern. The more abusers like this get away with this, the more they do it. They are sociopaths without empathy. Full narcissists finding their ego fixes at the expense of others. It’s not that they aren’t getting the respect they deserve, it’s that they are getting away with showing disrespect to others and being rewarded for it by fear on the part of those they abuse. If this is the case, this man must be removed from ministry–immediately. But he won’t be because he has trained his congregation to fear him and need him. What does the “congregation” get out of it? A vicarious projection of strength that gives them a false sense of security. A simplistic, black and white value system that takes away complexity and doubt. A clear sense of what they are to do and how they can belong. In short, a cult.

      • JOSHUA 7:25

        Well said, Dave! A cult and an apostate church. You are too generous to add the “could have been a temporary meltdown”. If you investigate their website you will see that it is a “pattern”.

  • StandUpForJesus

    I’m a pastor and I completely DISAGREE with this pastor’s actions. If I have problems with any of my staff, members, or visitors I privately correct them. This pastor is a tyrant and a bully who by his own admission said he felt better after publically tearing down people in the body of Christ. Seriously? I would have walked out of the service.

  • alltojah

    I LIKE IT!…I think it is his time to call people out on what is expected of them, especially if they are abusing their position, doing things not worthy of Jesus Christ. There is a time for genteel actions and there is a time for rebuke and correction. Christ did it and still loved His disciples and flock. He knows these people because he can call them by name. That is what a good shepherd does. Obviously, someone was offended because this video would never had been released.

  • rodney

    Unfortunate. Appears to be a mental breakdown by the “Pastor”.

  • Mark

    Religious pride on full display. When a pastor starts making himself the focus you know he has his head and his heart in the wrong place. He is calling his members out but it’s clear that if anyone called him out he would be furious. If he has a problem with his congregation he needs to check the mirror for the reasons why.

  • Ken

    Ridiculous, the pastor should be forced to resign and work at a 7-Eleven!

    • nugeme

      How about the men of the church love him and give him a sabbatical?

  • JasonM

    There is no way to justify what this man did. To say that Jesus did the same or even to suggest that is a misinterpretation of scripture and an out right failed attempt for justification. Matthew 20:28 completely dispels the notion that what this pastor did is anything remotely like Christ. “For even the Son of Man came not to be served but to serve others and to give his life as a ransom for many.” I am completely saddened by this mans actions as this kind of thing hurts the church globally. Just because you say to someone you love them while you are verbally abusing them doesn’t make what you are doing acceptable.

    I have experienced this myself as I watched a pastor in San Bernardino, CA do nearly the same thing to a man in his church. Although, he had the decency to take him to his office yet he still did it in front of me and others there and then turned his guns on me. (And I was just visiting helping his church install multi-media) After his tirade I asked him why he did that in front of me and then attack me. He answered, “I did’t want that man to think he was the only one getting his butt handed to him today.” “It lessened the blow on him.” Believe you me, I was flabbergasted and boarded a flight the next day and never returned.

    Pastors, we are SERVANTS of the King of kings and Lord of lords NOT LORDS OR MASTERS. We are not to treat the Bride of Christ as a punching bag either. This sickens me!

    • Donald G.

      Philippians chapter two is another good passage of Scripture regarding what you pointed out.

  • lee

    this is a walk in the park for Mark Driscoll, lol. don’t know the details of that church and members, so i can’t condemn or commend the pastor’s reasons to say what he said.

    • Tameka Hunter

      I agree with you, this may not be something new to them.

  • steve ascension

    So sad,

  • Hobbes And Bella

    I wonder how many broken hearted people barley made it out of bed, drug themselves and their families into the car, tripped up the church steps, greeted ushers with fake smiles, collapsed in their pews after getting stomped all week by some unforeseen, difficult life circumstances actually left that service feeling encouraged, strengthened and ready to face another difficult week? My guess? Zero, nill, nadda, null, zilch… And yes, you can count on hurting, weary people sitting out there somewhere in every church service because life happens both good and bad to all. I also wonder how many people who came in those doors doing well and walking in the peace of God left with their peace intact? How many unsaved walked in seeking something… anything better than what they’ve experienced in life thus far said to themselves after listening to that hot mess, “Wow! I want some of that!” Me personally, from what I could see in this short clip? I wouldn’t visit there again. Give them Jesus.

  • Pastor Gil Burgos

    Love it.

  • Jimmy

    WOW!!!! speechless…this guy is seriously burned out. This tirade has caused more damage to the church (body of Christ) than all of his sermons (combined) has probably helped. People who watch this needs to understand that this brother obviously needs to leave the pulpit immediately, repent to God, and ask for forgiveness of the congregation, then move on down the road. He cannot repair damage he has caused this church. Sounds like this brother has lost his compassion for the ministry. The church members should stand up and go outside to star his Buick Enclave for him to leave.

  • Dave

    The correct way to deal with sin in the church can be found in Mathew Chapter 18 verse 15. As we can see church discipline is a 3 stage process, first approach the person on their own, if this has no effect try a second time with 2 or 3 witnesses if they still don’t listen then is the time to bring them before the congregation,. Another point is that the Pastor was not speaking in love, you could tell this a mile off when he gave the token hug to his church member it was almost killing him to do so.. LOVE is the core foundation of our belief, if we don’t do things in love it doesn’t mean a jot (1 Corinthians 13:3).

  • Michael T Blackmon

    WoW!!!!!!!!! Is right…..Foolishness……how ugly !!!

  • Dave Ekstrom

    At first I was feeling sorry for the man, thinking that maybe pressure caused him to crack with a temporary meltdown. But what he said to the sound man is telling. Here’s what he said that is telling. “You don’t know what you’re doing wrong? If you loved me and submitted to me you’d know what I want and wouldn’t be trying to set up your own kingdom in the sound room.” He has no room for any strength on the part of his followers. He wants them weak so he can control them totally and absolutely. He is evil. He has no empathy for his flock. The church should fire him immediately and place a true shepherd over the flock. I don’t say this because I am opposed to strong leadership. There is a difference between an authoritative leader and an authoritarian leader. An authoritative leader has a clear vision and strong values and keeps his team on focus. He wants his team to become strong and show initiative, all the while keeping them on track. Embarrassing people in public is something that would upset him, for he has empathy for his people. He has humility. He doesn’t say “I” he says “we.” It is the mission, not he, that is important. One can’t tell from just one video. Maybe this man is normally a godly leader and has had a meltdown due to pressure. If so, his people, even his closest friends, will confront him with this behavior because he is approachable. He will repent. Hopefully the church will forgive and move past this. If he is not confronted, it shows that he has all along been an abuser and uses Stalinesqe leadership tactics. He should be fired immediately but if he has the church cowed, he probably won’t be.

    • Papa Smurf

      Three things that I seen that was wrong was (1) Telling a person he isn’t worth 15 cents. How can anybody, let alone a pastor, tell people they aren’t worth 15 cents when Christ died for them? (2) I was a member of a large church back in my teens and early 20’s years. I became involved in the sound booth and learned to operate a very large scale sound system because the guy took the time to teach. How does this Minister know what is going on up there? As far as we know the sound tech maybe training his replacement. (3) So sick of Pastors saying “this is my church and what I say goes.” This Pastor used the word “I” a little to much. This is not your church, Pastor, this is God’s church which he put you as an overseer. He thinks the sound tech has an attitude adjustment needed, this pastor needs one. I have seen so many, like him, lose their churches because of their actions. So sad indeed.

    • Donald G.

      I think you said it very well. From a Biblical standpoint, the behavior shown in this video is anything but pastoral. But observing both the pastor’s behavior and the facial countenance on those in the congregation, it would appear that this is not unusual behavior.

  • The Church, God’s Beloved

    The really sad part is the unbelieving world is watching this video and hearing the comments from his church family. Let him who is without sin cast the first stone.

  • Teena Martin Pickeral

    If members are asleep in the pews, perhaps “Ichabod” should be written on the doors and the Spirit-filled, if there are any left, should find another place of worship. God’s Spirit, which not only exists in the flock, but, hopefully, in it’s leaders as well, will bring life. If the Pastor cannot work with those in leadership to manage these issues, he should quietly find another church rather than lowering himself to mocking and degrading his flock during a time when visitors may be attending their first service. (But, I have a feeling, as well, that this congregation has heard this before. So, it may be business-as-usual for them.)

    • nk

      There’s a lot of reasons why people fall asleep in church, and if you’re
      using that as a measurement of how the Spirit is moving, then that’s not
      completely accurate. Check out Acts 20:9-13 When Paul was preaching somebody fell asleep and out of the window, and got raised up(“in a window was a young man named Eutychus, who was sinking into a deep sleep as Paul talked on and on. When he was sound asleep, he fell to the
      ground from the third story and was picked up dead. Paul went down,
      threw himself on the young man and put his arms around him. “Don’t be
      alarmed,” he said. “He’s alive!”Then he went upstairs again and broke
      bread and ate. After talking until daylight, he left.The people took the
      young man home alive and were greatly comforted.”).

      10 times out of 10, it’s the person’s fault, because either way if you’re in a dead place, you need to leave, not take naps. I totally agree that the Pastor had his share in this whole dysfunctional thing. He’s so wrong for how he handled God’s sheep. Seems he’s more of a warden than he is a shepherd.

      • Teena Martin Pickeral

        Agreed. I apologize for the quick response. One of the other gentleman below said this was a common problem, so I should have figured out how to respond to him rather than making a general statement. And I also realize there are those with medical issues or taking required medication and the like. Also, I fully believe the situation outlined in Acts was a wonderful example of God’s healing power, demonstrated for the people. But, again, apologies for way this was originally written, and I stand corrected.

        • JOSHUA 7:25

          Sadly, Teena, you do not need to apologize. You may not realize how close you are to seeing the truth about this church and it’s leaders. Go to the website and investigate. They should be called Ichabod Baptist instead of Immanuel Baptist, except that The Glory of The Lord was never there in the first place. If it had been, this situation and this behavior would not have happened.

    • coldslaw

      I have a few people who sleep, but I know that they have worked the night shift and have come to church to let the devil know whose side they are on. I wish them the best rest that they have ever had. Others who sleep? I put them to sleep, it is my duty to wake them up, not with sharp words but with a “Word” that is alive, vibrant and anointed. The fault oftentimes lies in the preacher (often, but not all) who has heated something up that he heard someone say, and that is exactly the way it comes across. My longtime preacher father would preach like a dying man to dying men while deacons would sit with their arms folded. He was not angry, he was not burned out, he was “going for the gold.” He told me, “Son, I am going, if they want to come with me, fine. If they won’t be led, I am going anyway.” My heart kind of goes out to him. He said out loud what many a pastor has wanted to say, but didn’t…and after seeing this, won’t. It serves an instructive useful purpose….don’t go there, is the takeaway for me. Love them and lead them, don’t drive them.

  • Irma

    A man fell asleep listening to Paul preach. Did Paul condemn him? No, he prayed for him and restored him back to life after he died from falling 3 stories . The disciples fell asleep after Jesus had asked them to pray with him. Did he condemn them?. No, he forgave them . This preacher is completely out of line. Peter said they should not be lords over God’s heritage but that they should be examples to the flock. Jesus said not to call any man Father or Master or Rabbi because, he said, All ye are brethren. Some Preachers think they hold the position of Moses but Moses was a type of Christ , not of the pastorate. This is the type of leadership that leads to the Jim Jones and the Richard Korishes of this world.. Beware!

  • Jimmy Jones

    did you forget jesus and the woman at the well??? ..what mess me up about us is that we don’t want to be told the truth…nice or harsh the truth is the truth..i rather a man yell at me saying danger than one speaking quietly and i fall into it…hmm..something to think about huh???

    • Thomas Myers

      True. But it still might be worth thinking about whether what he’s saying is in fact truth, as well. When he comes at it from such a self-righteous angle, it’s hard to take anything he says seriously. Phrases like “I’m important; I’m somebody!” do not belie humility or honest intentions by any means.

      • JOSHUA 7:25

        C’mon Man! Those phrases absolutely “belie humility and honest intentions.

    • Donald G.

      But if you remember the woman at the well, Christ did not scream at her or tell her how important He was and that He was somebody, It indicates that He was alone with her at that moment and that He confronted her in a quiet and knowing way and offered her the Water of Life and then told her to go and sin no more. It was later that others came and made an issue of him talking to her.

    • JOSHUA 7:25

      Uh, …, OK, Jimmy, i thought about it, and although i agree that i’d rather have a man yell, “Danger!”, to keep me from falling, I don’t get the connection to “…, the woman at the well???”, and, “…, we don’t want to be told the truth…nice or harsh, ….” Huh??? I want to be told the truth – nice or harsh – but i don’t see “truth” in his presentation, and you’ll see the lack of truth if you look at the website for this church.

  • Debra Roland

    The first tip off was the man noticing somebody dozing off and he shouted “hey, wake up, you listen to me! I am important!”.

  • Pastor Gary Grosse

    This Pastor is burnt out.
    Although the issues are legitimate, he has last his way in correcting the issues. Mind you, it is apparent that these issues have festered in this church to the point that this type of rebuke seemed to be necessary. I would concentrate on why these issues were allowed to progress to this point without being dealt with privately; either by the Pastor or an Elder or a Board Member.
    This Pastor needs some time off and the church needs to go back to basic membership principals….My prayers are with them all.

    • JOSHUA 7:25

      Do not be deceived by this edited clip. Watch the entire sermon. He is not “burnt out”. He revels in this nonsense that he refers to as “love”. This church is apostate and he is perpetuating “these issues”.

  • NikitaThornsberry


  • Pastor Gary Grosse

    I wonder how many times this Pastor spoke to his church and admonished them through all his years of pastoring to live godly lives, give attention to the Word, love God with your whole heart. I wonder if what we are seeing has a deeper root than just burn out. We are being shown this ONE CLIP and we make our judgements based on this ONE CLIP. Further more, as a newer transplant pastor, I bring into question the culture of this church.
    I wonder if this pastors’ rant is a way to break down some type of social-culture that has taken root in this church and is being counter productive to the direction of the church.
    Would you want to go to a church where most folks slept or never showed up? Who is paying the bills if this is the case? Then of course the matter of the hearts of the congregants must also come into play. Are they disobedient and hard-hearted and resisting the direction of God. We forget all too quickly the prophets of old who had to speak out and rebuke in a world foreign to Godly lives and principals…. sounds like a trip around the block is in order.

    • JOSHUA 7:25

      Don’t judge, “based on this ONE CLIP.” Answer the question re: the culture of this church.

      If you make the trip to the website of this church you will find a revelation. You will find a “synagogue of Satan” led by false teachers of false doctrine.

  • Colby

    Notice how the rest of the congregation doesn’t even look up or turn around… This has been going on a long time in this church. Extremely sad.

  • jmhouse

    I will give him the benefit of doubt. The pulpit is not the place for him to loose it but he is probably burn out from selfish church people fighting about things that do not matter.

  • Dave

    I wouldn’t have a problem with a pastor airing his views to his congregation but to do it whilst being filmed isn’t right. If there are that many issues within his church he needed to bring them together privately and deal with them. The guy he said he wouldn’t marry and the sound engineer should have had private meetings with the pastor. The Bible is clear on how to deal with issues like this, firstly you go and speak with the person, if they don’t listen take 2 or 3 as witnesses, after that then you bring it to the church and if they still won’t listen they are to be removed. This is God’s way it works every time…

  • Zaphod

    Any time anyone standing in front of a crowd insists that one or more of them should “submit to me,” I’m gonna be a little creeped out. I’ve sat through thousands of sermons and never heard a preacher say that.

  • Robert W. Jojo Hill



    • mamajama

      I think your caps lock broke.

