Crystal Cathedral Holds Final Service in Iconic Building

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Signaling the end of an era, congregants filled the seats of the Crystal Cathedral in Garden Grove, California for the last time before the Roman Catholic Diocese of Orange takes over the property and changes its name to the Christ Cathedral.

The Crystal Cathedral sold the campus in 2011 because of financial difficulties. NBC Los Angeles said that the president and CEO of Crystal Cathedral Ministries, John Charles, commented that the building will not lose its iconic status. “We’ll always be recognized as the Crystal Cathedral. It may become the Christ Cathedral, but around the world, it will always be the Crystal Cathedral.”

Watch this video from NBC.

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  • sharon craig

    We will greatly miss this last vestage of the few remaining tv ministrys’- it used to give me hope on those long saturday nights.

  • ronneeh

    This cathedral is nothing more than human ostentatiousness. No matter what church owns it, this pretentious church in no way reflects the humility that is Jesus Christ. It reminds me of what a Global Religion Cathedral would look like.

  • Old n’ Rich

    If the move is well led, then the result in that local church will be renewal in worship, evangelism, fellowship and missions. Jesus is still building His Church. I look forward to this move becoming known as an excellent fail-forward. Matthew 11:26-30

  • Nancy

    Years ago before I became a Christian I would watch Crystal Cathedral on Sunday mornings when everyone was sleeping. A few years later I received Jesus Christ and began to understand the words that always rang in my spirit before I became a christian. Nothing is impossible with God.

  • Wesley Pittman

    How sad that this church is going to a Roman Catholic place! Too bad a fundamental Bible believing church couldn’t be established here.

  • Keith Little

    I am glad that Jesus Christ will still be worshiped in that building!

  • Sarah-Ann Lewis

    I discovered the Crystal cathedral in the mid 80’s while I served in the

    sierra Leone embassy in Bonn, FRG. I was so blessed that in order not to miss the 11am service when am going to my church, I will record the service. I do have these tapes up till today. I will surely miss them. May the Lord richly bless them.


    Sorry to see the loss but thank God that the property will still be used to lift Christ up.

    It is a lesson for Pastors to know when to relinquish power and allow a new leader to step in. I .always enjoy the services.

  • jcjonah

    A reminder for all of us. The building is not the church. Christ lead people are.

  • Helen

    For a long time I heard many uplifting messages from Dr. Schuller and guest preachers. In recent years it seemed the messages were more about the power of positive thinking than about the power of God in Christ.


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