Preacher Gets Punched in the Face—Turns Other Cheek

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This pastor had the opportunity to turn the other cheek … and he did. 

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  • Mar Komus

    Good for him.

  • Byron Harano

    Ouch! Tough Pastor. Who says our Jehovah is weak? He, our YHWH, is our strength.

  • Rev.willwill

    Set up on the same day you preach turn the other you got punch


  • Teretha Thornton

    I would hope to be this loving but I really don’t think I have arrived. LOL

  • C. Manuel Gonzalez

    Pastor Joe we love you we know when you went on to Glory God rewarded you for this one.

    • Theophilus

      Has this pastor passed on? And sorry for your loss – as you say, we do not mourn as those who have no hope :)

      • C. Manuel Gonzalez

        Yes he has he was a great man of faith.

  • Joy Lester

    It takes a strong man to humble himself as this Pastor did!!! Lord bless Him!!!

  • Derwin L. Gray

    That may have been the most effective sermon he’s ever preached. He lived out his sermon. He turned the other cheek.

  • Theophilus2013

    Why did the lady make fun, ‘The show must go on… no matter what happens the show must go on today at the prayer service.’ Was there a mocking tone? They did the right thing by keeping going – and even if they had done the wrong thing and stopped (which would have resulted in chaos) it would only have been a mistake – not something to mock.

  • Donald G.

    I wonder how Pastor Standridge in Oklahoma would have reacted to this circumstance? This pastor showed remarkable grace and taking Matthew 5:38-39 in context “You have heard that it has been said, An eye for an eye, and a tooth for a tooth: But I say to you, That you resist not evil: but whoever shall smite you on your right cheek, turn to him the other also.” I believe this pastor reacted in a Godly manner. Bless him for living out his faith at that point in time.

  • Timothy Satryan

    Since Pastor Daugherty passed away a number of years ago, why is this being featured at this time as though it were a current event?

    • Kresn1

      Jesus was crucified years ago (hint, hint)

      • Timothy Satryan

        hint hint – wow! I didn’t know that! Here’s a hint for you. Pastor Daugherty isn’t Jesus, although he is now with Him in heaven. The question is why feature a story that happened many years ago, today, as though it were a current event.

        • Dennis Jones

          Timothy, don’t stay in that moment wondering why. It was featured as a tool. Why can’t you see that? It is not that it didn’t happen. It is not that it was staged. What does the time have to do with the message? No one is comparing anyone to Jesus. However as a spiritual leader in the church, Jesus was definitely with the pastor.

          • Timothy Satryan

            My friend, I am not “staying in any moment.” I posed a question, and it has not been answered. As for “no one is comparing anyone to Jesus,” you obviously didn’t read the response that Kresn1 posted, for I was responding to that comment.

            You say that this was “featured as a tool.” Ok – a tool for what? To show a pastor who was struck during a church service and then doesn’t hit back? Ok – so what?

            This video clip is old news. It’s not me that needs to not “stay in that moment.”

  • Estreitta

    This happened years ago. Pastor Billy Joe Daugherty has since passed away.

  • abi

    all this are written for our learning,it happened unto them as example.

  • paul

    did they ever find out why this man assaulted the pastor?

  • Paul

    Agents of satan the devil in the church. May God continue to deliever His servant

  • Blessed58

    I believe pastors need security. Punching pastor while ministering is totally unnecessary. Jesus had physical security as well. It is recorded that Simon Peter drew out a sword and cut off somebody’s ears when they were trying to arrest Jesus. (Matthew 26:51)

    • Timothy Satryan

      As a pastor, I’m surely against physical violence against pastors. But, as for citing the example of Peter cutting off a soldier’s ear, Jesus didn’t exactly endorse that – in fact He rebuked Peter for taking that action.

      • Blessed58

        The point I am making is that Peter was a disciple of Jesus and he was armed for protection. Jesus may not have endorsed Peter’s action but it does not obviate the fact that Peter was armed and I do not believe the sword was a concealed weapon!

  • MG

    A faithful Pastor who lives out what he preaches. Jesus too was slapped.

  • Rev. Dr. John M. Thurber

    I would say this does fit turning the other cheek, to stand there and take physical abuse would be ignorant of any man! However, he continued to act in love, pray in love and react as Christ would have in the situation! While this is an old clip and Billy Joel is now with Christ, I’m proud of the way He handled himself.

    • Timothy Satryan

      I’m sorry… perhaps it was “auto correct” at work… but reading that “Billy Joel is now with Christ” just cracked me up! lol

  • Algoria

    “Preacher Gets Punched in the Face—Turns Other Cheek”
    As others have pointed out this happened years ago. Therefore this headline is somewhat deceptive, whether intentionally so or not.

    As if that weren’t enough it’s under this larger heading in the original email:
    “CHURCH LEADERS TODAY Preacher Gets Face-Punched – Here’s What He Does Next” (Again making this sound like a current event.)

