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5 Reasons Why the Attractional Church Is Still Relevant


Is it still effective to preach on felt needs, provide practical applications and draw big crowds in the church today?

My recent post on the “10 Politically Incorrect Reasons We’re Still Married” has generated, by far, the most traffic of anything I’ve ever written since I started my website over eight years ago.

Aren’t you curious to know the impetus for that post?

Here it is … I had learned of three more people in recent days who were a part of my life in some fashion, but disqualified themselves from ministry because of sexual sin. The list of people in my life who have made similar mistakes is now approaching close to 20 church leaders.

All of these stories remind me that I’m one stupid decision away from being in their same situation.

They remind me that temptations, especially sexual temptations, are something we all face. They remind me that we worship a God who offers second chances.

But they also remind me that we need to be taking intentional next steps to protect our marriages.

That said, I’d like to continue this theme of being politically incorrect, because I think there are some lessons church leaders can glean from my experience the last couple of days.

These are the principles no one talks about any more because they suggest that the church needs to be more attractional in its approach.

Let me offer a few lessons that we can learn from this experience:

1. People engage when you address felt needs.

The biggest felt need that both singles and married people have is for a healthy marriage. If I were a pastor, this would drive me to routinely offer biblical perspective on this topic.

At a minimum, I would offer a marriage series once a year. And then I would try to identify other critical felt needs that I should address.

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Tony Morgan

Tony Morgan

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