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Dear ______,

I just want you to know that I understand.

I understand how it feels to be in love with a woman. To want nothing more than to be with her forever. Feeling as if the universe has played a cruel joke on your heart by allowing it to fall into the hands of a creature that looks just like you.

I too was a lesbian. I had same-sex attractions as early as five years old.

As I grew up, those feelings never subsided. They only grew. I would find myself having crushes on my female best friends, but I was far too ashamed to admit it to them—let alone to myself.

At the age of 17, I finally made the decision to pursue these desires. I entered into a relationship with a young lady who became my “first.” The first time we kissed, it felt extremely natural, as if this feeling is what I had been missing all along. After her came another woman and then another woman. Both relationships were very serious, each lasting over a year.

I enjoyed these relationships and loved these women a lot. And it came to the point that I was willing to forsake all, including my soul, to enjoy their love on earth.

In October 2008, at the age of 19, my superficial reality was shaken up by a deeper love—one from the outside, one that I’d heard of before but never experienced.

For the first time, I was convicted of my sin in a way that made me consider everything I loved (idolized), and its consequences. I looked at my life, and saw that I had been in love with everything except God, and these decisions would ultimately be the death of me, eternally.

My eyes were opened, and I began to believe everything God says in his word. I began to believe that what he says about sin, death and hell were completely true.

And amazingly, at the same time that the penalty of my sin became true to me, so did the preciousness of the cross. A vision of God’s Son crucified, bearing the wrath I deserved, and an empty tomb displaying his power over death—all things I had heard before without any interest had become the most glorious revelation of love imaginable.

After realizing all of what I would have to give up, I said to God, “I cannot let these things or people go on my own. I love them too much. But I know you are good and strong enough to help me.”

Now, at the age of 23, I can say with all honesty that God has done just that. He has helped me love him more than anything.

Now why did I just tell you about this?

Jackie Hill Jackie Hill (@jackieehill) is a poet from St. Louis who has been saved by a gracious God. She is part of and will be performing at their conference July 25–27.

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  • amer

    GOD bless you greatly for frankly speaking some how i share the same experience with you ,i know that GOD can heal and deliver us.GOD bless you and use your article .

  • Annie

    God bless you for your courage and honesty. I understand, as well, though it is from a different perspective. I was a sex addict from my earliest memories. Didn’t know that’s what it was called back then. Very young–as young as 6 or 7. Obviously my fantasies “matured” over time as I gained “knowledge”. I was not sexually abused as a child. There is no cause and effect for my behavior. Disgusting for a young girl? Absolutely! But I didn’t really know there was anything wrong with it. As you can imagine, my adult life came to revolve around men and sex: a failed marriage, long term relationships, one night-ers, etc. I lost count. It is only now that I can look back with shame on my behavior because at the time it seemed like normal behavior to me.

    It was not until my mid to late 30s that I met Jesus. And the freedom that He offered me…the cleansing of my soul–a cleansing that I did not know I needed…oh, how can one describe the love of Christ?

    I have been single and celibate for 9 years now. I, too, have had my struggles and moments of doubt. But Jesus saved me from a life that I didn’t even realize had grown desperate and frantic and on a collision course with an eternity spent separated from Him. I celebrate with you, my sister in Christ, as we walk together in the newness of a life spent seeking and following Him.

    • Ben

      I’m glad you’re doing so well. Why though do you equate being sexuallu compulsive with being gay? In your view are all gay people promiscuous?

      • brianmaddox

        I’m struggling to see where you could have even fabricated that inference from what Annie wrote. Her second sentence stated clearly that she felt she understood the article writer’s feelings ‘but from a different perspective’. This would imply the Opposite of what you inferred. i.e. her own experience included promiscuity which was an inherently different perspective from the article writer’s homosexuality.

      • Annie

        Oh my goodness, not at all! I am very sorry if that is was you inferred from my comment! I was not equating my situation with anyone elses. I was just equating sin with sin. We are all sinners–I simply had a different sin struggle my entire life but was set free by the same Lord and Savior. I rejoice when I see my brothers and sisters set free from any and all sins that hold them captive because I can so acutely recall the chains that bound me for so long.

      • Minister Speed

        I believe he was just testifying about his weakness. it could have been psycho Liar. The point was he was delivered. In no way did i read even a hint of the idea that he was comparing a sin or say sodomites were promiscuous.

  • Pastor William (Bill) Perkins

    May your heart stay on His path many of us can relate to your situations in different aspects. It is only by His grace and mercy I overcame the problems in my life, listening to Him brought me to were I am today. Each day is a renewed battle so let us fight the good fight through His strength and not our own. God bless you and keep you in His care. Pastor Bill

  • Rebecca

    My Christian denomination denounces heterosexism and the pain and oppression it creates. I hope the pain and torment of people whose sexual orientation is LGBT ends soon. I hope we come to a day when we can celebrate together in the way God created us. Obviously this site has many who will disagree with me.

    • chele

      God created all of us the way he intended us to be. Its sad that many people don’t feel or experience God in their lived because THE CHURCH says they are perverted.

      • Ike

        Sin and sinful living however have distorted and perverted the pinnacle of His creation – mankind (See Genesis 1:30,31). The pages of the Bible and the world we live in are littered with examples. We wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities and powers, spiritual wickedness in high places (Ephesians 6:12). But I thank God for the salvation work of Emmanuel, which frees us now and forever from all bondage, once we realize and choose to follow Him in obedience and total surrender, just like the writer of this letter has chosen to do. At His Name, every knee will bow Romans 14:11; Philippians 2:10), even the knee of sexual sin…

    • pjsr

      Do you consider Jackie’s story to be heterosexist? Does it create pain and oppression? Or are you speaking in general?
      I guess what I’m wanting to understand is if, from your perspective, it’s possible for Jackie (and others) to share their stories without being denounced as heterosexist. Is it possible for a person to say ‘I think it’s wrong’ and not be oppressive?

      • Ben

        Pjsr…you ask valid, important questions. The overarching response is that God’s love is inclusive. God calls us to love one another. It is not our place to pass judgment, and this is exactly where the evangelical church has fallen short. Your beliefs do not make you superior to me, and your claims that the Bible says so are subject to interpretation through the ages.

        • pjsr

          Thank you for a polite and civil response. I know Rebecca may not have occasion to reply and I welcome others’ input.
          I’m genuinely seeking input – I’m not trying to build a foundation to make an argument.
          I think my interactions with gays I have some sort of relationship with are mutually caring, but I often wonder if it’s possible to say ‘I believe same-sex marriage sinful’ without being labeled as homophobic, hate-filled, or even responsible for teen suicides.
          Thanks, and perhaps a private dialogue would be more helpful.

    • Ben

      Amen and thank you, Rebecca.

  • Ike

    God bless you sister for allowing a Holy Spirit inspired message to delivered to the world through you and your experiences. You have decided not to be defined by sexual orientation, but by the Love, Grace and Mercy of the only Living God. It is a very encouraging message, not just for those who struggle with sexual sin, but with any habitual sin (including me, a sexual addict). But thank God for our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ who has paid the ultimate penalty for our freedom and redemption in God’s eyes. All things (even sexual sin) work together for the good of those who love the Lord, and are called according to His purpose (Rom 8:28)…

  • Martin Mkize

    God bless you for being so brave and revealing that in God is authentic though there might be spirits of distortions. In life there are all sorts of challenges that sometimes misleads. However humans are armed by the phenomenal ability of evaluations and observation in the spirit of righteousness. It does not mean preachers preach what is not known. They preaches what is known yet suffering hindrance due demoniac spirit. That spirit is trying to steal humanity and replace by demoniac spirit.God loves the learners. God love the fighters. God love the repenting spirit. In this life we are designed to learn. That is why in some occasions there will be faults in our livelihood operational spheres. However to realize our mistakes and take a U-TURN is what God love us for.

  • Chele

    Interesting read….what is there to be said though for those who are gay and are in love with God and believe his word? All with no conviction but an abundance of peace and experiencing a calling on their life to minister to the LGBT community?!?!

    • Claudio

      Chele, how can anyone live a life of abundance peace, without convictions in what they believe? If you are a practicing homosexual, and live happy (as I am sure you can) your convictions certainly do not come from scripture.

      • chele

        I do not have convictions regarding my homosexuality. I have experienced convictions with porn and self medicating. Those things WERE keeping me from having an amazing relationship with god because they were changing me on the inside damaging who I was in him. But having brought those things to him and being delivered from them it allowed me to focus and meditate on my homosexuality and literally after years of praying and dealing I received a word from god that reassured me that he loved me just the way I was.

        • Cathcart Boy

          Yes, God loves you as you are, as in His grace He loves me as I am. His grace is no licence to practise sinful behaviours. Romans 6:1-2 is very clear on that exact point.

        • Claudio

          Chele, surely the Lord love us, as you say. He loved us first, while you and I were still sinners (liars and thieves, in rebellion towards our creator and while we were enemies of Him, according to His Word). It’s great to hear that God has delivered you from sinful areas, just as He has delivered me though out the years in my walk with Christ. But to say that He has reassured you that He loves you, and your homosexuality practice, is a stretch. There is just no biblical premise for that. That’s the point of Paul when he tells Timothy that “For the time will come when people will not put up with sound doctrine [biblical teachings, in this case homosexuality is sinful according to His Word].
          Instead, to suit their own desires, they will gather around them a great
          number of teachers to say what their itching ears want to hear.” That are many things in Scripture that my flesh hate to follow, and many times I want to suit my own desires, and I like to hear what I want to hear, and I can surely say “I am sure God is OK with this”. But if your heart is in pleasing Him, then your only foundation for truth is the Scripture, not our own made up morality. It’s a struggle, Chele. I struggle with other sinful areas in my life, and like Paul said in Romans “I do not understand what I do. For what I want to do I do not do, but what I hate I do”. He understood and struggled as well, that pleasing his Creator was above all things… Thank you for sharing with us. Hopefully we can continue to chat. Pray for me. :)

          • chele


    • jalvarad

      Easy to answer, there is no LGBT that loves God, everybody has to deal with something when repentance comes, everybody must die to his own desires and own point of view and life, that’s only IF you love God, those are the principles of the Christian Life, A man that loves women and has many must stop doing that, a Girl that loves men and has many must stop that, a person who loves money over anything else has to change his mind, and is just part of the message of Christ REPENTANCE, so, if you believe that doesn’ aply to some kind of people then you should be reading another bible. I mean, i love and respect the LGBT community, but that doesn’ mean i won’t speak the truth of the Gospel, So, if you love your own way of thinking then is because you don’t love God.

      • Kevin

        “there is no LGBT that loves God”

        Very judgmental on your part. Even if same sex relationships are sinful, you are basically saying that one cannot sin and love God at the same time. That’s just not true!!!

      • Jeff

        Another extremely sad response and very repulsive that you feel that you can write down anything near the following: there is no LGBT that loves God,

  • Sanjac

    If one chooses, by faith, to believe that God’s word is true, then based on what is says, it is either all true, or completely untrustworthy. My friend Chele, what do you do with the scripture that was referenced by the author that clearly expresses the position that homosexual behavior is a sin against oneself and against God?

