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5 Church-Centric WordPress Themes


Using a template system, like WordPress, can be the cheapest and quickest way to a great church website. Here are five of the best, designed specifically for churches.

As great and awesome as it is to have your own custom website for your church, not everyone can afford a designer or design agency, nor do they have someone with web design chops in the congregation.

That’s when purchasing a premium WordPress theme is a viable option. Other than your regular web hosting costs, you’ll easily spend under $100 for a fully functional theme — usually with some sort of support offered.

Your church will have a rockin’ looking website, without all the cost. As for keeping it ‘personal,’ you would be surprised how personalized your church website will feel after adding your church logo and pictures and content that’s specific to your congregation.

These five premium WordPress themes are specifically designed with churches in mind:

Micah Theme

Micah is loaded with:

  • Easy-to-post sermons
  • News
  • Events
  • Photos
  • More!

The church address is easy to find — complete with Google Map integration — along with built-in podcasting setup and an online donation option too.

Learn more.


This theme is really clean. If you can handle some CSS action, this will make a decent starter theme for building out a church website. Just splash some color here and there and you’re done!

Trinity is available for free, but to dig into the Church-centric elements, you’ll want to pay for the premium version.

Features include:

  • Online giving widgets
  • Sermon media manager
  • Podcast publishing settings
  • People manager
  • Locations manager
  • Twitter feed widget

If you spring for the fully loaded version, they’ll even give you a PSD file for design.

Learn more.

Ezekiel Theme

This theme is a lot like Micah, but with some nice extras added.

Ezekiel comes with:

  • Sermon podcasts
  • News
  • Photo galleries
  • Events
  • Social networking integration
  • Sermon audio integration
  • Mobile friendliness without using Flash
  • More!

This theme is packed with plenty of punch, but is heavily designed; so unlike with the Trinity Theme, making dramatic design changes will take some time.

Learn more.

Malachi Theme

The Malachi Theme is great for video-based designs, as adding video and media content to the main slider is easy to do. However, if you’re looking for a robust video-based theme for your church website — like streaming live sermons — I would recommend Live Theme.

Like the Ezekiel and Micah Themes (all designed by Mint Themes), this also includes:

  • Easy-to-post sermons
  • News
  • Events
  • Photos
  • More!

Learn more.

Moses Theme

Like all the other themes I’ve listed (except Trinity), this is another theme by Mint.

In addition to all of the other features included with Mint’s Church-centric themes, it includes the ability to post sermon MP3 files with Podcast functionality, events and news articles. Owners can include links to Facebook, Twitter and more with the click of a button.

In addition to a full PSD file for your designing pleasure, Moses comes with five different styles right out-of-the-box.

Learn more.


Live Theme

The reason I’ve added this as a bonus is because I wouldn’t consider Live theme as a Church-centric WordPress theme. These other themes really pack some serious punch when it comes to delivering what most churches are going to want. What Live Theme is good for is those churches streaming their service. I’ve seen many churches setup a subdomain — such as — with an independent install of WordPress, aside from the main site. Here is where they stream the live video feed, providing a “virtual church experience” aside from their main website. It also makes it easy to spread the word: i.e. “Join us live at!”

Learn more.  

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Eric Dye

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