    • Thomas Myers

      How can you say that “It’s clear that he has been trying… to grow and develop a hard headed and stubborn people”? Do you know this congregation? Do you know this pastor? From what I’ve seen, the fact that he says “I’m important” and “I’m somebody” and continually talks himself up – that is an indicator that he is the one who is not in the right place. I’m not going to judge whether what he was saying before the man fell asleep was good, profitable preaching or not. We don’t have the video to look at, for that part. But what we saw was completely inappropriate for a church setting.

      I don’t believe that it’s necessary or profitable to call out individuals in your congregation and tell them they’re not worth 15 cents and ask where people were before you came to the church. It’s blatant self-glorification. How often is Christ mentioned in this tirade? How often is his self sacrificing love mentioned? By all means, call the congregation to repentance. But don’t do it this way. This was all about self.

    • Scott Uselman

      It was nice of him to give the Holy Spirit a Sunday off to “grow” those “hard-headed” and “stubborn people.”

    • David

      You cannot help one who is hardheaded and stubborn grow through humiliation and berating them. Give me one example where this is done to believers in scripture. I wonder for a moment, the church is the Bride of Christ. Do you think Jesus wants His Bride to be treated in such a manner. Are you married? Would you tolerate someone speaking to your bride this way? I certainly hope you would not. This pastor responded out of emotion, anger, frustration and probably and great deal of pain and hurt. It would be best that he not take that out on Jesus’ Bride.

    • Donald G.

      I am sorry but I am at a total loss as to see how you can say that this man is a true man of God. From what I read in Philippians or any of the Epistles, he is anything BUT a true man of God. The Bible clearly defines what a Godly man is and how he behaves, and this man does not meet that description. Christ was confronted by sinful people constantly and He never treated anyone like this man did. Are we not to follow Christ’s example?

      • Robert W. Jojo Hill

        This is in no way an attempt to alter your views because I understand that your views are based upon your understanding and experiences. I would simply like to submit these readings for you kind consideration:

        Hebrews 12:6 For whom the Lord loveth he chasteneth, and scourgeth every son whom he receiveth.

        Proverbs 3:12 For whom the Lord loveth, he chastiseth: and as a father in the son he pleaseth himself.

        1 Timothy 5:20 As for those who persist in sin, rebuke them in the presence of all, so that the rest may stand in fear.

        Matthew 10:14 Whoever does not receive you, nor heed your words, as you go out of that house or that city, shake the dust off your feet.

        Just a few simply verses to review. I share these in Love and not in combat. Let he who have an ear, let him hear what the SPIRIT is saying to the church.

        • Donald G.

          It would be great if those verses applied contextually to this situation, but I do not think taken in context that they do. Since when is falling asleep in church called sin? when is failure to be in church every time the door is open sin? when is failure to do whatever a pastor dictates a sin?

          I could understand if he confronted people in love following the Biblical mandates of I and II Corinthians and Titus, II Thessalonians Galatians and Hebrews for adultery or fornication or covetousness, or theft or homosexuality, but instead he rebuked them for not doing as he demanded which from a Biblical standpoint would be hard to define as sin.

          I would agree that all of your verses would apply if the people had sinned and been confronted privately then with another brother before publicly rebuking them.

          As for God’s loving chastening… this pastor is NOT God, although he might act like he thinks he is. God disciplines us far better than man could because God knows the hearts and motives. God loves us therefore as His children He does discipline us.

          Matthew 10:14 is not talking about this church setting but was instructions to the disciples as they were heading out to spread the Gospel house to house city by city and was basically telling them if people were un-receptive to shake off the dust and move on. I t could not refer to the church as we know it today because it was prior to Pentecost.

          And yes we should all be sensitive to the Holy Spirits prompting in our spirit and lives.

    • Robert W. Jojo Hill

      Answer not a FOOL according to his folly. He will leave the conversation under the impression that you and he are EQUALS.-KJV

  • Rodger

    Well at least he isn’t concerned about the offering.

  • Geoff

    Has anyone heard of the sin of pride?: “I’m important.” This guy better look over his Bible and see what God cares about!

  • Eleanor Henley

    That’s not preaching. Things like that should not be handled in a group of people. He’s a bigotist. Never seen or heard anything like that for a whole sermon. Excuse this wasn’t a sermon it was a tongue lashing. He needs to get right with God. Just saying.

  • Jonathan Holguin

    From just what I saw and heard, I would not return to this man church! Yes, we can say maybe this is going on or that,,,,,,,,but judging just what we saw,,,,,,,,that pastor needs to ask forgiveness from God and the people he belittled. Just my opinion.

  • Alex Anderson

    Did I hear right? Did this man just say ‘I’m important’?? and ‘Submit to me’?? Shouldn’t that be ‘the message of Christ crucified is important’ and ‘submit to Jesus Christ for He is Lord??

  • Colin

    Personally I think the church leaders website team made a poor call on showing this video. This is the church hanging out its dirty washing for the world to see and that will play into the hands of the cynical out there who will assume this sort of thing goes on all the time and claim that this is why people should avoid church. (so I can you please consider taking this down).

    I agree with some of the others who commented that this pastor seems to be one the edge of a breakdown, probably from exasperation or a lack of personal support in his ministry.

    I agree that what he is doing (in this segment) is not preaching it is rebuking and I don’t think its at all appropriate for any pastor to single out members of his congregation in public – rebuking of individuals should be done privately after the service, so it may be done firmly where needed, graciously, calmly and with encouragement to inspire his flock to live for Christ.

  • John Santostefano

    i think he should take up cab driving!!!!

  • walter vogt

    It sounds like some sort of paranoia where he believes everyone is against him. A breakdown has started. He needs our prayers and forgiveness.

  • Natasha

    I think he needs prayer. Please pray for him.

  • pt

    Stop making excuses for this pathetic, egomaniac, bitter, angry, little-man of a pastor.

  • Manick

    Lol!! Hahahaha…hey important sir, did you just call that big guy, “not worth a 15cents” lol!! Hahaha, what els can i do then to laugh at this.

  • CW

    This is spiritual abuse.. the pastor has the spirit of manipulation and control..he is using fear and intimidation against God’s people. You never humiliate people from the pulpit and damage their self worth as a person. He wants people to serve him. This is not preaching, this is someone who is trying to lead in his own strength.God is is not in this.He should be removed as a pastor. True pastors has a shepherd’s heart and the proper temperament. My family was part of a ministry just like that for years and it was horrible. I am also sure he has probably told the members if they leave that God will punish them and that they don’t love God. Everyone who is a member should leave now.

  • David

    I want to point out a few things after reading many of the responses. This video is an example of what was probably typical in that church. You can go to the church’s website and see the whole message. For the church to place this video on their website tells me they see nothing wrong with the “rant” the pastor goes off in. That pastor is still there and this is evident by the fact that there are more messages posted to the website ayer this one.

    The argument is whether what he did was right or wrong? My opinion is this, and by the way as brothers and sisters in Christ we have the responsibility of judging each others actions, his delivery of correction is not what we see displayed in scripture. The Pauline Epistles are letters written to bring correction AND encouragement to the church. However, Paul speaks (writes) this correction from the heart of being a humble servant, prisoner even, of Christ. His delivery came from a heart of love for the people. His loved motivated the words of correction. His motivation was not not pride or anger. He didn’t start his correction by making sure the people knew he was important and that’s why they should listen and follow. He starts and remains in humility. He identifies himself in the same state of brokenness and need as those he is correcting. This pastor did not display humility or love and because of that he was a loud clanging cymbal.

    Was correction necessary? Maybe, but NOT in that setting and certainly NOT from a heart that is frustrated and angry. I wonder how this same message would be received if the pastor shared it from a broken heart for his people. If he cried and embraced those he cared so deeply about. If he called people “up” instead of “out”. If his motivation was to strengthen them and build them up instead of words that made himself appear higher, holier, or more worthy.

    • Donald G.

      I have been both a pastor and an bi-vocational pastor and I agree that the burden can be a heavy one, but there is NEVER any excuse for such behavior whether a pastor gets burned out or not. To me this video shows an arrogant, self-righteous tyrant full of pride and vanity. I have known quite a few like him having been raised in a “Bible baptist” denomination… and many of them while demanding total control of the congregation with bullying and intimidation, cannot even control their own zippers behind the scenes.

      I am sure if his attitude were that of Philippians, especially chapter two, there would be a real revival in that church. But from observation the revival needs to start with him and in his heart. Can you imagine the possibilities if Jim Standridge really loved his congregation and showed it with a shepherding attitude and really loved those people instead of lording it over them?

      My paternal grandparents were sheep ranchers and I can tell you that the Bible uses shepherding as an example for a reason… sheep can be very stubborn and obnoxious and obstinate…. and do not respond well to yelling and ranting and raving… but they do follow when led and when they feel secure. This pastor by his actions is no shepherd and I think the church probably has problems within the body because of the example they see from the pulpit every week.

      I heard him standing there saying several times “you know I love you…. don’t you know I love you?”, but his actions were speaking so much louder than his words… some time spent reflecting on I Corinthians 13 would be good.

  • Bernardo Samano

    With leaders like these, we make it hard to share God’s love with unbelievers. Yes, he needs our prayers, but he needs to find a job somewhere else.

    • David

      This is no excuse for how he handled himself but he may simply need a sabbatical. I am a pastor and unless you are a pastor you will not understand the burden that one carries. He needs to take a rest, examine his heart, and possibly experience a great deal of healing from the Holy Spirit. Now, if this is “normal” for him there are deeper issues.

    • Donald G.

      The point you made about people like Pastor Standridge making it hard to share the good news of the gospel with unbelievers is very accurate. Not to wish the man ill-will but the Bible says it would be better to have a millstone tied around ones neck and be thrown into the sea as it says in Matthew, Mark and Luke. And unfortunately abusive tyrannical men like him really do not do well in any job except maybe the military.

  • cire mitchell

    I don’t believe in being disrespectful to the Man of God, but I can honestly say if he called me and my family , that would probably be the last worship service I attended in his church.

  • Scott Uselman

    Yikes. So much for the Matthew 18 process. This is common in some churches and they continue to run “healthy” numbers. What is scary is that he just discipled some to treat others in that way. I wonder if the spirit of fear is what is being given to those people?

  • sparrow

    I have attended that church before and seen him call out people to be rebuked. It was extremely uncomfortable. I felt it should have been dealt with privately. He also rebuked someone for asking a legitimate question, telling them they couldn’t understand it anyway, it was a mystery and if they had enough faith, they would accept it as such. At another time, he called out a family member and berated him for not being at church every time the doors opened, even though the man was one of the church’s biggest financial supporters and had to travel for his business. These events took place when I visited just a handful of times.

  • Sandy Wilson

    This pastor is burned out. He has been doing this too long and is in need of a time of sitting at Jesus’ feet receiving at His feet, where he can receive God’s guidance and be taught the way of the Lord in ministering to sheep. He needs to take a sabbatical and get under teacher of men/women that will help him through and keep, him accountable.

  • drflyfisher

    There’s a huge difference between FEEDING the sheep and BEATING them! As a young pastor, I thought some people dozed during my sermons because they were unspiritual, and then started taping and on Monday morning I would put the machine in the pulpit and go sit on the front row to listen. Guess what–I put myself to sleep!

    • Donald G.

      More pastors should use this “training” technique. I like it. I think many pastors including myself get tunnel vision or do not understand how they come across. I am going to try your technique for myself.

  • Everett Robinson

    This Pastor is out of line with The Word of God. He is full of pride. He is not properly representing Christ. He is abusing his authority. He is exercising lordship over God’s people. He is not edifying the body of believers. He is releasing his stress on the flock of God. He is an offense to the ministry of Christ. He need to repent for not properly respresenting and honoring office of Pastorship.

  • LOVE

    In this video, you will see a pastor “going off” on “members” of the congregation. One of the first questions asked by much of the church world is “Would you go back to that church?” I think this definitely needs to be addressed. I will preface by saying that I wouldn’t particularly use all of the words used by the preacher in the clip.

    What I see in this video is a man who has “fathered/shepherded” people: he has shared his life with them in a way that undeniable love had been shown. I’m talking about REAL love — the kind of love that compels a person to give their life in ways that reach far beyond podiums and pulpits. This kind of love finds you in the gutter, takes you into the house, treats you like a part of the family, nurtures you, builds you up, teaches and instructs you, and WALKS WITH YOU THROUGH THE PROCESS to become a more godly person. This is the kind of love that a real father has for his children. 1 Corinthians 4:15 gives us a truth that speaks to the spiritual condition of many churches and communities today — we have many people willing to teach another lesson, but few willing to be responsible for the lesson being processed, internalized and brought to real fruition. In this process, there will are many phases of compassion and pampering along with chastising and rebuke. For, as many as the Lord, God, Himself loves, he chastens and rebukes. With many other facets of discipline, LOVE prevails. LOVE prevails ONLY when it is continual through “good” and “bad”. Love can use strong words when it has been constant. Why? Because the hearer doesn’t hear mere words; the hearer actually hears words that have been established by love actions. This challenges many “believers” today, simply because it puts them in a place of real responsibility and accountability.

    Church today, for the most part, has become a popularity event. It has become a system of support based on how well you like someone or are liked by someone. In fact, we have made it about “how many people you can get to join in”. Sure, it has. That’s why the question of whether or not you would return is entertained. Point in case: In my house, members are added through two ways — birth and adoption, both of which cannot happen without REAL responsibility. I do not “recruit” people to become members of my family. I PRODUCE them. However, we treat church, GOD’S house, like a “recruiting” station – organizing recruiting events to fill “our” churches. This is why when one church fills, another empties — the result of recruiting rather than reproduction (discipleship).

    Here is a picture that I am SURE most pastors and church-goers today would disagree with: The people who are members of the church are members because their membership has been validated by real life-sharing (living with one another, feeding, constant visitation, etc.) that leads to responsibility. This doesn’t happen through recruiting, invitations, and sign-ups. This happens through evangelistic efforts like Paul would demonstrate, LIVING with people, teaching and training them, therefore becoming responsible for them like a father. Just because you started preaching as a result of having been in attendance to a particular church for a period of time doesn’t make that pastor your “father” in the gospel. REAL fathers are those who have become responsible for your successes AND failures until your failures BECOME successes. Wow, not many of them left. Here’s why the video clip is uncomfortable for most church-goers: Most church-goers have not entered into relationships that allow this kind of open and direct confrontation and rebuke.

    I’ll close with this scenario. I man gets his arm broken by another man. Sounds bad, doesn’t it? Well, the truth is the man who broke the other man’s arm was his doctor. You see, sometimes you the doctor has to break the arm in order to reset it properly…. painful, but necessary. The truth is, real love doesn’t look like what most of us are accustomed to. Yes it does sometimes hurt.

    There is soooo much more I could say about this and would really love to have a conversation about the true effectiveness of pastors/leaders in growing and maturing the people in the congregations they lead. # LOVE

    • David

      Pastor Jim, LOVE is patient and kind. LOVE is not rude or irritable. LOVE keeps no record of being wronged. You, I mean the pastor in this clip did not represent LOVE. Say what you want, this did not show love. What it did represent was an angry parent who disciplines in anger and frustration. The love would later be shown when said parent went to their children and asked for forgiveness.

    • Timothy 6:12

      There is a lot of wisdom in what you said. I need help in the love aspect of my Christian walk as I believe love is the key to growth and maturity. I would love to have a conversation with you as well regarding this topic so I accept your invitation with sincerity.

    • Jesse

      As long as we are sharing scenarios, let me give you one. A child disobeys his parent, and the child’s parent goes to discipline him. The parent then furiously beats the child until they are black and blue, bleeding in multiple areas. Is that love too? I understand the point you are making, but the doctor is not operating in anger, and the point is restoration and healing. His actions work towards healing. This man’s actions from the very beginning pointing towards himself. He says, “I am important, I am somebody!” This is spiritual abuse to a congregation. How is it ever ok to declare you are important but another man is only worth 15 cents? It is never ok to belittle, threaten, and intimidate fellow believers just as it is never ok to abuse a child. It is funny that you titled yourself love because I don’t see this Pastor exercising love at all.

