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  • Feelings Are Real. But Are They Always the Truth?

    There’s a new movie coming out about James Brown, who sang the hit song called “I Feel Good.” He’d wail, “I FEEEEEEEEEL good. I knew that I would now.” And of course in his song “Happy” Pharrell Williams gives us some deep insights into that emotion: Because I’m happyClap along if you feel like a […]

  • Why “Worship Is All About God – It Is Not About Us” Is Dead Wrong

    If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a hundred times. I’ve heard pastors and conference speakers say it, too. You probably know the phrase, or some version of it: “Worship is all about God!” The crowd always responds with some measure of enthusiasm. After all, we are called to make God famous, to proclaim His […]

  • Why Worship Leaders Should End Rehearsal Before the Congregation Comes In

    Worship leaders are an incredibly important part of today’s church. But from time to time I take them to task, like in this post on What Katy Perry and Taylor Swift Can Teach Church Worship Leaders. Today I have a different issue. I’ve visited a number of churches this year that on Sunday mornings allow the […]

  • 5 Things Forgiveness Doesn’t Mean

    Over the years I’ve counseled some individuals who’ve been horribly sinned against. At times I did a really poor job of helping them navigate their pain and the process of working toward forgiveness. Forgiving others is clearly commanded by God, and deep down most believers want to, but it isn’t always easy, and lots of questions […]

  • How to Find the Freedom to Write: Time

    The last few weeks has been a vacation of sorts. For the first time in years I have broken away from work and spent much needed time with my family, long time best friend, and away from the Internet. There were several things that I’ve learned from my time away from work and the web and I […]

  • Don't Just Write Pastor Books, Write Serious Books

    When most pastors write books, you can bet they’re compiled from sermon notes and manuscripts. Preach a series on fear, and they end up with a book on the subject. Same with marriage, prophecy, grace, epic Bible stories – whatever. I don’t discourage that, but don’t think for a minute that’s a serious book. Writing […]

  • Jesus Is Not Only Sympathetic; He Can Change Things

    Before he saved me, I didn’t picture Jesus as having much empathy toward me. I thought of him as distant or indifferent.  After all, he had a universe to run. I didn’t know he cared about me personally, much less loved me. But after he opened my blind eyes, one day I found out he was deeply sympathetic […]

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