    • chele

      Well first things first…I believe that god’s grace cancels out the law. The law was designed to keep people from sin prior to jesus. Secondly he sent Jesus for this very reason because he was aware that our times would change his death was an overpayment for our sins. I think our obedience is to come from believing what is right not doing what is right which is the reason for our new covenant. And thirdly the bible is interpreted and written by man, the bible is still evolving to this day. There are Bible scriptures that condone slavery. Do you honestly believe that god intended for an entire group of people to be suppressed, killed, beaten, and tormented?!?! I can tell you that the god I serve would have not condoned any such thing.

      • cathcart boy

        Please explain where the Bible condones slavery. Scripture recognises the reality but does not condone.

        • chele

          Please refer to what I stated above.

      • Tyler Mase

        If you knew the scriptures you would see that they do not condone slavery as we think of it. It was about the repayment of debt and then they were free. In fact slavery as we know came to an end because of the scriptures. The civil war was steeped in the belief that our creator made all people equal. You cannot use old testament concepts to justify disobedience because you don’t really understand what you are talking about. Most of the O.T. law was ceremonial and civil law. The part of the law that remains and is reiterated in the N. T. is the moral law. See, it’s still wrong to have sex with a relative. It’s a sin because that was part of the moral law and God’s morality has never changed.

        • chele

          I never said that I think it does but that is how some people have justified slavery because of their interpretation of the bible. And I agree with you that sex with a relative is immoral however I do not believe a monogamous relationship between same sex individuals is immoral. Its all left to perspective and interpretation is my point. I believe that believing that Jesus died and rose again defines me as a christian therefore if you believe the same…we can discuss this in heaven :)

          • Shane

            “You believe that God is one, you do well. Even the demons believe and shudder.” James 2:19.
            According to your statement, we will see the demons in heaven as well. Unlike us, they at least have the good sense to have the crap scared out of them when they realize who Jesus is and what He did.
            We all struggle with sin and yes, God loves us in spite of our imperfections. However, that does not give us the right to determine what sin is based on our own morality. If that is the case, then a person who believes it is okay to sleep with children can act on those feelings because his/her morality tells him it is okay. The list could go on and on.
            Life is a struggle of our will and flesh against what we know to be true from God’s Word. Struggle well Chele.

          • SOL

            Chele, Unfortunately it isn’t always open to perspective and interpretation. The Bible is clear. Sex is reserved for married couples, Marriage is reserved for couples of the opposite sex. Otherwise is sinful. God’s word is Truth, it really isn’t open to interpretation.

          • Kevin

            You are wrong! The bible is open to interpretation!

          • Ellis

            2 Pet 1-20, 21, Deut 4:2, 12:32, 18:20, Rev 22:19 and the list goes on. I would put particular emphasis on what Peter said though. Also, consider how God identifies with His Word throughout scripture, e.g. the intro to John. Did you know that when God introduces Himself to His creation in Gen 1:1, “In the beginning God…” a uniplural noun Elohim is used. The name comes from the Hebrew words “El”, meaning strength or the strong one, and “Alah”, to swear or bind oneself with an oath. The name speaks of God’s inherent faithfulness, but it also speaks of truth and how much He values it. It is who He is by nature and action. One of my favorite verses is Psalms 138:2 “…for thou hast magnified thy word above all thy name”.
            I think you should re-examine your position. Oh there are subtleties to the Word that make it more relevant and personal to the individual but the core messages are stark and not subject to distortion. In part, because of who God says WE are, Jer 17:9. If the Word of God were subject to the interpretations of a fallible creation, you and I, according to our nature and predisposition for self-will there would be no truth. It would all be relative, subject to our fallible interpretation. There would be no God as He would choose to be known and no hope for salvation. Things would just continue as they immutable sin. Check out 1 Thess 2:13. Then think on what Luke wrote in Acts 17:11, remembering that Paul had just been to Thessalonica. John 16:13 speaks of one of the the Holy Spirits roles in understanding scripture but it is largely to teach and guide. Oh, and while we’re at it 2 Tim 2: 15 AND 16, and 3:16,17. If God is so weak that He can’t communicate with His kids those things that He wants them to know, he,(sic), is not God. God says what He means and means what He says.
            The ball is in your court….

          • SOL

            Ellis, that has to be one of the most concise yet educationally fulfilling posts I have ever read. Thank you and God bless.

          • Ice Touch

            Homosexuality is a sick imagination from the pit of hell..even a two year old baby knows how to differenciate between a man and a woman. how long are you going to pretend to be what you are not? Man shall never be a woman and a woman shall never be a man..Come out from your hidden place called pretence and sick imagination…I dentify yourself from your private birth suit, accept yourself the way how God created you and move forward with God’s identity shining on you!!

          • Ellis

            Uh…I think you should re read my comments Ice, you seemed to miss the point. Completely.

          • Ellis

            Ice Touch. I really think you need to learn to read with comprehension. I was not trying to justify homosexuality in any way. The point that I was making was that God/His Word is Truth. Any serious study of the Bible would conclude that homosexuality is anathema to Him. As Chuck Missler says, “In the Garden of Eden it was Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve”. I don’t check this site regularly or often. Hence, my delinquent reply. 2 Pet 3:18.

      • Ike

        Chele, it is not about your beliefs, it is about what the Word of God says, through the prism of the Holy Spirit. I think you need to read what Paul was inspired by the Holy Spirit to say about God’s grace and the law in the book of Romans. Grace does not cancel out the law, since God’s law is perfect, lacking nothing. Grace however has fulfilled the requirements of the law for us (since we cannot) through the salvation work of Emmanuel. Grace and Agape Love also empower us to obey God’s laws and commandments. The Bible has never condoned slavery. Like divorce, slavery was permitted because our hearts are hard (see Matthew 19:3-9). After all, God freed the ancient Hebrews from slavery. The Bible is written by people inspired by God, and God’s Word never changes..

        • Kevin

          The bible must be interpreted. Do you wear gold? The bible says it’s wrong. The earliest manuscripts are 400 years after the actual time period and were written by man. The bible didn’t fall out of heaven and must be interpreted. I suggest you read Walter Wink’s article Biblical Perspectives on Homosexuality and the larger problem of interpretation. If you’re not willing to do that then you are a literalist and should take all biblical words literally.

          • Ike

            Kevin, read the first line of my post again. The Word of God is perfect, complete and clear on sin and it’s effects. People like Abraham, Joseph, Mary, Isaiah, Jeremiah, Deborah, Miriam, Paul, Peter, James etc did not need to read Walter Wink’s article Biblical Perspectives on Homosexuality to understand about homosexuality and other sins. They depended on the clarity of the Holy Spirit. I will do likewise…

          • Ellis


      • LDonald

        The law was given not to keep people from sin but we will “become conscious of our sin” (Romans 3:20) and turn to God for the redemption He provides. The Old Testament sacrificial system pointed to Jesus. People were never saved by the blood of animals, but by faith in the sacrifice Jesus would provide, which the animal sacrifices pointed to. Jesus says, “Don’t ever think that I came to set aside Moses’ Teachings or the Prophets. I didn’t come to set them aside but to make them come true” (Matthew 5:17.) A careful study of the Scriptures in their context shows that the Bible never contradicts itself and that “All Scripture is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness, that the man of God may be complete, thoroughly equipped for every good work” (2 Tim 3:16-17.)

      • Ellis

        Chele, Grace, more specifically Christ’s substitutionary sacrifice, never cancelled or cancels the law. It fulfilled it. The price was paid, “teleo”, finished. That makes it possible for you and I to have RIGHT relationship with God. It doesn’t mean that we should or can continue in our rebellion against a righteous God. To do so would argue that we neither believe or repent. James 2:19, 2 Cor 7:10. God never intended that his children rebel against Him or that they suffer the consequences of that rebellion/sin/disobedience. He only wants the best for us. Our choices determine whether we have a right relationship or not. And when we choose to flout His commands, given by a loving God who knows that the consequences for disregarding them are pain, suffering, unimaginable losses and separation from Him forever, we deny Him. Gal 6:7. If you are not serving the God of the Bible, you are not serving God. Again…your choice. 2 Pet 3:9

        • Leila

          But who says that things that makes us happy aren’t the best for us? Does he wants us to be unhappy then? As long as we live under his laws, no matter how miserable? Because I can tell you that there’s plenty of gay Christians out there completely fulfilled with their lives.

          • Ellis

            Leila, sorry to reply so late. I don’t check Disqus very often. I’m going to keep this simple. Think on this: God is Creator and Sovereign. We are His creation. Read Rom 1:16 through the end of the chapter. 2 Pet 1:15-21. Finally, Isa 8:14. Jesus, the Word, is either embraced, in toto, by those that believe or He is an offense to those that would deny both His veracity and by extension Himself. Who says? God says. The core problem from the beginning has been the selfwill and capacity for self delusion of the creature, Jer 17:9. Feel free to disagree. The question remains, however, with Whom are you disagreeing? And what are the eternal consequences? Prayerfully…

  • Claudio

    Jackie, this is by far the best, most sincere, and biblical article that I have read on this site so far this year! Thank you for your testimony, your sincerity, and above all, your desire to exalt God above all the views. Just like in every area of our lives, we either sumbit to what His Word says, or we make our oen morality along the way. May the Lord continue to use you! 1 Timothy 6:12

  • Ann-Marie

    God Bless you for sharing this. May the world read this article and realize that the love of God is better than the love of self

  • Nathan Powell

    John 3:19
    And this is the judgment: the light has come into the world, and people loved the darkness rather than the light because their works were evil.

    Romans 1:21,22

    21 For although they knew God, they did not honor him as God or give thanks to him, but theybecame futile in their thinking, and their foolish hearts were darkened.22 Claiming to be wise, they became fools,

    The more we try to define who God is by our fallen hearts, the more the darkness will consume us. What is apart from God does not become of God because we say so.

    Romans 12:2
    Do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewal of your mind, that by testing you may discern what is the will of God, what is good and acceptable and perfect.

    I praise God for His redemptive power in you Jackie.

  • Jennifer

    This article is by far the most sincere, authentic, relevant article I’ve read in awhile. First, God bless you Jackie. I know it’s only through His power that you successfully added the perfect amount of truth and grace into your letter. Having dealt with those same feelings, I understand all too well what you are saying. I too have struggled with this in the past. I’m so thankful for your testimony. It allows others to know they aren’t alone.

    It’s tough in today’s culture because the world says that homosexuality is perfectly okay. God’s Word, our “love letter from our Father,” says differently. Sin is sin. No matter what the sin is, Jesus views sin as sin. Whether it’s lust, pornography, murder, drug addiction, alcoholism, rape, gluttony, homosexuality…sin is sin. When you first looked at the aforementioned list I rattled off, you probably tried to categorize which sins are worse. If you are like most Americans, you looked at “gluttony” and said, “That isn’t as bad as murder!” See, we tend to look at sin by it’s acceptance in our society. God looks at sin as sin. It’s all the same in His eyes. We can’t condemn others because their sin is “worse” than ours; we all sin daily. The question is not WHETHER we sin, but what do we choose to DO with the sin in our lives.