  • Donald G.

    I am thinking that the video/sound man might have gotten the last word helping along the “be sure your sins will find you out” regarding this pastoral sin.

    In thinking more about it and listening to the whole sermon, this church is like so many that call themselves “independent” baptist, I know because I was raised in the denomination and preached in the denomination for awhile. I find it telling that many in the denomination prefer to be called preachers rather than pastors.

    But in reviewing again this tirade, I find it interesting what he is “rebuking” as sin…. falling asleep in church, failure to be there every time the door is open, failure to do everything exactly the way he dictates/demands… none of which I can find as sin listed in the Bible. (And yes I know the verses about forsaking not the assembling of yourselves together, and those talking about Pastoral rule [mistranslated word] and I believe it is important to worship together, but so many people who are in church every time the doors are open are doing it for the wrong reasons — been there and done that and according this tyrant I am not worth 15 cents now because I believe Christianity is more about how you live and applying the Biblical concept of what true religion is according to Matthew 25 and James 1 than being in church every time some event is happening.)

    Like so many of his kind of abusive people they use the threat of leaving or abandonment to keep control. It is a shame that he is doing this under the name of Christianity.

  • Ivan A. Rogers

    It’s called control and condemnation. This kind of preaching will not be tolerated by church attenders as the 21st century unfolds before us.

  • Pastor JDS

    And you wonder why people have left the olttime way for the modern movement. I as a Pastor If I had to set under a man like this, I would quit too. He is a disgrace and everyone in that church would do well to vote Him out and Find a Shepherd that doesnt scatter the flock.

    • Tina Almario

      This isn’t the old time movement era preaching-I grew up in that era and NEVER heard this kind of stuff. I have, however, heard all the new era FLUFF, seminars if you will, to make you feel good about whatever life style you live. No thank you that my friend is not preaching but placating.

  • Phillip Smith

    This guy has taken far too much liberty with the emotions of the membership. After 40 years of ministry i have learned the hard way that God’s message is much more precious than to berate people regardless of his position. Pastor PWS

  • Cesar R.

    He is the Shepard, good job with the Sheep:
    2 Timothy 4:2
    Preach the word; be instant in season, out of season; reprove, rebuke, exhort with all long suffering and doctrine.
    In season and out of season. In every situation, whether good or bad, the Word is to be proclaimed.

  • Pastor Toby Moore Jr.

    This is not preaching because, he did not preach Jesus. He preached about his own feeling. Christ does not accuse anyone, only the Devil does. The Bible says in Romans 8:1, therefore there is no condemnation to those who are in Christ Jesus. If the people are in Christ, he had no right to call them out. Words speak life and death. He don’t even realize the people were hurt.

  • Fred Knapp Copier Guru

    who is the pastor?



  • Servant

    that is frustration at the highest level. This Pastor needs a long break, he should take a sabbatical, this is called “Heavy Shepherding” “You can’t get this in no other church in town”- I hope not sir!!

  • D Eric Williams

    The words “pompous ass” come to mind. Why would anyone attend a church like that?


    This Pastor needs some time to rest, pray and reflect on exacty what he is called to do. He is self- centred and has forgotten the love message. He is angry and frustrated.As a Pastor, I feel burdened for him.

  • Yolanda Bivens

    He needs to be delivered, and those people need to put on their running shoes and run the hell out of there.

  • Silvertop

    This man is pathetic! He does more damage to God’s Kingdom than we can imagine. He is not a man of God, instead he belongs to satan.

  • Anne

    I read some of the responses and I am dissappointed! You offended people need to stop being the older brother! Self righteous criticism is just offensive. This man is the paster (I assume) and as such has the authority from scripture to teach his people in a way that makes them ‘hear’ truely what God wants them to hear. Sometimes that is tough but it is real…What sort of paster just feeds his people sweet sugar? an unfaithful shepherd, one who doesn’t love his people. A pastor who loves will tell the truth to his people and not let them drown in their own complacency. the game playing is extremely hell-bent. I too have been inministry for 42 years. People don’t realise that christianity is about relationship – with Jesus and with each other. Real relationahips cope with the good the bad and the ugly because we are all in those places. That is why we meet – to learn what and how to be like Jesus! God bless this man and his ministry – how beautiful are the feet of those who bring good news!

    • Hobbes And Bella

      The only thing this Pastor was teaching in this rant is what a Pastor should NEVER do or say in the pulpit. If one feels he must berate, humiliate, and put down others in order to lead and teach them then that person needs to re-evaluate his method and effectiveness of leading and teaching.

    • JOSHUA 7:25

      God bless this man and his ministry???? Your response, dear Anne, is most disappointing. You say you have been in ministry for 42 years, as if to validate your authority to judge this man’s behavior. What ministry has led you to your ignorance of scriptural authority. No Scripture from God authorizes this kind of prideful rant. This situation does not align with the prodigal son parable. To what “older brother” do you refer? This man is a textbook example of arrogant spiritual and emotional immaturity! He demonstrates that he does not understand “Love” and he has not come close to meeting the standard of 1 John 2:6. The arrogance that marks his opening rant, “i’m important. i’m somebody”, through to, “you’re one of the sorriest church members i have. you’re not worth 15 cents.” By your response, it is clear you assume much more than his position as “paster” (sic), and i suggest it reveals that you and yours are as hell-bent as this so-called “pastor”. Are you humble enough to test it. The test is simple. If i, after you had told me, “Christianity is about relationship with Jesus and with each other.”, said to you, “That makes sense, what should i do?”, how would you answer my inquiry?

    • Donald G.

      I found this comment and quote it here… the feet of abusers are never beautiful to those being abused… and this man is not bringing good news.

      First of all… yes, this is abuse.
      1.He shames people publicly.
      2.He exalts himself over the other person.
      3.He enlists God as justification for what he does.
      4.He says he loves you while hurting you.
      5.He threatens if we don’t agree that he loves us.
      6.He points his finger at you and yells.
      7.He commands obedience.
      8.He uses physical touch to augment what he’s saying.
      9.He jokes about you to other people as if you’re not there.
      10.He threatens not to do something for you.
      11.He insults you.
      12.He demeans your value and depreciates your worth to you and others.
      13.He uses stares to intimidate.
      14.He calls you names.
      15.He verbally establishes his own higher value and power over you.
      16.He says that you won’t get anything better and so this is your only option.
      17.He threatens to leave if you fight him.
      18.He threatens to give himself to someone else who wants him.
      19.He frightens you into worrying about losing your own children.
      20.He mocks you to your face and in front of others.
      21.He isolates you by threatening those who love you to leave you alone.
      22.He divides family members against one another.
      23.He annihilates all threats of competition.
      24.He tells you to prove your love to him by giving him what he wants.
      25.He demands unquestioning submission.
      26.He expresses relief once his anger and frustration has been unleashed.
      27.He prays when he’s finished and asks you to join him.
      –D. Hayward

      • JOSHUA 7:25


    • dbattle

      Self righteous criticism is what was on display here! I think that’s the problem with so many churches; you have a pastor that thinks he is beyond reproach and sheep who let him do whatever he wants because he’s “God’s servant.” Being a pastor doesn’t make him perfect and it doesn’t mean he’s always right.

  • Blanch

    This was brutal, He’s crazy as hell…but I love it!

  • John

    In the beginning he declared his own importance and demanded that he be paid attention because of his own importance and after he ridiculed and belittled the people who were most likely seeking a message from the Lord, he declared how good his little tirade made him feel. He seems to be suffering from serious burn out and finally getting of his chest some of what had been there for some time. He sounds about sick of the folks in that church and if it weren’t for the paycheck and that dag-gone calling he heard from God so many years ago (when he was on fire and preaching the Gospel), he would be out of there!!!! Just my opinion based on my observation of a few minutes of this man’s life. Okay, I will confess, maybe a little bit of personal experience was in there too, but I have never gone that far :) Somebody needs to remind Him that prayer, compassion, faith and humility will give him the strength and wisdom he needs to lead (not lord over) God’s flock…

  • Blanch

    The Bible says the word of God is profitable for 4 things, Doctrine, Reproof, CORRECTION and Instruction you might not like the way he did it and I might not have done it that way but CORRECTION was going forth and by the way the Bible says who are we to judge another man’s servant it’s by God he stands or fall, my suggestion is to pray for our brother….Shalom!

    • JOSHUA 7:25

      I’m wondering if you seriously want to put yourself into the “family” that would hold you as this false teacher’s brother. Your INCORRECT use of scripture to validate this man’s rant qualifies your for membership. The Word of God is profitable for the 4, …, but this man did not once use The Word of God. You had better read all the passages re: judging before you misuse the one about judging another’s servant. This man serves Lucifer and that you can find documented in Scripture. You want to be his brother, …, and include others here with you and him??

      • Blanch

        Joshua if you know so much where were you when God laid the foundation of the earth, tell me if you know so much, where were you when he determine the dimensions and stretched out the Heaven like a curtain, you must know because you are calling this man Lucifer base on a 2min tape, you don’t qualify to sit in judgement of this man you will never have enough info to make a decision like that because you are not GOD… if you are perfection and never made a mistakes…..please Josh get over yourself….

        • JOSHUA 7:25

          I will make one more attempt to communicate with you, although it may be futile because your reaction to my post is overwrought with emotion and demonstrates that you did not read my post carefully. I think most who know hermeneutics and exegesis will confirm, for you, if you show them your posts, that you began by using, improperly, the passage from 2 Timothy. (I wouldn’t say for sure, but it is probably confirmation that Paul was accurate when he wrote 1 Timothy 2:9 and following, ….) Please read my post carefully:

          1. You accuse me of ignorance re: the details of the creation.

          I’ll be the first to admit that I can not answer God’s questions, any more than Job could, if it were God asking of me.
          For you to assume God’s place to judge me is beyond your “pay grade” and in defiance of The Word. For example: please explain how to reconcile, judging “another man’s servant”, from Romans 14 fits your use of it here. And, by the way, please explain how your use of it here still allows you to judge me, you hypocrite by your own standard. Further, Jesus said, in John 7:24, “…, make correct judgments.” Are you saying that Jesus and Paul have contradicted each other?

          2. You made an unsupportable connection between knowledge of the details of creation and, “…, calling this man Lucifer, base (sic) on a 2min tape, ….”, neither of which is accurate. I did not call him Lucifer. I said he serves Lucifer. That is not my judgment; that is documented by example in scripture. Then, I did not make my statements based upon a 2 minute tape. My statements are based upon observing the man’s behavior, the things he said, and the things he did not say. Observing him, and holding his words and behavior to the
          “light” of scripture qualifies me to make the statements i made.
          By myself I can do nothing; I judge only as I see and hear, and my judgment is just, for I seek not to please myself, but him who sent me. If you can, by proper use of scripture, refute what i wrote, you are welcome to do so. Only a servant of Lucifer would speak the things this man speaks in the way he does it. And, by the way, only a servant of Lucifer would advocate for him and call him brother.

          3. Please show me where i made any claim of perfection. Also, please explain, “…, please Josh get over yourself ….”

          You accuse me of things that i did not do and then condemn me for it. If “get over yourself” applies, it applies to you, not me. Let’s see if you have the humility that God calls for in HIs Word, when you are revealed to be unjust, inaccurate and ignorant.

          • Timothy 6:12

            Josh, there is a lot of truth in what your reply was, however I believe this man is not a servant of Lucifer but rather serving the flesh. I don’t know the man never heard him before so I cant make an accurate judgment based on a 5 minute clip on who he serves but just based on the short clip he is in the flesh. I believe serving your self is different from serving Lucifer however both are wrong and need to be repented of.
            Just like the person who was falling asleep we don’t know all the circumstances behind why he is falling asleep, the same could be said of the pastor, we don’t know why he is acting and or reacting this way (not to justify it) but perhaps we could pray for him and by him seeing himself acting this way maybe he will repent.
            If he still wants to justify his actions and not repent for stating that one of his “flock” is not worth 15cents and his diatribe of other happenings going on then that’s on him.
            Lord God I pray for this hurting pastor, give him a fresh renewing of your Spirit, let him see the error of his ways and the courage to repent and ask for forgiveness from those that that he has wronged. Let this unfortunate act be one that ultimately brings the church together and not divides it in the name of Jesus.

          • JOSHUA 7:25

            Thanks, Timothy, some of your points have merit. Certainly Standridge is a servant of the flesh, (“i’m important, i’m somebody, i feel good”). There is, as well, merit in prayer for him and his followers.

            I think you are more cautious than is necessary re: making “an accurate judgment” of whom he serves because the scripture is clear regarding anyone who leads this way. This is a man who has, by his own words, a length of time with this congregation. IF he had been led by The Holy Spirit in that time, and so led his followers, he, and they, could not be where we see them in the video, emotionally or spiritually. Therefore, he has been, as you say, “in the flesh”, and i will say with assurance, through all his time as a leader. One cannot get to where he his if one begins in a true relationship with The Spirit.

            I am not speaking from a human point of view. Don’t take my word for it, but go to the scriptures that most here claim as the standard for knowing the truth. I know you will find, if you read carefully, that a spiritual leader in the flesh is a servant of the dark side whether intentional or not. We agree that he is not serving God. We agree that he is leading at least some of his followers “in the flesh”. Have you investigated the Immanuel Baptist Church? What changes for you when you read: “Immanuel Baptist Church is a unique body with a unique call for a unique period in history. The very essence of this body’s name, “Immanuel – God with us,” implies the desire of God to lead us by His spirit, not by past, dead traditionalism. We are a specific family with a specific call for a specific time in history. Fulfilling that call requires us to walk with one foot in the truth and one foot in the miraculous, with our whole heart determined to die to self so we can come alive in Him – sanctified, justified, and anointed to fulfill our spiritual destiny.”


          • Timothy 6:12

            Josh, I’m cautious about kicking a brother when he is down. Christians all to easily want to wound there own. I took your advise and looked up the Baptist church you spoke of. In his own bio he pretty much said he is a kind of in your face guy, which by the way some people like and some people need. If you look at the mans schedule he preaches 3 messages a week, I took some time to listen to last weeks Wed. night message, it wasn’t that far off to call him a follower of Lucifer. I think if you preach as much as he does you may at some point get in the flesh. Jesus said you are either for me or against me I believe he is in the For Jesus camp. Was there some things that could and should have been said and done differently of course. It sounds like you have a scripture in mind to validate your point I would like to hear it. I don’t agree he is not a servant of God we do agree he acted in the flesh. If you use that standard we are all followers of Lucifer including you. Can you educate me on how one walks with one foot in the truth and one foot in the miraculous. Thanks for your time.

          • JOSHUA 7:25

            Perhaps you misread my previous post re:Standridge and his church. The statement re: “one foot in the truth, ….”, is a quote from their website – not my words. It is wrong on so many levels, and apt because it aligns them with those condemned in Jesus’ prophesy. (Matthew 7:21-23) It may be that Immanuel Baptist has ironically revealed their error and identified themselves: “Not everyone who calls me Lord will enter, …, They will say, ‘Did we not prophesy in your name’, …, (one foot in the truth), ‘and in your name perform many miracles?’ (one foot in the miraculous) ‘Then I will tell them plainly, ‘I never knew you. Away from me, you evildoers!’’