    The video is almost 8 years old. Absolutely nothing more is written about the incident or the preacher who died of cancer almost 4 years ago. It seems a little lax to not give at least this basic information.

    In yet another place in the email it says, “Preacher Gets Punched in the Face – Would You Have the Same Reaction? This pastor had the opportunity to turn the other cheek … and he did.” (Again the suggestion it’s a recent event.)

    If there was time to write all those headlines, descriptives and questions, why not also give the few simple details that most anyone wants to know about a news item? Even most secular websites have higher standards than this.

    I have come to appreciate this site, after initially thinking there was a liberal bias in the presentation of articles and videos. I now see there is a wide range of opinion shown and I need to see other viewpoints than my own even when I disagree. But this recycling of old news without identifying it as such is not a good practice in my view.

    • Donald G.

      Is a “liberal bias” wrong? Many great Christian leaders have liberal bias. Take Billy Graham for instance, I heard him myself say in a national television interview that he was a liberal. While I disagreed with him politically regarding some thing Jimmy Carter has proven true Christian grace in his life after the presidency. Relatives of mine have sat in his Sunday School Class in Georgia and his doctrine is sound. I do not understand those Christians who think all Christians have to be one political persuasion or another. But then again I do not understand those who get their politics and spirituality confused. A forum or blog is open for the purpose of challenging thinking and exchanging ideas. We all need to have our beliefs challenged to help us grow and mature and think and also help us to know why we believe what we believe.

      • Timothy Satryan

        I don’t see how this article – or, in fact anything on this site – has any bias at all whatsoever. How anyone sees this article as either conservative or liberal is beyond me.

        • Algoria

          This was a video of a man being punched in the head. No bias there, to be sure. But you can’t see how this site could have any bias whatsoever?

          Please note that I said there’s a wide range of opinion in the articles on this site. But some of the past articles about homosexuality have had a clearly liberal bias. One article, comparing gluttony with homosexuality, complained about a preacher who made a joke about overeating at Thanksgiving and then later in the same sermon dared to suggest that he thinks homosexuality is wrong. The author’s main point was that often from Christians “hate spills out on the sinner, the sinner’s friends and anyone who associates with the sinner.”

          I don’t think hatred from Christians is the main difficulty in the current controversy about homosexuality. Hate is wrong, of course, but some see hate where there is none. Merely saying homosexuality is wrong is not hate.

          In one video (Can We See Beyond the Label ‘Gay’?) Tony Campolo says “You may find that the same Christ that you love is waiting to be encountered in (gays and lesbians)” He says nothing about repentance, just about how unloving Christians can be. He also declares it is wrong to say “Love the sinner but hate his sin.” He claims that Jesus would say only, “Love the sinner and hate your own sin.”

          Until we have totally rid ourselves of all sin in our own lives we must say nothing about sin in our society at large? Nonsense. Yes, we must remove the logs from our own eyes but we have an additional duty to declare the whole counsel of God, even if it’s unpopular.

          • Timothy Satryan

            Then perhaps your issue is more with Tony Campolo, who has a long history of making very provocative statements, than with this web site.

          • Algoria

            Tony Campolo didn’t post his video here any more than Billy Joe Daugherty posted his. Maybe YOUR issue with this video should have been taken up with Billy Joe. Or was that Billy Joel? :)

            Anyway I have no contact with Tony and doubt if I ever will, but you and I are able to comment freely on this site, so far at least.

            I don’t have any “issue” with this web site. In fact I’ve already said twice there’s a wide range of opinion in the articles on this site (which is fine with me.)

            But you said you don’t see how anything on this site has any bias at all whatsoever. I just related a couple of examples, an article and a video, that seemed very slanted in a liberal way.

            (As for the comment you replied to which claimed Billy Graham self-identifies as a liberal, that commenter seems to be confusing liberal political views with liberal Christianity. They’re sometimes intertwined but they’re not the same. I was talking about liberal Christianity which sometimes finds expression here. And, for the fourth time, that’s fine with me as long as the other side gets a turn.)

          • Timothy Satryan

            I hear what you are saying. Hadn’t thought of it that way. But, I’m still not thinking this site has any bias. I just think they post video clips and thought they feel are worth a look and consideration. But, then again, perhaps I’m pretty naive about it! :)

            I like this site a lot, and really appreciate the many articles they do post. My concern with this particular posting was not about its content so much as its timing. I still don’t know why they chose to post a dated video at this time.

          • Algoria

            Of course most of the articles are reposted from elsewhere, except for the ones by “Staff Writer” whoever that is. But there’s a fair bit of recycling of really old material. This video was almost 8 years old, in which case probably they should refer to it as a classic or some such. Otherwise it seems a little deceptive.

            I like this site as well. I’m not saying it has an agenda except perhaps to get more page views, but on controversial subjects like the one I mentioned they do seem to publish quite a few liberal articles. I don’t hate liberal Christians, even the ultra-liberal ones, I just disagree with them much of the time. I don’t hate ultra-fundamentalists either. No Christian or Christian group is free from error I’m sure, myself included. But I do see a lot of obvious problems with liberal Christianity.