    Paul said, “I die daily,” meaning He had to die to his wants everyday in order to follow Christ. As I said before, I have in the past, and even to this day, struggled with feelings of homosexual behavior. But for whatever reason, God tells me in my love letter that it’s not what He has planned for me. So, as Paul did also, I choose to die daily to my selfish wants.

    I understand many in the Church today wanting to sweep homosexuality off the list of sins. When I struggle with a sin, the first thing I want to do is rationalize it before God. Try to prove that it’s okay to do. To be completely honest, I spent many years trying to find that “loophole” in the Scriptures that said homosexuality was okay. And after years of study, I found just the opposite. God, out of intense love for His creation, gave us guidelines to live by. And, for reasons I don’t understand with my human mind, He said that homosexuality wasn’t for us. It wasn’t His plan. I don’t get it, but I respect God as the final authority for my life.

    We have to quit trying to play God and make this one particular sin okay in the eyes of the church. Many others I know have come to the Church as a place of refuge from this temptation. As I heard my preacher say once, we as the Church have to be a window showing a new way, not a mirror reflecting the same things they already have.

    I’m not saying this is easy. It was not easy for me to comment on this post. There are still days I want to wake up, open the Bible, and see the verse that says, “Just kidding, it’s okay to do.” I mean, these feelings are normal and natural for us as sinful humans. But just because we have those feelings doesn’t mean we have to act on them. “Through Christ we are more than conquerors!”

    • Sheryl

      Thanks for posting, Jennifer. I will add you to my prayers. God sent an old childhood friend back into my life a few months before I got saved. And when I was saved and Jesus had convicted me, he was there to bear first-hand witness that God has the power to completely deliver someone of homosexuality.

      In my experience, focusing my prayers on the battle waging in my mind was powerful. (Colossians 3:1-2 and Phillipians 4:8). He helped point out that the more I allowed thoughts to nest in my mind, the more I was tempted, and the less likely I was to overcome that temptation.

      When you get past the point of continual struggle and enter into the point of complete deliverance the homosexuality is completely gone. I still struggle with the sins of my flesh, but homosexuality is a sin I don’t struggle with on an ongoing basis anymore. It’s almost as if it never was. There is rest once you’re all the way over on the other side. And when you get there, God will reveal to you just as He has to me WHY He denounces homosexuality. This forum isn’t a good place for that, but I have faith God will let you know one day.

      In the meantime, keep praying and reading the bible. And stop spinning your wheels focusing on NOT sinning. Spend your energy focusing on Jesus. And in turning to Him, you will automatically be turning away from your sins.

    • Leila

      So you’re basically saying that if I’m gay I might as well murder people? Oh, okay.

  • Rippinron

    Thank you for being open and honest about your struggles and discovery of our Savior. Temptation is a life long struggle, but as Paul said in 1Cor. 10:13 if we choose Christ will provide the strength to win over it.

  • Kellin

    This letter breaks my heart. I am sorry that you can’t trust God enough to know He loves you as you are and would not deny you the love He designed you for. I am happy that you have a relationship with God. It makes me sad as a straight Christian ally to see a post like this, proclaiming to be a “love letter” but not demonstrating the grace and all loving conviction of Jesus.

    • Martin Pickett

      It is obvious you really do not know the Lord Jesus because Jackie is right!!! CHRIST IS EITHER Lord of all or he is not Lord at ALL!!!!

      • Jeff

        Martin, how in the world can you say that to Kellin ? I cannot believe that I am reading from you and others – telling other individuals that you really do not know God and discrediting their relationship with the Creator of the Universe.

        • Martin Pickett

          I did not discredit her relationship wirh God… I simply stated what the writer wrote. The word clearly states the wages of sin is death but the gift of God is eternally life. Plain and simple sir…

          • Jeff

            You do not discredit someones relationship when you say:

            It is obvious you really do not know the Lord Jesus

            Um, ok

      • Ellis

        Martin, I love you man. I personally have a real problem sometimes, ok, most of the time with a little greek word, “epieikes”. Paul uses it in Phil 4:5, Let your moderation be known unto all men. The Lord is at hand.” KJV uses it for “moderation”, but gentleness, tenderness or self control probably work better in this culture. I understand that you are concerned for the souls of those who think that grace trumps the need to be righteous or sanctified or better, completely submitted to the Lord. I also know that the Word will either make you love Him or be seriously offended. I also, know that ultimately He uses all our grossly inadequate attempts to win others, from strength or weakness, to good purpose. His purpose. Maybe your response was care-fuly, prayerfuly considered. But, I gotta tell you, at least part of the time gentleness can be received more easily and more effectively…at least with “weaker vessels”….so my wife of forty years still reminds me. BTW, isn’t God amazing, I know Paul wrote the verse, encouraging the Phillippians and all believers that Christ’s return was coming, soon by God’s measure. But I can’t help but think that He was reminding us that He is there with us in all that we say and do, as well. Prov 9:8,9 And yes, He IS Lord of all. Blessings. And keep on speaking the truth…in love.

        • Martin Pickett

          Thanks ellis love you too sir!! Let stay in touch….

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          ——– Original message ——–

      • Kellin

        I am confident in my relationship with Jesus and as confident in knowing and understanding that all people including gays can have a loving relationship with Christ while remaining true to the people God designed them to be.

        • Scott

          Proverbs 9:7-12

          7 Whoever corrects a mocker invites insults;
          whoever rebukes the wicked incurs abuse.
          8 Do not rebuke mockers or they will hate you;
          rebuke the wise and they will love you.
          9 Instruct the wise and they will be wiser still;
          teach the righteous and they will add to their learning.

          10 The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom,
          and knowledge of the Holy One is understanding.
          11 For through wisdom your days will be many,
          and years will be added to your life.
          12 If you are wise, your wisdom will reward you;
          if you are a mocker, you alone will suffer.

    • Ike

      Kellin, what is the definition of the Grace of God? Why do we need His Grace? What does the Living Word say about sexual sin, sin in general, even our sinful thoughts, never mind sinful actions?

    • Ellis

      Kellin, in John 8: 11 Jesus speaks to a woman clearly caught in sin and condemned to death. He forgives but admonishes…in love, because like the Father, like the Spirit He wants the best, He wants life, for His creation. Creation was marred, “apollumi” translated “perish” in Jn 3:16-18 and, from the article, 2 Pet 3:9, (note the word “repentance”, from “metanoia”- a change of mind, in that text). I think the writer beautifully captures the condition and choice that each of us sinners, redeemed or not faces. God does not want us to continue in our sin but to continue to be made complete, whole, perfect in Him. And in Phil 1:6, He promises to do so. When Paul wrote 2 Cor 5:17, he spoke of being made a “new creature”. That is what God did, on the cross, AND DOES, it’s a process, in us that believe. The more that God graciously allows me, no…persistently draws me.. to know and understand Him, the more that I understand that I am His creation, made or planned to good purpose and the more I understand the nature of sin and its consequent death, the more I love Jesus…and the more I realize that only by making us righteous, not only by imputation alone, but through the work of the Spirit and the Word, Jn 17:17, can we let God’s grace be worked out in us. God loves us and desires the very best, Himself, for us, Jer 29:11. But that best doesn’t include continuing in known sin. Paul repeatedly commands us to quit sinful behaviors, e.g., Gal 5:19-21. ( I selected Galations because he wrote the letter to believers exhorting them to return to faith rooted in GRACE rather than legalism.) 1 Jn 1 addresses how believers should act towards their sin, among other scriptures. And consider this, to ask forgiveness without repentance is disingenuous and without good effect, 2 Cor 7:10.
      In 2 Pet 1: 15-21. God says His Word is true, all of it, throughout scripture. If God is and is Who He says He is, how can we, His creation, arbitrarily choose what parts of the Word are valid and applicable to us? Look to our core nature, Jer 17:9. In your response you said, “He loves you as you are”. You were part right. He loves enough to provide a way to be saved by grace. But, not to continue AS you are. If you believe that one can continue in sin, you do not believe in the gospel as communicated through the Word. That would be “another gospel”..and that would not bode well, again, according to scripture. In love, by grace.

  • Ben

    God’s love is unconditional. God is not waiting for us to do or be anything to win God’s favor.

    • Guest

      “On 2), is the implicit idea that the phrase asserts consistent with Scripture? If we take the phrase in its plain-sense meaning, certainly not…. then why did Jesus bother declaring the conditions? “You must be born again.” etc…”

      Think about it. In a typical teaching of Jesus, much of what he said were the life-giving conditions of moving out-of a position of wrath and into a loving relationship with the Father. The catch-phrase unconditional love strips these words right out of our Savior’s mouth. “Hey Jesus, you can’t say that! Don’t you know that God’s agape love is unconditional!”

      John 8:31-32 (NIV)…Jesus said, “If you hold to my teaching, you are really my disciples. Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.”

    • Rodger

      God’s love is unconditional. Salvation is not.

  • Kevin

    Its more complicated than the author states. You might want to read

    • Rodger

      With a doctorate in theology you can make any sin more complicated. The devil is in the details. The great theologians of Jesus time got so complicated they crucified him. The great theologians of today would do it all aver again.

      • Kevin

        Clearly you don’t value thoughtful reflection and dialogue nor have any respect for those who have devoted their lives and careers to understanding the Scriptures and thinking through difficult issues. You are a literalist and have made up your mind about all matters and you are right. Right?

        My suggestion to read the article has less to do with what you call “sin” and more to do with the question of how we interpret the Bible and its implications for life in this modern world.

        As I said before, the Issue IS complicated. Which simply means it’s difficult to analyze, understand, or explain. That has nothing to do with Jesus crucifixion. Maybe you should check your own bias of disdain toward theologians.

  • LDonald

    Blessings on you, Jackie, for this article! You have displayed grace and courage in speaking this needful message into our culture! All of us have sinful and idolatrous tendencies that need to be treated the same way you are treating yours. You have me in tears! I have prayed that your life will bring much glory and praise to God and that you will grow and mature and “will be a vessel for honorable use, set apart as holy, useful to the master of the house, ready for every good work.” (2 Tim. 2:20-21)

    • LDonald

      And Jackie, I hope I have the pleasure of reading more from you in the future!

  • Sheryl

    A friend of mine sent me this and asked what I thought. As new believer delivered of my homosexuality I often get asked about my experiences. And this article hit the nail right on the head. I too, knew I was different at the age of 5. I too, knew I was gay and explored that in my youth. As an adult I went all in, getting legally married to a woman, having a child we called our own, going to a fertility clinic to have another. I used to argue with people about how the bible doesn’t “really” point towards homosexuality being wrong.

    But all that changed the day God revealed Himself to me. When you’re truly in a relationship with Jesus, you can’t argue His word against Him. He let’s you know what HE meant when His word was written. And I was instantly convicted. Through my relationship with prayer and scripture reading I finally let it all go and set it down at the cross. I can stumble and fall, but He never fails. So I gave it all to Him. And He took it. Even though it was WHO I WAS. I was reborn, a new creation in Christ (2 Corinthians 5:17).

