Take the Test: How Predictable Are You?

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  • Mike

    He was wrong with me.

  • Christian Penrod

    SPOILER ALERT: This is called math. It’s a spatial representation of simple math operations. Because you can’t move diagonally, it is impossible to move from the top middle block or the right middle block to the left middle block in seven moves. You can’t move an even number of spaces in an odd number of moves (two spaces for the first set of moves). This continues with a person being unable to move the number of spaces to get to the block he removes from the possible spaces they are in. For instance, the only two spaces that are left that you can move 3 spaces to get to the top left corner are the bottom middle and the right middle. But since you couldn’t have moved an even number of spaces in an odd number of moves the last time, you can’t be in those spaces and therefore you can’t be in the top left corner.

    • petie3

      u r correct.


    Got me right :).

  • TJ Long, Jr.