Elevation Creative: New Testament in 60 Seconds

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  • http://www.cliffymania.com/ Cliff Richardson

    Hmm, I can’t put my finger on it, but it seems like there’s something missing in this video…hmm, what it could be?

    • Barb

      everything!….everything is missing!….I don’t know of anyone that this would save.

      • http://www.cliffymania.com/ Cliff Richardson

        That’s what I was thinking, Barb.

  • Scott

    Jesus was born, then He gave the sermon on the mount, then He fed 5000, then He helped Lazarus, then He died on a cross, then He rose from the dead (He is risen)……….then PAUL came along and changed everything?!?! Really? Not sure I’d show this vid to anybody.

  • Oliver Leo Breeden Jr.


  • David

    Not nearly the whole New Testament…. it is a nice video, but nice doesn´t make up the largely summarized version of the New Testament…

  • Ratan Aghamkar

    Short cut is harmful to soul.

  • http://FireSpeaks.Blogspot.com/ FireSpeaks

    I’m not feeling this video at all!

  • http://www.facebook.com/jed.olsen Jed Olsen

    You forgot the Gospel.

  • Billy Tang

    I think ‘Bible in a minute’ on youtube is more fun and contains more gospel. Created by a couple of non-christians strangely enough.

  • Nick

    Sorry but I have to agree that this video does the gospel no justice. I wouldn’t show it either :(

  • Paul

    The message of the gospel is the story of the New Testament. The video doesn’t tell that message and therefore it is only story among many. It is not telling us the greatest story ever told. And the only one that matters: God loves us and welcomes us all to follow HIm for eternity. WE ARE SAVED AND FORGIVEN; WE MUST REPENT AND JOIN WITH GOD FOR ALL ETERNITY.

  • Greg s

    This is horrible!

  • http://www.joshblackmun.com/ Josh Blackmun

    Yeah um I love the creative effort but would call this a fail on content.

  • Anne

    :) . Great!


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