    Yes, I was that way from childhood. And yes, God accepted me and loved me. But He wanted something better for me. Because He didn’t create me for that. He created me for Him. And holding on to my idol of homosexuality, kept me from being close to Him. Just as all of our idols (regardless of what they are) keep us from getting close to Him.

    In today’s climate of hyper grace we forget in order to be forgiven we must repent. And we forget that Jesus said, “If you love me, you will follow my commandments.” (John 14:15) Jesus IS God (and the holy spirit) so saying Jesus never spoke about homosexuality is just deceiving yourself about God’s intentions for your life. Verify for yourself with John 1:1 (the word, aka Jesus, WAS God), John 1:14 (the word was made flesh…) and Genesis 1:26 (Let US make man in OUR image…)

    And right now somebody reading this is thinking I’m in their head. But I’m not. God gave me that last bit and HE is in your head working through me. Got the Holy Ghost goosebumps? Good. It’s called conviction. And it doesn’t come from me or anything I say, it comes from your creator. You can twist what was said and how you feel at this very moment, but you can never again say you didn’t know. And God holds you accountable for what you know.

    Deliverance from homosexuality is possible. I’m living PROOF and the author of this article is living PROOF. But deliverance is only possible through truth, a.k.a. Jesus (John 14:6). God is real, His son is Jesus who died for our sins, and belief in Him and a relationship with Him (through prayer and scripture reading) can deliver you. But you have to LET Him deliver you.

    • Kevin

      Just keep telling yourself that.

      • amos8

        “Clearly you don’t value thoughtful reflection and dialogue”

        Wow, Kevin, which is it? You summarily judge and condemn one person below (in the quote above) and do so again … AND do not engage in “thoughtful reflection and dialogue” which you claim to want.

        • Kevin

          Don’t really understand what you are saying. My comment below is easily understood. My comment above is my reaction to what I believe. I don’t believe God delivers one from sexual orientation. That’s like saying he delivered me from being black or he delivered me from being chinese, which isn’t possible!

          I am engaging in dialogue and adding my opinions and suggestions to look at other viewpoints, while other’s have said it’s pointless because the Bible is clear, which it’s not.

          Where is your input except to criticize me for criticising others closed mindedness?

          • amos8

            “Just keep telling yourself that.”

            So, Kevin, if that was my sole response to you (or someone else) then that would be okay with you? To further complicate things, this is all in the context of you insisting on thoughtful dialogue. Yet you seem to want to play it both ways … and then declare YOU can do so while others, apparently, cannot.

            My “input” is not simply to criticize, but, believe it or not, to point out to you double-standard/self-defeating notions you displayed. I said this for your benefit, not mine. If you want to reject it, refuse to acknowledge it, or blame someone else, then that is your choice.

            In my opinion you apparently have a glaring blind spot. If you re-read your comments and cannot see the problem then, well … where to go from there.

            All of this is completely separate from the original point/concern, with which I think you are drastically inaccurate. But it does bring up the bigger issue, that of being accurate with personal responsibility. That is the biggest problem here.

          • Jacob Steves

            The Bible doesn’t make it clear?

            1 Corinthians 6:9-11

            9 Or do you not know that wrongdoers will not inherit the kingdom of God? Do not be deceived: Neither the sexually immoral nor idolaters nor adulterers nor men who have sex with men[a] 10 nor thieves nor the greedy nor drunkards nor slanderers nor swindlers will inherit the kingdom of God. 11 And that is what some of you were. But you were washed, you were sanctified, you were justified in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ and by the Spirit of our God.


    Excellent standing on the temptations, in all ways, we will face. It is so easy NOT to take a stand, and just go with our feelings and hearts of this worlds values. Most will. It is easy to say “I’m tempted”, and fall back in to temptation…but that takes action on our part. For me, at least, that temptation is pornography. I can clearly see God wants me nothing to do with that, but the value of my self-worth, my lustful thoughts alone, the value that this world is full of temptations telling me those thoughts are pure and good, and ‘no big deal’…but the heart that envelopes my entire being, that which God has transformed in to me says, “You have to believe that my Word is true even if it contradicts how you feel.”

    That same value teaches me NOTHING, outside of the Covenant of Marriage God establishes through us, as one man and one woman, can create the living Covenant He calls for in that stand. Sex, in the entirety that God gave it, was for that purpose of binding, hearts first for Him, establishing a relationship of trust, understanding and everlasting love…but this worlds values, through sin, make that understanding and fulfillment so hard, even for those who are Christians, because the eyes of Satan watch us. Satan is the king of this world and the majority around us are his. Lust and feelings are a value that encircles every last one of us…yet God lovingly lets us know He makes a way for us not to follow those paths, as hard as it may seem.

    For me, touching a few keys to get to a site that shows women in immoral ways is easy. It is easy to turn on the television, and even a commercial share immorality as no big deal (“What happens in Vegas…”). Education bombards the teaching and practice of sexual immoralities and hormones of our flesh will feed on movies, books, magazines, television and even songs that are a part of that bombarding. There are even many ‘churches’ that teach immorality is of God.

    We are warned of ‘idol hands are the Devils workshop’ is a value of warning to stay busy in our lives, not to allow our hearts to be guided by this earths guidance under Satan. remember, Jesus was told by satan if He bowed to him, he would give Jesus, God made flesh, all the kingdoms of the earth…because he is, for now, the ruler of this earth.

    Matthew 6 gives a clarity that one day, please God, make earth as it IS in Heaven. Jesus showed the lacking we really had and a simple prayer to God from His apostles to show that lack.
    Why did God give the standard of the Ten Commandments like He did? First God commanded Moses to take his people to the side of the mountain, not to go any further and wait, and when God delivered His Covenant, it came through earthquakes, thunder, lightening, clouds and Gods voice in the clarity of His commandments…so much so the people screamed to Moses to talk to them instead of God. They knew, as we should, God didn’t give these to see how perfect we are. we will fail, many times. It was to show us, without Him, we are nothing. His grace, not our words, our flesh, our giving or receiving can save us, only in repentance, that which simply means see that sin in our lives, acknowledge it to yourself and God (and those close to you of God) to free you of the power that sin has. Darkness control it, and sunlight can expose and clean the diseasing value from us.
    I go to the mens pastor at my church once a week, and many times I have tried hiding my heart…but God is present, and every time I think I’m being slick, God shows He aint buying it, and the discernment my pastor has, through God, begins with a prayer and asking of God to see me, heal me and free me. Many times, I leave angry, upset, hurt, questioning and devalued…but that is when God is the closest to me. No place to hide, no lie I can use, nothing but the honesty He says he will give me, but doesn’t say I’ll like how it comes to me.
    Thank you for your words Jackie. They are words I truly feel and know are what God wants us to see, not to hurt us, but to free us to so much more He wants to bless in our lives…but many times we simply let slip away in our ignorance and prideful nature that guides us. God Bless.

    • Rodger

      I wish I had the courage to say what you said. The devil is so clever that he can lead us all into temptation. The no harm thing is what he uses on me and then I realize that the time I spent was a gift from god and was used for the devil. We need to learn to resist what ever our sin is. The Bible tells us that “if we resist the devil, he will flee from us”. I want to see the devil flee !!!

      • RAMJR

        It’s not courage, it’s really shame. And I believe that is when we see God, more clearly than ever. Because in the shame, God grants His grace, a way out. It may not be pretty, and depending on the value, it may cost a lot. My pride, financially, emotionally and even friendships and standing.

        In the story of Job in the Bible, God asks Satan what he’s been up to, and the reply is roaming around like a stalking lion. Satan is looking for ways to divide, deceive and distract. Think alone of the 95% of the immorality that is on television and in the movie theaters. Each year, producers and directors ‘push for the limits’ to bring the ‘sell factor’ for people to be so intrigued they watch it, set their dvr’s and even hurry from church to watch. If I put a limit, had the ability, to not be able to watch ANY show that pushed premarital sex alone, I wouldn’t be able to watch, I believe, at least 85% of cable television, and 95% of any movie in the theater.

        The ‘STAND’ I’m working on in my life, is a part of the sanctification process all Christian go through, coming closer and closer to the WHOLE TRUTH that God wants us to know and live by, with no wiggle room…I’m not even close to where I want to be.

        What gives me hope is just how screwed up the Apostles started out…not where they got to.

        One I’m looking into a lot is Simon, later renamed Peter, for the rock to bring Jesus, the foundation of the rock, God made flesh. One of the most telling stories was the prostitute who wiped Jesus feet with her tears and dried His feet with her hair. This was lost on Simon, Jesus even told Simon to “Look”, but he just didn’t see, what this prostitute saw. That while the Apostles argued over who was second in line to Jesus in the ‘Earthly kingdom’ they thought Jesus meant, she knew Jesus was saying something different. Maybe it was in His eyes or the way He carried Himself, but she knew, and the Apostles were still ignorant of the WHOLE TRUTH. As Peter got older, he was able to reflect and sanctify his walk, his words and heart. We look at the Bible at the words of hope they gave, but to them they were just words out of their mouths, same as you or I. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not deflating the Bible in any way, but our words toady can be just as valuable, but the words they ended up saying, was not a part of their actions in their beginning. Grace, the ONLY forgiveness we can achieve from God, comes from the knowledge of learning, reading, praying, surrounding ourselves with like minds, like values. watching, reading and hearing those values…and through that teaching, in word and deed, to the next generation. God warns us, the generations to come reflect on the learning and knowledge they are given. It is why our schools are dead to God, our media, entertainment and businesses are dead to that value God shares with us…and above all, why so many churches and those that call themselves preachers, pastors, reverends, rabbi’s, priests and clergy are dead, if not worse in apostate and blasphemy to God.

        The devil is clever, yes, but many times it is our lack of shame, discipline and restitution needed to keep that cleverness away, because many things I use to do, seem to be so clever in my eyes in Satan tricking me, but many seems so pathetic now that my eyes see what God has been warning all along.

        I’m not perfect, as I will point out till my throat goes raw, but by grace I am forgiven, in repentance, the value of turning away from that sin I call out not of God…and many times pray, “God temptation has found me, please show me a path away from it.” And God knows those who are really His, and those who are just for show and tell. He warns us He knows our hearts, and even greater value than fleshly acts of sin, since the Holy Spirit comes within us, to guide, comfort, strengthen and even shame us. The Bible does say Satan will flee from us, but Satan will not fully leave, until Jesus separates him forever from us. Satan is standing, hand in hand, with many of clergy across this nation, and the only way we can know what God is truly saying, is by reading the Bible ourselves and finding a church that in the beginning, middle and end, read the Bible in the sermons. I know this because I was in a apostate church for years…and God led me to the church I go to now. The pastor has ‘Bible Studies’, not sermons, and the goal is the entire Bible, not the ‘happy go lucky’ regular IRS allowing verses. He even called out the corruption in government today, calling for a revival, restitution and stand in Gods Children.
        Thank you for the kind words Rodger, but in my opinion, I’m a mess. I find every single day, just how little I truly know God is allowing me to see, feel and hear. God Bless.