            I agree, Timothy. I have no interest to kick anyone who is down. In fact, i’ve no interest to kick anyone. I am very serious about exposing hypocrisy, arrogance and error in doctrine. (Matthew 7:21-23;1 Timothy 4:16) The scripture that i think directly applies to him is, the one he used in the Wednesday message to which you refer. (John 8:44) In a general sense of interpretation, the standard applies to us all, but Jesus was using it to admonish the religious leaders of his time. More specifically, I refer to him as a servant of Lucifer, not a follower, because he believes that he is an “messenger of light and truth”, while he deceives his followers onto the path to darkness that Jesus describes in Matthew 7:21ff. He is an unwitting servant, as are we all from time-to-time, but he is a leader who perpetuates error and would, if challenged re: his way to enter The Kingdom, resist arrogantly repenting his error. Look how his website proclaims Martin Luther as a key to the discovery of “salvation by faith alone”. Martin Luther stands as a primary example of self absorbed spiritual blindness and arrogant error. If you have studied his life and doctrine you know this, however, all you have to do is consider that a Roman Catholic monk who came to reject reason in favor of emotional “nonsense” as the way into true relationship with God, could not have been led to his conversion by The Holy Spirit. You cannot begin with selfish nonsense and build a true path to salvation. “Come let us reason together”, says God. Look at the IB website’s account:

            HOW PEOPLE ARE TRULY MADE RIGHT WITH GOD Luther was so troubled that he began searching the scriptures, and happened upon the book of Galatians, wherein he read these words in Galatians 3:11 – “The just shall live by faith”. Suddenly Martin Luther saw that all of the pilgrimages, the contributions to the churches, the confessions, fastings, being baptized into the church, even being a Monk – all of it – contributed nothing to his salvation. Alas, Luther rediscovered the heart of the Christian Gospel that all but a faithful few had forgotten over the centuries – that a man is made right before God by faith alone.

            Anyone who can reason can see the error.

            1. Martin Luther was immersed in 16th Century Roman Catholic dogma. He was baptized as an infant and did not have the gift of the Holy Spirit. So, he took Galatians 3 out of context and reinterpreted it to justify what he wanted from salvation.

            2. Immanuel Baptist Church praises him for searching the scriptures and happening upon The Book of Galatians where he read Galatians 3. I wonder how he missed Galatians 1 in the process.

            3. Obviously, Luther attempted to pour new wine into an old wineskin. Lucifer rewarded his efforts and the Protestants were germinated.

            4. Just as obvious, the IB Church and all so-called believers of the Satanic doctrine of “faith alone” have never happened upon God’s man in the 16th Century, Michael Sattler.

            5. Neither have they happened upon God’s statements re: that way of using His Word. Proverbs 30:5-6 reveal it:

            “Every word of God is flawless;
            he is a shield to those who take refuge in him.
            Do not add to his words,
            or he will rebuke you and prove you a liar.”

            I know it seems as if the addition of the simple word “alone” should not be a problem, and can be justified by other scriptures, but close examination reveals that the justification uses scripture out of context and requires that one accept the nonsense thoughtlessness that a 16th Century man could discover a previously unknown way to salvation. Luther correctly wanted to break the tradition of purchasing salvation, but he didn’t get that God, by His Holy Spirit spoke and established the way for all in the !st Century. If every word of God is flawless, what would possess anyone to to think of, let alone proclaim, that there is a better way to say what He has said.

            6. That simple word of deceit, “alone”, surrounded by so much Godly truth continues to lead “believers” to the sad end that Jesus describes in Matthew 7:23. Image the shock, that feeling of putting your foot to a step and finding that it is not there, when Jesus says, “I don’t know you. You are evil! Leave my presence forever!”

            7. The paradox and truly sad part of this is, that it is faith alone that justifies. The error in the “faith alone” doctrine is that those who believe it and teach it redefine faith to mean the intellectual acceptance of the Lordship of Jesus. Faith, as defined in the 1st Century was something completely different.

          • Timothy 6:12

            Yes I did misread your post as your words. Just to clarify you are saying he is a person that Serves Lucifer not a “follower” which would seem to be the case if its unwittingly. That’s a strong accusation however from the latest I have seen on this pastor he is unrepentant and not apologizing for his rant. kind of makes me wonder if your right on this man. Its still hard for me to call a man who serves God and ministers the word 3 times a week a servant of Lucifer. I have not read up on Martin Luther but you are correct in that one added word to scripture can change the whole meaning, ie: Jehovah witnesses and there doctrine which I have read up on. However I do believe (and you can make your point to the contrary) that we are saved by faith. That is to say its not how many pilgrimages you had + faith that saves you or not how many contributions you made + faith are you saved or how many confessions, fastings ect. + faith saves you. Its your faith in the finished work Christ did on the cross that we are saved. Now because of our salvation we desire to give and fast and confess our sins because of what Jesus did for us. So perhaps what IB is saying is that faith alone and not works+faith are we saved.
            Love covers a multitude of sins and to be honest that’s the area I need to work on in my personal life, how to walk in love as Jesus did.

          • JOSHUA 7:25

            Yes, just to be clear, I am saying that this preacher believes that he is serving God. Unfortunately, and it is equally clear that most people see, by the “fruit” he shows us, that he is not close to God’s Words which describe the character of an “overseer” and an “elder”. He believes he serves God. God’s Word says he serves the devil. And, Yes, a “follower” has to make a conscious choice, while a servant can provide service, even though he does not know whom he serves.

            Regarding faith and salvation, I too, believe we are saved by faith, but not faith, “alone”, as defined by Baptists and other faith based religious groups. They have all taken the ideas that Luther assembled, (notice the close correspondence of Luther and Lucifer), and refined them, by taking scripture out of context, until they have established doctrine and traditions which have the form of godliness and yet, deny the power God has infused into His Words. That , however, is just the intro of my point to the contrary. Rather than write it, how about participating in an investigation with me. If you believe, as is stated in the IB Church’s blog on Special Revelation, that every word of God is flawless, then you must agree that whatever God says must be true and is presented to us in the best way possible. If you agree, then you must agree that Luther’s position, (“the just shall live by faith”), must have a clear definition. Please explain to me, as if i were ignorant of the meaning, how to understand that statement and the position it defines.

          • Timothy 6:12

            First let me say I appreciate the dialogue, let iron sharpen iron. Yes its true that this preacher has not shown the virtues of a biblical “overseer” , but I think the follower, servant thing is semantics. Regarding faith and salvation, you ask how I.B.
            (whom I have no affiliation with and never heard of) can praise Luther for searching the scriptures, then say how can he miss Galatians 1 but I say how can you miss Galatians 2 specifically verse 16 and on. Furthermore if you go to the amplified bible it uses the word {only} which is to say we are justified by faith “alone”. Any close correspondence of Luther and Lucifer is irrelevant. I do believe every word of God is flawless and is true however its presented to us in the way God sees fit which may or may not seem to be to us the best way possible. The just shall live by faith means we are NOT made right with God by following “Roman Catholic dogma” or any other traditions or beliefs such as we are saved by faith + (what ever you want to add). The just, those made right through the finished work of Christ shall live by faith IN CHRIST. Having been crucified with Christ and resurrected in Him it is no longer I (or we) who live, but Christ who lives in me (or us): and the life I (or we) now live BY FAITH in (by adherence to and reliance on and complete trust in) the Son of God, Not on man made dogma, which Luther was clearly immersed in. So we learned (not that you were ignorant) what “the just shall live by faith” means. Now explain to me (I will admit my ignorance) what your position is regarding your salvation, specifically (what) plus faith saves you.

  • Pastor Perri

    As it seems, this pastor has seen a lot of compromising
    Christians who have taken him for granted and as it seems, this pastor is under
    attack from the enemy and may very well have a witch praying against him and
    his church. This is very widespread in many churches today. Can we take God for granted and do whatever we
    feel we want to do that goes against God’s word and His will? Yes, the pastor
    was very abrasive and could have preached a message from God’s word that would
    have “convicted” those that needed to be rebuked. Some people need a good
    rebuke from the word especially if the devil is blinding them and leading them
    out of God’s will and out of the unity that needs to be in the church. As it
    seems, his congregation has overtaxed him and he needs to get down and pray
    through, but there are times that God can be fierce and he can rebuke a person
    as we have read about those rebukes in the bible. But there is more working against
    that pastor and his congregation than meets the eye! Pray that God will reveal
    the fox in his church!

  • Zakman

    This man is a disgrace to Jesus and to Christianity. If I were there, I would never come back. This is not love. This is arrogance.

  • pastor Roger

    A lot going on here than we know seem’s to be a lot of anger, and people now day’s can really push the button’s, if you have ever pastored you would know, you didn’t shake my hand you didn’t speak to me all this I was told to apologize for when I was asst. pastor and I had 102 temp. it’s hard dealing with people my self I would have prayed and let God do the rebuke, unless there was a comosion going on that had to be done right then cause I have found God can get right to the heart of the matter, but like I said you can come to a boiling point with people, for one thing the people need to be praying for the pastor and as pastor’s we have to be prayed up, but thing’s need to be handled in the right spirit, if some one is out of order you have to handle it right then, but it has to be done in the right spirit, and as all ready been said may be some witchcraft coming against him also, some flesh was coming out too but how much of the whole picture was known, and myself I am not that important God is.

  • Minister Williams

    I had a friend who had a tendency to be verbally abusive under the guide of what he would call the spirit… I prayed and asked the Lord what’s up with this guy? The Lord revealed to me it was a learned behavior. He was raised up under a Minister that was abusive and excessively authoratative and excuse-sing himself as being diligent to honor God by reprimanding believers and set himself up as an Apostle. I googled the church he was raised in and watched a video of his Bishop and low and behold he was a dictator. This man has had some poor examples in his life and has been taught wrong regarding authority. The abuse always end in I love you. You think this is bad, his poor wife is likely catching hell at home under the guide of wives submit yourselves to your own husbands. Abusers for the most part have been abused themselves. let’s all pray that this man will be convicted by the Holy Spirit and repent. Oh…and by the way I’ve been convicted in my life time and had to repent. Pride will not allow you to repent but the convicting power of the Holy Spirit will bring you to your knees! Every man is right in his own eyes. Lets pray to see ourselves through the eyes of God. If God is not correcting you it is because you are not his. God’s creation is worth more than 15 cents and this Pastor can repent and allow Christ to live in him in a greater diemension.

  • SHALOMseker

    This is one of those times when mministers should be confronted by spiritual elders and respectfully ask him to. Leave the pulpit until he can compose himself or resolve his issues. Why sit and allow this abuse to continue without intervening? If there is no one within that body with authority to do this, it is not a church to belong to anyway. Should a pastor .. Not in this manner. Not with these issues. Reprimand and or rebuke of elders is spelled out in the scripture. Otherwise those who oppose themselves manner of approach and correction is given. I am somebody I am important shows an out of control person who needs to remember his job description and renew his vow or take a sabbatical.

    • JOSHUA 7:25

      1 Timothy 5:19-21

      • G-Sharp

        In what sense are you using this scripture?

        • JOSHUA 7:25

          You can read it. I don’t understand your question. Please make a statement that explains what you want to communicate to me.

      • SHALOMseker

        Does not apply. Out of context. The offense demands a different response. It would seem that 2 Timothy 2: 24 – 26 would be more appropriate.

  • PastorSam

    :-( As a pastor for 12 years this is HEARTBREAKING to me!!! First because no matter how bad things can get dealing with the HUMANNESS of the congregation, we cannot ever allow any of it to become personally insulting or hurtful to us. We represent CHRIST & the Word of God. The wisdom we as pastors share is to be “easily entreated” If & when correction is necessary, going off publicly from the pulpit is not ok. :-( I am sad for the congregation & for this Pastor, ministry is not easy but if we do not have LOVE we are nothing! 1 Corinthians 13

  • Tina Almario

    I’m important, I’m somebody, I’m the real deal he says. Right off the bat this went downhill. Rebuking is hard to take and in most cases should be done in private or with the whole family involved but not this way. The scary part was him saying me me me, not God.
    Is he a good man of God who has lost his way-if only for a moment-is he having a breakdown? I’m certain however it is an enemy attack and this entire church needs our prayers and the church itself needs to gather around this pastor, lay hands on him and pray. May this church allow God to shine through and bring them closer and make them stronger! Gods speed.

    • Daphne Brooks-Solomon

      I loved your comment. Not exactly what I was thinking when I watched it-but thank u for writing it. Your comment made me realize that we as Christians should be praying in situations like these and not being judgmental.Thank you Tina.

  • PastorSam

    1 Corinthians 13:1-10 MSG “If I speak with human eloquence and angelic ecstasy but don’t love, I’m nothing but the creaking of a rusty gate.

    2 If I speak God’s Word with power, revealing all his mysteries and making everything plain as day, and if I have faith that says to a mountain, “Jump,” and it jumps, but I don’t love, I’m nothing.

    3-7 If I give everything I own to the poor and even go to the stake to be burned as a martyr, but I don’t love, I’ve gotten nowhere. So, no matter what I say, what I believe, and what I do, I’m bankrupt without love.

    Love never gives up.
    Love doesn’t want what it doesn’t have.
    Love doesn’t strut,
    Doesn’t have a swelled head,
    Doesn’t revel when others grovel,
    Takes pleasure in the flowering of truth,
    Trusts God always,
    Always looks for the best,
    Never looks back,
    But keeps going to the end.

    8-10 Love never dies. Inspired speech will be over some day; praying in tongues will end; understanding will reach its limit. We know only a portion of the truth, and what we say about God is always incomplete. But when the Complete arrives, our incompletes will be canceled.”

    • Mr. B

      Amen, Sam.

  • chelseachablis

    There’s NO WAY I’d come back to this church!…how DARE he say that ‘HE’S IMPORTANT’!!!!….. I thought GOD and HIS relationship with HIS creation is what is IMPORTANT!!!!…This guy sure has some nerve!!!

  • Amber Leigh

    This pastor is abrasive, self-involved, and downright abusive. He’s judgmental and doesn’t make any logical sense. Most of this is strictly about his disgusting need for power. Nobody wants a pastor (or anyone!) like that.

  • Gerald

    Hello all

    I have a few unpopular things to say here as the comments I have read are a little disappointing. My first issue is the need for balance in the responses. Certainly the preachers approach was wrong but something must have triggered it.

    Before anything else in this age of social media I ask ‘who recorded the clip and did they give this preacher the right of reply?’ He is judged and convicted before he knows anything about this. Even if based on this clip people form the view they would not want to go to that church (which is understandable) the rush to judge him is sad. There are three sides to any story… your side, their side and the truth.

    Who hasn’t fallen asleep in church? Now from the preacher’s point of view this must be disheartening; to know that all his preparation seems to be going down the drain. His hauling someone out like doesn’t make his frustration justified, but nonetheless understandable. i think if any of us were in the pulpit noticing someone falling asleep we would have some annoyance at that.

    For me the key point was when this preacher said he felt better, just before drinking his water. That told me a lot. It seemed to me that he had a lot of stuff bottled up inside and could not find a way of dealing with it which is disappointing. Sadly it came pouring out in the middle of a sermon on a Sunday morning. I start to agree with everyone that this is not the way to deal with things but i hope everyone will show some mercy in that being a Pastor is no easy task especially when I think how I am as a member of my church. I hope everyone will think the same way about themselves too.

    The Pastor has probably been trying without success to make contact with the man he said he was being asked to conduct a wedding for and again got frustrated seeing him in the congregation from ‘out of nowhere’. Similarly he had been talking to the young sound recording guy and found a rather (understandably) protective mother wanting to have words with him.

    All this to me adds up to to a load of pressure that has to go somewhere. What I hope we can all recognise is that Pastoring any of us is not easy. Moments like this are the reasons why i never entered into the ministry despite much encouragement to do so. i know people have to be handled with care even though you try to encourage them to greater standards.

    I would not like to be told off in front of everyone like that but please spare a thought for the Pastor and most crucially pray for him – ‘in love’. That is how he will change, grow and get the revelation needed to be better Pastor whilst we all become better sheep easier to watch over.

    Let the backlash begin…

    • Alan

      In reply to your question – “Before anything else in this age of social media I ask ‘who recorded the clip and did they give this preacher the right of reply?'” – I wondered the same thing at first. Then, I went to their church website and the entire sermon is posted in their sermon archives. It was recorded by the church and uploaded on the church’s website.

