Francis Chan: The Courage to Stand Alone

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  • followerofChrist

    Amen! As much as I enjoy being with my friends, God continually puts up a red flag when I’m looking to them for my joy, peace, etc. Only in God alone am I to look for and do find peace, a deep joy, etc. He quite often encourages and brings laughter through friends. Really enjoyed Francis Chan’s video!

  • Phiil

    Thank you. I needed that.

  • disqus_ct7UpAzQDB

    Really good

  • Tyson Jin

    Thank you brother~

  • Vern

    There is a bit of dispensational change between Jeremiah’s time and the New Testament. I understand the point that we need to stand firm for the Lord but in the NT the Lord must also gain a body. That is the body of Christ. Sure at times it appears we stand alone, but we must realize we are in the body and that the Lord sees that and cares for that. We are not alone. Neither apart from Christ nor our true brothers and sisters in Him.

    • Evelyn

      Good point, Vern

  • Mary

    Only what we do for Christ and the kingdom will last. Awesome word!!!

  • Margareta Cronholm

    Thank you, Francis Chan.

  • Joseph


  • ronneeh

    Thank you so much Francis for this truly enlightening teaching. This I shall save.

  • Nnanwa Abel

    Thanks for the wonderful teaching on the word of God. The true is that we,re not alone, Jesus is with us. Looking at the present generation that we are in, when you look around you, you feel like you are alone! Some times you think of the how the name Christian came to be, and look at the body of believers and discover that Jesus is not there, you wonder what is happening? But all I know I am not alone, Jesus is with me. Let kept on looking on to Jesus the unto and finished of our salvation .thanks

  • Julia

    What Mr. Chan is the honest truth. There are alot of things that people have to be prepared for. The ending of the earth is coming. People need to get prepared to go home with our Lord Jesus Christ.

  • Evelyn

    This is inspiring & directly to the point!

  • Lili

    I really appreciate your insight…

  • Jeff Custer

    No cowards in heaven…

  • cm

    Great message…very timely. I am going through the oven right now. It is VERY lonely. The days are slow and lonely.
    Thank you again.
    What a powerful testimony you have. God has prepared you for a powerful ministry.

  • Algoria

    I’ve experienced very little rejection for being a Christian in North America because of the lingering influence of the Holy Spirit who gave us a Christian heritage.

    I’m not saying Christians have no trouble here for their faith, but my heart goes out to my brothers and sisters in Christ in parts of the world where there is real persecution.
    Pastor Youcef Nadarkhani served 3 years in prison for evangelism in Iran. He was faced with a demand to recant his faith or be executed. He refused.
    He was sentenced to death but was eventually released after an international outcry and much prayer around the world.

    Now Pastor Saeed Abedini, an Iranian-born American citizen, stands trial in Iran after sustaining beatings and abuse by his Iranian captors simply because of his Christian faith. He became a Christian in 2000 and began sharing his faith among the Iranian people in keeping with Jesus’ instructions. He is already serving an eight year sentence and may yet receive the death penalty. He is being pressured to leave his Christian faith and return to being a Muslim but has refused to do so.

    I don’t know either of these men or their families and I suspect they are more faithful Christians than many of us here in the West, but I think we should be praying for them, and all our persecuted brothers and sisters, continually.

    One day Christians here in North America may well face the same challenges. Let’s try to be ready in case we too are called to face persecution for our faith.

  • Paul

    Yo Vern,
    I get your point. However there are times of testing and the Lord may test what kind of “steal” you are made of. This very well may include “the test of standing for Christ alone.”
    The Apostle Paul had this test. He stated that, “all have left me, but the Lord stood with me”
    (2 Tim. 4:16-18).

  • Sebs |

    Amen! Lord, give us the courage to stand for You!

  • Patricia Dascher

    What if we don’t conquer? What if we stand in some areas and fail in others. Yes, I want to be strong, but I still fail…

    • Eddie

      always have Faith.. Daniels 3 is a perfect example of it. when his Jesus disciples were put to the test.