  • Martin Pickett

    Thank you sir this is why preaching and teaching is so important…


    I am happy for you and congratulate you. Like our Lord Jesus said to the woman caught in adultery and brought to Him: I do not condemn you; go and sin no more. May the grace of our God give you the strength to go on never to look back again IJMN. Amen.

  • Loveislove

    Quite honestly, this makes me sick. I understand and appreciate your beliefs as I was raised in the Christian faith, but I believe tolerance and not damnation to be the way to treat others, whether they are homosexual, bisexual, transgender, asexual, or otherwise affiliated.

    • Ike

      God is a God of Love, but He is also a God of Justice.This is something we tend to forget and we miss out when His Gospel is preached. His definitions of various types of sins have been clearly laid out in His Living Word, as well as the results of sinning. The wages of sin is death (physical and spiritual). I thank God for the sacrifice of Jesus Christ, that frees us from the bondage of sin, (once we accept His sacrifice and believe in Jesus and His saving power) to go and sin no more..

      • Priscilla

        You make a very good point. God is love, but is also a holy God who is wrathful about sin. He is merciful, compassionate, and a wonderful Father. He was so loving to inspire inerrant and verbal plenary Scriptures for us, to send Lord Jesus to die for our sins. As a Christian, I’m very puzzled by those who are other believers, but don’t believe God’s Word. (By the way, my sisters and brothers in Christ-at my local church-they believe and obey God’s Word.) Please keep an open mind, and give yourself a chance to understand how the Scriptures were inspired. The Holy SPirit (which indwells believers) uses God’s Word to teach us-to convict us of truth, sin, righteousness and judgement. God’s revelation of Himself and His ways, through His Word, is essential to the Christian walk. Please examine this in depth, with prayer.

    • Mark Reese

      I found no intolerance in this article. Perhaps it’s conviction in the reader. It’s never wise to scream your faith at anyone but best to just love. Not just love the person but love EVERY person. Don’t chase people to find and correct their sin but focus on your sin and work removing it from your life. We all have parts of our lives we would rather not see on the news… God is love and loves everyone.

    • Juan Carlos

      my friend, you say you were raised in the christian faith, but I have to ask you: do you still believe what you were taught while growing? … this woman did not write a single hating or intolerant word. not one. in fact, she starts her letter by exposing her own struggle. why would you consider that an intolerant letter? I believe that tolerance and agreement are two different things… you don’t have to agree in order to show tolerance and, most of all, grace…. in fact, you will never agree 100% in everything even with people you deeply love as parents, spouse, or sons/daughters…. think about it…

    • davidt57

      If you were raised in the Christian faith, then you should know that Christian love is toward the person, not acceptance of any behavior that may be manifested by them. That’s why Jesus defended an adulteress against those who accused and would punish her. Then he said to her, “I do not condemn you. Now go and sin no more.”

  • Lova Esmeralda Felicia Blåvarg

    I must say I respect you for writing about your own “growth” instead of trying to impose your beliefs on others, but it makes me so sad to see that you think you have to deny who you are (because it is just as impossible to change as for a straight person to make him/herself gay). If this is what you truly want and what makes you happy I can’t say anything about it because it’s your decision. However, I don’t think anyone can be truly happy when they refuse themselves love, wether it is from the god you believe in or from the people around you. Why would a God, who’s as wonderful as you describe, create a person a certain way, with no possible way of changing it, and then punish them for it? That is cruel and not what I think Christianity is about.

    • Sheryl

      You wrote, “…Why would a God, who’s as wonderful as you describe, create a person a certain way, with no possible way of changing it, and then punish them for it?…” The whole point of the article is that you CAN change your sexuality through Jesus. She was bearing witness of that fact through the testimony of her personal experiences. And for the record, I bear witness to Jesus’ power as well, having been delivered of my homosexuality too.

      You also spoke of cruelty. Personally, I think it’s cruel to lie to someone about God’s standards, conceal His power to transform them to be able to follow His standard’s and steer them away from soul saving repentance. I’m not accusing you of this. I’m just pointing out how society tends to view homosexuality despite people like the author of this article and myself bearing witness to the power of Jesus to completely change a person. of the opposite sex. So much so, that I have to be diligent lest I lust for someone in the other direction.

      • nancy batchelor

        Soul saving comes from accepting what has been freely given to us AND by repentance for sin. Even if God finds homosexuality a “sin”, this does not mean a practicing, loving homosexual will be denied a relationship with God….anymore so than every other human who sins every day and in much more harmful or mindless ways. There is no hierarchy of sin. There is, however, ultimate salvation through belief that Christ is The Way, the Truth and the Life.

        • simTheo

          In reference to your statement ” Even if God finds homosexuality a “sin”, this does not mean a practicing, loving homosexual will be denied a relationship with God….anymore so than every other human who sins every day and in much more harmful or mindless ways.”
          I agree that sin cannot be quantified however, there is a difference between sins of ignorance and deliberate sin (see Hebrews 10:26 & 27). Sin is considered deliberate when the individual has read and knows that God condemns the behaviour (see Romans 1: 26 & 27) but still continues to practice said behaviour with full knowledge and deliberation. Think of it as a relationship in which you know that someone loves you and will not stop loving you no matter what you do to them – does this mean that it is ok to do something to them that you know will hurt them and that the person does not approve? Will it not eventually affect your relationship with this person? When we deliberately sin we are renouncing the word of God and permanently forsaking God’s grace.

          God loves us and wants to have a relationship with us however when we deliberately sin WE destroy our loving relationship with Him.

          See Galatians 6:7,8 Romans 6: 1 & 2

          • Nancy Batchelor

            Interesting point about deliberate sin. It is well said and well taken. However, what about the shellfish or mixed fiber abomination? Will that destroy our loving relationship with God? (No, Jesus said that it is not what you put IN your body that is harmful…it is what is already in your heart. Was he only talking about food laws? I think not.) How about if we do not keep women silent in church? My point is, do we not quantify sin all the time based on our individual (and oftentimes cultural) understanding of what will “hurt” God? Can we not wrestle with God and win in this day and age? Sure, we will bear the scars of such a struggle (this could be exile from a church or a family)…but I ask you, can we not (and do we not regularly) struggle with/for God’s reasoning and blessing? Jacob already had a relationship with and belief in God. He wrestled for his FAVOR, his blessing. (Traditionally, the younger son did not inherit the blessing. It was Esau’s and Jacob wanted it for himself.) I see many of my Christian gay and lesbian friends doing the same. They have certainly been scarred in this struggle to claim what has not been traditionally “theirs”. But I believe they will receive His blessing IF they continue to wrestle for it, and most importantly, IF they mirror Christ’s sacrificial love in their own marriages.

          • Nancy Batchelor

            Frankly, I am more alarmed at people divorcing or never getting married than I am two same sex adults making a mature, loving commitment in front of God and friends to honor their partner (and God) more than themselves. The choice to divorce or not get married speaks more to selfish desires than same sex marriage. I am not judging those who refuse to get married or choose to divorce. I assume that they have wrestled with the Holy Spirit…only God and the believer know whether what’s in the believer’s heart is true and worthy. I also do not judge the multitude of conservative Christians who do not agree with my beliefs or relationship with Christ. God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit fill different vessels in different ways. Many people have spoken of the devil and his tricky ways. I only ask you to consider that perhaps the devil is tricking you, too, instead of just those who do not agree with your understanding of scripture. What if, like plural marriages and women being silent in chuch and stoning disobedient children, God wants us to come to a newer understanding of what love is BY MEANS OF DISCARDING old traditions and law? Perhaps it is more than just a traditional man and woman kind of thing. Perhaps it is transcendent, like God, and it does not discern between Jew or Gentile, Greek or Roman, Male or Female? What if the devil is convincing us to stick to terrible traditions because we fear changing? Fear is the devil’s handiwork. What if our souls perish because we denied the holy state of matrimony to those who would become closer to Christ…just because they happen to be of the same sex…because of our own prejudices? I know that I am putting my soul on the line, as is everyone out there who seeks to understand the unknowable. But the Holy Spirit has convicted me, too, and He has spoken to me in love: “Follow the Spirit (the relationship) first. Love God and your neighbor more than yourself. The law comes second for it is just man’s attempt to see in a mirror darkly.”

          • RAMJR

            In the roll of marriage and sex, God created only one path. His. God has nothing to do with divorce. When Moses led the children of God out of Egypt, the mindset that all, except Moses and a few others had, was slavery. It was all they knew. That mindset transferred to men beating their wives almost to death. Moses put ‘divorce’ in place to save these womens lives. He also put in place that those married that committed adultery would receive death, and in death the obeying spouse allowed to remarry latter.

            As far as ‘single’ and never getting married, many of the Apostles warned of the institution of marriage, and the violation to God in disobeying their covenant to each other, and to Him. The process of marriage was so holy, it lasted for seven days. During those days the steps of marriage were vital. One roll was the ‘best man’. His roll was to guard the place the bride and groom consummated the marriage. The groom would have two options. If the bride was a virgin, she fulfilled her duty to God, and the evidence of blood in the sheets was handed to the best man to present to the wedding party in fulfilling the marriage built on BOTH being virgins. The other path was in the proof the bride had lied, the groom could scream out for the best man, and the bride would be taken away and stoned to death in betrayal…or the groom could decide to forgive her betrayal, though it would be made public to others. If the wedding went according to plan, the groom would be the only one to leave their ‘honeymoon’, which was his duty to provide for everything his wife needed. This was the only time, in those days, that a married couple got any time off. No vacations back then.

            You really need to read 1 Corinthians 6. a clear standing that God does not compromise. It’s not prejudice, it’s naivety to discount Gods standing. In this chapter it is made clear that those that are Gods children will one day even judge angels…God will not allow sin to come to him and tell Him to let ‘he’ ‘she’ in. It is made even clearer in verse 11, sharing simple truth as “Such WERE some of you”, that which repentance in seeing those values in sin against God. That value does not walk in to a church and stand up with with his family, in this case lets say a husband and wife with there two children…and as the pastor says, “Who will join me in agreeing in membership of this family”, the husband then says, “Wait, hold on”, and go into the audience and pull out a young girl and say, “This is my girlfriend, and she will be joining us also.” Would that value be allowed in that church because they all claim to be ‘closer to Christ’?
            Deception is an easy value to get caught up in, because we live in a world that celebrates immorality. I have friends that chose that lifestyle. One an adulterer, some homosexual and another who lives with a woman and not married. That is all sin, and God doesn’t accept that compromise, nor would any of us want it. If that value was in heaven, the standing of God would serve no purpose…but God is the only purpose, and He will not even let a little white lie in heaven, let alone any immorality.
            I pray you come to this understanding, even though it means you will leave some behind in standing. God tells us that is the price we all pay. family members that will have nothing to do with you…friends you grew up with…relatives, etc. It’s not easy, I know. It took me years to even see the church I went to was apostate…and after praying and asking God what I needed to do, and leaving that church, I went through months to find a church. I searched the internet, on cable and even friends…and each time they were hours away from where I lived. I finally gave up, and told God “I guess I give up…unless you can find where you want me to go.” My sixth grade teacher had connected back with me, through facebook, and it had been a couple of years since I had gotten off it, and she invited me to go to her church. I laughed at the thought my 6th grade teacher wants me to go to her church…but then God told me in my heart, “You asked…Here is my answer.” I went to the website to see the sermon’s the pastor gave…and I felt God. I sent an email weeks later to see where the church stood on certain issues…and I felt God in the men’s pastors word..and then a week later I finally went to the church. A lot smaller than what I was use to. It took me almost 6 months to listen to what God had put in front of me…I was afraid to take a step from the shellshock I had taken…but I felt Gods presence.