    • Debbie Goodman

      No backlash from me Gerald. I couldn’t agree with you more. I’m a pastor too, and I have walked many miles in the shoes of a congregant and as a pastor. Until you have walked where he has, and have had to handle the responsibility of being in charge of the spiritual food which you deliver to the souls and lives in your care, then you really don’t know what the poor guy may have been going through.

      The hours spent seeking God for the right message to deliver, preparation before Him to deliver it in the correct way, has to be a joy and love or we shouldn’t do it. A recent poll stated the average time a minister spends on preparation of a message is 10-5 hours a week! then to have someone fall asleep in the middle of it knowing that the’entrance of His Word brings light’ is very disappointing to say the least!

      • ErinErin

        Pastors should be so attuned to God that they are disciplined to do the work of preparation and then step back and allow the Holy Spirit to work. How people respond to their sermon is not up to them. If they are looking for standing ovations and applause, they are in the wrong line of business. Sometimes we are seed-planters and sometimes we get to see the harvest. Not everyone responds by coming to the Lord because of your sermon. The Holy Spirit needs to first prepare their hearts and keep them open to hearing the Word.

        Pastors need to get their ego boost from God and from other means rather than from their “performance” on Sunday. We are in a culture of the Cult of Personality and we need to run, run, run from that image. And when we begin to feel slighted that “no one commented on my sermon” or responded with Hallelujahs, we need to consciously check our ego at the door…or in our study before we even get close to the church.

        We are not in this for ourselves. We are in this because God called us to use our gifts to encourage, educate and exhort others to desire a relationship with Christ. Everything else is unnecessary. When we begin to harbor resentments, then we need to re-commit ourselves to the task of our calling.

        The biggest problem for pastors, especially solo ones, is that they are trying to be all things to all people, dealing with all the tasks and responsibilities of the church. God gifted other people too, and they would most likely be happy to help if only directed and nurtured in the right way. A great leader is smart enough to place other gifted leaders around them. There is only one Savior and last I checked, he is not us!

        • John M Lu

          Nice and makes a lot of sense. Pastor is a shepherd, who feed the sheep with green pastures of grass, and drink refreshing living water. I am a pastor too, and I can identify with your writing. It is true, the biggest challenge a pastor has is his own ego self. When a pastor steps up onto the pulpit, he is no longer himself, but a donkey who carry Jesus, lifting Jesus up, people’s cheering belongs to Jesus, not the donkey. The sermon should be all about Jesus, whether or not it is a good news (Gospel) ?

      • John M Lu

        If people sleep during sermon, that shows the sermon needs improvements not to blame the listeners. Furthermore, as a shepherd (pastor), should know that Jesus said: “Feed my sheep” NOT “beat my sheep”.

  • Lori

    Your comments are very judgemental and frightening…
    The comments on this page don’t sound like they’re from loving Christians. You people sound just like the person you’re verbally stoning.
    Where’s the love my brothers and sisters? We don’t know this man or what’s going on in his life. Instead of name calling, clearly this pastor needs to be prayerfully dealt with by …. well… all of us.

    • JOSHUA 7:25

      “…, verbally stoning.” ??? No one here is using words that kill, nor calling for his death.

      While all the people were listening, Jesus said to his disciples, “Beware of the teachers of the law. They like to walk around in flowing robes and love to be greeted with respect in the marketplaces and have the most important seats in the synagogues and the places of honor at banquets. They devour widows’ houses and for a show make lengthy prayers. These men will be punished most severely.”

      Do you get the comparison? These were some of the mildest words Jesus spoke against the spiritual leaders of his time. You can find where he used words much more judgmental.

      1 Timothy 5 19-21 is God’s statement re: how to handle this man.

      Most of the comments here are well founded and only frightening to someone who is a servant of Satan. No true Christian will love what this man did and said. Loving him requires the true Christian to rebuke him publicly and remove him from his position. I’m guessing that did not happen, thereby demonstrating that his followers are blindly following a leader who is blindly following Lucifer. They are certainly not following The Word from God. That is what can be frightening.

    • Mr. B

      Opinions may sound like judgment to the convicted ear.

    • Debbie Goodman

      Couldn’t have said it better myself Lori. We don’t have the whole truth as far as motives etc, are concerned so we shouldn’t judge!

  • Rai

    It almost sounds as if he was having some sort of breakdown!!!

  • Clinton Collins

    The church is asleep. We have Pastors that pour their heart out every Sunday to deaf ears. Why are we offended, because he’s saying what most of our Pastors are thinking. Pastors are burned out and many are just going through the motions. Lets pray for this gentleman and his congregation for revival.

  • Rick Rascoe

    A boy fell asleep on Paul once. Instead of rebuking him, he ran outside after the boy fell from the window, and brought him back to life. Interesting comparison I think. I have people fall asleep on me once in awhile. I have slammed the Bible down on the pulpit or raised my voice during the sermon to startle them; but I have not rebuked them publicly. I have worked shift work for many years; I know that we, as a civilization, are worn out, stressed, and tired. I have had insomnia as well. There may be many reasons that a person falls asleep, including lack of it. In the old days they had head knockers take care of this. I don’t take it as an offense. No, they aren’t getting much out of the sermon, but this preachers method is wrong. He might want to speak with him privately, not with an audience in a puffed up manner.

  • Pastor PB

    Its nice to have a place where people can come and catch up on their sleep.

  • Rick

    What if Jesus had talked this way to all the “sinners” He came in contact with. What if He had spoken with His discilples in this manner. The stories in the Bible would sure read differently. Not a good thing!

    • John C Jones

      Church is not for sinners, but for Christians. It is our job to minister salvation outside the church and bring the lost into the cvhurch for instruction and guidance. However crude and harsh, this pastor was right in calling out sin in the church.

      • John M Lu

        Jesus said: “Feed my sheep” NOT “beat my sheep”.

  • Peter

    What a joke for a pastor!
    However, sadly, he belongs to the majority of church leaders, not a minority!
    To genuine believers, God’s word says about these people:
    (CLV) 2Ti 3:5 …having a form of devoutness, yet °denying~ its •power. These, also, |shun~…

  • Alban

    1981. Preacher singled me out during an alter call and asked, “Are you saved?” I said, “I am not.” He said, “Today is the day.” I said, “That may be, but I am not ready to hand my life over to anyone just yet.” He said, “Then you are a fool.” I said, “And Matthew says, ‘he who calls his brother a fool is in danger of hell’s fire.'” I turned on my heel and walked out. Sad part is, I had read the Bible and was there looking to come to Christ. I was 16 years old.

    Preachers must reflect the love of Christ. If they do not, it leaves the flock to wonder what path their pastor is leading them down, and leaves lost sheep feeling that they’re safer with the wolves.

    • Frankie Marino

      The Good Lord Sent You there for a Reason. You Just finished saying, “You were Looking to Come to Jesus” ? “He wanted You Saved and Ready for The Great Kingdon of ( And Eternity in) Heaven” My Friend ? This is So Important is Forver/Eternity is a Very Long Time ! (Perhaps thats what He was dismayed about) and remember what God’s Holy Word says, “Love Hardly notices when Others (Inadvertently) Do Them Wrong” !!! :D “Forgive Him like Jesus said, and, You’ll feel Much better My Friend and Brother in The Lord”. Remember Alban, that, “God Loves YOU – He Really Does” See: St. John Ch. 3:V. 16 Have a Great Day !!! :D

      • JOSHUA 7:25

        Ah, Frankie! You wrote things like, “…, Saved and Ready for The Great Kingdon (sic), ….”, and, “…, remember what God’s Holy Word says, ….”
        If i came to you for guidance into salvation, what would you show me from The Word to get me there?

    • JOSHUA 7:25

      The Spirit kept you safe and led you away from an obviously apostate church and a leader who did not have The Gift of The Spirit. Just wondering if you found your way to the truth and the “narrow gate of entry into the body, the family and The Kingdom.

      • Alban

        Joshua… praise God, yes. It took a long time. I had grown up in an abusive home and was seeking the God of the Bible to be my Shield and my Buckler. I felt like I had walked right into another abusive situation in this case, but – unlike home – was able to extricate myself. Years later, at the ripe old age of 26, I found a true church home… Christ had me covered all along. I am so very thankful that He had formed His protective hedge around me and carried me through my youth and the military without calling me home unsaved. I am blessed beyond words, and agree with you… the Spirit kept me safe; I am thankful beyond words. Be well, friend.

    • John C Jones

      You already admitted you were not saved, so the preacher, however was insensitive was correct in his statement. All who are not “born-again are foolish and called a fool in Psalms. The error would be in calling someone a “fool” and not knowing if they were saved or born-again, Only God knows a persons heart.

  • Frankie Marino

    He’s a Preacher with Some Back Bone and we Need More like Him Who Will Speak The truth and Give Jesus Christ All The Glory, Honor and Praise. May The Good Lord Bless You All !!! :D Have a Great Canada Day Weekend !!! :D Haleluia to God !!! :D

    • JOSHUA 7:25

      Hmmm, …, trying to recall where the glory, honor and praise is in this video and when it was given to Jesus. If you think this is a preacher with back bone, so be it, but i don’t see or hear The truth in his presentation. Just sayin’, ….

    • John C Jones

      He is behaving exactly as Timothy was instructed by Paul. Paul even rebuked Peter in his fellowship.

      • Shane

        Paul rebuked Peter for not standing firm in what he knew to be right. This guy is rebuking everyone for not giving him the respect and admiration he thinks he deserves. There’s a huge difference in the two. This is not backbone, it is a pastor who felt disrespected and decided to let everyone know it right in the middle of service. All he did was point out what he had done, who he was and what and who everyone else was not. There is nothing admirable about how he handled this situation.

  • Chris

    The thrill of calling out the video guy from the pulpit may last for a moment, but the humiliation of the video guy posting your tirade to youtube lasts forever.

  • bernard

    from my point of view, I thought the whole teaching of Jesus was, to love your neighbor as yourself. To teach with love and compassion (which,by the way,is a gift of the spirit). I would hope and pray that this pastor would calm down and realize you help more people and create more acceptability in someone with understanding and love. He is not able to change anyone through ridicule or talking bad things about them in front of the congregation. Also the changing of someone’s mind is the job of the Holy Spirit. Lessons learned. God bless him and give him also the ability of change. He’s not their father, God is in the heavenly realm, and here on earth I would think he already has one that should be responsible for teaching responsibilities. The pastor should be focused on teaching the word of God, and let the Holy Spirit deal with the rest. Don’t have no fret, the Spirit is totally able to do its work. Just my view. Bernard/Believer

  • Sharon Jackson

    Zackman you’re absolutely correct … This is pure arrogance and ignorance his methods of discipline is wrong no I would not return to his ministry….There is a way to rebuke people…

  • Hamster

    Examples of church discipline from God’s word show that words of correction/rebuke are always linked to restoration of the wrong-doer. It can be so easy to forget this and for ego, money and power to drive wrong motivation. Little needs to be added to the discussion regarding this teacher/leader’s behaviour and words – we see demonstrated the mark of those who are followers of Diatrophes (3 John 1:9). I am sure that with a contrite heart, God will forgive such behaviour & we can look forward to seeing the followup youtube clip (if the video-guy is still around).

    • Mr. B

      Good words, Hamster.

  • dany

    What a twat – if the bloke is sleeping he must be boring….its his own fault.

  • John C Jones

    There are several reasons a person may be drowsy (1) Medical problems, (2) medications, (3) lack of sleep, perhaps from working all night before. The Pastors is point out sin in the congregation, reprove and rebuke and admonish. Paul was fast to rebuke Paul. He is right to point out sin in the church and gathering Socially in sound room during service. God Bless him and may the congregation be more conscious of error and sin among them.

    • ErinErin

      Are you serious? Rebuke is done in love. There is no love in this man’s tone or words. He is just plain mean. Would you sit and listen to this guy? This is shameful and for you to say it’s okay is ridiculous. People come to church for nurture and grace. There is none of that in this exchange. I couldn’t even watch it past him thrashing the engaged couple. How dare this man speak!

  • EDJF

    This pastor’s words when he gets mad “I’m important, I’m somebody”. I’d say this brother might be pastoring from a place of depletion. I’d suggest a good sabbatical.

  • diana

    The scripture that appeared in the beginning was Leviticus on adultery.Not sure if the pastor advanced to this later on in the sermon.I can’t imagine a pastor calling this sin out in congregation, unless he has already approached the situation as the Bible calls for. What he is calling out is disrespect for those in charge over you. 1 Thessalonians last chapter is appropriate. But should be taught first. Many do not realize as Christians if they are not taught. Young people especially if they have not heard in love the truth of respect. To go to the person first is always the loving choice.

    We must realize that burn out with pastors is not uncommon. Leading sheep not easy. The world they deal with is our world plus in many cases times two. Praying for this congregation and pastor, as we all need to do for each other.
    As to the question~ would I return? No.

    • JOSHUA 7:25

      Burnout may be common – especially in churches where The Holy Spirit is not in residence. This, however, is not burnout. This is the fruit of apostasy, as can easily be seen by investigating the website of this church.

  • Mr. B

    Wow. Satan sometimes wears a suit.
    “By this they will know you are My disciples, if you love one another.” This is by no means any form of Christian love.

  • alhatesreligion

    Gee and we wonder why people are not coming to church and why does who attend can’t wait to get out. This man is egotistical-he seems to believe that a pastor is the BIG BOSS in the church. Submit to him? Where does he get that from, no where in the bible are we told to submit to a pastor-if anything he must be the best example of a servant-If KING Jesus could leave his Kingdom and come to this dusty little planet and wash dirty feet shouldn’t a man in a suit do like wise???

  • Bob

    one word for this…HUBRIS!

  • Debbie Goodman

    Being a pastor myself I feel sorry for the poor pastor.

    I bet you’ll find all those folks in church next time they met. I feel sorry because that moment was an in-house moment that shouldn’t have been video-taped and gone international.

    One thing pastors should note however; we should take Moses’ example and never allow the unresponsiveness of the congregation to make us so frustrated and depressed that we lose it. This video only shows the pastor’s response. It does not show the years of lack of positive response and maybe disobedience in the membership that maybe brought the poor guy to this point. I pray that he is under-girded

    by strong intercessors that will catch the vision ans join with him in praying foe spiritual growth in the members

    • JOSHUA 7:25

      C’mon Debbie. Feel sorry for the man and the congregation because the only Spirit that is growing in that church is self-centered prideful deceit that will find them all in the company of those whom Jesus describes in Matthew 7:21-23.
      Then examine your life and doctrine closely. I wonder, since you feel sorry for him and think that the membership brought him to this point, that possibly your fundamentals are askew. I wonder if your doctrine of transition from being outside of Christ to “in Christ”, aligns with what Jesus taught His disciples.

      • Debbie Goodman

        Joshua 7:25,
        All I’m saying is we shouldn’t make assumptions based on a video clip
        that does not show what happened before or after. It seems very craftily circumstantial. My life and doctrine as well as yours and everyone else’s could use examination ALL the TIME. I agree it is the same thing that stopped Moses from entering the promised land. We should never in any leadership position allow ourselves to reach this point. Are we not to show the same compassion to the pastor as well as the congregation?

        As a member of a church about 20 years ago, the pastor corrected me in the same way in from of the worship team while at practice. It topped me in y tracks yes, but I didn’t hate the guy nor did I and my husband stop attending. I saw it as correction which was needed at the time and I grew from it.

        • Jesse

          A correction or rebuke from a Pastor shouldn’t glorify themselves and insult people.

        • JOSHUA 7:25

          Agreed. Which is why i took the time to investigate him and the church website before i posted anything here. Compassion is reserved, if we are following Jesus’ teaching, for repentant people who are humble enough to listen to The Holy Spirit. Correction for this leader is commanded in a very specific context in 1 Timothy 3 and 5.

