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5 FAQs About Leading a Small Group


Prominent church leaders answer the most common questions of first-time small group leaders.

Let’s face it: As new or seasoned leaders, our faults and insecurities sometimes cast shadows of doubt on our confidence to lead well. We think to ourselves: Who am I to lead a small group? Uncertainties fill our mind, and we may even wonder why we signed up in the first place.

Here are five common questions when it comes to leading and growing a small group:  

1. What if I don’t feel confident?

Leading a small group isn’t about your ability. It’s about what God will do through you as the group’s facilitator. When you realize it’s a team effort, your overall view of leading will change. You’ll start to feel confident because you’re in community and participating with others. Above all, when you trust in Christ to help you lead and guide the discussion, those feelings of inadequacy will slowly fade away.

Alan Danielson, Independent Small Group consultant, shares more. Check out his two-minute free online training video clip on under the video: Alan Danielson :: I don’t feel confident in my leadership.

2. How do I help my group really connect with each other?

Getting your group to connect and gel on an authentic level has a lot to do with how you choose to open up. If you lead with a heart of authenticity, your group will feel the freedom to do the same. If you pretend like you don’t have struggles or sin issues, your group will never be vulnerable and spiritual growth will remain stagnant.

Early on, share your story and give your group snapshots into your life and who you are. Be honest about your struggles or sin issues. Ask icebreaker questions to the whole group. Love on them well and carve out social time together. And before you know it, you’ll be amazed at how naturally your group gels as a whole.

Mike Hurt, Senior Pastor of Parkway Church, shares more. Check out his two-minute free online training video clip on under the video: Mike Hurt :: How do I help my group gel?

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