            I am not perfect. I go to the mens pastor once a week to work on things, and God gives me no wiggle room in His truth. Many times I am angry, feel sad, confused and even shocked, because God wants me to fulfill what He has in store for me, but a sanctification process that takes many times just to be still and listen to God. Not family, not friends or those with agendas outside the Holy Bible…and I’ll warn you, it hurts…my heart aches in the hatred some friends have for me know…and I still love them and want them to see the light, the truth and repent and turn away from the darkness that this world is encircled with.
            I pray you take these words in love Nancy. God Bless.

          • Nancy Batchelor

            I do take those words in love. Your message and personal journey mean something to me and everything to you and God. I feel your pain in your choice…it has cost you dearly but you feel that the eternal benefits are worth it. That is valid reasoning. I guess, for me, it comes down to how one views the scripture.

            Is scripture a recount of man’s limited but transcendent experience with a living God (again, seeing through a mirror darkly) or is it actually God’s word, faxed to this world–inerrant and unchanging? I see it as both, really. There are the 10 commandments and there is Jesus’s life and resurrection. I can’t see where God makes it any clearer about His expectations for our behavior on Earth than in the commandments. I can’t see that God makes it any clearer of the Way to Him than through the Gospel story and the final commandment to love one another as we love ourselves. The rest, Corinthians included, is only flawed but inspired commentary to me. (Paul was no more inerrant than you and me.) For every passage you choose to further your conviction, I have two others that seem to contradict it. And, vice versa!

            Surely, we both miss messages from God because of our self-imposed blinders (your literal ones and my worldly ones)…which is why I happen to enjoy discussions with reasonable people like yourself. I learned something from you and I appreciate your loving candor. Mainly I write in these forums, not to convince believers like you to change your views but rather to attempt to convince those sitting on the fence that life in Christ brings a dignity that the Christian church has oftentimes tried to deny by means of cultural rules and “abominations” and scare tactics.

            For instance, the Way, the Truth and the Life did not say that we would not be allowed into heaven because of “white lies” and “immoralities”. Rather, He told us that we only had to believe in the Way, the Truth and the Life, which is hard enough to accomplish! Paul added much commentary (i.e. the way to the Way ) that I believe was his imperfect but inspired understanding of God’s will. But, we should not fool ourselves that his words are God’s perfect understanding of how we should relate to Him. For example, Paul felt that women should not speak in church even though Christ revealed his risen self FIRST to faithful women. (Jesus turned everything on end to mirror what Heaven would be like–what was once first would now be last and vice versa). Over and over again in the gospels, women understood Christ’s message and adhered to it while the male disciples blundered about in a state of “duh”…right up until one had to actually put a finger in a gaping wound for “proof”. The only explanation of Paul’s decree against women in leadership positions was his inability to overcome his cultural bias! (Cue to our modern struggle with same sex marriage.)

            I realize that I have “naïve” concepts of God’s will. But, I will continue to uphold Christ’s message in this world and I will continue to support my gay and lesbian friend’s very real need to live in dignified, holy matrimony with their beloved one. I hope that I am not denied an eternal relationship with God because of this “modern” conviction. I hope that you are not denied it, either, for possibly missing a larger message by living strictly by traditional, cultural rules. This life is a risky one! I pray that your broken relationships on Earth are healed. God bless you, too.

          • RAMJR

            The sanctification will all go through in our lives, to get closer in value and volume to God’s standing, the more we will downsize our worldly values, and even friendships. One left me with a weakness that gave me a path to fall and fail, and another to watching eyes and ears to keep me out of harms way. many times calling out my words, my actions and my heart. Falling to the values that surrounds us in this world, will tempt us and lower our following of Christ, that’s just the truth. Those that want nothing to do with reading the Bible, I have found out, cost me ignorance in following their value over God, all the while they told me that value was God.
            I pray that God watches over you in your walk with Him and sanctification process we all go through. God Bless.

          • Nancy

            Take care of that heart along the way…it is possible to answer God’s call, be sanctified through Him and keep your friends, even though they many not adhere to your strict values. Unless those friends or family members’ behavior is causing harm to you (addictions, abuse), there is a chance of reconciliation. If Jesus can convene with immoral people and remain pure, so can you. However, you are right…sometimes you need a break to make sure that your values are rock solid. Then, sometimes you can return to those relationships, not as a law enforcer, but as a mirror of the Spirit that has become strong in you. I have lost relationships, too, because of my beliefs. One remains broken because it is so uncomfortable for her to accept my different relationship with God. (Like you, she is quite committed to the “sanctification process”.) It breaks my heart but I do not wish to cause her anymore pain than she has already endured in her life. When and if she is ready to reconcile (not on my terms but hers), I will be ready to welcome her back with open arms. But, sadly, I think my beliefs pose too much psychic threat to her very fragile world. I do not blame her for this. In the end, people have to do what they think will protect themselves and their families. In any case, it’s tricky. I pray that God graces you along your way to Him, whichever way you may choose to get there. Thanks for listening!

          • Priscilla

            I agree both divorce and homosexuality are caused by sin. However, if one is a Christian, there is no such thing as “homosexual marriage.” God’s design for marriage is between a male and female. Also, no society or country which has legitimized “homosexual marriage” has survived that. Why? Because God’s standards apply to everyone-whether they obey the Bible, or not. Those of us who are saved must continue to extend the forgiveness and love of God through salvation in Christ to all people. Once homosexuals are saved, the Holy Spirit begins to conform them to the image of Lord Jesus Christ, and they stop the homosexual behavior. Many go on to be freed of it-and find marriage partners of the opposite sex.

    • davidt57

      Part of following Christ is precisely that we must deny part of who we are: sinful, fallen, broken people. ALL of us. God did not create us that way, but that is the way we are… sinners. For some, that is manifested in sexuality, while for others it’s in other parts of our lives. In whatever area of life, it must be denied. And if it’s never completely transformed or removed from us, we have to just live in lifelong resistance to it. By the power of the Holy Spirit it can be done… and often is, to God’s glory.

    • Janus

      Romans 12:2 Say be ye not conformed to the things of this world, be be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind. This is the reason people can’t change their way or don'”t ask God to change their ways is because their minds has not been renewed. Once your mind is renewed you wont have a problem giving your heart to the Lord. If any man be in Christ he or she becomes a new creation, one you become a new creation, formal things are passes away, you just wont live any kind of way. Because the Holy spirit will convict you, even when wrong thought come into your Mind, because that is where sin begins, you must think about it in order to react upon it.

  • Thomas

    If I was born a lesbian or gay, it means I was born in the image of fallen Adam NOT in the image of God. And let’s remember that following Christ has to cost me something. Things that will not enter Heaven must be excluded from my earthly live. I rely on the Holy Spirit to guide me through this wretched world.

    • nancy batchelor

      God’s creation, which is described many times in Genesis as “good”, is wretched? That is a sad outlook. This world is imperfect and hard to live in sometimes. But, wherever the Kingdom of Heaven exists (Jesus indicated that it is here on Earth, too) is not wretched.

      • Rodger

        Thank GOD that JESUS paid it all. HIS kingdom is in our hearts. The Devil points to each of our sins as proof that we are not GOD’s children but the Devil is a liar. The shield of Faith protects us from his darts.

      • RAMJR

        Though I respect a lot of what you say, some of it is not correct. I am sending this warning in love, and I hope you take it that way. One of the Commands of God, that which keeps His word and laws fresh in our actions, thoughts and hearts, is a command many pass over, including many clergy, in limiting truth. That of “Thou (You, My children) shall not take the Lords Name in vain (of no worth, no substance of truth, in passing remarks of ignorance and outright lies for mans values over God).
        While most clergy limits this to cussing, that is just a drop in the bucket of the command. When we say, “Thus said the Lord”, and it is not true or a half truth to cover what we do not want, but a part of the sin we try to get away with, that is calling God truth worthless, whether we know it or not.
        When you said jeus said that Earth, right now, is like it is in heaven, that is false. Jesus was confronted in His prayer life by what the Apostles saw, so they wanted to honor God in the same way. What Jesus was giving was a simple prayer of truth. Not just to be seen, not just to say they followed God, but in the hard stuff that was coming their way. death, torture, shame from immorality that would sat they were wrong and evil was right, same as a lot of sin is today in many churches and clergy.
        Jesus said, “On earth as it IS in heaven.” the value that Earth is NOT Gods anymore. Remember when Satan confronted Jesus, God made flesh, satan said, “Bow down to me and all these kingdoms I will give You.” That value is when first man, Adam, gave away the birthright of standing with God, Satan took it.
        You also said that Jacob wrestled with God…”and won.” No, remember in Genesis that when God made man, He said “In OUR image.” The fact Jesus always was with God and a part of God. Jacob wrestled with the part of God, the flesh yet to come to man, in Jesus. And when Jesus tired of the wrestling, all He had to do was touch Jacob, and it left Jacob limping in agony, though Jacob still knew that he was in the fleshly presence of God. remember, ‘Emanuel’ means God made flesh.
        I complete understanding, I cannot say it makes any sense to me…but then FAITH is that which is called for unseen…and man will struggle, even Christians, in that value till Jesus reclaims that which is His.
        One of the biggest problems is many clergy is selling a bill of goods in what God stands for, and immorality abounds in that lack of personally seeking, that which Jesus says we have to, to know the WHOLE TRUTH that God calls for over man, and government.
        Government crumble under immorality and ignorance of infiltration of sin excepted. We can see that ignorance daily in tv commercials alone, let alone the value of cable, television, movies and the evils of this world clearly in control.
        I say this in warning of love my friend, do not fall in taking Gods standing, Gods commands, Gods instructions of truth, not laws that water down what God said in the value of pomp and circumstances (celebratory law). The ten Commandments are of a truth I struggle with knowing, God giving me sources to go to, to figure out the sanctification process we all go through. I don’t limit that trust without seeking myself, praying myself, opening and reading the Bible myself, with a Bible Dictionary and Concordance on my self when I get stuck on what God is trying to reveal in absolute truth, and the lies that satan will use to deceive all, and many through apostate churches/clergy. I know this, because over time, the church I grew up in was revealed to my eyes, my heart and my mind not of Gods Word…and ‘taking the Lords Name/Word/standing and standard in vain. It is easy to listen to the value of flesh and liars/lies. Saul lived in that comfort most of his life…till God sent the TRUTH for him to see what was real, and what was fake. His friends, his job, his bank account, his heart…all of him was in a lie that gave comfort and ease…and he traded all of that for the truth, which set him free, but cost him everything that he thought he knew. He was ‘taking the Lords name in vain’ too. But he found the truth, not by man, but by God alone. God Bless

        • nancy batchelor

          I appreciate your comment but I think you might have misunderstood what I said, probably because I wasn’t specific in my explanation. I did not say that Earth was THE Kingdom of Heaven. It is not really a place as Jesus describes it…more of a way of life that centers around the ruling, saving, liberating, redemptive acts of God. It exists here because we can see it from time to time AND because Jesus says it exists here. And where it does, it is heaven like (not a full manifestation, but a brief glimpse). To call God’s creation wretched makes no sense to me. Our use of His creation can be sorrowful and misguided…but this life is not wretched. It is a gift. And it is good.