          The scripture that i think directly applies to him is one he used in the Wednesday message on the IB website. (John 8:44) In a general sense of interpretation, the standard applies to us all, but Jesus was using it to admonish the religious leaders of his time. More specifically, I refer to him as a servant of Lucifer, not a follower, because he believes that he is an “messenger of light and truth”, while he deceives his followers onto the path to darkness that Jesus describes in Matthew 7:21ff. He is an unwitting servant, as are we all from time-to-time, but he is a leader who perpetuates error and would, if challenged re: his way to enter The Kingdom, resist arrogantly. Look how his website proclaims Martin Luther as a key to the discovery of “salvation by faith alone”. I tell you the truth, Martin Luther stands as a primary example of self-absorbed spiritual blindness and arrogant error. If you have studied his life and doctrine you know this, however, all you have to do is consider that a Roman Catholic monk who came to reject reason, and favor emotional “nonsense”, as the way into true relationship with God, could not have been led to his conversion by The Holy Spirit. You cannot begin with selfish nonsense and build a true path to salvation. “Come let us reason together”, says God. Look at the IB website’s account:

          HOW PEOPLE ARE TRULY MADE RIGHT WITH GOD Luther was so troubled that he began searching the scriptures, and happened upon the book of Galatians, wherein he read these words in Galatians 3:11 – “The just shall live by faith”. Suddenly Martin Luther saw that all of the pilgrimages, the contributions to the churches, the confessions, fastings, being baptized into the church, even being a Monk – all of it – contributed nothing to his salvation. Alas, Luther rediscovered the heart of the Christian Gospel that all but a faithful few had forgotten over the centuries – that a man is made right before God by faith alone.

          Anyone who can reason can see the error.

          1. Martin Luther was immersed in 16th Century Roman Catholic dogma. He was baptized as an infant and did not have the gift of the Holy Spirit. So, he took Galatians 3 out of context and reinterpreted it to justify what he wanted from salvation.

          2. Immanuel Baptist Church praises him for searching the scriptures and happening upon The Book of Galatians where he read Galatians 3. I wonder how he missed Galatians 1 in the process.

          3. Obviously, Luther attempted to pour new wine into an old wineskin. Lucifer rewarded his efforts and the Protestants were germinated.

          4. Just as obvious, the IB Church and all so-called believers of the Satanic doctrine of “faith alone” have never happened upon God’s man in the 16th Century, Michael Sattler.

          5. Neither have they happened upon God’s statements re: that way of using His Word. Proverbs 30:5-6 reveal it:

          “Every word of God is flawless;
          he is a shield to those who take refuge in him.
          Do not add to his words,
          or he will rebuke you and prove you a liar.”

          I know it seems as if the addition of the simple word “alone” should not be a problem, and can be justified by other scriptures, but close examination reveals that the justification uses scripture out of context and requires that one accept the nonsense thoughtlessness that a 16th Century man could discover a previously unknown way to salvation. Luther correctly wanted to break the tradition of purchasing salvation, but he didn’t see that God, by His Holy Spirit spoke and established the way for all in the 1st Century. If every word of God is flawless, what would possess anyone to to think of, let alone proclaim, that there is a better way to say what He has said?

          6. That simple word of deceit, “alone”, surrounded by so much Godly truth continues to lead “believers” to the sad end that Jesus describes in Matthew 7:23. Image the shock, that feeling of putting your foot to a step and finding that it is not there, when Jesus says, “I don’t know you. You are evil! Leave my presence forever!”

          7. The paradox and truly sad part of this is, that it is faith alone that justifies. The error in the “faith alone” doctrine is that those who believe it and teach it redefine faith to mean the intellectual acceptance of the Lordship of Jesus. Faith, as defined in the 1st Century was something completely different.

    • richard

      That’s more like Jesus. right on

  • ErinErin

    If I were this guy’s church board, I would prepare to fire him. Anyone who harbors that kind of resentment against his own church members is more than “tired”. He has lost the purpose of his calling. He is just plain mean. Mean spirited. On ANY level has no place in the pulpit. He just redefined “Bully Pulpit”. As a pastor, I am ashamed of this man’s plain meanness. There should have been elders leaping up from their seats taking this man out of the church and to a quiet place. This is not burnout, this is beyond burnout and I suspect there have been warning signs for a long time. THE PASTOR IS NOT THE CHURCH!!! And any church that does not rebel against a pastor like this is a SICK church. EVERYONE needs a break. This is abusive, plan and simple. You wouldn’t tolerate it from your husband or your boss or your friend. Why would you sit there and listen to this guy? He is plain wrong.

    • JOSHUA 7:25

      AMEN!!! to you Erin.

    • richard

      oh settle down, if your right then just pray for him lest you end up in the same place someday.

      • JOSHUA 7:25

        Nonsense, Richard.

        Show us your standard of judging that commands us to, “…, just pray for him, ….” John 8:44 identifies him. 1 Timothy 3 sets the standard. 1 Timothy 5 commands what should be done with him.

  • Mike Stidham

    I remember Chuck Swindoll telling a story about someone who fell asleep while he was preaching. He was at a weeklong Bible conference as the primary speaker, and he noticed this one fellow kept falling asleep. The first time, he said “well I’ve talked in other people’s sleep before” and thought nothing of it. As the week progressed, this guy kept nodding off and Swindoll was increasingly aggravated. By the end of the week, Chuck was ready to let the guy have it.
    After the last sermon, the man’s wife came up to Swindoll and said, “I want to apologize for my husband. He has a terminal disease and he’s on medication that leaves him very weak and tired. He’s followed you on the radio for years and he so wanted to be able to see you in person, and this was his only chance.” What do you say after something like that?

    • ErinErin

      You say, praise God he was able to come. I am glad that God made it possible. Just because your eyes are closed does not mean your brain has shut down.

      • Mike Stidham

        Exactly. That was the point Swindoll was making, and one I would make too.

  • commonsensebeliever

    Depression in men often comes across with anger and hostility like this. I think he summed up his inner struggle when he said, “I’m important” and then began berating those in the congregation. Ministry is about lifting up Jesus and drawing people to HIM.

  • Joanne Hopkins

    Last time I looked the pastor was supposed to lead with a servants heart, this guy is an arrogant, bully who I would fire in a second!!!

    What happened to gently correcting people, this was a poor example.

  • Sylvia494465

    This is not the Holy Spirit leading!

  • pj

    My first thought was that the video only showed part of the service and it is all being taken out of context.

    That being said, Many years ago, I attended a week long revival at a church I had just started attending. The key speaker came with very impressive credentials and was at one time affiliated with a highly respected ministry.

    On the first night, the speaker made two “jokes”. The first was a smart remark about a woman with a less that pure reputation, and the other was racist. I thought maybe I misunderstood. Foolishly I returned the second night.

    As on the first night, the service went over the advertised time. Not because the Spirit was moving, but because the speaker just kept talking and talking. It was a school night, people were getting antsy and I had my 6 year old with me. He needed to use the rest room and after the service had lasted an hour past the allotted time with no end in sight, he couldn’t hold it any longer. So, I quietly let him out of the pew to walk to the back of the church.

    From the pulpit, I was called out as a Bad Mother who did not control her children. The speaker digressed into a “new” subject (parenting). I was appalled and embarrassed. Needless to say, I did not return to the Revival Service. That man was just full of himself. There are probably reasons that he is no longer affiliated with that reputable ministry.

    For reasons that I will not get into on this post, I had a purpose that kept me at that church a few more months. Out of a congregation of over 600 people, no one apologized to me or said anything to counter the humiliation I had received except one person.

    We don’t know what is going on in this pastors life – but it is obvious that he needs to step down.

  • kathie walters

    I think he needs to have an encounter with Jesus and get a real salvation experience – thats just eligious spirits manifesting –I hope the people dont keep sitting there though -

  • Marty Lanzino

    What in the name of the Pharasies is wrong with that man??? Was anybody in church the next Sunday?

  • Grady Walton

    commonsensebeliever said: “Depression in men often comes across with anger and hostility like this.” Fear is another emotion that can come out as anger and hostility.

  • Russell Lee

    (Ro 3:10) As it is written, There is none righteous, no, not one:

    If your “church” is incorporated into Caesar as a §501(c)(3), it belongs to Caesar.

    (Mr 12:17) And Jesus answering said unto them, Render to Caesar the things that are Caesar’s, and to God the things that are God’s. And they marvelled at him.

    If you make supplication unto Caesar for Caesar’s licenses to do those things that God has already given you the divine right to do, such as to preach, marry, travel, etc., you are worshiping and serving the wrong king as “Christians.”

    (Joh 19:14-15)
    14 And it was the preparation of the passover, and about the sixth hour: and he saith unto the Jews, Behold your King!
    15 But they cried out, Away with him, away with him, crucify him. Pilate saith unto them, Shall I crucify your King? The chief priests answered, We have no king but Caesar.

    You all are deceiving yourselves and getting what you deserve. You’re dealing with a corporation — a creation of man, not of God — which has no soul and who’s head is the god of this world. What more do you expect?

    (Jer 17:9) The heart is deceitful above all things, and desperately wicked: who can know it?

    The early churches were persecuted by Rome because they wouldn’t incorporate under Caesar’s control.

    (Lu 21:12) But before all these, they shall lay their hands on you, and persecute you, delivering you up to the synagogues, and into prisons, being brought before kings and rulers for my name’s sake.

    Think about the reason for persecution. Is it not always about control by the majority? Our Saviour could not be controlled and He was persecuted. When His church cannot be controlled, it will be persecuted as well. The problem with Christianity today is that they love their comfort zone more than their Saviour.

    (Joh 15:20) Remember the word that I said unto you, The servant is not greater than his lord. If they have persecuted me, they will also persecute you; if they have kept my saying, they will keep yours also.
    (Re 3:15-17)
    15 I know thy works, that thou art neither cold nor hot: I would thou wert cold or hot.
    16 So then because thou art lukewarm, and neither cold nor hot, I will spue thee out of my mouth.
    17 Because thou sayest, I am rich, and increased with goods, and have need of nothing; and knowest not that thou art wretched, and miserable, and poor, and blind, and naked:

    • Donald G.

      This is off topic and does not belong here.

      • davaocityoutreach

        Yup. Off topic, does not belong here, & WACKY.

  • Joey

    This is out of Order and Foolishness .

  • Rev. Christian Aguilera

    I feel sorry for the adults under his lead because they have just been humiliated by a grown old man who should know better. My heart bleeds for the poor youth young adults that watch all this and do nothing. This was there time to stand for God, salvation freedom, and soul liberty. Lastly I feel sorry for this poor preacher, because when he stands before his maker God will do a Moses number on him for losing his cool. I’m a pastor and I am convinced this was a no go zone, God’s people are not the preachers punching bag. :-( Sad day in the life of that church.

  • SJ

    Its bad when many weak pastors think the message and the church is about them and their ministry as thought THEY died on the cross. so they gotta’ be right!!!

  • Denis Keith

    Interesting that my choice was to click “Like.” Someone from his church thought we would “like” to see this clip. His comments certainly weren’t seeker friendly, but then again I don’t know what was going on – all we have is a clip. I’ve been “called out” a few times in my Christian life although not in public. And perhaps that it is what is upsetting folks. While, in my case, it was grating and embarrassing to be called to task, ultimately my friends were right and I have not forgotten those two very specific challenges. I do agree with a colleague who thought it was inappropriate to devalue people as he did with comments like “you’re not worth 15 cents.”

    The Apostle Paul refused to take John Mark along because JM had left them (later he and Paul were reconciled. Paul writes that he is desirous of having John Mark come to him while he is in prison because “he has been useful to me.” In Galatians 2 Paul reflects on the time that he “called out” Peter because “he (Peter) was clearly wrong.” Later Peter endorses the writings of Paul and aligns them with “other Scriptures.” Apparently, no hard feelings there.

    I hurt for the Pastor who felt it necessary to make such public proclamations. I hurt for the congregation that had to endure the tirade. Perhaps the observations were accurate, but I think they belonged to another setting. Obviously, the wheels on the church communication bus have fallen off.

    Hopefully, the damage is repairable. Let the love of the brethren continue.

  • Andrew

    What’s wrong with podunk churches?

  • Ozy

    He’s obviously reacting to some things happening behind the scenes. But his reaction also shows how he lacks self-control and humility. These two things required for the position of eldership.

  • Danny Blackmoar

    He is a JERK and has totally lost sight of reality. I would last 5 minutes in his Church… Bombastic PIG…!

  • Jennifer

    This is the saddest thing I’ve ever seen.

  • Chase

    There is a biblical way to “call out” members of the congregation… It is found in Matt 18:15-17… I am not sure if he has gone through this process or not before hand but either way… it sounded a lot more like his ego that was calling people out than the correction of a loving shepherd. I believe that as pastors, we have the authority to call people to the carpet, however it must be done in a way that will restore a person not humiliate them and within the context of a loving culture of true accountability.
    This rant seemed to be less about the sheep and more about the shepherd.

  • 2TrakMind

    You can’t spend five minutes talking about “me, me, me,” then mutter “Jesus, Jesus” at the end and make people believe that it’s really about Jesus to you. You’re not fooling anyone…well, maybe the guy who yelled AMEN, at the end, but he’s likely from the podunk church down the road.

  • Jack Nicolay

    The only way for this congregation to “fix this thing” (as the pastor repeats to them…) is to realize the thing needing to be fixed is the spirtual abuse flowing from a SOB who is pretending to be a pastor. Send him down the road and get a handle on love joy peace, patience KINDNESS and goodness for a start. Everyone will be better for it.

    • davaocityoutreach

      “SOB”? “Kindness”?

      • Jack Nicolay

        cf. Ezekiel 34… someone needs to call it out. being “nice” to an abuser is neither right nor Christian. and an SOB is our modern version of son of a dog- a wonderful biblical term that describes the actions seen in this video.

        • JOSHUA 7:25

          Not to put too fine a point on it, …,
          how about Son of Beelzebub.

  • John M Lu

    Jesus said: “Feed my sheep” “Tend my sheep” NOT “beat my sheep”.

  • Running From This Guy

    Wow. Talk about a God Complex, he starts off with I’m somebody and ends with submit to me. Run people!

  • Brian Synnott

    Looks to me as if the poor guy has snapped & is having a breakdown. I pray his elders are strong enough to stand up to him and protect him from himself and the congregation from this very ill behaviour.

  • Marcia

    This is a small portion of his sermon we do not know the complete story of his actions. The problem is the world think that preacher do not get angry….I can almost guarantee that a lot of pastors wish they had the guts to tell their congregation the truth like this pastor did. (I think He should have stayed in the pulpit) BUT until we all hear the complete sermon… not judge this pastor. Which sin is worse yours or his???

    • JOSHUA 7:25

      Some of us have investigated before posting.

      I listened to the whole sermon and looked through the website.

      I have seen the whole story of this arrogant narcissist.

      The problem is not as you say.

      The problem is this man is not telling the truth.

      I don’t judge him; his words will judge him, and they have.

      His sin, …, is the sin that leads to death.

      • SHALOMseker


  • Burningguitar

    “I feel good now.” Well, pastor, you’re probably the only one in the room that does. I sure don’t…

  • NJ

    There is one thing for sure, I would never go to this leader for private counsel. More than likely there is more to this, four plus minutes, but whatever the context, I am listening to an entire video of a leader who is offended. God gives us clear, guidance on handling offense and it not only applies to the people that are being taught, but to the leader speaking.

  • rrawwss


  • Tom

    It looks like this church is ready for another pastor – one who knows how to keep himself out of the way and love as Christ would have him love.

  • pmarsh

    I believe his tenure there is over. Where’s the pastor to member confidentiality. Way over the top pastor.

  • enoch

    I’ve been a pastor 30 years. My fellow laborer here needs serious counseling. Definitely not Christlike. He pastors with fear. He’s a good man but needs psychological therapy. That is not Love, that’s intimidation.

