Hillsong: Born Is the King (It's Christmas)

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This three-minute music video by Hillsong features their new song, “Born Is the King” from the Christmas EP released November 2011.

Practical Idea: Consider using this Christmas anthem as a part of your holiday service.

Available from www.hillsongmusic.com

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  • Sheila LyonHall

    I love Hillsong … period! But I see nothing in the comments below (regarding the lack of diversity in the video) that justifies the use of the term “racial diversity Nazis.” This is Shameful! Allow me to point out the obvious. Hillsong has a vast and DIVERSE following of people who love God and Hillsong’s work in the “Vineyard.” We who follow them believe it is unthinkable to characterize them as racists!

    However, the video does raise a legitimate question about Hillsong’s apparent lack of sensitivity regarding diversity. Someone should have made a conscious effort to include children who represent those of the parents of diverse backgrounds … who contribute to Hillsong’s bottom line. I am certain they would have appreciated seeing a more “inclusive” array of children in the video. I know I would.

    Someone should have given thought to this before recording the video. In the future, please remember that “Vigilance” is a great tool to prevent your “Good” from being spoken ill of. Shalom!

  • Iwona

    i have enough all this politically correct videos. Buzz off!! This video is great and song is great. who are you to judge their hearts and their love for Christ? They did what God put on their hearts. who are you to judge that?? Cant we just enjoy it without scrutinizing everything?? have some joy!! be happy!! its Christmas time!!!


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