          • vigillance

            oh Nancy, why do you give in to person that does not know what Jesus
            actually said!? You both have a bountiful measure of your own
            interpretation according to your own understanding. Nancy, you were on
            your way to telling the truth: God’s kingdom is here – now! That is
            exactly what Jesus said. “The kingdom of God is at hand!” It is here
            now! The Holy Spirit is here now! With the believers, in their hearts,
            in their lives! Jesus said, “Greater things than these will you do for I
            must go to be with My Father in Heaven, but I will send you a
            Comforter. He will be with you always.” For the ones of us believers who choose to believe what Jesus said,
            we have the opportunity to walk in freedom and victory, exercising our
            authority through Christ in us in this fallen world given over to Satan
            so long ago. It is not a matter of barricading the church doors so that
            Satan will not enter, he needs no doors to walk through – and he does
            enter. But not because the church doors are closed, rather because we do
            not exercise the power and authority that we have been given by the
            Lord Himself! We don’t have to go looking for it – it is in us! We have
            to walk in obedience and take charge, win back territory for our Lord.
            That is what He has equipped us for. We are to be a dynamic church
            expanding our territory, not sitting on what we got! We are Christian
            soldiers, marching into war, winning victories for Jesus,,,etc. that is
            who we are. Read Ephesians 6, that will give you some idea of what kind
            of warfare er are to be engaged in.

  • David

    I understand what she’s been through her life, I have no difference when it comes to her experience. I’m gay, and I don’t blame God why I was made this way, actually I call it a blessing since His power will manifest in me, on how God will change my life from glory to glory. This weakness will show the power of the Lord on how He will change a person. By faith I have been changed by the Lord. Yes, temptations are still there, it’s hard to walk with this kind of new you but I’ll always cling to His promises that in my weakness He is strong, He’ll never leave me nor forsake, and His joy is my strength, only then God will say “Well done, good and faithful servant! You have been faithful with a few things; I will put you in charge of many things. Come and share your master’s happiness!” (actually my heart cries while writing this comment coz I see God’s grace in my life on how He has changed everything within me despite the hardship in changing perspectives from being gay to straight. GOD IS AWESOME if you’ll just submit to His power)

    • Janus

      David I understand where you’re coming from, we don’t have to give in to those sinful desires. Because God is a deliverer, If people would concentrate more on pleasing God, than pleasing their fleshly desire. their lives would be much better off. No one can ever convince me that being homosexual is right. First of all God doesn’t make mistakes, so if someone is saying that God made him or her that way they are calling God a liar! and God cannot lie. People know what goes on in a act when two men or two women sleep together. What if the whole world, started out that way, where would the population be. God loves everyone it the sin he hate. Young man you keep encouraged and please don’t fall back into that life style. You will reap your reward one day.

  • HeartPointe Ministry

    Thanks for sharing your testimony – very thoughtful and very powerful. May God bless your life and your ministry.

  • Servant of the most high God!

    First of all I want to thank God for his grace and mercy, and Praise God for his glory, you have shared a message of hope and salvation, love, tender compassion that our Heavenly Father his son Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit incorporate.

    Reading through some of these comments are good and disturbing reminds me of how the pharisees tried to prove Jesus wrong.

    Jackie you said it all you know the truth and some of you stated that our God is a God of justice that is true. He is also a God of LOVE, Compassion and Mercy, and he always leads in this way. (The Lord is not slow in keeping his promise, as some understand slowness. Instead he is patient with you, not wanting anyone to perish, but everyone to come to repentance. 2 Peter 3:9)

    Praise God that none of us is a God because then life would of course never existed.

    One comment stated that if he was such a loving God he wouldn’t of created someone who thought they were someone else (Lova Esmeralda Felicia Blåvarg)

    and it’s not Christianity…Christianity is to be Christ-like and not to put anyone down, Jesus was not gay. The Trinity did not make a mistake people through conception and a spiritual breakage causes the child to be born to be affected in some way.

    I encourage you Lova to pray to God for revelation in this.

    The greatest commandment Jesus spoke of is Love. And I’m blessed that you have share that you have found that Love and acceptance in our Lord and Saviour.

    Gen 1:26 states something that God doesn’t make mistakes. He knew you before you were formed Jer 1:5. He knew everything that you were going to go through and to this point of you sharing to others the truth as you know and live it now.

    And Jesus did not promise us that it will be easy, carrying our cross daily is not, but having a relationship with him that strengthens us each day is like you said our hope.

    To be the arm of God to help those society all alike have thumbed there noses at, Jesus he wasn’t sitting with the rich and enjoying there comforts no he was in with the poor, sick, outcasts of society, that is the example we should follow instead of useless debates trying to state man-made philosophies, or who is better knowing the word back to front.

    MY question is are you living it, do you know Jesus in such a personal level that you know his hearts cry? Thank you Jackie and may GOD continue to hold, love you and protect you as you be his hands, feet and voice to those caught up by the devils lies.


    Humble servant of our Lord Jesus Christ of Nazareth and sister.


  • nancy batchelor

    God says many things about abominations in the Bible, especially the Old Testament. We hold few of them to be true in this day in age. How many of us eschew shell fish and mixed fiber clothes? (Additionally, many laws of the day that were seen as holy, i.e. forcing a woman to marry her rapist, plural marriages, etc, are no longer seen as such.) These were “laws” or customs that made sense at one time but we no longer cling to them for various reasons. Yes, the Pharisees tried to prove Jesus wrong but they always did so by trying to prove that He wasn’t following the letter of the law. Jesus came to show us the beauty of its spirit..the Holy Spirit…the one in which God’s love for us knows know bounds. Being a loving, Christian lesbian is no more an abomination than eating shrimp or wearing polyester blend. Like the Pharisees, by forcing yourself to live by the letter of the law, you might be missing The Spirit of it. Only your heart, in prayer with an everlasting, ever loving God, can tell you what is right for you. Scripture is only a guidepost for us…it does not supersede The Spirit, Jesus Christ.

    • Rodger

      You are closer to the truth than most Christians realize. However you miss one very important point. It is not GOD’s love for us that is in question; it is our love for our creator. When Our love for our creator knows no bounds we will live in perfect harmony with him. I wish that I could tell you what that is like but I am afraid it is reserved for eternity. When we see Jesus we will fall in love all over again.
      The letter of the law has much value but Satan has cleverly presented it as a way to Heaven and people tend to buy the “do it yourself” kit. Those people are quick to condemn any who fall short. Jesus came to fulfil the law, not to replace it. A careful reading of Matthew 5,6,and 7 can only leave you with the hopelessness of following the law as it was fully explained by Jesus. Matthew 7:28,29 tell you how the people who heard it reacted.
      That leaves us with Jesus as our only hope for salvation and a home in Heaven. He knew that we could not follow him without a lot of help and so he made a great promise in John 14:23-27. Just be sure you follow what the Holy Spirit tells you and you will be all right. The Holy Spirit will never tell you to violate GOD’s law. Even the apostle Paul struggled with that. Read Romans 8.

      • Nancy Batchelor

        So true about which love is in question….but I did mention that God’s love has no bounds for us. Not always the same in regard for us to Him, as you so rightly mentioned! I do not love the law. I respect it. I am also free to question it, as did Jacob (who actually wrestled with God…and won) and many others. You are correct about salvation. There are two pitfalls which trip us all up–righteousness because of rigidly and proudly following the law (the Pharisees) AND the DIY kit, i.e. everything goes because it’s what I like. (Actually, both are DIY kits, aren’t they?) I struggle with the latter. So far, the Holy Spirit has instructed me to uphold true love over the law. (Kind of like when Jesus saved the wicked on Sunday even though the law prohibited it.) Love is the meta narrative, here. Wherever there is true, non-selfish love, there is no condemnation to hell (eternity without a relationship with God). Love is Jesus’s footprint on this Earth and the basis for the Kingdom of Heaven here on Earth and in the hereafter. I honor this true, sacrificial love that dignifies marriage by means of Christ’s example…among my gay and lesbian friends and among my straight ones. That the author of this article found this love against her heart’s desire is valid for her. I am overjoyed for her joy. But her experience does not have to be true for everyone.

    • James

      The Spirit of God will never go against the word of God.

  • inferior

    ok, so you found God, which is absolutely great, but you’re still a lesbian right? because there is nothing wrong with that, and you didn’t mention if you were or not.

    • Tresha S.

      In my opinion, she makes it abundantly clear
      that she still has these tendencies or temptations, but chooses not to give in
      to it. After I read your comments, I
      reread the article and walked away convinced that I was right. Just a few isolated quotes: “There was a time in my walk with Christ when
      I experienced a lot of temptation about falling back into lesbianism…(I said to God)I know you are good and
      strong enough to help me…He has helped me love him more than anything. The struggle with homosexuality is a battle of faith. Is God
      (enough)? That is the battle. It is for me, and it is for you.”

  • Pastor Wanda D. Cleckley

    Bless you and thank you for this piece.

  • Vincent Aja

    One of the most
    dangerous things that were affecting the people today is agreeing with the Bible
    intellectually. In every society today people even mostly those in the Body of
    Christ were trying to compromise on what the Holy Book (The Bible) has called “Spiritual”
    issue like when someone is under the influence or possessed by the devil which
    homosexuality and lesbianism are some of them were no longer spiritual problems, but psychological matters (Ephesians 6:10-17). No society that can win this spiritual warfare as long as the word “spirituality” continues to dminsh and the word “Psychology” continues to take the stand, unless when we begin to call spiritual matters by their names rather than when
    one tells people their consequences. And others would respond by saying that we are no longer
    under the Law but under the Grace. And so what?

  • Lexx

    “Love letter to a lesbian”. You should change the title, it’s misleading. This letter is not about love, it’s about condamnation and self-hatred.

    • James

      ? I see no “misleading”, no “condemnation”, no “self-hatred” as you accuse, Lexx. I would invite you to re-read and re-think the letter.

    • Amanda

      I can see how it is a love letter, she is writing a letter to a lesbian about God’s love for her. How sin is so easy to enjoy but that God’s truth’s are better then anything on this earth. How do you see this as bad, are you convicted??? She doesn’t hater herself, she finally see how God loves her and she is going toward his love. She isn’t condemning herself, she is showing where in Scripture it is wrong. And she is doing a 180 and trying to change and follow God with all her heart. She is following the Spirit’s leading in her life.