  • twer

    This man is so full of self righteous pride its sickening that he is even in a pulpit. If you dont want to be a minister of love then get out of the ministry and do something else

  • Duane Keith

    Ah, who knows? We are all so soft and feeling like we need warm and fuzzy leadership – I’m thinking this guy is tired of the garbage pastors have to put up with today. But a few weeks off wouldn’t hurt him a bit.

  • Joshfelixus

    It’s easy to see what’s wrong from the outside and criticize, but I think it’s more noble to acknowledge our weaknesses and as true Christians lift one another up, not call the pastor names using vile words

    • Trisha

      After viewing this video, I feel that whoever posted this is equally wrong because 2 wrongs don’t make a right. There maybe a lack of wisdom here, but be careful because you don’t know this Pastors heart with the flock God has given him. How would you like someone to TAKE A CAMERA in your house and video what YOU DO BEHIND CLOSED DOORS THAT ONLY GOD SEES Y O U DO? What would the world see and say??? Umh!

  • Tim

    +_+ I’m only laughing to keep from crying

  • Eric

    I think this pastor is suffering from the sin of pride….wow!

  • Tim

    Why is it even a question? NO it is not ever appropriate to “call out” anyone from the pulpit. To tell some onw who is out or order or crating a distubance to stop is ok but to call out anyone is wrong. I seem to remember that Jesus only “called out” the “preachers” of His day!

  • Christo

    Is it appropriate to call out members from the pulpit?

    I don’t think so. I tend to think that sort of behavior belies a certain lack of class. What’s gained by it that can’t be better achieved by “calling out” some one in a one on one environment? It seems more like grandstanding and less like communicating to bring about change. I see this behavior from people who are too afraid to handle this stuff privately…. I have no idea what this guy’s motives are or whether this represents a one off occurrence he regrets or of this is his standing operating practice.

  • Rev Levy Moyo

    He has lost the love approach he is on he throne he make a better judge that a preacher

  • Nanette Heath Masterson

    Wow, I am a ministerial student at the young age of 53 and I do not believe that when we answer the call to preach that entitles us to stand before the congregation and air all their dirty laundry. God has called us to preach His Word in love, and to live out His Word. He has not called us to be the Holy Spirit to convict hearts, there is only one Holy Spirit and He is on the move daily working in the hearts and lives of people. I am offended that a pastor would call out people and point out their shortcomings before the entire church…that is not what God has called us to do. He has called us to be the shepherd of God’s sheep, not the wolf to tear them to shreds. God has called us to preach and proclaim His holy Word, not to stand before the congregation and rewrite the Scripture to tear down the Body of Christ. We are to build up God’s body, not destroy it with our words.

  • Tim


  • Dale

    Feed the sheep don’t club the goats !

  • Woody

    This pastor is dealing with Christian and church members, church brats, some raised in church that all know how they should live and act. In todays church world we have breeding a spoiled sissified panzy Christinity who only want the sweet glanced profitable message. Jesus turned over tables and whip the church back to spiritual reality. What if JESUS was the pastor in our churches today. Its all about lights camera and action, christians want entertainment, good to church searching for a great dinner and good movie. God forbid if a Pastor rebukes the church or individuals, let it be known to the church the conduct of some members. Today if you dont like your pastors stylle of if he doesnt lift you up, if he is hard and holds you accountable, well most people will go find a place where they will die spiritually in thier comfort. why is our country where it is today, one reason is because the church will not even let its leaders correct or make a stand, unless its the protocol or the way they expect it to be. This christian culture would stone the prophets and possible nail jesus to the cross also. He isn’t speaking to a crowd of lost souls, people who are backslidden per say, hurting for restoration. He is speaking to his congregation who has been listening to him for years and not changing or becoming what they should become probably flaked out, unfaithful and Comitted, just doing church as usual.. I’m not saying that every pastor should do this, but we grab incidents like this and ask everyone’s opinion, how they judge this, He will stand before God and give an account for his actions. God help the believer who is offended at anything a church leader or pastors says to them in whatever setting. There are to many pastors getting behind the pulpits with Thier hands tied worried about their perfect wow affecting delivery of a sermon to blow the hearers mind, hoping to please the hearers and not hurt anyone feelings. Instead of bring a message of truth from the Word of God and let it do what it will do to the hearers whether they like it or not! As a Pastor I vow to gracefully and tactfully bring the truth to the church offended or not. That’s my Call….

    • Joey

      yeah but he brought the truth neither gracefully nor tactfully.

    • chris

      While I agree that pastors need to speak the truth without fearing offense, telling someone that they shouldn’t fall asleep during your sermon because “i’m somebody, i’m important” or telling someone “they are not worth 15 cents” does not sound like someone speaking spiritual truth in love because of a deep concern for that person’s spiritual maturity. I have a hard time defending a pastor who would behave in such a way and in my opinion, hurt the church’s witness to a lost a hurting world. I don’t think we should avoid speaking truth just because people’s feelings may be hurt (the truth is often offensive to those who are not abiding by it). But if speaking the truth is not motivated by love and done from an appropriate platform, how is it really benefiting people or building the kingdom of God?

      • Concerned

        Appropriate platform? Jesus throwing over the money changer’s table, and whipping them, stating that their actions are not right, seems by many poster’s standards not done in love either or handled correctly. I for one wish many pastors would stand up for truth and call us out, to put to death the sin nature that so easily tangles us up. Yes it was uncomfortable to watch and hear. Like one said the church is like a family, we are to correct our brother and there is a protocol in going to him first, than bringing another one if he is not willing to listen then bring it before the church as a last option, before cutting off fellowship. Better is wounds from a friend than kisses from an enemy. When we care we do get emotionally wrapped up and frustrated and we all say things in order to try to wake that love one up, that can be viewed by others as unloving or kind. Some people refuse to listen to a sweet rebuke, sometimes you have to dig deep into a person to fully get their attention. As a parent, I know that it takes different types of rebuke for each of my children. One chooses to be pushed forcefully to do her school work, the other children will gladly do their work. I have lost my composer with the girl far more than the younger ones, because they listen and respond to more gentle correction. I have been in this place with my own family members and blew it with my words, but God has used that to their good. I have seen lots of improvement with my daughter after digging into her and she often thanks me, and brags on what she has accomplished. I just wish she would be responsible on her own and not require pushing from me that causes us to battle out priorities. Yes I have to like wise remind her I’m the authority over her because she needs to be brought off her self in titled attitude.

    • pjsr

      Bring a non- repentant sinner before the church after you’ve gone with two or three after you’ve gone to him privately IF he has sinned. Which of these incidents is sin?

      • Just saying

        It is sin if you know you should do something and you don’t. The man getting married has a priority of being a spiritual leader, and from the rant it seems that he is not taking that serious. Both need to take serious the level of their and soon to be spouse commitment to the things of The Lord. The guy falling asleep should have planned and scheduled his rest so he is profitable at hearing the lesson so he can then go and act out what he needs to concerning what The Lord is saying to him personally from the message.
        Now the young man in the sound booth obviously knew better, sounds if he has been spoken to about this issues before, the preacher is right to point out that as the preacher he does have the right to say what is going on in the sound booth. As a paster and head of that church he has all right to correct that servant and do so without involving mommy.
        We don’t know why he made the comment about not being worth 15 cents, it could very well been do to the fact he things other things are worth more of his time, maybe he considers him self more worthy than being called to serve as a goodly leader of his soon to be marriage. I’m sure the pastor know his flock better than we do, he know the rebuke they need and where they are spiritually. Jeremiah often spoke against the people and priest. They certainly didn’t like his message or his delivery methods.

        • Independtlyminded

          By chance; did you to watch the whole sermon, thank you for your response here. So many have condemned this man, and yet they know nothing of him or his entire message.

    • vigillance

      I have attempted to keep any pastor accountable for what he says to his congregation, -according to scripture-. I believe that truth should be spoken for a purpose, namely to help people to see the real Jesus, the Jesus that loves them when they feel unlovable and dejected, to help them understand that the Word of God is actually for them, written to them because He loves them. Yes, there are always consequences to any action, however that is not likely something they don’t know. In this world of turmoil and uncertainty, there is one thing that Jesus brings that nothing else brings: HOPE! That is what people need and that is what preachers should focus on. This one, like you does not seem to get that point. I call this spiritual abuse! I have seen it before and I am sure I will see it again. I say let the truth be spoken, and let it fall where ever it may. This pastor needs someone to help him, even though he does not think he needs it!

      • Independtlyminded

        He never said he wasn’t a sinner, he never said he was where he was without trial and triumph. More so than less, I give him the benefit, as a caring and compassionate man, that was overfilled with the spirit before he gave his message to the people. The entirety of the sermon; i.e; the message was great.

  • nancy batchelor

    How sad. For publicly calling out people without knowing their full story, this pastor is called out publicly without us knowing his full story. As people have mentioned, perhaps the man falling asleep has a medical condition or was up all night in pain. Perhaps the pastor is depressed or even on medication that makes him irritable and paranoid. Revenge is ugly and does not allow for forgiveness. The congregation might have been better off to keep this matter private but relieve the man of his ministerial duties until they could ascertain whether he was fit to do his job. As for everyone who thinks that treating other people in a dignified manner is “Panzy Christinity” (sic) and that people should be thankful for being shamed in public for their sins, I say: YOU FIRST. Be sure to put your money where your mouth is and email a list of your shortcomings to your pastor and have him or her angrily rebuke you for them in front of the entire congregation (including your children and spouse and friends) next Sunday!

    • Independtlyminded

      As watching the entirety of the Sermon, the Pastor is well in tune with his congregation, who they are, where they have been and how their lives are going. His message was exceptional, but yes calling out his brethren in a larger gathering may seem to some humiliating, but his purpose was clear. He praised many and the certain’s he called out as well. If we are not to judge or point out then what have we all done here?????

  • Independtlyminded

    In my congregation, we almost all are free from anger of our pastor, This pastor is good for his message, and his calling out, It says to call upon your brethren for help and support, if your members or fellow church goers don’t know you how are to help. The spirit is in your heart and soul and when and if God is speaking to you through your Pastor you will be called out, Sometimes not as Vivaciously as this pastor, but if no one of the faith and spirit knows, then, there is no one of the Holy Spirit to help. He was not in the wrong, he was just about like my 6th grade teacher., who told us, our minds matter and that seeing and learning our history and life is how we learn to become; and yes he at times did this in frustration or I don’t want to say humiliation,but recongnizing our strengths and weakness’s.


      Ok, you really need to study where they whole concept of a “pastor” comes from before defending this man’s actions. He was clearly in the wrong by addressing precious people in a “holier-than-thou” attitude and masking it by “I love you brother!” It’s manipulative, deceitful garbage! Last I checked, the scripture is clear that Christ is my authority, not man. Honor and respecting people, and allowing them to speak into your life and hold you accountable, is one thing. Letting a man control your spiritual walk and blast you publicly is quite another. The shepherds were the elders who were there to help the people, to protect them. The shepherd was not the “clergy” (or pastor) that renders the “laity” (or church) speechless. The New Testament church is not what we see today, thanks to Constantine and the likes.

  • Independtlyminded

    I don’t believe he was angry, at which time did he mention anger over Love. If you have children, you know that Love and frustration come hand in hand.

    • John

      These people are not his children. They are Gods children.

      • Independtlyminded

        True, as is, his calling as a Pastor, I wasn’t calling them his children, but the compassion and care associated with Loving your Family and children, can at times be frustrating, All around, we got a few minutes of him, not his past present or future Sermons. I believe I remember him calling it his Duty as a Pastor, I will have to re watch. As a whole, he did go about some or most of his first ten minutes in the wrong way. He should have had this discussion with his wife and deacons, to see what they thought as a whole body, Who are we to judge? Thanks John,

        • John

          I’m a Word filled Spirit filled believer. We are called to judge the fruit every tree beard.

  • Prasad

    A Church is like a home and showing such videos is like exposing the sweet correction by a father to his children in the street.

  • Sebs |

    Very unusual. I do believe that God has a specific message for each one in preaching.

  • His Lordship Pierre

    Attitude adjustment? If ever a priest spoke to me in that way I would probably hit him then leave that church. Disgusting! Christianity is about love, not condemnation. Logs and specks, remember that part of the Gospel dear pastor. Are you without blemish that you are casting these stones?
    As an aside, what is it with American pastors? The need to shout to prove a point? Any monkey can stand up, shout and convince people he’s right. Hitler did the same.
    This is why you end up with the congregants running around telling others how bad they are, shoving their own version of Christianity down the throats of those they meet, family or friends or strangers.
    That is not Christian.

  • Erin

    He wasn’t rebuking in love, he was rebuking in anger. He didn’t seem to have a broken heart at all for the sins of his congregation but an arrogance. I don’t think Jesus would approve at all

  • Ron

    The thing I found the most disturbing was when he told that gentleman that he “wasn’t worth fifteen cents”. I BEG YOUR PARDON!!! In God’s estimation, that man was worth the Blood of Jesus Christ! What fixes our value is the Price that was paid for us. Not an arrogant pastor’s “Scripturally illiterate” opinion. (As the pastor said) … “You can’t get this kind of ministry anywhere else in town”? Thank God!!!

    • Independtlyminded

      None of us are worth a nickel, nothing on this earth besides our actions will be what we are worth to God.

  • Shawn

    First sign that you have lost your focus as a leader: You are worried about the sound guy building his own kingdom in the “Video Room!”

  • Randy

    He may be suffering from dementia.

  • RTherapist

    I would fire the SOB, and make sure nobody from the church gives him a good recommendation.I would also recommend that he get some psychiatric care.

  • Earl

    I know a “pastor” who threw a hymnal at a sleeping church member. Later I found out that the church member has a sleeping sickness where he would frequently fall asleep as soon as he sat down. I saw a picture of him sleeping at the dinner table with a loaded fork half way to his mouth. I served as a Christian school principal and witnessed the pastor tell a delivery man to sit down and wait until he finished preaching rather than to have someone assist the poor man. What a wonderful testimony he proved to be and within a year he was out of that church.
    We need to practice charity even in the most trying of circumstances. May God help us!

  • Khulekani

    The first thing I thought when I saw this clip is “this pastor needs a holiday, he’s too frustrated with whatever to deal with leading a church”. I feel for him since he probably feels REALLY bad about his outburst, I feel for his wife and kids who must have been so embarrassed by his rant… I hope his congregants can forgive him and keep their focus on God of Love and not His (possibly depressed and angry) servant and his tantrum.

    • pjsr

      He has been unapologetic and defended his actions on tv. Search Standridge pastor Skiatook and you’ll find lots of links, including interviews with him.

  • yoga

    this is a snip it. we don’t see where t began or how it finished. I am wondering if the whole thing was taken out of context.. what if he was preaching what God might say in today’s church? Some of the things he said sounded as though he was not speaking from himself.. but maybe what he thinks Jesus might say .. just a thought?

    • pjsr

      If you’ve read the comments, you’ll see numerous links to the entire video. It’s an HOUR in length. Simply search Immanuel Baptist Church Skiatook. None of these situations the pastor addresses (a person falling asleep, teens in the video room, a man who misses some services but wants to get married) are Biblical ones. Are you suggesting Jesus might say ‘I’m important. Listen to me’ or ‘you’re not worth 15 cents’ ?

      • Darrell

        pjsr – I believe you have hit the nail on the head. The first thing you hear is “I’m important” “I am somebody”

  • Concerned

    I agree this isn’t the way to handle things. But the one who put this up is worse then the Pastor. He needs to put the whole video up, it’s evident they’re hiding something that they don’t want people to see. It appears that there’s a lot of trouble in the church and the Pastor, through a lot of stress, is trying to clean it up. Be careful how you judge, because you’ll be just at fault as they are.

