5 Practical Questions to Ask When Evaluating Your Small Group Ministry

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As the new year approaches, your team may be evaluating your ministry. Rick Howerton gives five vital questions to ask as you do.

As a new year begins many small group pastors will bring their leadership team together to evaluate the ministry. Asking the right questions is vital. The five questions below may be helpful as you evaluate the small group ministry you lead.

1. Is our infrastructure still capable of supporting the number of small groups in our small group ministry?

2. Is everyone (coaches, leaders, and group members) connected to and connecting with someone for encouragement, accountability, and to find answers to the questions they need answered?

3. What weaknesses are consistent in the small group leaders who are leading our groups? This will tell you what training to do for your leaders in the upcoming year.

4. Are our small group leaders and coaches still capable of quoting the ministry’s core values and purpose statement and are they leading those they lead to live out those core values? If not, you can rest assured that philosophical drift has occurred and the small group ministry is not accomplishing what you anticipate accomplishing in the lives of small group members. You may need to revisit these with your leaders in a big way.

5. Is every person on the small group leadership team still passionate about seeing lives transformed and disciples made through small groups? If not, it may be time to spend significant time in prayer and, if necessary, replacing some of the people on this team. 

Rick Howerton Rick has one passion... To see “a biblical small group within walking distance of every person on the planet making disciples that make disciples.” He is presently the Small Group and Discipleship Specialist at LifeWay Church Resources. Rick has authored or co-authored multiple books, studies, and leader training resources. Rick’s varied ministry experiences as a collegiate pastor, small group pastor, teaching pastor, full-time trainer and church consultant, as well as having been a successful church planter gives him a perspective of church life that is all-encompassing and multi-dimensional. Rick is a highly sought after speaker and trainer speaking at or leading training in about forty settings annually.

More from Rick Howerton or visit Rick at http://biblestudyinsider.com/

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