  • nancy batchelor

    You know, despite what people believe about whether homosexuality is a sin or not, I am encouraged by this piece. Two hundred years ago, homosexuals would have been burned to death publicly for this “sin”. Fifty years ago, they suffered in silence while their feelings were mocked and vilified. Ten years ago, a young, gay man was beaten to death by criminals and tied to a lonely fence post and people cried out about the injustice, both non-Christian and Christian alike. Today, a lesbian can reasonably discuss her story and the comments are not full of hate and condemnation for the mere fact that she is a lesbian. Where some people only see the negative in this world (the devil’s work), I want to shout out, HOORAY FOR CHRIST!! Because of His example, we are becoming more like Him in so many ways. Thanks be to God!!

  • Jonathan Hughes

    God is love. The love you gave to those women being a woman harmed no one. Wherein did you sin?

    • amos8

      Jonathan, I know this is might be a weird question, but after reading some of your writings, could you explain what you believe about bestiality? Thanks.

      • Jonathan Hughes

        Bestiality is a lot simpler than hate makes it. We are according to scripture a beast having no preeminence above a beast. Therefore being equal to a beast. Therefore when sex occurs with one it is sex one beast to anther beast whatever the species. Ecclesiastes 3:18: 20, KJV. People against it are violently minded. When they changer are not violently minded. Not being violently minded is a good thing.

        • amos8

          Thanks for replying, so are you saying that bestiality is a good thing?

          • Jonathan Hughes

            Yes, it is. What is against it is a warring evil thing trying to call itself good. What the warring people do not see is that all kinds of sex occurs. They do their own kind of sex. To condemn another for doing their kind of sex ends up condemning themselves because they engage in the same kind of activity.

          • Jonathan Hughes

            Having a person arrested or dead for having sex with another species is wrong.

          • amos8

            So where, if at all, would you draw the line with what is, and is not, acceptable (i.e right and wrong)? “________ is wrong/not acceptable in regards to sexual behavior.”

  • Priscilla

    Thank you for sharing your testimony. As a (heterosexual) Christian, I’ve shared my testimony of Christ’s salvation, healing, supernatural power, grace, and love with a few homosexuals (who were interested.) Their common perception was that this was a sin that God would not forgive them. It was wonderful to see their joy and subsequent conversion when they heard that Christ’s sacrifice was for all types of sin. I believe that Christians need to be careful to emphasize that forgiveness covers all sins. I just wanted these folks to know that God loved them, and desired their salvation. The Scriptures are very helpful in convincing these folks of God’s love. Thank you for a being a witness for Christ.

  • vigillance

    Having read about half of the comments here on this blog,two issues are the basis for most of the reasoning that occurs here; one is proposing to say that homosexual behavior is not sinful and thus on that basis a person acting out that behavior is acceptable, since God loves them and they walk in love to other people. It is a distortion of what the Scripture says. God calls homosexuality an abomination, not just a sin. He also says that He hates divorce, even though we know that He hates all sin.
    The other issue that shows up is an even sadder one than re-writing scripture to feel good. That is to remove parts of the scripture so that the righteousness produced by man can prevail. Some reason in accordance with the old testament law, yet Jesus replaced that law – every bit of it! He was the perfect substitute for all our sins, He took the sin from the past present and future upon Himself, so that the old law no longer had any effect on the ones that put their faith in Him. Once that was done, as He said it was when He on the cross exclaimed, “It is finished!”, there no longer would be any condemnation for the ones that now live their lives through Him – and He through them. No condemnation according to Romans 8:1. So where does that leave saints like Jackie, and others in her situation? What situation? Oh the situation where, “We wrestle no against flesh and blood, but against principalities and powers in high places.” We all face that situation, all of us who, “no longer live but it is Christ who lives through us.”, to be facing devils and demons of lesser or greater magnitude, depending on what our experiences have been and what trespasses we have endured by the hands of “friends and family”. Our standing with God is solely based on our position in Christ, not what we can accomplish through our own strength. Assuredly then we will fail and face condemnation when our life is over.

    Scripture always speaks the truth, the Word of God was Spirit before it became the Words in a book, put there by the same Spirit. That same Spirit became flesh for us to identify with God, and for God to experience our lives, trials and hardships. There should never be a question about the integrity of the Word of God or it’s infallible intention to deliver God’s truth to us. Not among confessing believers in Christ. That should not have to be taking up any time in this precious debate over where we stand with respect to our sinful nature and our relationship with our God and Savior.
    For any believer in Christ that attempts to justify sin in this debate, shame on you for doing so, thinking that if you can only re-write the issue then you will be acceptable. No, that is not true! For any believer in Christ that can forget the immeasurable sacrifice that Jesus made on the cross for you, judging sinful behavior according to the tenets of the law – shame on you as well! The truth is in the Word of God, it should be in our hearts as believers in Christ, for in us lives the eternal Spirit of God, as Scripture says, “he will shed abroad in our heart His love for us…” Well people of God, that same love will show as much respect to the Word of God as will will show compassion on one of His own caught in the web of the Evil one. There should never be a justification of sin, nor should there be any need for such corruption. That will only weaken us in such a situation. Paul says in Romans that, “..Jesus is just and faithful to forgive us our sins when we confess our sins…” Not for the sake of restoring our salvation, but rather to restore our relationship with Him, walking in His presence and getting to know Him intimately. that is what life in Christ is about – for all of us believers!

    I am often reminded of the event when Mary Magdalene, the prostitute, being caught in adultery was brought to Jesus by the pharisees to test Him. When He said to them, “Anyone of you being without sin, cast the first stone.” When they all dropped the stones in their hands and left, Jesus asked her, “Where are your accusers?” Mary looked up from the ground in front of Jesus, saw no one, and responded, “No one, Master.” Jesus replied, “Then neither do I judge you. Go, and sin no more.”
    There is both compassion as well as respect for the law in that event. It should be noted! As most know, Mary Magdalene loved Jesus and followed Him from that day on, having experienced total acceptance from Him. That should also be noted! It is as Pal said, “..the love of Christ compels me…”
    I love Jesus because He first loved me. I think that is what Jackie experienced that day, what made her follow Jesus from that day on, despite her struggles with her own flesh and demons. I am extremely grateful for someone like Jackie, I firmly believe that if we had more Jackie’s in the church of Christ, it would make it a better place. God bless you Jackie!!
    Your brother in Christ

    • Jaymax

      Vigillance, you need to be more ‘vigilant’ if you are going to abuse the Bible to support your prejudice. You are ‘often reminded of a story from the gospels’ that didn’t actually exist? The story in John 8:3 was not about Mary Magdalene. Mary Magdalene was not a prostitute. The woman in the story you refer to was not a prostitute. The story was about a woman caught in adultery. The story was also a later addition and was not included in the oldest manuscripts. Perhaps you’ve been watching too many movies like Passion of the Christ instead of actually reading the Bible?

      Also, there is nothing in the Bible about lesbians.

      Paul’s Romans 1:26 verse often used by ignorant people to condemn lesbians was referring to women having ritual anal sex with men in the context of worshipping pagan fertility gods.

      Even early church fathers like Clement and Augustine believed that:
      Augustine (354–430 C.E.): “But if one has relations even with one’s wife in a part of the body which was not made for begetting children, such relations are against nature and indecent. In fact, the same apostle earlier said the same thing about the women, For their women exchanged natural relations for those which are against nature (Rom 1:26)”

      Augustine, Marriage and Desire 20.35 (trans. Roland Teske; ed. John E Rotelle; Answer to the Pelagians, II; New York: New City Press, 1990), 75-76.

      The Greek also says nothing at all about the women having sex with ‘each other’.
      διὰ τοῦτο παρέδωκεν αὐτοὺς ὁ θεὸς εἰς πάθη ἀτιμίας αἵ τε γὰρ θήλειαι αὐτῶν μετήλλαξαν τὴν φυσικὴν χρῆσιν εἰς τὴν παρὰ φύσιν

      Please – if you are going to rant about people changing scripture to suit themselves, don’t do it yourself or you will not only look ignorant but hypocritical.

  • Ike

    ….Preach the word of God. Be prepared, whether the time is favorable or not.
    Patiently correct, rebuke, and encourage your people with good teaching. For a time is coming when people will no longer listen to sound and
    wholesome teaching. They will follow their own desires and will look for teachers who will tell them whatever their itching ears want to hear. They will reject the truth and chase after myths…. 2 Timothy 4: 2-4. The time Paul was inspired by the Holy Spirit to speak about has come…

  • Kizzie

    Wow!!! All I have to say is: Whom the SON set free is free indeed!

  • Jeff

    No idea what that means

  • Martin Pickett

    Sir I preached this in our church on Sunday and the whole church shut down.. I told them the reason you shut down because the enemy has convinced you that it is unacceptable to speak out against such heinous acts but the reality is if we do not stand up Christ is going to hold your responsible when you stand before him.. Because he is going to ask why didn’t you speak to them about their sins???

  • Jaymax

    So Rev, where in the Bible is there a condemnation of lesbians? Not Romans 1:26. Early church fathers referred that verse as being about women having anal sex with men, not each other. The context was also about ritual sex acts worshipping pagan gods, not homosexuals.
    As a black man, how do you feel about white Christian slave owners who used the Bible to support slavery? Or used the Bible to support their prejudice against interracial marriage?


    I came across this video, talking about masks. I am dealing with my many masks right now, but so many at churches don’t give God the ability to come into their hearts, because they hold onto lies and liars, even when God clearly shows and shares the lies that are in our lives. Maybe it will help hearts that are clearly hurting, and the tough love that God brings many times, does just that. But in that time, we find a closeness that God shares He loves us and wants ALL to come to Him…never the less, allowing us to make that decision. I had to leave the church I went to when the immorality was taking over, and even though I grew up, from a baby to adult, in that church, the voice changed, the leadership changed and the words changed, even though the Bible didn’t. The church I go to now has leadership that simply uses the Bible, calling sermons ‘Bible Studies’, and letting God do the work that man fails many times. Good luck friend. God Bless.

  • nancy batchelor

    How did Jesus upbraid the Pharisees? By showing them that the letter of the law is secondary to its spirit. You seem to say that it is more important to follow the law, making the Spirit (Christ’s message) secondary in importance. How do you reconcile your choice with your condemnation of the “grace exception”? The grace exception seems to be a personal relationship between Christ and the believer, not between you and your reading of the law.

  • Rodger

    GOD still loves even those who are on their way to Hell. So much so that he died for them. The unconditional love should go in the other direction and we should all say with Job “though he slay me, yet will I serve him”.

  • amos8

    Well, if you found some “early church fathers” that said murder is okay, or we are saved by works, or …. then it must be true. Change what you will about God’s Word, listen to you what you want to listen … to your own detriment

  • Jaymax

    Do you not know who Augustine was? Strange, because from the sounds of it, much of the dogma you believe originated from him. You just don’t know enough to be aware of it.

  • amos8

    I’m not sure if you are saying Augustine was good or bad. And are you saying that I believe/follow him/his teachings? If so, isn’t that more than judgmental, not to mention a horribly inaccurate judgment?


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