    • pjsr

      If you’ve read the comments, you’ll see numerous links to the entire video. It’s an HOUR in length. Simply search Immanuel Baptist Church Skiatook. No one can ‘hide something’ when it’s available to everyone in the world who has Internet access. None of these situations the pastor addresses (a person falling asleep, teens in the video room, a man who misses some services but wants to get married) are Biblical ones. This is spiritual abuse that was done publicly and needs to be publicly exposed for the protection of others.

      • mkw

        Similar thing happened to me several years ago. I was attending a service with a friend at his church for the first time. Worked about 75 hours that week and was tired. I nodded of off a couple times during this boring jerk’s sermon and so he figured he’d make an example of me. He even made a very subtle insinuation as to how he was tempted to give me a smack to wake me up. Wish I had a camera at the time to catch is expression when all 6’6″/260 lbs. of me stood up took a couple steps toward him and said, “Start smacking, Sweetie. You gonna use your hand or your purse?” I believe he actually wet himself a little bit. I can tolerate just about anything. But some creep who enjoys trying to publicly embarass another person gets no sympathy from. Needless to say, I never returned! Didn’t want to give girly-boy an incontinence problem!

  • Joseph Benigno

    In watching the video, I am not among the crowd in the church but I can feel the bitterness of his heart against some of the members of the church. If ever he heard some bad reports about his members, he should not use the pulpit to break their necks but should call them in his office to give them the opportunity to explain themselves. He can beat them to pieces as long as it is in his office. I am sure that the following Sunday, a lot of the people present when he was tearing them apart did no longer return. If there are sheeps who followed another direction, do not shout at them in the pulpit putting them to shame in the presence of the whole church but would guide and counsel them with love and understanding. It is also possible that the tirade of this preacher was due to some problem in his family or with his wfe. This pastor should equip himself more with counseling methods to save the church from dis-integration.

  • Angela Tuggle

    Boy, did he wake up on the wrong side this morning! Totally not necessary! I haven’t heard him preach the word yet. That’s not of God and would not return to that church ever!

  • southern_getn

    Let’s see the whole video please, it’s hard to make a decision when you only see what the editor wants you to see..

    As a Minister I can tell you I see something is missing and not in concepts.

  • Bernadine Archer

    Well I reckon the pastor wanted an opportunity to call Sin by its real name instead of pussy footing around.
    What was his sermon Title anyway? Is he still pastor of the church? Its easy for us to judge the man from afar by just listening to the part of his talk. What gappenned to sermons inspired by the Holy Spirit????

  • jazzrik


  • Frankie Marino

    If He didn’t Care/Truly Love This Man with Tough Love, Mind You, He wouldn’t have said Anything .. Remember, God Corrects The Ones He Loves also !!! :D

    • John

      he’s not god though so think next time before you comment, how dare this fool insult others like that

  • Shane Riff

    “I am important”, “I am somebody”, “if you loved me”, if you submitted to me” I, I, I, I, me, me, me, me…………

  • Kim

    I’m speechless. My heart breaks for those who have been brainwashed into believing that this is a Godly presentation of the gospel. I’m sure the Father is greatly disappointed. This angers me.

  • Scott

    When a man is alone in his ministry for too long, the struggle to keep it together becomes too great. This dear brother ran out of gas a long time ago, and has been running on fumes until he has lost his way entirely. Sad! And…shame on leaders who allowed him to die on the vine.

  • Hazelmay

    I believe Jesus taught us that when we have a problem with a brother or sister we should first go to them in private, then take another with us, then bring it to the church. I suppose we are to assume that has already happened. However, no where does he tell us to air our dirty laundry in public. Take this video down, please.

    • Julian

      Different context. Check the scripture you are referring to. This man made a publicly display of wrong behaviour. There are consequences for those actions. Public dishonour brings public shame. It was he that put his laundry out.

  • qman

    I didn’t see where anyone liked this video…..

  • Dan

    This is NOT the whole video, check out YouTube for other longer clips that do provide more insight.

  • keith kyer

    you need forgiveness pastor Jim.

  • bygracealone

    The whole sermon was an hour long? There’s the first problem. Anything that needed to be said could be said in twenty minutes (who said that he’d have written a shorter letter but he didn’t have the time?). This man was simply too lazy to take preaching seriously, so he droned for far too long. The second problem is pride, and that’s far too obvious here. He’s forgotten the true nature of the Church, the purpose of Christ’s sacrifice, the primacy of love, and his place as servant.

  • Robert Spurlock

    I have sat in churches like this. Or I should say, under pastors like this. Many of them meant well. Of this I have no doubt because I knew them personally and knew their heart. This is a Pastor who was from the “old school”. At least that’s what we called it. A time in the history (at least history of the Holiness /Pentecostal movement I was part of) when we thought that we needed to be tough, Sometimes rough. We called it preaching hell fire and brimstone. It was actually a fad to pick on your sound man. It didn’t work back then and it doesn’t work now. We forgot about Loving people to Jesus. Yes it is important to take a stand, but we must do it with Grace and Love. I saw no grace being preached. I know the results of this type of preaching because I have worked with and been mentored by the guys the denominational leaders call to follow these guys and help guide a congregation to healing when the “hard nosed” pastor leaves. The Churches are usually hurt, split and in desperate need of healing. When the pastor leaves, or is voted out, Half of the people (and a bunch that weren’t actually faithful attenders) point fingers at the folks who voted against him and the other half point fingers at the ones who supported his behavior. What these people need is Love. This pastor could have said everything he said in a private meeting with each attender. Instead of in a sermon. This is a perfect example of the wrong way of doing things. I do know, that in some cultures of our country, there are those who like this style of preaching. But as time goes on, they are fewer and far between. Most congregations will not except this style of leadership anymore; Autocratic authoritarian. I understand there are times where we must get rationally emotive, but this isn’t a good example.

  • Dan Lester

    What a jerk. Put his sorry butt out in the real world working a real job, And let him learn what it means to be human.

  • Harvest Bible Fellowship

    Correct rebuke? Thanks for response “Reverend”. Take care.

  • Closer

    Re: Sleeping in Church. For years I suffered undiagnosed with Sleep Apnea. It was virtuallyl impossible to stay awake on the job, sitting watching TV, reading or even driving! let alone in church – but I was there, with my family, every Sunday – for all the right reasons. Anyone watching me might think me disrespectful but what was my option? stay home?? Send my famly and stay home napping in my chair? Thank God, I can lead a normal life now with treatment. Also, see in the comments below about shift workers. Should they stay home because they just got off a back shift instead of going to chruch with their family? If they are prepared to make that sacrifice and take – rather than send – the family to church, is that not a good thing?
    May God have mercy on this man. What an abuse of power.

  • Female Southern Pastor

    Obviously this gentleman thinks he’s the only “man of God” there which is not quite scriptural Rev. Non one has the right to castigate anybody like that. Don’t know what a “plank” is but if that’s one, no one ever has because there aren’t any to be “caught”. We are there to serve not be to obeyed as this man thinks. He’s “important” but a school teacher isn’t? Scary man, run away parishioners, run fast!

  • Grady Walton

    So you are equating casting stones with the observation that this pastor needs some professional help (which seems quite likely to me)? I’ve come across this type of preacher before and I wonder what their personal life looks like. Tragically, they often do not get help because in their mind they are the justified spiritual leader and everyone else is at fault. Tell me that’s not disturbed!

  • JOSHUA 7:25

    …, and you know about his”planks” how??

  • baptist girl

    well then he should be rebuking himself, the congregation is surely not the Pharisee but rather the cocky “important” pastor. Remember the Pharisees were the leaders not the people.

  • Grady Walton

    The Pharisees were the religious leaders, not the congregation.

  • Grady Walton

    A valid point about sleeping in church . . . really? Aren’t there bigger fish to fry than nodding off in church. I hope that when I’m in my seventies and nod off in church that the preacher doesn’t come down to the pew and humiliate me.

  • Rhonda

    When we see love as a whip instead as obedience to the Word, we will think his behavior is ok. He was far worst than the problems he felt were warranted to hang out as dirty laundry. I’ve had a Pastor like that and learned how to pray for him, but I got my counseling and inspiration else where. I have the world and the devil to tear at my heart, I really don’t need the doctor (pastor) in the hospital (church) to rip me a new one. Jesus never did, and when did he become greater than Jesus? Much prayer is needed.

  • Dave Swieszcz

    Thank you for speaking up for 2nd & 3rd shift workers. I’m a 2nd shift worker.

  • Dave Swieszcz

    You may have took things out of context, sir. I was replying to The Rev’s 2nd point – “the fact that this clip is out on the cyber world… many who have watched and are yet to watch hate the church and are looking for a reason to stay away… have we given them that permission by making this clip available to all??” Sorry, I should have included ‘as some examples’ in my original paragraph. “Look at New Spring Church, Church on The Move, North Point, Cross Point & Mars Hill as some examples.”

    Thanks for honing my communication skills. Pro 27:17 Iron sharpens iron, and one man sharpens another. (ESV)

    Have a great day.

  • Jesse

    Rev. Hodges, It appears you don’t realize the harm that follows this. The offense was taken personally, and he unleashed it on everyone. If you truly believe that it is ok to tell someone they aren’t worth “15 cents” in front of the congregration and humility and shame rather than let God do that, then it is quite obvious you are missing something as well. Last I checked, we are worth so much, God gave His only Son for us, and that is not how you treat someone. What makes him “SOMEBODY” and another guy worthless? Not a right attitude at all.

  • Dave Ekstrom

    You focus on his calling out a sleeper but the telling thing is what he says to the sound guy. Those words betray an evil leader.

  • Jesse

    You appear to be saying that because the rebuke had some truth in it that it is ok? Uzzah wanted to prevent the Ark from falling so he touched it and immediately died. His intention wasn’t wrong, but his action was, the same as this Pastor’s actions. His actions and approach is wrong, and can be harmful. As a visitor, you may have turned someone who is desperate for the love of God (Luke17:2). It seems like you have two options, either we have angry men “righteously” preaching, or lazy ineffective Pastors with weak congregrations. That is also incorrect. Passion and love do not equal embarassing individuals in front of the congregration.

  • JSimpson

    This open rebuke is unbiblical!!! Really, how can you say this is “correct”?

  • Donald G.

    What is your Biblical basis for saying that the rebuke was correct?

  • Jesse

    Mr. Hodges, you only are focusing on one thing he said, but he continued in an angry rant, and that is not excusable. Sure, we only see one 2 minute clip, and this may be a great Pastor who made a mistake. But it is just that, a mistake, and it was wrong. But just because we are calling this wrong doesn’t mean we agree with homosexual pastors. You, sir, keep trying to paint a story that has us either agreeing with this Pastor or are lazy sleepy Christians, which is incorrect. Sure, there are problems in today’s church, and the above example is one of them, along with many others.

  • Donald G.

    Can you please give me a Biblical reference where it is a sin to fall asleep in church? I cannot see equating falling to sleep in church with condoning something that God calls an abomination. The only Biblical account I can find of Eutychus falling asleep in church does not say he sinned… but his falling asleep and falling from the window did allow the power of the Holy Spirit and the risen Savior to be shown.

  • Pastor Bernard Leon Rawls

    Well we can refeer Jesus asking his disciples to remain awake because the enemy is at hand, and after the 3rd time he stated “the spirit is willing but the spirit is weak”, there has to be some thing to staying awake whe asked to stay awake when the enemy is at hand. (Matthew 26:40)

  • Donald G.

    Well, I appreciate your Biblical reference, I cannot see that in Biblical context it refers to falling asleep in church as sin or in any way excuses this pastor’s behavior. It was apparently a child who was falling asleep and who knows why. Eutychus in Acts 20 was not treated in this way. To me the sin regarding the sleeping boy was when the pastor said, “I’m important… I’m somebody”. In your reference of Matthew 26, Jesus Christ (who really is important and is somebody) did not rant and rave at the disciples who fell asleep and start ridiculing everyone around, he asked them “could you not even stay awake for one hour” and later “are you still sleeping”. I am sure he made his point in a loving shepherding way. This pastor could have done the same.

  • Mickey

    And I say it’s incorrect rebuke. See? Just did.

  • Sincerely S.

    Open rebuke is better than secret love. Proverbs 27:5..been getting this kind of Word for 10 years now and My God the thing that i miss from the hands of the satan… God Leader are becoming Extinct!!! people can say what they what to say i know what is keeping me all this time. Lord cover your people

  • Teretha Thornton

    Thank you Rev. Hodges for your feedback. As Christians there are far too many of us wanting to jump in and give our two cents without all of the facts. My heart goes out to the pastor and the congregation. There are far too many saints trying to get to heaven on the coattail of the pastor. I don’t know how long any one in that church has been there As saints we need to be praying for them all. Again thank you.

  • Sincerely S.

    Acts 20:9 Eutychus fell asleep …. Proverbs 6 also

  • Kevin

    agree AMEN

  • Donald G.

    Only Eutychus fell asleep in “church” meeting and it does not say he sinned in doing so. As for Proverbs 6, how does that apply?

  • Married Female Southern Pastor

    Oh Rev Hodges. I have been married to the same man for 41 years & been preaching for almost all of them. I have a wonderful, respectful marriage and a wonderful respectful congregation. I work with many other churches of many other denominations. Your disrespect is odious. So are YOU married? Really, sir, you need to get over yourself.


    If this Pastor thought this man was behaving badly. The bible say’s” If you HAVE something against a brother go to him in private, if he does not repent, get one or two others and IF he still does not repent go before the church. The minute you rebuke someone without going through the process, your disobeying God and sinning, The BIBLE also tells us how to talk to a church member. It says,” talk to younger men like brothers and older men like fathers, respectfully. This is sin, AND WRONG!

  • JOSHUA 7:25

    Small-minded, arrogant nonsense!

  • John M Lu

    Amen Rev.

    Pastor is a shepherd, who feed the sheep with green pastures of grass, and drink refreshing living water (=The sermon should be all about Jesus, and whether it is a good news (Gospel)). The biggest challenge a pastor has is taming his own ego self. When a pastor steps up onto the pulpit, he should no longer be himself, but merely a donkey who carries Jesus, lifting Jesus up, and if people’s cheering, the cheer belongs to Jesus, not the donkey. If people sleep then the sermon needs improvement? not just blame the listeners.

  • JOSHUA 7:25

    Nonsense, Rev. Dr., you assume facts not in evidence.

  • JOSHUA 7:25

    Well said, Jesse. If we use the Rev. Dr.’s way of thinking, we could say the he must have purchased his title from an out-of-date online institution.

  • JOSHUA 7:25

    You do not demonstrate the definition of Reverend or Doctor. You are ignoring the facts in evidence. The preacher had no “good” points because, as Jesus said of him centuries ago: “…, a tree is recognized by its fruit. (You have
    witnessed one of the) brood of vipers. How can one who is evil say
    anything good? The heart is full of what the mouth speaks. A good man
    speaks good things out of the good stored up in him, and an evil man
    speaks evil things out of the evil stored up in him. Everyone will have
    to give account on the day of judgment for every empty word they have
    spoken. By your words you will be acquitted, and by your words you will
    be condemned.” i tell you a truth: this man preaches a doctrine of salvation that leads it’s followers to be numbered among those whom Jesus identified in Matthew 7: 21-23. Just guessing, i’d say you preach the same nonsense.

  • JOSHUA 7:25

    Be careful about your standard of judging, because by your standard you will be judged

  • JOSHUA 7:25

    so, …, 2 wrongs, …, you acknowledge that what we see in the clip is wrong or are you saying that the content of it and the publishing of it are done intentionally to deceive, …, or are you just incoherent?

  • JOSHUA 7:25

    Sad pearls put before a figurative, …, well, you know the saying. The Rev. Dr., (if he in fact has truly achieved the credentials), and Dr. Standridge bear witness to the possibility of a PhD. without credibility. Unfortunately, neither man is “in Christ”, so “brother” and, therefore, the instruction, does not hold for either of them.

  • pjsr

    Rev Dr, which of these rebukes are Biblical? What part of his message is from scripture?
    Preach the Word! is God’s command.