          • Timothy Satryan

            I see problems with both “liberal” and “conservative” Christians. I am theologically VERY conservative, but regarding many social issues, my liberal friends think me conservative, and my conservative friends think me a liberal!

          • Algoria

            You see problems with both types of Christians probably because all Christians have problems.

            But the theologically liberal tendency in the Church seems to be increasing even among evangelicals. Some are reinterpreting the scriptures to suit their own preferences. Maybe since you’re theologically conservative you’ve noticed this.

            However, God is still sovereign so nothing should dismay a Christian for long. Maybe this trend will even help those of us who believe the Bible, to “be diligent to present (ourselves) approved to God” to a greater degree than we have been doing thus far.

          • Algoria

            One last thing. I didn’t mean to get into “which is better, theological liberalism or conservatism?” here.

            I’m more likely to get involved in the discussion when someone, Christian or otherwise, advocates for same-sex marriage, for example, or for the right to kill the unborn. (Although there seems to be little debate about abortion these days. I guess in the minds of some Christians that ship has sailed, as Rob Bell might say.)

          • Donald G.

            I agree with you that there is a distinction between liberal political views and liberal Christianity, just as there are distinctions between conservative politics and conservative Christianity but many people get them confused. Some people think I am a liberal Christian because I do not adhere to some legalistic viewpoints, but I consider myself a conservative Christian in the sense that I believe that true Christianity and the Bible have remained constant over the centuries. Sin as defined in the Bible has not changed, and all unrighteousness is sin. And any one sin is enough to alienate us from God were it not for the saving grace of Jesus Christ on the Cross. In that sense gluttony and homosexuality are both sins and both are lifestyle sins. As Christians we are told not do either one or to live in that lifestyle. On the other hand I have seen some pastors stand up and preach about the evils of homosexuality and other sins and sit down to an after church potluck and go back through the line 3 or 4 times refilling their plate and their girth showed it. So which lifestyle does God condemn? Both. It is my belief that true conservative Christians do not pick and chose which sins are worse than others but strive to overcome all sin first within ourselves and then speaking out for righteousness. When we look at the Epistles, we see many examples of speaking out against sin and injustice and those Epistles were addressed to different churches.
            I appreciate your comments and I agree with you that it is important that everyone gets a chance to dialogue as long as it is in the right spirit and attitude.
            I will confess that sometimes it is very hard for me to respond in the proper attitude when a couple of those posting on here say that the Bible did not condemn homosexuality and that those verses calling it sin are not referring to homosexuality at all and claiming that the Story of Creation is a myth. I tend to get too agitated in responding.
            But I also like that I am sometimes challenged in my thinking and have to study things out more to make sure I am on the same side as Scripture in its proper context.

          • Robertmark Carlson

            Why the f*ck do christians ALWAYS WITHOUT FAIL relate absolutely every single solitary minute detail of sin in the world to homosexuality? lt’s like gay people are the “new witches”. It’s no wonder they look at us and think we’re overly righteous religious bigots when every single solitary time any biblical discussion comes up some pastor or priest or revered always and without fail ties all sin in the world to homosexuality. I’m SICK TO DEATH OF HOMOSEXUALITY!!!!! Hurricane?- gay person somehow responsible. Tornado?- homosexual responsible somehow. Blizzard?- homosexuality to blame. Hottest day on record?- homosexuality. Stub your toe?- homosexuality. Car won’t start?- homosexuality. Are homosexuals responsible for every single sin in the world or what? There will be no hope of reaching gay people with this bullshit constantly.

          • Algoria

            “lt’s like gay people are the “new witches”. It’s no wonder they look at us and think we’re overly righteous religious bigots…”

            “Us” Rob? You’re pretending to identify with the Christianists you actually hate? How disingenuous of you. Have you no morals? Oh, wait. You’re an atheist.

  • Timothy Satryan

    Here is a link to the story of this incident, which took place back in 2005, for anyone interested in the details –

  • Hank

    I wonder what would happen if this was Marc Driscol? lol

  • facepunchingpreacher

    am I the only one who’s gonna say it? I would’ve hit him back…

  • Nick Fry

    This is at my parents church in Tulsa, OK. Sadly, Pastor Daugherty passed away a couple years ago. I loved listening to his sermons.

  • Timothy Satryan

    I post under my real name, so sorry if you are offended. My name is Italian. The family name was Satriano until the Pennsylvania Railroad changed it by dropping the “o” and changing the “i” to a “y” due to the prejudices of that day.

    Perhaps you think your small-minded little post is amusing. Interesting you can’t even use your own name. Perhaps you are embarrassed. You should be.

  • Donald G.

    Devil’s minion, shame on you for your derogatory post. I happen to like most of what Timothy Satryan says and at least he makes valid points worth considering.


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